All 4535 Albums From 2006
05-??$uicide $olution · Halloween Holocaust
??-??13th Knot · Choose to Live
01-1621 Lucifers · In the Name of...
02-0230 Years Too Late · The Deep Space Invaders
03-24324 · Rebelgrind
07-203.3.3 · Semana de pecado
??-??3D in Your Face · Faster and Faster
10-??3 Headed Moses · You Taste like 80's
11-213 Mile Scream · A Prelude to Our Demise
12-??40 oz. Fist · Let's Fight About It
04-154order · The Journal
09-255X · UR 5X RU
08-107days · The Weight of the World
10-097 Sins · Forever Winter Nights
05-177th Nemesis · Violentia Imperatrix Mundi
10-319xDead · Mortalitas
??-??...Aaaarrghh... · Ölüm Kadar Soğuk, Ölü Kadar Soluk
??-??Aarson · Aarson
??-??Abaddon Krist · Contamination of the Faith
??-??Abandon · Abandon
02-20Abandoned · Thrash Notes
10-??Abandon Hope · The Endless Ride
02-??Abathur · Befrost
03-07Abatoir · Dystopia
04-10ABBand · Divadlo snů
??-??Aberration · Cynical Murder Blues
10-30Abgott · Artefact of Madness
??-??Abitbollus · Clock Me Jesus
09-06Ablaze in Hatred · Deceptive Awareness
04-25The Abominable Iron Sloth · The Abominable Iron Sloth
08-??Abominant · Triumph of the Kill
01-01Abomination · Musical Mass Destruction
05-28Abominator · The Eternal Conflagration
??-??Abortion · The Gonzo Music
02-21Aborym · Generator
04-??Abrasion · Violent Core Traction
??-??A Broken Machine · A Broken Machine
10-27Absence · The Decomposition Process
??-??Absence of the Sacred · Atrocities That Birthed Abominations
??-??Absentia Lunae · In Vmbrarvm Imperii Gloria
04-04Abysmal Dawn · From Ashes
11-02Abysmal Fate · Denial of Creation
02-28Abysmal Torment · Epoch of Methodic Carnage
04-30Abyss Angel · Ancestral & Forgotten Rites
07-??A Caress of Twilight · Waiting for the Aryan Gods Renaissance
07-10Accept Death · Accept Death
12-??Accident · Psychosport
08-15Accomplice · She's on Fire
??-??Acetonizer · Дом душевного отдыха
09-??Acetonizer · Сектор А
01-??Achyronthia · The Final Crossing
08-06Acrid Semblance · From the Oblivion
06-06Acrimonia · Legno di malinconia
??-??Acrimonia · Sens d'obscurité
07-??Acriter · Amniotic Corruption
08-22Across Tundras · Dark Songs of the Prairie
??-??Acryptylyse · A Zombie's Tale
??-??Act of Gods · Maât
05-22Act of Rage · A Story to Tell
03-27Adagio · Dominate
11-07A Dark Halo · Catalyst
??-??Ad Astra · Between Souls and Dreams
09-20A Day to Fall · Dying Day
??-??A.D.D. · Elements of Emptiness
11-30Adgar · Seguimos en pie
10-10Adiastasia · Life War
??-??Adoniram · Feraliminal
09-01Adorned Brood · Heldentat
11-??Adrenicide · Drunk with Power
10-20Adrian Raso · Tales of a Travelling Bohemian
02-??Adultery · Age of Rebirths
??-??Ad Vacuum · Intimacy
10-06Advocatus Diaboli · Sternenmarsch
09-09Aeon 9 ·
??-??Aeternus · HeXaeon
05-01Aetherius Obscuritas · Layae bölcsője
??-??Aeturnus Dominion · Psychotic
??-??Afaktor · Theatre of Dreams
08-??After All · This Violent Decline
??-??After Dusk · The Witch's Pact
??-??Afterglo · Fallen
03-01After the Burial · Forging a Future Self
04-12After the Eulogy · Libertines Dream
09-05After the Sun · After the Sun
07-12Against Nature · Ghosting
10-??Against Nature · Leer
04-30Against Nature · Safe Dissonance
08-08Agalloch · Ashes Against the Grain
??-??Agankast · Welcome to Insanitarium
02-28Agathocles · Mincer
??-??Agathothodion · Traum von Gott
01-10Age of Nemesis · Psychogeist
12-??Aghora · Formless
??-??Aglaomorpha · Perception
05-29Agregator · Szürkület
11-14Agressor · Deathreat
03-01Agressor · Victim of Yourself
??-??Agrevyum · Roja guerra
10-13Agro · Ritual 6
06-16Agrypnie · F51.4
09-29Ahab · The Call of the Wretched Sea
06-23Ahnenstahl · Zwischen Tod und Leben
02-13Ahoora · Ahoora
06-15A House Cursed · Treasons, Stratagems & Spoils
??-??A.I.D.S. · Syndrome of the End Approaching
??-??AinMatter · Neuroplasticity
??-??Aireard · Space One
03-22Ajattara · Äpäre
??-??AK-47 · Lock & Load
04-10Akela · Fejetlenség
??-??Aker · Seven
09-20Akira Takasaki · Nenriki
08-23Akira Takasaki · Osaka Works #128
06-30Akitsa · La grande infamie
??-??Akroma · Sept
03-03Akromusto · Hypnose
12-01Akromusto · The Make Evil
??-??Akromusto · Paradigma Jumala
03-15Alabarda · Furia ígnea
05-05Alas Negras · Solo dos monedas...
07-01Alastor · Silva Nordica
06-21Albatroz · El mar del dolor
09-01Alberto Simonini · Moon-Twice
09-??Alcstones · Master... from the Hill
10-20Alex Masi · Late Nights at Desert's Rimrock
??-??Alex Scire · Alex Scire
??-??Alex Scire · Guitarmusic
??-??Alienacja · Blades Shall Speak
03-21Alienation Cold · Forest of the Dead
03-06The Alien Blakk · Modes of Alienation
??-??A Life Less Alive · Beneath the Sorrow
10-??Alignak · Murder, Music, Magik, Medicine, Madness
06-06A Living Burden · Look Away...
??-??Alkateya · Lycantrophy
??-??Alkehol · Dvanáctka
04-27Alkonost · Межмирье
04-27Alkonost · Путь непройденный
??-??Allegoria · Мёртвая земля
02-14Allegory · Arisen from the Dead
??-??Allfader · At Least We Will Die Together
03-12All Hallow's Evil · This Faustian Flesh
09-??Allhelluja · Pain Is the Game
08-08All Shall Perish · The Price of Existence
07-11All That Remains · The Fall of Ideals
09-30Almafuerte · Toro y pampa
06-01Almah · Almah
07-??Almas Militares · Almas Militares
01-16Almôra · 1945
09-05A Love Ends Suicide · In the Disaster
01-??Alpha Drone · Alpha Drone
11-04Alsion · Dawn of a New Age
??-??Altar · Atitudine
03-24Altaria · The Fallen Empire
01-??Altera Enigma · Alteration
??-??Altorių Šešėliai · Margi sakalai
??-??Alto Voltaje · Historia de mi vida hasta mi muerte
??-??Altracent · Fight with Time
??-??Amables Donantes · Vieja bruja
05-02Amalgama · Desde el infierno
12-10Amarna Sky · Rising Heresy
03-??Amartia · Marionette
07-??Amateur Death Photos · Paved with Good Intentions
??-??Amatory · Wing of Angel
03-24Amatris · Before the Final Journey
06-08Ambehr · Sword's Song
10-??Ambivalence · Pornomechanoid
02-01American Heritage · Millenarian
??-??Amerta · Believe in the Miracle
11-??Amethys · Asmethee
01-??Amethyste · Thrown Off Balance
??-??Ammit · Hammer of Darkness
11-03Amnesty · Demolition of the Infected
08-22Amoebic Dysentery · Hospice Orgy
??-??Amok · Lullabies of Silence
08-31Amok · Necrospiritual Deathcore
10-02Amon Amarth · With Oden on Our Side
02-15Amorphis · Eclipse
05-02A Mors et Bello · Sounds of Horror
??-??Amphitryon · Sumphokeras
05-19Amputated · Gargling with Infected Semen
09-12Amputated Christ · Rotting Savior
07-07Amuk · 2 Juta
10-16Anaal Nathrakh · Eschaton
??-??Anabanta · Letanias capítulo I
??-??Anabanta · Letanias capítulo III
10-10Anabanta · Llanto de libertad
??-??Anabanta · Sin decir adiós (Without Saying Goodbye)
??-??Anaflaxia · Modus Operandi
??-??Anaflaxia · Promo Pack 2006
??-??Analgesia · Return to the Self
01-17Anarazel · Undivine
02-22Anarion · Unbroken
10-07Anarkhon · Obesidade Mórbida
06-19Anata · The Conductor's Departure
05-17Ancara · The Dawn
??-??Ancient Cross · Ancient Cross
05-15Ancient Rites · Rubicon
03-01Andabata · Bloody Screams
12-02Andaja · Iš atminties
06-06And Hell Followed · Empire of Ash
10-??Andro Coulton · Dragonhead
01-21Andromeda · Chimera
??-??Andromeda · El reinado del sol
11-09Anestesia · Terapia
??-??Anesthesia · Unfuckwithable
03-10Angel Blake · Angel Blake
01-??Angel de Metal · Fuego eterno
01-03Angels Beneath Me · The Scene Is Over, Burn the Reel
??-??Angels Fall · Outcast
03-13Angelus Apatrida · Evil Unleashed
??-??Angel X · Angel X
10-31Anger as Art · Callous and Furor
04-11Angertea · Rushing Towards the Hateline
01-23Angmar · Metamorphosis
10-30Angra · Aurora Consurgens
12-??Angriff · Under the Decadence
04-24Angtoria · God Has a Plan for Us All
??-??Anima · Souls of the Decedents
12-??Animae Capronii · Black Millennium
05-01Animal · Violent New Breed
??-??Animalize · Forgotten Symphony
08-02Animetal · Decade of Bravehearts
05-19Anitras Garden · Serotonin
09-12AnJ · 100 миль по прямой
04-04Ankhagram · ReANKHarnation
??-??The Anomalous · Idiocy Supremacy
10-24Anonymus · Chapter Chaos Begins
??-??ANS · The Pool
08-28Ansur · Axiom
09-06Antaeus · Blood Libels
11-21Antagonist · An Envy of Innocence
05-05Antagonist · Demons
??-??Antares · Deep and Endless
??-??Antarhes · Silaelin
??-??Antesser · Demolition Star
08-30Anthem · Immortal
03-30Anthenora · Soulgrinder
??-??Anthracite · Evidence of Human Misery
??-??Anthropia · The Ereyn Chronicles Part I: The Journey of Beginnings
??-??Anthropomancy · When Love Becomes Your Wreath
04-21Anthropophagus · As the Dead Weep
01-18Anti · The Insignificance of Life
??-??A.N.T.I. · Materia
??-??Anticipation · Falling
02-23Antipope · Apostate Angel
10-??Antiquus · Eleutheria
??-??Anxius · Az örök lét határán
??-??Any Face · Craving Out of Mist
11-??Apathetic Discharge · Confessions of an Unbridled Spirit: Bed of Roses
06-10Aphangak · Hidden Echoes
08-10Aphasia · Gambler
10-??Aplanadora · Aplanadora
??-??ApocalypseHead · American Scumbags
??-??Apocalypse Now · Confrontation with God
02-06Apocalyptic Visions · Doomsday Device
12-??Apocryphal · Hear My Call
??-??Apokryphos · Insight
10-??Apolion · Hungry of Souls
02-??Apolion · The Mute God of Deaf Men
04-17Apparition · Drowned in Questions
02-20Arachnes · In Praise of Science
03-??Aracner · Demencia
??-??Arakain · Labyrint
04-29AraPacis · So Many Leapers
12-??Arawn · From the Other World
04-01Arbor Ira · Und krankt mein Selbst vor Leidenschaft
03-01Arcanar · Пыльный владыка
08-03Arcane Grail · Mysteries of the Ancient Charnel
08-11The Arcane Order · The Machinery of Oblivion
01-15Archaic · Time Has Come to Envy the Dead
08-31Archaic Horror · Arias of the Profound and Futile
12-01Archaic Winter · The Psychology of Death
10-??Archer · Doom$day Profit$
09-09Archgoat · Whore of Bethlehem
09-11Architecture of Aggression · Democracy : Consent to Domination
05-30Arconova · Lost in Time
??-??Arcticcircle · Forcing the Astral
04-10Arctic Flame · Primeval Aggressor
??-??Arctifall · Puolesta huomisen
05-??Arditi · Standards of Triumph
05-03Ares Kingdom · Return to Dust
04-21Aresz · 衝撃波
??-??Arguel · Embrace
??-??Argus Megere · Solitar în straniu
05-??Arida Vortex · Flames of Sunset
03-12Arising Sun · Warphan
??-??Arkangel · Todo por amor
12-18Arkanos · Tierra de heroes
??-??Arkenstone · Hymns to Our Fatherland
03-??Arkhan · M.A.C.H.I.N.E.
??-??Arkngthand · Merlin's Chamber
??-??Arkona · Paměť plamenů
??-??Arkthos · Knights of the Eternal Sun
??-??Armadura · Loco por tu amor
??-??Armadura · Majestad
11-??Armaggedon · Ave Satan
06-06Army of in Between · Beautiful Darkness
09-21Arpia · Terramare
08-21Arriver · Vanlandingham and Zone
??-??The Arrow · Хранитель душ
09-18Ars Amandi · Desterrado entre sueños
??-??Arsenal · Resistiendo
10-23Arsis · United in Regret
12-07Ars Moriendi · Journey to Your Agony
??-??Artcell · Oniket Prantor
04-18Artefact · Magic Spellcraft
??-??Artery · Art of Bleeding
??-??Artirilium · Blutrot
07-24Artisian · Lament for the Eternal Frost
03-24Art of Burning Water · The Voyage of the Pessimistic Philosoph: An Ode to Believers of the Prevailing Law of Sod
??-??Art of Destruction · Art of Destruction
??-??Art of Haven · Éjfény
06-08Art of Violence · Shadows of the Past
09-??Artrosis · Con Trust
??-??ARV · I.d
10-??Arya · Dancing Among the Tribes
??-??Aryadeva · Kshatra
04-??As4del · ...Nowhere...
06-06As Blood Runs Black · Allegiance
01-28Asche des Lebens · Grenzgänger
01-02Asche des Lebens · Memoria
04-13Asche des Lebens · Pandämonium
06-11Asche des Lebens · Phantasmagorie
06-06Aschmicrosa · Psycho
07-18Asesino · Cristo Satánico
10-03Asgaia · In Carni Veritas
??-??Asgård · Таинство исповеди
??-??Ashen Light · Бог мёртв: Смерть - Бог!
04-30Ashent · Flaws of Elation
??-??Asher · Harmonious Thought
??-??Ashes of a Lifetime · Human 1:1
??-??Ashra · Vudú
??-??Asianajaja · Unelmien hautausmaa
03-31Asmodeus · Imperium Damnatum
07-10Asmodeus · Řetěz kritických událostí
10-15Aspire · The Age of Reckoning
10-01Asriel · ガーネットの波紋に染まる空
12-31Asriel · 月光蝶舞う深紅の花園
08-10Asriel · 白い闇に沈む永遠の夜
05-05Assailant · Nemesis Within
??-??As Sanity Fades · Mentally Disturbed
09-08Assedium · Rise of the Warlords
06-19Assemblent · Equilibrium
06-06Asspera · Bizarra actitud de seguir con vida
??-??Assur · Kőtestbe zárva (Closed in Stone)
08-??Asteria · Circle of Nature
??-??Astomatous · The Beauty of Reason
07-18Astra · About Me: Through Life and Beyond
03-15Astral Doors · Astralism
08-23Astrath · Enter My Domain
10-28Asunder · Works Will Come Undone
10-23As We Fight · Midnight Tornado
12-06Atanab · Black Magic
??-??Atanatos · Beast Awakening
03-24Atargatis · Wasteland
01-??Atavist · Atavist
??-??At Daggers Drawn · The First Eulogy
03-29Ate · X
??-??Athalay · A tiltott gyümölcsre éhezve
09-21Athanator · The Perfect Enemy
??-??Athanor · Le testament du diable
??-??Athanorr · Enemies of the Sun
05-02Atheretic · Apocalyptic Nature Fury
??-??Atis · Ayñipuy
??-??Atlantida · Atlantida
07-07At No End · Building the Rebellion
??-??Atoll Nerat · Two Pipes to Heaven
08-28Atomic · Atomic Gate
01-01At One with Chaos · Lifting You to Pieces
08-??Atopie · Origin of the Unruly Horde
03-27Atrorum · Exhibition
04-08Attacker · The Unknown
??-??Attero · Enemy
12-20At the Lake · At the Lake
??-??Aura · Scenario II
??-??Aurica · Aurica
04-06Aurora Borealis · Relinquish
??-??Aurora Empire · Royal Straight Flush
??-??Auschwitz · That Man on the Cross Is Your Enemy
01-05Autarkia · Autarkia
10-06Autokannibalistika · Autokannibalistika
??-??Automag · Hellbound
08-29Autumn's End · Act of Attrition
12-??Autumnal · Grey Universe
10-29Autumn Eternal · Lord of the Wolves
12-31Autumnia · By the Candles Obsequial
05-16The Autumn Offering · Embrace the Gutter
12-04Avagddu · 23 Cycles Round the Sun
01-23Ava Inferi · Burdens
??-??Avalot · Somnis
??-??Avantgard · Wolves of Nocturne
01-25Avatar · Thoughts of No Tomorrow
03-24Avenging Angels · Fragmentary Reality
03-21Avernal · El sangriento
12-??Averno · S21: Odio totale
05-29Aversion to Life · Ritualized Murder
03-07Avitas · Politics of Global Mind Control​.​.​.​and the Elimination of the Free Thinkers
09-??Avven · Panta Rhei
10-??Awacks · The Third Way
07-27A.W.A.S. · Hope
05-26Axamenta · Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture
08-25Axel Rudi Pell · Mystica
09-08Axenstar · The Final Requiem
??-??Axes to the Sky · Always Say Die
12-??Axxelation · Axxelation
01-20Axxis · Paradise in Flames
09-25Aygghon · Demi-deuil
??-??Ayperos · Satanic Glorification
04-20Aysenlur · Call to Arms
09-09Azaghal · Luciferin valo
10-12Azamoth · Eternity
09-16Azarath · Diabolic Impious Evil
??-??Azoth · L'Éther
02-??Aztra · Insurgente
05-??Azuth · Old Times
??-??Áäharúh · Satan je rouhání - Zpívání Vampiric
06-??Baal Gadrial · Awakening a New Era of Darkness
??-??Baalphegor · Post Earthquake Age
11-01Baal Zebuth · We Are Satanas
02-07Babylon Mystery Orchestra · The Great Apostasy: A Conspiracy of Satanic Christianity
11-26Baby Stab Horror · Manifesto Infernale
??-??Baco · From the Ashes
10-??Bad Boat · Blues Gone Black
09-29Baekdoosan · Savage Violence
02-??Bael · El embrujo de la oscuridad
05-31Bahimiron · Pure Negativism: In Allegiance with Self Wreckage
??-??Bajen Death Cult · Nordmän ifrån Söder
06-??Bajo Tierra · Al Diablo
02-14Balam Akab · Xibalba
07-26Balflare · Tempest
??-??Balkan · Hellfrother
??-??Ballerina · Dance of Balet
02-27Balrog · Bestial Satanic Terror
03-10Bal-Sagoth · The Chthonic Chronicles
??-??Bannerwar · Centuries of Heathen Might
10-31Banshee · Volume I
01-26Baphomet's Blood · Satanic Metal Attack
??-??Baphometic · The Arrival of the Ancestral Lord
??-??Baptiste Brun · Chromaticarium
??-??Barbarians · Destino al Walhalla
11-25Barbarian Warriors in Search of Wisdom · Paganheart
05-12Barbarity · Enough Graves for Everybody
10-28Barbatos · Let's Fucking Die!
11-25Barkhouse · Welcome to the Barkhouse
08-??Baron Blade · Guitars in the Wind
??-??Barongan · Cakap Terang
08-12Barzak · Qabiluhu
12-01Barón Rojo · Ultimasmentes
04-29Basement · Circle of Pain
05-??Basilisk · Dark Seasons
??-??Baton Rogue Morgue · Drowning in Blood
09-??Battalion · The Fight for Metal
04-14Battered · Battered
03-18Battery · Érezd
04-27Battle Bratt · The Anthology
??-??Battle Bratt · Seed of the Universe
??-??Battlecry · Keepers of the light
11-03Battlefields · Stained with the Blood of an Empire
10-23Battle of Mice · A Day of Nights
??-??Bayron · Esperanza de libertad
05-19Beautiful Sin · The Unexpected
??-??Beautivile · From Dust to Division
10-07Bedeiah · Loving Conviction
??-??Bedevilment · Essence of Distress
01-01Before Silence · The Ultimate Nothing
03-26Before the Dawn · The Ghost
??-??Beggars Ball · Fight This Town
10-25Beheaded Zombie · Линия жизни
??-??Behind the Sun · Blood Covered Love Letters
??-??Behind the Throne · Holy Book of Madness
11-??Behold! The Living Corpse · Behold! The Living Corpse
05-13Bejelit · Age of Wars
02-20Belenos · Chants de bataille
??-??Belligerent · Call the Damn Law
??-??Bells of Insanity · Mind Control
??-??Bell Tower Sniper · The Cold Within
10-27Belphegor · Pestapokalypse VI
03-??Beltane · The Wheel of Sabbaths
??-??Belysh · Api Suci Keabadian
07-31Benea Reach · Monument Bineothan
??-??Beneath Oblivion · Existence Without Purpose
01-27Benedictum · Uncreation
01-13Benighted · Identisick
12-07Benighted Leams · Obombrid Welkins
11-03Benign · Purify, Burn the Earth
11-??Beprasmybė · II
??-??Bereaved · The Spirit Driven by Hate
05-05Berith · Symphony of the Suffering
12-??Berserk · Cries of Blood and Hate
01-13Berzeker · Aggressor
03-??Besatt · Black Mass
06-??Bestial Holocaust · Final Extermination
07-29Bestially Raped Till Dismembered · Incontestable Unprincipled Conduct
01-16Bestial Mockery · Gospel of the Insane
12-12Bete Noire · Agahnim: Palace of Winds, Waker of Storms
03-07Bethor · Potonja
11-27Betoken · Dead Soul Insomnia
10-24Beto Vazquez Infinity · Flying Towards the New Horizon
11-30Bewitched · Spiritual Warfare
??-??Beyond Fatal · The Demon Eulogy
05-05Beyond Fear · Beyond Fear
06-05Beyond Shadows · Escape from Reality
04-21Beyond Twilight · For the Love of Art and the Making
05-01Beyond Within · Eternal Pestilence
06-26Bible of the Devil · The Diabolic Procession
??-??Bifröst · Schlachtklänge
??-??Bill Skins Fifth · Bill Skins Fifth
10-25Birdflesh · Mongo Musicale
07-25Birds of Prey · Weight of the Wound
06-23The Bishop of Hexen · The Nightmarish Compositions
11-17Biss · X-tension
09-09Bitterdusk · Santuaria
01-14Bitter Hærvest · Wilt
??-??Black Angel · Beyond from Beyond
06-??Black Angels · Black Angels
04-??Black Boned Angel · Bliss and Void Inseparable
04-07Black Candle · Lead Me to the Tombs
04-25Black Cobra · Bestial
02-??Black Countess · The Language of Flesh
06-??Black Crucifixion · Faustian Dream
08-07Black Debbath · Naar vi døde rocker - En hyllest til Ibsen
06-06Blackfire · Lahir dari Api
01-30Black Flame · Conquering Purity (Litaniae ex Damnatorum Regno)
??-??Black Forest · When Angels Die
04-13Blackgod · The End of Christian Utopia
10-27Black Heart · Devil Work
06-06Black Hell · Deformers of the Universe
04-26Blackholicus · Variations in Death Minor
??-??Black Kreek · Power of Reality
09-19Black Label Society · Shot to Hell
??-??Black Land · Evil of Mankind
03-25Blacklist Ltd. · Tonight My Life Is on Fire
01-22Blacklodge · Solarkult
12-24Black Lotus · Light Subsides
11-17Black Messiah · Of Myths and Legends
??-??Black Metal · The Path
06-06Black Moon · Black Moon
??-??Black Moria · Interpersonal Terror
10-31BlackPaul · King of the Night
??-??Black Rain · Black Rain
09-??Black Shadow · Ада возмездие лжепророчным тварям
01-??Black Shadow · Царство зла
??-??Blackshine · Lifeblood
??-??Blacksky · Illumination
??-??Blackstone · Spiritual Waste
07-31BlackStream · Necromantical Fullmoon Spells
??-??Black Succubi · Black Succubi
04-17Black Sun · Sacred Eternal Eclipse
??-??Black the Sky · Simplistic Mechanics of Deformable Bodies
??-??Blackulla · Dominion of Lost
02-24Black Warrant · Electric
06-13Black Warrant · Recover II
??-??Black Web · Old Habits Die Hard
01-29Black Winter · Nothing Important Happened Today
??-??Black Witchcraft Savagery · Forest
07-05Black Wood · Kill Me Satan
02-09Blade of Spirit · Shadow's Race
??-??Blade of the Ripper · Blade of the Ripper
09-09Blasdead · Ground Flare
02-16Blasfemia · El índice de los libros prohibidos
??-??Blasphantom · To Heavens Throat
04-10Blaspherion · Path of Fire
05-19Bleeding Display · Ways to End
11-??Bleeding Fist · Immortal Hate
01-10Bleeding Through · The Truth
10-01Bleed in Vain · Say Everything Will Be Fine
??-??Blessed Death · Hour of Pain
07-03Blindead · Devouring Weakness
12-13Blinded Colony · Bedtime Prayers
09-01Blind Guardian · A Twist in the Myth
09-22Blind Justice · Lost in All
04-21Blindman · Pain for the Pleasure
03-23Blind Sight · The Tenderstrike Salvation
??-??Blinking Lights · Psycho
12-09Blizzard · Les Litanies de Satan
??-??Blockheads · Shapes of Misery
09-18Blodsrit · The Well of Light Has Finally Dried
??-??Bloedakker · Heilige verkrachter
??-??Bloodbastard · Next to Dissect
09-30Bloodboil · Festering Fornication
10-??Bloodcurse · 2000 Years of Christian Slaughter
06-23Bloodflowerz · Dark Love Poems
05-01Blood Freak · Live Fast, Die Young... and Leave a Flesh-Eating Corpse!
09-10Bloodhammer · Post-Apocalypse Trilogy
10-25Blood IV · Warning
??-??Bloodline · Bloodline
??-??The Bloodline · Where Lost Souls Dwell
11-19Bloodlined Calligraphy · Ypsilanti
??-??Blood of Me · Gracefulness Is Lost
??-??Bloodrain · Bloodrain III: Nomen Nostrum Legio
??-??Blood Rain · Storm
05-23Blood Red Fog · Blood Red Fog
??-??Bloodseal · Silence in Heaven
04-07Bloodshot · Ultimate Hatred
04-04Bloodshoteye · An Unrelenting Assault
??-??Bloodsoaked · Brutally Butchered
??-??Blood Stained · Exit to Nowhere
??-??Bloodstained Coffin · Dead and Hateful
02-13Bloodthorn · Genocide
06-09Bloody Herald · Like a Bloody Herald Remains
??-??Bloody Weep · Grimonio
04-05Bludgeon · World Controlled
04-28Bluefire · Pain, Promises and Principles
10-23Blut aus Nord · MoRT
10-??Blutch · Materia
11-11Blutmond · Endzeit
09-21Blutrache · In den Fängen des Wahnsinns
05-??Blutschrei · The Voice of Forbidden Pride
09-??Blutwurst Breath · Flowers of Evil
05-23BlöödHag · Hell Bent for Letters
??-??Bobby Trates · Perplexing Bend
01-27Bob Catley · Spirit of Man
??-??Bob Savage · Retrofitted
06-??Bolchevikes · El Alto - Bolivia.
??-??Bolchevikes · Oaxaca
??-??Bolchevikes · Palestina.
??-??Bolesno Grinje · Od nesvijesti do grinda
04-03Bone Crushing Annihilation · Killing Spree
??-??BoneFleshDolls · This Is Most Definitely a Pineapple
09-18Bongripper · The Great Barrier Reefer
09-02Book of Black Earth · The Feast
11-24Book of Reflections · Chapter II: Unfold the Future
??-??Boon · Beauty Is a Sign of Weakness
08-08Boris · Dronevil -Final-
04-09Boris · The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked 2
04-09Boris · The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked 3
10-03Boris · Vein (Drone Version)
10-03Boris · Vein (Hardcore Version)
10-30Borknagar · Origin
08-10Born by Mistake · Nu Born
11-17Born from Pain · War
??-??Bothildir · For What Once Was...
12-??Botnia · Botnia
??-??Bowel Fetus · Bloodsoaked Doomageddon
??-??Braindead Zero · Falling Apart
02-21Brain Surgeons · Denial of Death
??-??The Brainwash · Escape
??-??B.R.A.S.H. · Raise the Dead
??-??Brasil Papaya · Esperanza
??-??Braveride · Heroic Deeds
??-??Breakdown · Philosophy of a Failure
06-21Breamgod · Breamgod
06-06Breath of Beherith · Heal Buried
10-??Breed Machine · Éveil Hardcore
03-31Brett Miller · Constant
??-??Bretwaldas of Heathen Doom · Battle Staffs in the Mushroom Woods
??-??Bride · Skin for Skin
??-??Bridge to Solace · Where Nightmares and Dreams Unite
09-??Brilliant Coldness · Poisoned Reality
??-??Broadslab · Black Cat Bones ...and Graveyard Dirt
09-??Broken Angel Wing · Demon Horn
??-??Broken Existence · Strangle the Neck
??-??Broken Foundation · Broken Foundation
??-??Brotherhood of Spine · Brotherhood of Spine
??-??Brutal Begude · ...Forever Ours
12-08Brutal Hand · Unchain the World
??-??Brutal Sacrifice · Bruxos de Gadara
??-??Brutal War · Rage of Destruction
??-??Brutish Creation · Death Pursues Us
09-15Buckethead · Crime Slunk Scene
02-17Buckethead · The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock
??-??Buckshot · Jitoi
09-25Bucovina · Ceasul aducerii-aminte
11-07Budgie · You're All Living in Cuckooland
??-??Buffalo · Ride the Beast
??-??Bulldoggs · Never Means Maybe
04-28Bullet · Heading for the Top
??-??Bulsarr · Bulsarr
02-??Bunk Dope · Sores
??-??Bunkerfall · Morgengrauen
06-01Burdegun · Violent Storm
??-??Burgerkill · Beyond Coma and Despair
??-??Buried Above · Dying Days
??-??Burnin' Dolls · Courage and Fear
??-??Burning Angel · Return of the Order
10-??Burning in Hell · Believe
12-20Burning Point · Burned Down the Enemy
06-??Burning Saviours · Hundus
08-31Burning Skies · Desolation
03-??Burning the Day · In Fall She Sleeps
07-25Burn in Silence · Angel Maker
??-??Burn My Remains · Burn My Remains
04-17Burnt · Rephrase the Lie
09-22Burn to Black · Mach 666
02-??Bury My Sins · Today's Black Death
??-??Butcherpriest · Funeral for an American Devil
11-10Butterfly Temple · За солнцем вслед
??-??By Fire · By Fire
09-25By Night · A New Shape of Desperation
02-14Cadaver Ecogenics · Vomitus Excrement
??-??Cadaveric Hunter · Porcinet
06-??Cadaverous Condition · To the Night Sky
11-??Cadela Maldita · Fight to Survive
??-??Caer Ibormeith · O Hanami
08-24Caerimonium · ChaosFear
12-22Cain · Alliance of Spite
01-26Caje · Caje
02-27Caliban · The Undying Darkness
??-??Calibre 38 · Gritos de guerra
05-10Callisto · Noir
??-??Calm Hatchery · El-Alamein
01-??Cam · Circle of Life
??-??Cambodia · Norodom Sihamoni
10-30Camp Jason · Get Rid of It
03-01Can Abyss · Animated Pictures in a Spiraling Mind
12-19Cannabis Corpse · Blunted at Birth
03-20Cannibal Corpse · Kill
01-06Cannibalingus · The Breath of Undeath
06-26Canopy · Serene Catharsis
??-??Cantara · A Moment to Reconsider
01-17Canvas Solaris · Penumbra Diffuse
??-??Capacity · Elements
07-??Capitollium · Engraved Fear
10-01Cardiac Arrest · Morgue Mutilations
04-26Cardinale · 31:13
07-04Carlos Osnaya · Walking over the Storm
09-??Carnal Decay · Carnal Pleasures
12-26Carnal Diafragma · Space Symphony Around Us
09-11Carnal Grief · Nine Shades of Pain
12-30Carne Humana · Necroespasmodicos impulsos humanos
10-12Carnivora · Re-Incarnal
02-06Carnivore Diprosopus · Madhouse's Macabre Acts
??-??Caronte · Templo muerto
06-23Carpathian Forest · Fuck You All!!!! Caput tuum in ano est
04-25Carpatus · Procellarum
06-06Carpticon · Master Morality
??-??Carrion Crawler · Possessed by Alcohol
04-??Carro Bomba · Segundo Atentado
01-18Casketgarden · Open the Casket, Enter the Garden
??-??Cassandra · Faraon
05-23Castaway · Over the Drowning Water
??-??Castrum · Phenomenonsense
02-21Catacombs · In the Depths of R'lyeh
08-25Catamenia · Location: COLD
??-??Catamount · Public Displays of Private Delusion
05-19Cataract · Kingdom
??-??Catarrhal Noise · A porchettata
10-??Catharsis · Plus les mêmes
??-??Catholicon · The Death Throes of Christianity
07-10Cattle Decapitation · Karma.Bloody.Karma
??-??Cause of Death · ...Is Still Unknown
02-01Cavalar · As a Metal of Fact
??-??Cavandish · Cavandish
07-17Caïna · Some People Fall
03-??Celestial Crown · Suicidal Angels
03-05Celestiial · Desolate North
10-23Celesty · Mortal Mind Creation
06-27Cellador · Enter Deception
05-29Celtic Frost · Monotheist
07-31Cemetery of Scream · The Event Horizon
09-30Censored · In-Existence
04-11Centinela · Pánico
03-??Centrifuge · Desolate
08-01Century Sleeper · Awaken
??-??Cerberum · Spiritual Black Ritual
03-31Cerberus · Klagelieder - Grabesgesang
03-22Cerebral Turbulency · Crash Test
06-06Ceremonial Castings · Barbaric Is the Beast
03-27Certified Insane · Raw, Crude 'n' Relentless
??-??Cesspit · Moustache gracias
11-10Chainsaw · A Sin Act
03-09Chainsaw Dissection · Putrescent Corpus Delicti
??-??Chainsaw Dissection · Remnants of the Slaughtered
11-17Chainsaw Dissection · River of Blood and Viscera
05-??Chainwreck · Chainwreck
??-??Chaosphere · Hypnophobia
??-??Chaos Theory · Whispers of Doom
??-??Chapeau · Don Jail Roadway
11-10Chapstik · Barnburner
??-??Chariot · Behind the Wire
??-??Chasey Lain · Viagram
03-??Chelmno · Under Our Cemetery
05-??ChemiKiller · Evilspeak
??-??Children of the Floyd · Genèse d'un Évangile oublié
04-17Chokehold · The Killing Has Begun
??-??Chorus · Baba Jaga
06-10Christopher Lee · Revelation
??-??The Christpunchers · Psalms for a New Dark Age
06-??ChristShade · End of Wondering Days
07-21Chrome Division · Doomsday Rock 'n Roll
??-??Chromium · Intro Spectre
02-15Chronic Infection · Paradoxical Expulsion
08-??Chronic Torment · Doomed
??-??Chronological Decay · 49 Minute Killing Spree
09-01Chrysalis · Chrysalis
02-01Chrysaor · Blackened Skies
12-??Church Bizarre · Sinister Glorification
??-??Church of El Duce · Ladies Man
??-??Church of El Duce · Not Suitable for Anyone!...
10-07Cimetière · Le triomphe de la mort
??-??Circle · Arkades
10-??Circle · Miljard
07-21Circle · Tyrant
10-13Circle II Circle · Burden of Truth
05-19Circle of Ouroborus · Shores
??-??Circle of Tyrants · Liberation ov Destiny
??-??Ciryam · W sercu kamienia
10-31Clandestine Blaze · Church of Atrocity
??-??Classica · Classica III - Iron World
??-??The Clavion · Strange Universe
??-??Clawn · Deathless Beauty of the Silence
??-??Clay Withrow · Dissonance Rising
06-13Clifton · We Never Change
06-03Clitpeeler · Bitch Gives Rotten Head
06-06Cloud Forest · Karma
06-03Cloudscape · Crimson Skies
03-13Clouds Disperse · Planet
06-23Cloven Hoof · Eye of the Sun
04-14Cockroach · The Observer
02-24Code of Perfection · Last Exit for the Lost
08-??Coffins · The Other Side of Blasphemy
06-??Cog · Conflagration
04-??Cohort · Reflections of Madness
??-??Cold Blood · Abre los ojos
03-24The Cold Existence · The Essence
02-01Cold Fire · Searching for a Light
??-??Cold Moon · Introspective Vision of an Eternal Journey
06-30Coldseed · Completion Makes the Tragedy
11-06Coldworker · The Contaminated Void
??-??The Collins/Wardingham Project · Interactive
06-??Collision · Roadkiller
04-15Comando Nuclear · Batalhão Infernal
??-??Commander · Altar of Bones
06-06Commander · World's Destructive Domination
??-??Commonfaced · Delineate
04-04Common Grave · Dehumanized
??-??Common Social Phenomenon · What's Next?
05-19Communic · Waves of Visual Decay
??-??Comunidad del Metal · Clamando por mi tierra
12-22Concrete Experience · The Depth Connects The World
11-21The Concubine · Abaddon
??-??Condemned Existence · Following the Beaten Path
??-??Conflict Noise · Arima galduak
04-??Congenital Hell · Anger and Grief
06-06Conglomeratorz · Naturally Heavy
??-??Conquest · End of Days
08-??Conspiracy · The End Foretold
01-??Conspiracy · Reincarnated
??-??Conspirator · Second Conspiracy
11-17Contradiction · The Warchitect
06-20Controlled Chaos · Welcome to Dystopia
12-08Convergence · Metropolis
??-??Convergence · Points of View
??-??Core of the Earth · Curtains
??-??Corporal Jigsore · Exhumation Sessions
09-15Corpsedecay · Sick and Dirty Thoughts
??-??Corpus Mortum · Winters Glory
??-??Corrosive Sweden · Wanted
04-28Corrosive Vengence · Fragments of Society
03-21Countdown · Chains of a Martyr
??-??CounterParts · A Dreamer Betrayed
06-06Countess · Holocaust of the God Believers
12-15Count Thy Days... · Within the Hands of Death
10-13Courageous · Downfall of Honesty
??-??Course Death · D.I.T.P.T.W.P.
??-??Couvertier · Temptations
??-??Cover · Covering the Past
??-??Covet the Knife · Silhouettes of Murder
01-??Coït · Brutal Fantasy
10-16Cradle of Filth · Thornography
??-??Crash Kennedy · Epoch
05-19Craving Gore · The Dead Will Feast
??-??Crawling Quiet · Crawling Quiet
??-??Crazy Band · Время улыбаться
??-??Creamface · Pay No More than 10€
??-??Creature · Kreuzlaub
??-??Creep Colony · Relief of Death
03-01Creeping Maid · Run in Dawn
08-04Crematory · Klagebilder
04-23Creophagous · The Beast Within
??-??The Crescents · Flowergrave
10-??Crescent Shield · The Last of My Kind
06-27Cresent · Cresent
04-18Cretin · Freakery
09-??Cri d'Ames · Redemption Path
??-??Crimen · Orden natural
??-??Crimes · Controkorrente
01-??Crimson Death · Death Is Essential
12-??Crimson Falls · The True Face of Human Nature
??-??Crimson Orchid · Chapter XIII: Nightmares & Fairytales
??-??Crimson Sky · Crimson Sky
??-??Crimson Tears · Desperté
??-??Crisalida · Alas
??-??Crisandemia · Función de la verdad
03-13Crisis de Fe · III
02-??Crisis Never Ends · A Heartbeat Away
??-??Critical Mass · Critical Mass
11-??Critical Mass · Today I Will Deceive You
02-22Crocell · Summoned
03-27Cronian · Terra
??-??Cross Borns · A Torony / The Tower
??-??Cross Borns · Orion - Az ember alkonya
??-??Crossfire · Piel nocturna
08-13Crow'sClaw · Parental Advisory Explicit Guitar
10-15Crow7 · The Picture
11-11Crowd · Uncut View of Sickness
09-13Crown the Lost · Reverence Dies Within
11-17Cruachan · The Morrigan's Call
??-??Crucial Torque · Double Barrel Justice
??-??Crucible · Scars of the Hardened
10-20The Crucifier · Cursed Cross
??-??Cruel Criminal · Souldrain Enslavement
12-??Cruel Experience · Suffocated in Emotions
11-22Cruento · Signal of Distress
??-??Cruentuz · Beyond Freedom
??-??Cruizzen · Hellrocker
02-15Cruor Deum · The Need for Theory
12-12Cruzdiablo · W|R|E|M
??-??Crymen · Infecto
09-02Cryptic Fate · দানব
06-06Cryptik Howling · Vitium Intus
11-03Crystal Eyes · Dead City Dreaming
07-05Crystal Lake · Dimension
12-04Crystallion · A Dark Enchanted Crystal Night
10-20Crystal Tears · Choirs of Immortal
06-06Cubre · Sights of Unstable Flows
02-??Cuero y Metal · Juicio final
04-24Cult of Luna · Somewhere Along the Highway
11-??Cumbeast · Human Piñata
03-20The Cumshots · Just Quit Trying
03-??Cunt Grinder · Funny Games
06-30Cuntworm · Aria des vampyr
09-07Curse · Slaughter of the Stars
??-??Custom71 · Honorable brutalidad
??-??Cutting Daisy · The Fools Crowned Themselves Gods
??-??Cwn Annwn · The Method of Murder
12-06Cyanure · Déchirer Dieu en l'homme
01-??Cycles · Phoenix Rising
07-21Cyclophenia · City of Shadows
10-??Cyhiriaeth · Lands of the Ancient Cult
??-??Cyness · Our Funeral Oration for the Human Race
??-??Cynical Bastard · Art of Pain
10-??Cypher · Darkday Carnival
09-??Cyril Lepizzera · Servatis a Malificum
09-??C.Y.T · Configuration of a Yearned Twilight
06-09Cámara Obscura · Ángel o demonio
11-22D · Tafel Anatomie
??-??D.A.D. · Loutky
??-??Daemonlord · Hellfire Centuries
05-15Dafne · Dafne
02-20Dagoba · What Hell Is About
??-??Dagon · They Who Abideth Amidst the Poison
04-08Dagoth · New Empire
06-11Dakon · Tetraquetum
??-??Daksinroy · Demons of My Inside
02-14Dalriada · Jégbontó
08-10Damage Done · No Need to Breathe
11-10Damascus · Damascus
05-12Dammerung · Follow Your Own Shadow
05-03D.A.M.N. · Vermächtnis
06-26The Damnation · Into the Pits of Hell
07-24Damnation Army · Tyrant
??-??Dana · The New Age
10-31Danava · Danava
06-06Dance Club Massacre · Feast of the Blood Monsters
04-26Danger · In Control
??-??Danger Free Animals · Segmentos
??-??Dangerous Inc. · Life Is Pain
10-18Daniel Telis Project · Angkor
06-16Dantalion · When the Ravens Fly over Me
09-22Dargolf Metzgore · Captured Thoughts
06-20Dargoron · Dargoron
10-10Dark Ages · A Chronicle of the Plague
05-26Dark Arena · Alien Factor
??-??Dark Asylum · From Death... to Inception
09-01Dark at Dawn · Dark at Dawn
06-06Dark Blessing · Eternal Damnation
05-??Dark Crown · Try Again
09-29Dark Disciple · Kill Everything - Worship Nothing
05-31Dark Domination · Rebellion 666
02-28Dark Eden · Rock Me Asmodeus
11-06Dark Embrace · The Rebirth of Darkness - Children Whispered Screams from Beyond
??-??Dark Empire · The Devil's Meditation
04-25Dark Empire · Distant Tides
??-??Darken · Beginning of Our Fate
10-20Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult · Hora Nocturna
??-??Darker Shores · Majestically Terrifying
??-??Darkest Grove · Pain and Suffering Shall Be Known
12-??Dark Faces · The Path
06-06Dark Filth Fraternity · The Book of Clear Light
11-24Dark Flood · The Dead Lines
09-15Dark Forest · Aurora Borealis
01-30Dark Fortress · Seance
06-03Dark Hamsters · Sawdust Exploration
07-24Dark Legions · Satänic Deströyer
03-24Dark Lunacy · The Diarist
??-??Darknation · Merci pour le mal
04-04Darkness over Depth · 梦 (The Dream)
??-??Darkness Rites · Darkness Rites
??-??Dark Obscenity · Black Doomed Ceremony
10-20Dark Order · The Violence Continuum / Realm of the Violence Continuum
11-07Dark Princess · Stop My Heart
07-29Dark Procession · Ghost Echoes
??-??Dark Reign · Prisoner of Imagination
04-15Dark Remains · Planet Earth Scourged
10-16DarkRise · Unbeliever
??-??Dark Rose · Chapter I
03-01Dark Sanctuary · Exaudi Vocem Meam (Part II)
04-08Dark Shadow · Human Fear of Darkness
10-16Dark Shift · Gaining Ground
??-??Dark Storm · Hell Satan Blasphemy
01-??Darksun · El lado oscuro
??-??Dark Templar · Ouroboros
02-27Darkthrone · The Cult Is Alive
??-??Dark Union · Root of All Evil
??-??Darrell Deese · 63
??-??Darrell Deese · Dark Image
??-??Darrell Deese · Instra-mental
10-05Dartanian · Path of Glory
06-02Darwin's Theory? · And Then...
??-??Datura · The Darkest Hours
??-??Dave Byron · Blues & Ballads
??-??Dave Byron · Legend
04-20Dave Devine · Jackknifed on the 420 Hiway
??-??David Galas · The Cataclysm
??-??David Malinich · Paint It Black
03-??David Valdes · Imhotep
11-07Dawnbringer · In Sickness and in Dreams
05-01Dawnless · A Way of Escape
10-17Dawn of Ashes · In the Acts of Violence
11-26Dawn of Silence · Moment of Weakness
05-26Dawn of Solace · The Darkness
??-??Dawn the Plague · Dawn the Plague
06-19The Day Everything Became Nothing · Invention : Destruction
03-07Daylight Dies · Dismantling Devotion
09-07Day of Doom · Night of Horror
06-06Dead · Gross Abnormalities
03-22The Dead · Start Killing
11-30Dead · Whorehouse of the Freaks
05-12Dead Alone · Slivering Marrow
02-01Dead Autumn · In Diseases She Waits
03-??Dead by Dawn · The Night to End All Days
??-??Deadechoes · Case File 1: The Dead Will Walk
??-??Dead Element · Necrology
07-21Deaden · Displaying the Art of Carnage
11-06Deadeye · Blown
10-18Dead Eyed Spider · Show Me Your Blood
??-??Deadeyejack · Deadeyejack
01-01Dead in Christ · Steps
??-??Dead Mans Hand · Into the Breach
??-??Dead Memories · Drowning
??-??Dead Raven Choir · Selenoclast Wolves
??-??Dead Rites · In the Midst of Malevolence
??-??Dead River · Revolution
09-??Dead Root · Le salut final dans la souffrance
??-??Dead Samurai · Rise
05-26Deadsoil · Sacrifice
04-04Dead to Fall · The Phoenix Throne
06-13Dead to Rights · Blind Hate
03-26DeadXheaD · Regressive by Default
10-28Deaf Symphony · Chains of Love
03-08Deamon · Descend Dethrone
??-??Death Before Work! · Messageboard Punx on a Rope
09-17Death Breath · Stinking Up the Night
05-22Death by Dawn · One Hand One Foot and a Lot of Teeth
??-??Death by Stereo · Resureksyon
10-30Deathcon · Monotremata
09-07Death Delirium · Stillborn
12-15Death Dies · PseudoChristos
06-06Death Living · Blasphemer
??-??Death Mechanism · Human Error .. Global Terror
??-??Deathmøle · Moletopopolis
08-??Death Rattle · Re-Invent and Horrify
01-??Death Rattle · Re-Inventing Horror
12-31Deathscythe · Anotherside Squeal Within
04-15Death Sick · Blood Gore and Intense Violence
02-??Death SS · The 7th Seal
??-??Deathtomusic · We Come in Peace
07-10Death Vomit · The Prophecy
07-26Debellum · Legacy of Blood
11-02Decadence · 3rd Stage of Decay
02-01Decapitados · Vas Lacrimae
02-07Decapitated · Organic Hallucinosis
09-11Decaying Form · Chronicles of Decimation
03-??Deceiver · Holov posen tro may trot
04-17Decimate · 11 Rounds
??-??Decimated · Meat Show
06-06Decision to Hate · Prepare for Self-Destruction
03-??Decomposed · Torn from the Womb
??-??Decomposed Cranium · Death Roulette
??-??Defender KFS · Self Impact
??-??Defiant · The End of Beginning
05-23Def Leppard · Yeah!
02-17Defloration · Dripping with Blood
??-??Deformachine · Over G
??-??Deformicario · Cadenas del tormento
12-13The Deformity · When
11-28Degrade · Lost Torso Found
??-??Degree Absolute · Degree Absolute
08-21Deicide · The Stench of Redemption
??-??Deimos · Inverted Prophecy
06-11Deimos · While Justice Sleeps
10-08Deinos Mastema · Ruines
11-??Deiphago · Satanik Eon
11-11Deivos · Emanation from Below
04-11Deja Vu · Bullets to Spare
09-18Dekadent · Manifestation of Seasonal Bleeding
09-04Delain · Lucidity
02-17Delirious · Made for the Violent Age
??-??De Magia Veterum · Spikes Through Eyes
07-??Demagogue · Ruin
??-??Demency · Inhaling of Chaos
??-??Demented · How Much for My Death?
06-??Demenzia · Different Seasons
01-24Demiricous · One (Hellbound)
??-??Demiurgo · El primer día del mundo
06-15Demogordon · Cultus
??-??Demon Angels · Time of Confusion
01-16Demonian · Catechism for Genuflected
09-29Demonic Symphony · Frozen Tears
??-??Demonium · Risen from the World of Dead
02-15Demonlord · Hellforged
04-07Demons Seed · Dawn of a New World
07-11The Demonstration · Existence
??-??Demon Sword · The Omen
08-31Demontage · Sacrilege 'n Miscreancy
03-??Dendura · New Life
02-20Denial · Phobia
10-31Denial of God · The Horrors of Satan
??-??Denigrare · Venganza
10-05Depressive Winter · Llac Edicius
04-??Depths of Depravity · Insensible Extinct Mechanical World
10-02Deranged · Obscenities in B-flat
07-31Derek Sherinian · Blood of the Snake
11-11Derelict · Ideological Prey
??-??Derelict Sermon · Derelict Sermon
??-??Der Stürmer · A Banner Greater than Death
07-07Descention · Goat War Incantations
06-06Desecrated Firmament · Desecrated Firmament
07-04Desensitised · Virus of Violence
??-??Desertor · Cadeira de Rodas
01-25Desolatevoid · Self Medicated Psycho Therapy
??-??Desolation · Eternity of Hell
11-16Desolation · Under Pitch-Black Skies
04-??Desolation Triumphalis · Forever Bound to Nothingness
09-29Destination's Calling · Invisible Walls
10-13Destination: Nowhere · Out of Wasteland
09-05Destroy Destroy Destroy · Devour the Power
12-16Destructive Behavior · Decay and Death of Anima
??-??Destructive Explosion of Anal Garland · Sealing Off the Vagina by Sewer Lid
04-??Destynation · Rising Up
??-??Dethbound · Overture for Extinction
??-??Deus Ex Machina · The War Inside
??-??Devadata · Emotional Breakdown
04-01Devanic · Mask Industries
11-05Devastate · Armies of Hate
01-24Devastation · I
09-01Devastator · Nuclear Proliferation
??-??Deviant Cult · Deviant Cult
??-??Devil' Smile · Chaos & Vertigo
??-??Devil's Pie · Devil's Pie
09-??Devilish Impressions · Plurima Mortis Imago
03-14Devil to Pay · Cash Is King
11-15Devin Townsend · The Hummer
01-31The Devin Townsend Band · Synchestra
08-31Devourment · Butcher the Weak
06-06Devout · Dissention
??-??Dextra Sinister · Hopeful Signs
04-21Dezperadoz · The Legend and the Truth
??-??Dhak · Se decide justicia
10-16Dharohg · Dharohg
01-18Diablo · Mimic47
03-??Diablo Red · Volume II: A Statue of Mary with Bullhorns
08-01Diablo Swing Orchestra · The Butcher's Ballroom
10-26Diaboli · The Antichrist
??-??Diabolical North Klanum · Грязная плоть
??-??Diachronia · Absolute Time
??-??Diadem · Empyreal Dusk
??-??Diagnose · Neurose XXI
??-??Diagnóstico Final · Realidad urbana
??-??Diaroe · Einlauf from Hell
??-??DIC · Kindergarten Crackwhore
??-??Dicksaw · Cu(n)t It Up
08-25Die Apokalyptischen Reiter · Riders on the Storm
12-14Die as One · Para Bellum
??-??Diebomb · Mephistophelian
??-??Diecold · Rest in Hell
09-09Die Metallischen Rückkehrer · Böses tun
??-??Die Saat · Wir laden zum Feste
08-??Dies Irae · Orgullosos del poder oscuro
05-21Die Toten kehren wieder mit dem Wind · Stille
11-03Die Verbannten Kinder Evas · Dusk and Void Became Alive
12-26Different State · It Cleans My Wounds
??-??Diftery · Corrupting the Evolution
09-14Dimaension X · Bryson's Universe
07-09Dimaension X · Leprosia Doom
07-??Dimension of Doomed · Sacramental Oblivion
??-??Dimeyes · Eyesight Is Getting Dim
04-25Dim Mak · Knives of Ice
10-09Dim Vision · Epidermis
??-??Dionis · Маскарад
08-23Dionysus · Fairytales and Reality
05-25Diosdeira · Reincarnatorium
06-06Dirges · After the Devastation
06-27Dirty Rig · Rock Did It
??-??DIS · The Black Shepherd
06-29Disarmonia Mundi · Mind Tricks
06-06Disaster · Criaturas del mal
07-14Disaster KFW · Collateral Damage
03-17Disastrous Murmur · Marinate Your Meat
??-??Disbeliever · Escape from Reality
??-??Discanto · Zodiac 1
11-07Disciple · Scars Remain
07-17The Disciples of Zoldon · Unto Thine Darkness, Death Doth Deliver
09-01Discreation · Order to Advance
??-??Disease · I Stay Here
10-13Disgorge · Gore Blessed to the Worms
??-??Disgorge · Supremacia
06-12Disharmony · Figments of Imagination
??-??Disidente Agresor · Latinoamérica
??-??Disidente Agresor · Migración
10-20Disillusion · Gloria
??-??Disinter · Designed by the Devil, Powered by the Dead
??-??Dislike · Ctrl
??-??Dismal · Miele dal salice
??-??Dismal Gale · Dismal Serenades
03-07Dismember · The God That Never Was
??-??Disorder · Confess
02-18Disparaged · Blood Source
??-??Disrupted · C.D.P.
04-30Dissection · Reinkaos
??-??Dissidens · Brumalis Apostata
05-01Dissolute · Intermittent Parasitic Oscillation
11-13Distorted · Demon Inside
03-13Distorted · Memorial
??-??Distortion · Sick in the Head
??-??Distream · The Dreadful Moments
??-??Ditchwater · Going Forward Looking Back
02-13Diverge · Parasite
11-21DivineFire · Into a New Dimension
10-31Divinus · Nine Ways to Rome
06-06Djinn · Second Coming
11-??DNA · Cesta stínů
09-13D.N.O. · Do Not Open
05-05Doga · Love Vole
??-??Dogkuff · Working Class Zer0
03-31The Dogma · Black Roses
??-??Dogmat · Ekklesiast
08-30Dol Ammad · Ocean Dynamics
??-??Dol Amroth · The Hero's Harp
04-30Dolorian · Voidwards
09-13Domain · Stardawn
11-15Domination Black · Dark Legacy
??-??Dominatus · In Darkness
10-11Dominia · Divine Revolution
11-22Domini Inferi · Devil Cult
10-24Dominion · Born God and Aware
??-??Dominus Praelii · Bastards and Killers
11-24Do Not Dream · Withered Rose
07-10Doom:VS · Aeternum Vale
07-09Doomed Day · คนละขั้ว ชั่วกับดี (The Good & the Bad)
??-??Doom Lit Sky · In Ruin
10-15Doomraiser · Lords of Mercy
12-20Doppelgänger · Saturnian Rings
??-??Dorian Gray · Burning
12-01Dornenreich · Durch den Traum
03-24Doro · Warrior Soul
??-??Downcast · Dimensions of Hate
02-15Downfall · Downfall
03-02Downfire · Redemption
05-25Downhell · At the End of Death
06-06Dracena · Infernal Damnation
09-29Draconian · The Burning Halo
02-19Dragobrath · Scripture of the Woods
07-29Dragonauta · CabraMacabra
03-13Dragonfly · Domine
01-09DragonForce · Inhuman Rampage
??-??Dragongrass · Beyond the Valley of Hinnom
11-13Dragonland · Astronomy
??-??Dragon Lord · Through the Time
10-08Dragonscale · Wandering the Lands
??-??Drahcko · Preludio de muerte
??-??Drainage X · Pain
??-??Dramatic Violent · Enemy of the Sun
04-??Draugr · Nocturnal Pagan Supremacy
12-??Draupnir · Black and Vicious
01-03Drawn and Quartered · Hail Infernal Darkness
??-??Dreadful Minds · Broken
10-31Dream Evil · United
??-??Dreamhunter · The Hunt Is On
??-??Dreaming · II
??-??Dreamlost · Outer Reality
07-30Dream Quest · Centralia
04-25Dreamscapes of the Perverse · Gignesthai
??-??Dream Smashers Inc. · Reflections of Truth
06-06Dreams of Damnation · Epic Tales of Vengeance
04-05Dreamtone · Sojourn
??-??Drengskapur · Geist der Wälder
??-??Dr. Faust · Perverted Obscenity
??-??Drifter · Drifter
??-??Drifting · Deep into the Spiral
03-14Driven by Hate · Done with Life
??-??Droids Attack · Fatal/Error
??-??Drop Out · Rock Bytez
??-??The Dr. Orphyus Project · Opaque Imagery
04-??Drottnar · Welterwerk
09-??Drowned · Bio-Violence
01-02Drown Inc. · Momentum
09-04The Drowning · When the Light Was Taken from Us
??-??Dr. Salazar · Antes & Depois
??-??Dr. Satan · The Real American Psycho
??-??Drudge Puppet · Liver Killer
03-23Drudkh · Кров у наших криницях (Blood in Our Wells)
10-19Drudkh · Пісні скорботи і самітності (Songs of Grief and Solitude)
03-07Dryline · Reach for the Surface
??-??D.S.K. · Oppressed/Deformed
02-02Dubh · Of Ash
03-16Duel of Fate · Don't Leave This World
04-27Dulcamara · Dulcamara
10-20Dungeon · The Final Chapter
??-??Dungeon Rage · A Walk Through the Kingdom
01-??Dusk · Contrary Beliefs
07-14Dusk · Deathgate
??-??Dust · High Density Amplitude
??-??Dustsucker · Jack Knife Rendezvous
??-??Dying Blaze · Душа под землёй
10-07Dying Embrace · Chronic Delusion
??-??Dysentery · Grind Rock
??-??Dysorder · Flame of Population
??-??Dysprosia · Down to Reality
05-02Dysrhythmia · Barriers and Passages
??-??Dzelzs Vilks · Kad pūcei aste ziedēs
??-??Dämnweevïl · Human Auditory Torture Experiment
03-08Dødsferd · Desecrating the Spirit of Life
02-07Død Ulv · Dead Wolf
06-13Død Ulv · Ethereal Journey
12-20Ea · Ea Taesse
??-??E.A.K. · Musclecore
??-??Eat the Living · Bloodbath
08-05Ebanath · That Now Is Necessary for You
10-30Ebony Ark · Decoder 2.0
??-??Ecce Mors · Voice of Hell
12-12Echoes of Silence · Atrox Eternus
11-??Echoes of Silence · The Grand Masquerade
12-??Echoes of Silence · The Midnight Opera
10-??Echoes of Silence · Winter's Bane
??-??Echoes of Silence · Your Undying Beauty
??-??Eclectic Spawn · Noosferic
11-13Eclipse · Slowsonic
??-??Ecliptic Sunset · Of Torment and Grief
01-06Eden's Fall · Harmony of Lies
10-28Eden's Way · Rock Solid
05-19Edenbridge · The Grand Design
04-29Edenshade · The Lesson Betrayed
??-??Edera · And Mouth Disappears
??-??Edge of Anger · Hate Charge
01-20Edguy · Rocket Ride
??-??Editor · Svet je proti nám
09-22Edward Box · Moonfudge
??-??EelMada · Heart of Stone
??-??Eerie · Hollow Stare
06-06Effluvia · Effluvia
03-19Ehwass · Dusza lasu
06-06Eidolon · The Parallel Otherworld
10-27Eisenherz · Eisenherz
05-26Eisheilig · Elysium
??-??Ekasia · Five Steps to Hell
??-??Ekel · Abattoir
??-??El Atrio · En batalla
??-??Elavigor · Elavigor
??-??Elbereth · Hladová bestie
02-24Eldritch · Neighbourhell
??-??Electric Mud Generator · The Sun Will Rise
04-18Electric Sheep · Sweep
10-24Electro Quarterstaff · Gretzky
05-01Element of Eclipse · Apocalyptic Life
02-21Elephant · Tears of the Tortured Trees
??-??Elevator Death Squad · Spread the Plague
12-02Eleventh Hour · Feel Your Favorite Pain
??-??Elexcomulgado · Pecado consumado
??-??Elffor · Unblessed Woods
07-14El Fuego · Desalmado
??-??Elhaz · Malemort
??-??Eligor · Ante Lucem
11-24Elis · Griefshire
11-24Elisya · Across
02-??Elite · Bifrost
06-05Elixir · Mindcreeper
02-13Elizium · Angel of Mistrust
10-??Ellipsis · Imperial Tzadik
05-29Elmeod · In Goth We Trust
??-??Elodea · Cataclysmic
??-??Elusive Travel · Breathe Before You Die
06-01Eluveitie · Spirit
01-17Elvenking · The Winter Wake
06-25Elysia · Masochist
07-18Elysian Blaze · Levitating the Carnal
03-24Elysium Shift · Inhuman Nature
10-13Embalmer · 13 Faces of Death
??-??Emberland · Emberland
10-07The Embodiment · Legeon
??-??Embodiment · Words like Violence
01-01Embrace Depart · Ending Dreams
??-??Embrace Fire · Savage
08-16Embraze · The Last Embrace
03-15Embryo · Chaotic Age
08-01Emergency Gate · Nightly Ray
04-30Emeth · Reticulated
??-??Eminent Shadow · Final War
03-19EMK · Existence Is Futile
04-??Empalator · Butcher of Bagdad
05-12Empire · The Raven Ride
??-??Empire Auriga · Auriga Dying
??-??Empire of Dreams · Birth of the Empire
07-??Empylver · Wood Woud Would
04-22Enchained Souls · Tears of Silence
??-??Encounter Darkness · Taste of Tragedy
08-22Endast · Odds Against Tomorrow
06-21Endless · A Dream at the Sun
04-01Endless Dismal Moan · Lord of Nightmare
09-10Endless Gloom · Corpsporation
??-??Endless Pride · Fuck the Media Lies
05-10End of Statement · The Testament
01-29End of You · Unreal
??-??Endorphins · Where Evil Lies
03-??Endrah · Endrah
06-06Enemy Inside · Explicit Treatment
??-??Energía · Solo en la tormenta
10-15Eneth · Aura Sinfonica
03-07Enforsaken · Sinner's Intuition
??-??Engineer · Reproach
??-??Enigmatic Faith · Smell of Blood
??-??Enisum · Enisum
??-??Enisum · Sedlec Kostnice
??-??Enlightenment · Symbolic Gestures
07-22Enochian · Eternal Darkness
02-22Enochian Crescent · Black Church
06-06Enoid · Livssyklus
??-??Ens Cogitans · Deigital Conflict
10-31Ensepulchred · The Night Our Rituals Blackened the Stars
??-??Ensepulchred · Suicide in Winter's Moonlight
06-23Enshrined · Derevelation
05-22Enslaved · Ruun
??-??Ensoph · Project X-Katon
02-27Enter My Silence · Coordinate: D1SA5T3R
08-23Enter the Hunt · For Life. 'Til Death. To Hell. With Love.
??-??Enthrall · Infernal Horizon
??-??Enthrallment · Smashed Brain Collection
??-??Entrophy · End of Glory
??-??Entropia · From Chaos Born
08-23Entwine · Fatal Design
12-??Envenom Ascension · Daemon Est Deus Inversus
??-??Envidhia · Drama
03-31Epheles · Souviens-toi
12-08Ephemera's Party · All the Machines
??-??Ephemeral · En Route to Ephemeral
??-??Epherus · Epherus
04-04Epicedium · Epicedium
08-??Epicurean · A Consequence of Design
06-22Epidemia · Mutilador de cuerpos
01-??Epitome of Frail · Apocalypse
08-??Eradicate · Relentless
12-29Erebos · Descent to Beyond
??-??Erebus · Prey for Our Nation
??-??Erectus · Decimation
05-??Ereshkigal · Shadow's Land
??-??Ereth · Solus Ipse Sum
??-??Erg Noor · Kosmos
08-??Erhabenheit · Vom Tempel zum Throne
01-31Erik Norlander · Hommage Symphonique
02-05Eroica · En la mira del cazador
??-??Esbbat · La era de la bestia
??-??Escarlate · Fantoche
07-??Eschaton · Causa Fortior
??-??Esclavitud · Involución
??-??Esfinge de Gizeh · Hacia el valle de los reyes II..El despertar de los faraones
??-??Eslabón · No hay piedad
??-??The Esoteric · Subverter
12-21Essence of Sorrow · Reflections of the Obscure
??-??Estoque · Thrash Core Anarquista
11-20Etagord · Etagord
01-08Eterea · Hades
11-??Eterflames · Shadows and Flames
??-??Eterna · Madre Tierra
04-12Eternal Agony · Visions of the End
10-??Eternal Devastation · Slaughterhouse
10-23Eternal Majesty · Wounds of Hatred and Slavery
03-04Eternal Malediction · Endeavour Through Thorns
??-??Eternal Mystery · The Coming Armageddon Holocaust
04-??Eternal Nemesis · Persistence of Insanity
??-??The Eternal Pain · Ahnenkult
07-15Eternal Ruin · Decomposing Salvation
05-03Eternal Tears of Sorrow · Before the Bleeding Sun
06-30Eternity · Bringer of the Fall
09-??Ethereal Collapse · Breaching the Citadel
09-15Ethernity · The Journey
08-06Eulogium · Where Solace Is Mine
??-??Eutanos · Lo que te lleva a la muerte
??-??Evanesce · Secure the Shadow
??-??Evelin · Evelin
??-??Evelyn · Assertivity
11-??Evenstorm · Metal Anthology
04-??Event Horizon · Naked on the Black Floor
10-13Eventide · Diaries from the Gallows
04-28Everfest · Rising
??-??Everfrozen · Вечный холод
09-30Evergrace · Evergrace
03-27Evergrey · Monday Morning Apocalypse
10-30Everlost · Noise Factory
07-11The Everscathed · Razors of Unrest
09-01Ever Since · Between Heaven and Hell
??-??Evil Army · Evil Army
03-17Evil Darkness · Dark Blasting Tongue
09-01Evil Dead · Spomienky na predkov
07-27Evil Genius · Dr. Mastermind Must Die!
03-03Evilion · Vanity
??-??Evil Masquerade · Third Act
??-??Evil One · Shades of Life
04-05Evil Poetry · Letheus Nocturnus
??-??Evilsmith · Evilsmith
05-??Evilwar · Bleeding in the Shades of Baphomet
??-??Evilwinged · Avatars of Satan
10-??Evil Wrath · Défaillance monumentale
06-??Evirus · Sermonic
??-??Eviscerated · Engulfed by Disgust
10-05Exaltation · Despair Shall Forsake Me
04-??Excarnated · Purging the Earth
??-??Executer · Welcome to Your Hell
??-??Exegesis · Lágrimas de sangre
01-17Exhale · Prototype
02-16Exit · Her Dark Passion
??-??Exitium · Outsourcing Morality
02-28Exlibris · Skyward
??-??Expiration Date · Crisis of Perception
11-13Exploder · Exploder
??-??Expulser · Haeresis
07-30Exsecror · Bleeding Wounds
02-01Extaasi · Rujo
??-??Extant · Extant
??-??Exterminator · Slay Your Kind
??-??Extinction of Mankind · Northern Scum
05-10Extirped · Nasty Bloody Noise
07-??Exultet · Requiem of a Dream
01-10Exutory · Fields of Mutilation
02-??Eye of I · Eye of I
??-??Eye of Judgement · The New Crusade
09-09Eyes of Ligeia · A Fever Which Would Cling to Thee Forever
01-25Eyes of Shiva · Deep
07-27Eyes of the Dead · What Nightmares Are Made Of
08-25Ezekiel · Ezekiel 7, 24b-27a
??-??Eznalpest · Propaganda
12-01Facada · Indigesto
??-??Facedowninshit · Nothing Positive, Only Negative
11-14The Faceless · Akeldama
10-??Face.X · Relations
??-??Fade Sense · Έλευσις
11-24Fairyland · The Fall of an Empire
09-25Faith and Fire · Accelerator
09-22Falconer · Northwind
02-28Falkirk · Gates of Dawn
??-??Fallen Hallow · Symphonies to Atrocity
10-31Fallen into Shadow · I Am No One
12-01Fallen into Shadow · Ritual in Pain
04-17Fallen Man · The Black Rose Sessions
??-??Fallen Shall Rise · Enslaved
05-12Fall of Serenity · Bloodred Salvation
07-??Fall of the Idols · The Womb of the Earth
06-02Fall ov Serafim · Nex Iehovae
12-09False · In Sickness We Live
05-??Famulus ab Satanas · Sacred Assembly Beneath Unholy Secrecy
05-??Fanatic · Lost in This World
01-??Fanatic · Random Thoughts
12-17Fanatic · RTC-3057
06-23Fanatic · Sauer Anger
03-??Fanatic · Sleep Apnea
02-??Fanatic · Two Minute Warning
11-06Fanatic · Unbound
12-??Farewell · Do You Think You Know Me?
??-??Far from Mind · Ecce Homo
??-??Farscape · Killers on the Loose
??-??Farwood · Farwood
??-??Fast 'n Lose · Rock 'n' Roll Bitch Tragedy
05-20Fatal Agenda · Hell on Earth
10-21Fatal Embrace · Dark Pounding Steel
04-26Fatal Force · Fatal Force
??-??Fatal Portrait · Adventum
??-??Fatal Smile · Neo Natural Freaks
??-??Father Golem · Nemesis
??-??Father of Sin · In Praise of the Individual
07-??Fatt Matt · Atomic Thunder
12-31Fatt Matt · Psychedelic Metal Blues Experience
??-??Fauna · Rain
01-16Faust Again · Hope Against Hope
10-??FearingMind · Aberration
06-24Fear of Eternity · Ancient Symbolism
??-??Fear of Eternity · Spirit of Sorrow
05-15FearOfHatred · Theft of the Night Sky
01-09FearOfHatred · The Year of Hydrogen
08-01Fear the Future · The Bloody Beginning
09-??Fecal Corpse · We Gang Banged Your Mom...Again!
05-??Feeling Machine · Broken Mind
07-05Feel So Bad · Perfectness
01-17Fekete Sereg · Gyújts sötétséget
11-28Fenria · De åt döden vigda
10-31Fenrisulfr · Vesta
??-??Fentanyl · Feeble Existence
06-??Ferosity · Overthrown Divinity
09-12Fetus in Feto · Teratology
12-12The Fifth Season · Stronger, Perfect
04-20Filth Porn · Explosive Intolerance
07-28Fimbulvet · Ewiger Winter
??-??Final Aphorism · Past and Future Concentrate
??-??Final Axe · The Axe of the Apostles
07-??The Final Burden · Processor
??-??Final Cry · Neptune's Relief
01-02Final Dawn · In the Light
??-??Final Eve · In Mind Chaos
??-??Final Reign · To the Kingdom
??-??Final Thrash · No Way Out
??-??Finis Gloria Dei · Goat: Father of the New Flesh
11-??Finish Me Off · Seed
07-26Finnugor · Voitettuani kuoleman
07-10Firewind · Allegiance
05-22Firezone · Zrcadlo doby
??-??Fist · Bolted Door
??-??Fistfuck · Felicitation pour votre beau programme
07-04Flactorophia · Redemption of the Flesh
09-24Flageladör · A Noite do Ceifador
04-15Flashpoint · Flashpoint
05-11Flaying · Commandments - Violated
06-23Flegethon · Cry of the Ice Wolves II
09-08Flesh · Temple of Whores
??-??Fleshbane · Fleshbane
05-09Fleshgore · May God Strike Me Dead
06-06Fleshmould · The Lazarus Breed
??-??Fleshrobot · Welcome
10-31Floater · Stone by Stone
06-19Flood · Closer than Ever
??-??Floodline · Passage to Dawn
??-??Flush · Piece of Hell
05-04Fogland · Quasiascetica
08-01Folkearth · By the Sword of My Father
06-28Followbane · Dead Fantasia
11-15Followed by Silence · Followed by Silence
??-??Fool's Crown · Up the Antics
??-??Forbidden Son · Forbidden Son
11-??Forceed · Ivory Marsh
12-12Force of Darkness · Force of Darkness
05-29Forest of Fog · Abgründe
11-10Forest Silence · Philosophy of Winter
??-??Foretold · Factor
09-02Forever Mourne · The Burning Silence of Eternity
12-08Forever Will Burn · Forever Will Burn
??-??Forgin' Fate · Antares
05-15Forgive-Me-Not · Suicide сервис
03-11Forgotten Chaos · Victorious Among the Damned
02-21Forgotten Eden · Forgotten Eden
08-01Forgotten Silence · Kro Ni Ka
10-??Forlorn Vale · The Vast Echoes of Remorse
??-??Formloff · Adjø Silo
12-19Forteresse · Métal noir québécois
02-24Forth Yeer Freshman · Psychobabble
08-22Foundre · Dross
??-??Four Jar Brain · Suffer in Truth
??-??Fourth Dimension · Идея была хороша, пока ты не убил себя
??-??Fractured Existence · Electric Universe
03-24Fragments of Unbecoming · Sterling Black Icon: Chapter III - Black but Shining
??-??Framferd · Djevelskap
??-??Franck Ribiere · Bloody Karma
08-05Freakeys · Freakeys
01-??Freezing Darkness · Born in the Deepest Frozen Night
03-20Frequency · When Dream and Fate Collide
??-??Freund Hein · Chaos Immanent
11-25Friar Rush · Alauda Sonare Suavis
03-06Frightmare · Bringing Back the Bloodshed
??-??From Beyond Death · Exhibit A
05-20From Citizen to Soldier · Prelude to Terror
09-17From Exile · Crushing Reality
03-??From My Hands · From Hatred to Justice
01-03From This Day · Proverbs of Ashes
10-01Front Beast · Black Spells of the Damned
??-??Frostthrone · VinterFaust
08-19Frozen · Enemy Soil
09-05Frozen Eternity · Forgotten Past
??-??Frozen Mind · Complex Death
04-22Frozen Mist · Destiny's Dream
04-08Frozen Mist · Foreshadowed
08-19Frozen Mist · Godforsaken
10-28Frozen Mist · Sapphiric
07-??Frozen Pain · Remembrances
??-??F.T.G. · Kuasa
??-??Fucking Christ · Catchy as Aids
??-??The Fuck Machine · Necrophilia: Crack Open a Cold One
??-??The Fuck Machine · Too Shit for Metal but Too Good for Punk Rock
08-22Fuck the Facts · Stigmata High-Five
03-20Fuelblooded · Inflict the Inevitable
09-20Fueled by Fire · Spread the Fire
07-11Full Blown Chaos · Within the Grasp of Titans
??-??Full Frontal Assault · Leading the Resistance
11-??Fully Consumed · Fully Consumed
11-13Fume · A History of Things to Come
12-04Funeral · From These Wounds
01-14Funeral · Marching to Fire
08-07Funeral Eucharist · Wolves of Winter
12-16Funeral Mourning · Drown in Solitude
05-26Funeral Procession · Funeral Procession
09-12The Funeral Pyre · The Nature of Betrayal
??-??Funeral Rape · Sexperiment
12-22Funeral War · Pas de compassion
01-??Funerot · Invasion from the Death Dimension
10-18Fuoco Fatuo · Our Elegy
01-23Furia · Kheros
06-09Furious Zoo · Furioso III
??-??Furor · Even God Can't Judge Us
05-??Fury · Forbidden Art
??-??Fuseboxx · Fuseboxx
??-??Fénix · Láska až za hrob
08-??Fëanturi · Grey Design
??-??Gabriel Amauru · Xanadu Xperiment
05-02Gadget · The Funeral March
08-05Gagas · All This World
08-??Gaia · Praxis
12-25Gaia Prelude · To Beyond of the Infinity
07-??Gaina · Снова твой
10-11Galar · Skogskvad
02-22Galatea · Fate -Tales of Past II
07-12Galneryus · Beyond the End of Despair...
??-??Gang · Dead or Alive
??-??Ganon · In the Dead of Sleep
??-??Garadama · Garadama II
??-??Gargoyle · March of the Heroes
09-27Garrota · Reincarnation
??-??Gate 9 · In the Kingdom of Vulgaria
07-??The Gates of Slumber · Suffer No Guilt
??-??The Gateway · The Gateway
04-18The Gathering · Home
01-05Gauntlet · Path of Nails
12-20Gauntlet's Sword · Theosophy
01-25Gaurithoth · Gaurithoth
??-??Gayang Kulintangan Revolt · Misangod Rondom
06-14Gelida Obscuritas · Heart of Chaos
05-29General Surgery · Left Hand Pathology
??-??Generation Unknown · Determination
06-06Genetica · Golpe maldito
??-??Genetic Drift · Decide for Us All
04-28Gergovia · Coulée de lave
??-??Germanen Blut · Der Zorn des Sturms
06-06The Gersch · The Gersch
11-25Gevolt · Sidur
07-10Geïst · Kainsmal
??-??Ghornumn · Misanthropical Dreams
06-01Ghoul · Splatterthrash
05-01Ghoulunatics · Cryogénie
01-??ghUSa · Letter to My Son'(s)
05-11Giant · Song
08-22Giant Squid · Metridium Fields
??-??Gideons Pawn · The Full Twelve Inches
??-??Gift of Madness · The Nation of Dead Gods
12-20Girder · Tonnage
04-28Giuntini Project · III
06-06Gjenferdsel · I
10-18Gladiator · Mesto
??-??Gladness · Persembahan Awal yang Indah
06-13Glass Casket · Desperate Man's Diary
10-17Glenn Danzig · Black Aria II
03-07Glenn Tipton · Edge of the World
05-22Gloom · Nostalgia
??-??Gloomy Betrayal · Doloris
??-??Glory Fate · Bad Moon Rising
10-??Glow · Dive into the Sun
05-??Glut! · Origen da tragedia
01-??Gnaw Their Tongues · Spit at Me and Wreak Havoc on My Flesh
??-??Goatamentise · Goatamentise
01-25Goathemy · Frostland
03-10Goatholocaust · Satan Jugend
11-30Goat Thron · Selective Extermination
09-05Goatwhore · A Haunting Curse
12-23G.O.D. · Bigger
06-06G.O.D. · Not So Growl
08-10G.O.D. · Songs of Doctor Growl
??-??God's Temple of Family Deliverance · God's Temple of Family Deliverance
04-17God Among Insects · Zombienomicon
??-??Goddamned X · Art of Closing Eyes
02-23Goddess Shiva · Goddess Shiva
10-20God Dethroned · The Toxic Touch
??-??Godland · Carpe Diem
05-??Godless · Church Arsonist
??-??Godless Cruelty · Hass Propaganda
??-??Godless Cruelty · Perversion am Kreuz
??-??Godsentus · Psyche
02-22Godsplague · Triumph
06-06Godyva · In Good and Evil
??-??Golden Pig Electric Blues Band · Hitchhiking to Oblivion
05-30Gold of Athanor · Gold of Athanor
10-10Golem · Black Era
??-??Goliath Bird Eater · Blood Venus
12-??Gomorrha · Body [P]art
08-??Gonzalo Sanhueza · Mundo perdido
08-15Gorath · The Fourth Era
08-??G.O.R.E · From Second Side
??-??The Gore · Songs from the Scarlet Well
11-??Gored · The Unfortunate
??-??Goregate · One Bullet Left
04-03Gorelord · Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre: The Final Cut
11-28Goretrade · Perception of Hate
06-19Gorgoroth · Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam
03-17Gorilla Monsoon · Damage King
11-20Gorjeo Seglar · Himnos profanos
08-22Gorod · Leading Vision
11-18Gorthaur · New Better Existence
01-30Gory Blister · Skymorphosis
08-06Gosforth · Hornlust
11-14Gostwind · Korean Rd.
??-??Gothic Sky · Witchcraft of Krehterwehs
??-??Gothërfall · Blacksphere Architecture
??-??Grailknights · Return to Castle Grailskull
09-02Grain · The Abyss
??-??Grand Bite · Al borde del precipcio no moriré
??-??Grandmother Is Dead · The Camp
10-??Grand Nocturne · Despair and Demise
07-24Grave · As Rapture Comes
??-??Grave Forsaken · Beside the River of Blood
??-??Graviton · Short Adolescent Talk-in
08-25The Gravity Guild · The Gravity Guild
01-30Green Carnation · The Acoustic Verses
06-30Green Sleeves · Green Medicine
05-31Greg Rapaport · Homunculus
12-13Grendel · Lost Beyond Retrieval
??-??Grenouer · Try
02-21Grey Skies Fallen · Two Way Mirror
??-??Grievous · Erebus
12-??Griffin L.O.G. · The Sting of Life
05-01Grim Aria · Down the Venom
07-22Grimlair · L'appel de la nuit funeste
03-??Grimlock · XVI
??-??Grimm · Dark Medieval Folklore
02-??Grimmdrasil · Archytypal Darkening (Dreaming)
07-??Grimmdrasil · The Blessed Calm of Non-Existence (Individual Eclipse)
12-??Grimmdrasil · Hermit
11-??Grimness 69 · Grimness Avenue 69
??-??Grimnir · Kreuzzug in den Tod
03-27Grimuack · Goetica Summa
05-25Grind Inc. · Inhale the Violence
??-??Grindlock · The General State
11-13Grindomatic · 9 Ways to Use a Meatgrinder
??-??Grinning Shadows · Stains of sin
??-??Grohm · The Negation of Silence
??-??Grol · True Stench Never Dies!
09-??Grosad · Stigma
??-??Gross · Web of Stung Vein
05-19Grotesque Formation · Basement Decompositions
??-??Grotesqueuphoria · Bred to Be Your Enemy
02-??Grotte · Solitude
06-15Ground Control · Insanity
??-??Ground Zero · Ten Layers of Hate
08-02Gruesome Feast · Gorchestral Blasphemy
11-26Grymt · My Dark One
??-??Grzegorz Kupczyk · Memories
08-25Grívf · Draugsrunor
10-18G.T.I. · One Thousand Blasting Words
03-31Guild of Destruction · Into Oblivion
??-??Gunpowder Killture · Killture Part One: Imposing the Freedom Lies
07-28Gurd · Bang!
07-06Guru of Darkness · Journey to Destiny
??-??The Gut of Madness · ไม่มีวันตาย
09-??Gutter Sirens · Horror Makers
06-06Guttural Secrete · Reek of Pubescent Despoilment
08-27Gwar · Beyond Hell
??-??GxSxD · God Send Death
??-??Güdenläwd · Good and Loud
05-06Haatstrijd · Cacodaemony
08-27Hades · Story
07-14Hadúr · Az erdő zenéje
??-??Haemorrhage · Apology for Pathology
12-20Hakenkreuz Nocturna · Eternal Introspective Winter
11-??Halgadom · Sturmwoge
06-06Halloween · Horror Fire
07-28Halo of Shadows · Manifesto
??-??Halor · Welcome to Hell
10-03Hamlet · Pura vida
??-??Hammerface · Devilution
10-20HammerFall · Threshold
??-??Hammerfist · Backline
05-??Hammerheart · Dreamworks
01-10Hammermauler · Heroes of Tomorrow
06-26Hammers of Misfortune · The Locust Years
??-??Hanagorik · Entertaining the World
??-??Hanaken · Voces
11-20Handful of Hate · Gruesome Splendour
??-??Hanged by Neck · Hanged by Neck
02-28Hank Williams III · Straight to Hell
05-15Hard Time · №3
??-??Hard to Kill · The Agony
08-19Harkonin · Ghanima
07-11Harlots · This Is the Second Death
09-11Harm · Devil
12-15Harmony · The Prophet Land
09-22Harms Way · Oxytocine
??-??Harpoon · Batalla eterna
??-??Hasteblood · A Drowning Tale
01-23Hateful Agony · Obey
??-??Hate Sanctuary · Illusions maladives
??-??Hatestorm · Cursed Rituals
10-31The Haunted · The Dead Eye
11-??Haven Denied · Haven Denied
12-??Havilla · Vitor's Havilla Symphony
??-??HavocS · 0113 (When My Sweet Nightmare Has Begun)
08-01Hawg Jaw · Don't Trust Nobody
06-12Hayras · Sombre destin
??-??HB · Enne
??-??He's Turning Blue · Human Replica
??-??Head Case · Outside Looking In
10-25Hearse · In These Veins
11-27Heathen Foray · This Is the Call
??-??Heatseeker · Knee Deep in Sin
??-??Heaven · Recomeçar
??-??Heaven Ablaze · Reborn Through Evil
??-??Heaven Force · In the Gates of Space
11-13Heavenly · Virus
08-28Heaven Shall Burn · Deaf to Our Prayers
03-22Heavy Lord · From Cosmos to Chaos
09-17Heavy Metal Hurricane · Attack of the Heavy Metal Ax
08-14Heavy Weather · Goddamn Stoned Junkies
01-05Hecatomb · Impaled Apocalypse
10-16Heimdalls Wacht · Der Untergang der alten Welt
07-29Heinous Killings · Hung with Barbwire
06-16Hekel · De dodenvaart
12-20Heldar · Inmune
??-??Held Under · The Catastrophe of Creation
08-18Helfahrt · Sturmgewalt
06-12Helheim · The Journeys and the Experiences of Death
10-??Hell:On · Strong Enough
04-??Hellacaust · Inevitable Dementia
11-15Helland · Den onde sirkel
07-23Helland · Skreo
01-??Hellblaster · Hellblaster
01-??Hell-Born · Cursed Infernal Steel
01-25Hellbox · Infernothing
03-16Hellebaard · Valkyrenvlucht
10-10Hellgenom · Beginning of the Insane
06-06Hellhound · Tokyo Flying V Massacre
11-30Hellish Crossfire · Slaves of the Burning Pentagram
??-??Hellish Hounds · Selfless Rage
??-??Hell of All Hells · The Devil's Game
03-31Hell Promise · Aim for Hell
??-??Hellrazor · Feel the Sting
??-??Hellrealm · Hell Is Here on Earth
??-??Helltown · Lead to Hell
10-31Hellveto · In the Glory of Heroes...
11-18Hellveto · Stos
03-03Hellveto · Zmierzch
10-01Hellward · Heavy Fvckn Black
07-18Helmet · Monochrome
10-14Helm of Awe · Comrades of Strength
10-14Helm of Awe · Four Beasts
10-14Helm of Awe · Shadow
10-14Helm of Awe · White Winters Fields
09-29Helpness · A Certain Way
??-??Heptameron · Grand Master of the Final Harvest
04-20Heresi · Psalm II - Infusco Ignis
??-??Heresis · Sceptical
03-??Hermh · Eden's Fire
??-??The Hero · Bless This Nation
03-07Herod · Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight
07-24Herratik · Wrath-Divine
03-24Her Seduction · The Vile Exalted
??-??Her Whisper · Children of the Black Soil
05-10Hetera · Taida
??-??Hetman · Skazaniec
??-??Heulend Horn · From the Caucasus to Gotland
06-06H.E.W.D.A.T. · Blackest Empire of Satan
??-??Highlander · Day Sleeper
03-22Highlord · Instant Madness
??-??High Treason · Radio Will Find Me
02-??Hildi · Forest of Hunged
07-23Hillbilly Nightmare · Dirt Rock Demons
02-28Himsa · Hail Horror
04-??Hira · (Sic).
??-??Histeria · Dalam Kenangan
01-??Hjarnidaudi · Pain:Noise:March
??-??Hoffnungstod · Endzeit - Die Asche vergangener Winter
??-??Holder · Eternal Flame
04-28Hollow Haze · Hollow Haze
11-20Hollow Sign · Słuchać głośno!
??-??Holocausto Canibal · Opusgenitalia
03-31Holy Dragons · Восход чёрной луны
??-??Holy Ghost · Holy Ghost
09-08Holy Pain · Last Sigh
??-??Holy Shit B.S.E. · Fetish Coprological Trauma
??-??Holy Trinity Burning · Holy Trinity Burning
??-??Homicide · Accepted Pleasingly
10-01HomSelvareg · HomSelvareg
??-??Homunculus · Black Rebel Altars
??-??Homunculus · Writhing in Cremation Flame
??-??H.O.P.E. · Reason and Divine
10-27Horcas · Asesino
12-01Hord · Reborn from Chaos
02-18Hordac · Caress the Demon Inside
12-22Hordak · The Last European Wolves
07-06Hordeland · Chapter One
??-??Hordes of Satan · Hordes of Satan
09-08Horn · Die Kraft der Szenarien
??-??The Horn · The Egyptian Book of the Dead Vol.2
??-??The Horn · The Egyptian Book of the Dead Vol.3
??-??Horncrowned · Satanic Armageddon
04-07Horned Almighty · The Devil's Music - Songs of Death and Damnation
04-15Horrid · Rising from the Hidden Spheres
10-31Horroble · Death of Ghost
??-??Horror Blast · Sublime Vile Anomalies
09-25Horrorscope · Evoking Demons
??-??Horrorshow · Rise of Man
??-??Hospice · Land of Eternal Night
07-19Hostile · Hostile
??-??Hostility · Uncompromised
05-??House of Mirrors · Desolation
05-06How Sad a Fate · Assisted Suicide
??-??Hrimthursen · Weißes Reich
02-27Hubi Meisel · Kailash
04-01Huge CCM · Rust
08-11Human Factor · Behind the Dark
01-01Human Herd · Draining the Bleeding Hearts
01-21Human Paranoid · Breed of Cain
05-05Human Zoo · Precious Time
04-13Humberstone · Humberstone
??-??Humus · Transition
01-10Hurtlocker · Fear in a Handful of Dust
??-??Husere Grav · Stay Asleep
12-25Hyadningar · Imminent Useless Soul
??-??Hymen of Darkness · Unholy Total Hate... Fuck You All
12-05Hyperborean Desire · ...v kruhu Veškerenstva...
12-??Hyperion DB 369 · Skulltivation
??-??Hypnosis · Seeds of Fate
12-22Hypothermia · Köld
09-??Hypothermia · Veins
04-??Hysteria · Haunted by Words of Gods
11-03I · Between Two Worlds
04-09Ian · Drain Your Dreams
12-06Ian · En tiempos de redención
??-??Ian Malcolm's Chaos Theory · The Synthesis Absolute
03-10Ian Parry · Visions
03-06Ibex Throne · Total Inversion
??-??Icarus · Reach for the Sun
04-29Icewind · All Is Dust
05-22Ideas · Ébredés / Revival
??-??I Declare War · What You Deserve
??-??IFA · MH 7
12-15If He Dies, He Dies · Conquistador
??-??Ifrit · The Throne of Ifrit
??-??Ignorance · Bloodfed
04-05Ihsahn · The Adversary
??-??Ijajil · Puing Balairung
10-13Ikuinen Kaamos · The Forlorn
04-12Illdisposed · Burn Me Wicked
08-07Illnath · Second Skin of Harlequin
??-??Illtempered · Azazel's Sins
11-21Images of Eden · Sunlight of the Spirit
04-19Images of Violence · Degrade the Shapeless
07-11Imagika · My Bloodied Wings
??-??Imago Mortis · Transcendental
11-16Imago Mortis · Una foresta dimenticata
01-01Imari Tones · Color of Hers
01-02Imari Tones · Fireworks
??-??Imbecile · Likedeeler
??-??Imminentchaos · Corrosion of Human Essence
??-??Immortadell · ¿Who Sung the Chitemmurt?
07-29Immortal Remains · Seelenfeuer
??-??Immortal Soul · Lines in the Sand
??-??Immotus · Tor der Illusion
03-22Impaled Nazarene · Pro Patria Finlandia
09-26Imperial · We Sail at Dawn
??-??Imperial Battlesnake · Attack
09-10Imperious Malevolence · Where Demons Dwell
09-28Imperium · Conquered Insanity
02-??Imperium Dekadenz · ...und die Welt ward kalt und leer
??-??Imperium Frost · Antichristian Flame
07-22Impious Havoc · Dawn of Nothing
??-??Impure Domain · H.I.V.: Parade
12-??Impurity · Necro Infamists of Tumulus Return
11-20Inactive Messiah · Be My Drug
08-04In Arkadia · Release the Shadow
??-??Inbleeding · Phobia
??-??Inborn Suffering · Wordless Hope
10-16Incantation · Primordial Domination
03-09Incarnated · Pleasure of Consumption
10-??Inciter · Burned Out Cells
??-??Incriminated · The Promise of Worse to Come
??-??Incursion · Incursion
??-??In Death I Become · The Muse of Tragedy
06-21In Deaths Embrace · Through Woods of Grief
09-23In Deaths Embrace · World Desecration
??-??Indesinence · Noctambulism
02-11Indigent · Simulacrum
??-??Indykush · Iboga
12-19Inexacta · Previous Trick Us
12-12Inexist · Relax and Feel Free
??-??I.N.F. · Realize
??-??Infame · Eterna pudrición
??-??Infandous · Tomorrow We Start the Hard Stuff
04-26Infaust · Des Schmerzes Macht
??-??Infecdead · Divine Suicide
02-??Infected Brain · Infected Brain
03-12Infected Malignity · The Malignity Born from Despair
07-??Infected Mind · Rascals of Destruction
??-??Infector · Insane Deliriums
06-19Inferi · Shores of Sorrow
04-01Infernal Angels · Shining Evil Light
04-??Infernal Hate · Necrophorus Humator
??-??Infernal Regency · Thundering Words of Annihilation
03-??Infernal Thorn · Come Forth Hatred
??-??Infernia · La antesala del infierno
01-05Inferno · New Era
03-01Inferno · Nikdy nepokřtěni
03-17Infernum · The Curse
11-??Infidel · I, Oathbreaker
??-??Infidel · Killing for Immortality
??-??Infinite Hatred · Hateful Spell
05-08Infinitum Obscure · Internal Dark Force
07-??Infinity · Son of Infinite
02-03In Flames · Come Clarity
06-23Inflict · Steps Along the Warpath
01-27Influence · House of Silhouettes
09-29Infraction · Infraction
01-??Ingraved · Hatred from Outside
12-06In Grey · Liyah
04-13Ingrowing · Cloned & Enforced
07-24Inherit Disease · Procreating an Apocalypse
??-??Injury · Dreams Behind My Mind
??-??Innerbeauty · For Our Souls
03-17InnerHate · Synthetic Umbilical Supremacy
11-29Innerhell · Enemy of the World
12-15Inner Sanctum · Risen to Fall
??-??Innersight · Star Wars Tribute - "Light of the Force"
??-??Innersight · Walk in Silence
05-19InnerWish · Inner Strength
10-01In Nomine · Eternal Torment
06-06In Nomine Belialis · Nefasto Caminho da Profanação
10-10Inordem · Progreso
??-??In Pena · Como nacer de nuevo
01-05Inquinok · Entranced by Twilight's Gaze
??-??I.N.R.I. · Corrois Is the Face of Their Ancient Believes
??-??In Ruins · The Curse of Decay
??-??Insaniae · Outros Temem os que Esperam pelo Medo da Eternidade
??-??Insanity Excursion · Lachend in die Kreissäge
??-??Insanity Excursion · Wir sind die Harten
??-??Insicknia · Now Entering... INSICKNIA
??-??Insidious Omen · Upon This Throne of Waste and Decay
08-09Insomnium · Above the Weeping World
05-29Inspell · Arcadian Tales: The Egregore
02-??Instinct · Albion
??-??In Tears Bereaved · Leidensweg
01-25Intended Victim · IneVitable
??-??In Tenebriz · Everfrost Symphony
06-20Interdiction · War Fetish
08-22Internal Suffering · Awakening of the Rebel
03-09Intestinal Strangulation · Pathological Brutalistic Fermentation
06-06In the Name of God · In the Name of God
10-03Into Eternity · The Scattering of Ashes
03-28In Torment · Diabolical Mutilation of Tormented Souls
11-??Into the Gore · Bureau of Disgust
11-17Into the Void · Love for a Lifetime
12-11Into the Void · See You Pay
08-25Intronaut · Void
??-??In Twilight's Embrace · Buried in Between
??-??Invading Chapel · Snow After Fire
??-??Invazão · No Religion
??-??Inverted Trifixion · Black Horizon
09-??Invocated Chaos · First Arise
??-??Invoid. · Invidia
04-14Inzest · The Sickest of Society
??-??Ipalnemoani · In Inic Macuilli Tonatiuh (El Quinto Sol)
11-07Iperyt · Totalitarian Love Pulse
??-??Iponah · The Philosophy of the Brotherhood of Arsonists
??-??Ira · On the Road to the Unknown
02-??Irae · Terror 666
06-??Ira Tenax · Trapped
??-??Iraventus · Autumn
??-??Irem · Prophecy of Doom
??-??Iron Age · Constant Struggle
03-31Iron Fire · Revenge
??-??Iron Fist · Iron Fist
??-??Iron Hearse · Iron Hearse
08-28Iron Maiden · A Matter of Life and Death
10-24Irr · Hate Incarnate
??-??Isarnheimr · Isarnheimr
07-25Iscariot · Lifeless Design
10-31Isis · In the Absence of Truth
12-??Iskald · Shades of Misery
??-??Iskon · Rob tmine
07-??Isole · Throne of Void
12-??Isthar · Among the Ruins
10-01Istidraj · Blasphemous Ritual
10-30I Suffer Incorporated · Chronicles of Lost Purity
10-03It Dies Today · Sirens
??-??Ivan Bertolla · Maximum Impact
??-??Ivl Poni · Get Drowned in Own Lies
02-08Ivory Tower · It
09-07The Ivory Tower · The Ivory Tower
12-12Ixion · Caminos
??-??Izgoi · Театр одного демона
??-??IZO · Sons of IZO
02-02Izual · Black Metal Warfare
??-??Izuver · Unwished Unnatural Interbreeding
??-??Jabladav · Dead as Duck
??-??The Jack · Twój wróg
??-??Jacknife · Moment of Reckoning
10-10Jack Rose · Heart Infection 01
??-??Jaded · Jaded
02-10Jagal · Monster of Insanity
03-06Jahresringe · Der Dunkelheit beraubt
??-??James D. Gilmore · Method 2 Madness
03-14The Jam Session · När mörkret väller över
??-??Japanese Hell Beast · One of Two Fleshy Milk Secreting Glands on the Chest of a Woman
??-??Jaw · Swings Humans
05-01Jeff's Asmodeus · Trilogy
??-??Jerkstore · The Dream Society
??-??Jester's Funeral · Fragments of an Exploded Heart
??-??Jewel · La Morta!
04-18Jig-Ai · Jig-Ai
08-13Jill's Project · Bloody Chronicle 2
??-??Jinovatka · Černé vejce
??-??Johnny Mental · Pining for the Fjords
06-09John West · Long Time... No Sing
??-??The Joint Chiefs · ...and Still We Kill
??-??Jonas Hansson · Valhallarama
09-01Jon Oliva's Pain · Maniacal Renderings
02-24Jorn · The Duke
07-21Jose del Rio · Journey into the Fourth Dimension
??-??Joshua's Whisper · Drunk
04-24Jotunspor · Gleipnirs smeder
11-14Journal de Mort · Passion, boisson, évasion
11-09JT Bruce · The Dreamer's Paradox
09-05Jucifer · If Thine Enemy Hunger
10-??Juggernaut · Lines of the Edge
06-27Jungle Rot · War Zone
??-??Just Us · Love & Hate
??-??Jute Gyte · Apidya
??-??Kabala · Conquistador
12-08Kabát · Corrida
05-??Kain · Génesis 4/16
10-15Kaira · Воля рока
11-13Kalapács · Életreítélt
04-18Kalas · Kalas
09-05Kaledon · Legend of the Forgotten Reign - Chapter IV: Twilight of the Gods
04-??Kali Yuga · Elaborations on Man's Descent
02-22Kalmah · The Black Waltz
05-05Kampfar · Kvass
??-??Kaoz · Maledictum
01-??Kapein · Golgotha
04-05Kara · Pahat kielet
12-04Karbonized Traitor · Take It in the Ass
??-??Karna · Ворон / Raven
06-06Karonte · Letargo
??-??Kaskadiori · Реката на времето
??-??Kastasyde · Hundred Hollow Words
04-25Katagory V · The Rising Anger
02-17Kataklysm · In the Arms of Devastation
??-??Katanga · Darkchild
03-13Katatonia · The Great Cold Distance
08-04Katedra · III
08-31Katharsis · VVorldVVithoutEnd
03-30Katie King · 1870
01-10Kayo Dot · Dowsing Anemone with Copper Tongue
10-16Kayser · Frame the World... Hang It on the Wall
??-??Kdaverium · Apocalipsis
03-27Keep of Kalessin · Armada
10-19Kemet · The Rules of Equilibrium
05-??Kermania · Ahnenwerk
??-??Keroseno · Vendrás conmigo
04-17Kevin Bell · Burning Sand
??-??KeyDragon · Dragon Prophecy
??-??Khepri · Flame of Fervour
10-30Khlyst · Chaos Is My Name
10-??Khors · Cold
??-??Kiborg · Маргинал, часть 1
??-??Kiborg · Маргинал, часть 2
??-??Kidd Blue · Big Trouble
09-23Kiko Loureiro · Universo Inverso
??-??Kilhumanity · Maniacal
03-03Kilju · Human Holocaust
10-??Killem · Muted
??-??Killflex · Profits and Breakdowns
??-??Killing Machine · Metalmorphosis
05-03Killingsworth · Viking Steel
??-??Killjoy · Enemigo
11-21Killswitch Engage · As Daylight Dies
06-15Kill Van Kull · Edge of Sunrise
02-08Kilpi · Kaaoksen kuningas
02-12Kimaera · Ebony Veiled
02-23Kim Kyung-Ho · Unlimited
09-29Kingcrow · Timetropia
11-??Kingdom of Salvation · Lost in Chaos
??-??King of the Dead · King of the Dead
12-??Kingscrossing · Kingscrossing (Version 2)
07-04King Travolta · Kill Fuck Metal
07-25Kinstrife & Blood · On Paths Long Forgotten...
??-??Kitchen Knife Conspiracy · A Friend in Need... Is a Friend to Kill
05-24Kiuas · Reformation
??-??Kladovest · Kladovest
07-24Klage · Dystopias Wiege
11-11Knell · Among Eternal Chills
08-01Kobold · Redemption Refused
10-16Koldborn · The Uncanny Valley
06-23Koldbrann · Moribund
01-31Komaday · Ghost and the Wiseman
??-??Komunál · Cesty do nebe
05-??Kopecky · Blood
11-24Korades · Acoustic Warfare
03-31Koroded · To Have and to Unhold
04-24Korpiklaani · Tales Along This Road
??-??Korum · Ockham's Razor
??-??Koruptor · Possessed by Unholy Evil
11-08Kotiteollisuus · Iankaikkinen
??-??Kraden · Nebelschlund
12-04Krater · Das Relikt des Triumphes
02-??Krieg · Blue Miasma
08-18Kriegsgott · Legion ov Revenge
02-27Krisiun · AssassiNation
??-??The Kristet Utseende · Sieg hallelujah
09-15Krokus · Hellraiser
02-01Krueger · Psicopathias Sexualis
10-20Krux · II
04-15Kruyssen · Pelo seu Poder
03-06Krysalyd · Digression
01-02Kudai · Arima eroslea
12-25Kult · Winds of War
??-??Kultheit · On the Edge
08-29The Kunst Conspiracy · Machination
05-26Kuroi · Ikon
10-31Kylesa · Time Will Fuse Its Worth
08-12Lacerator · The Killing Complex
07-07Lacrimas Profundere · Filthy Notes for Frozen Hearts
04-04Lacuna Coil · Karmacode
10-20Lacus Mortis · Following Mournful Fate
01-01Laengthengurthe · Pink and Black (Like the Inside of a Dog's Mouth)
09-??La fin de la société telle que nous la connaissons · Cirkle
04-??Lagash · El sueño y la traición
05-19Laid in Ashes · Bastards from Hell
06-06Laid to Rest · Evil Means Nothing
03-18Lair of the Minotaur · The Ultimate Destroyer
??-??Lamagra · Disease Called Mankind
08-22Lamb of God · Sacrament
??-??Lament · Death of Innocence
??-??Lamented Despondency · Foul Slumber
??-??Lammoth · Reflections
07-25Landmine Marathon · Wounded
02-15Land of Anger · Pangea
07-18Languid Aeon · Kingdom of Decaying Souls and of Dark Earth
07-??Larin · Postcard from Hell
??-??Lashmush · Dawn
10-16The Last Embrace · Inside
??-??Last Envoy · Until the End of Time
11-04Last House on the Left · The Road Leads to Nowhere
??-??The Last Supper · The Last Supper
??-??The Last Warning · Chainbreaker
06-06Lathspell · Versus Ecclesia
??-??Laudany · Trials and Punishments
10-07Laughter's Not Enough · Not Fluent in Stupid
??-??Lawmaker · Look at the Sun
??-??Lay Down Rotten · Breeding Insanity
??-??Lazarus Complex · The Cleansing
??-??Leaden · Monotonous Foghorns of Molesting Department
12-20Leather Nun America · All Your Kin
06-23Leatherwolf · World Asylum
??-??Lecherous Nocturne · Adoration of the Blade
09-??Legen Beltza · Dimension of Pain
02-27The Legion · Revocation
02-16Legion of Sadism · The Great World of Satan
01-06Legion of the Damned · Malevolent Rapture
??-??Legion of Thor · Amen
??-??Leguano · Callin' Dreams
07-??Leichenbrand · Durch die Dunkelheit
05-??Leichenbrand · ...und im Feuer lagen meine Träume
12-01Lengsel · The Kiss - The Hope
06-30Leper · Embarrassed to Be Human
03-15Leprasy · Morbid Pathologist
05-??Leprosy · Tambores de fuego!
12-23Letargy Dream · Осколки памяти
12-10Lethal Fear · Unleashed
??-??Lethal Guest · Suicide by the Other Side
??-??Lethal Venom · An Assassin Memories
03-15Let It Flow · The Momentary Touches to the Depths
10-??Levas · Vivir para existir
08-09Leverage · Tides
10-15Levers · Shut Your Mouth
03-05The Leviathan's Mandible · Of Which Is Lost
06-01Leviathane · Mistery
05-??Lex Talionis · Guitarscreamachine
??-??Lies of Smiles · Truth Lies And Damnation
06-06Life's Decay · Lysselia
??-??Life at Zero · Vile Piles
10-31Life Is a Lie · Tomo II: Sobre os Fundamentos d'A Ordem
07-24Lifelover · Pulver
12-01Lightning · Filthy Human Beings
??-??Light Shall Prevail · Defeat the Reign of the Horned One Through the Light of Christ
09-19Light This City · Facing the Thousand
??-??Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere · Decrepitude I
??-??Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere · Decrepitude II
??-??Lilith · History of Death
??-??Lilith · Underworld
??-??Lindisfarne · Vatican Bitches
11-13Lipid · Deliver Us from Evil
06-29Liquid · Another Dimension
??-??Lithium · Торнадо
??-??Liturgia · In Nomine Profana
??-??Live Elephant · Into the Machinery
??-??Livercage · Burned Alive and Killed...
??-??Livercage · Frozen Cow
??-??Livercage · Helloo Teaaaam MembeeeeerRRrr...
??-??Livercage · Livercage
03-17Lividity · Used, Abused, and Left for Dead
02-14Ljå · Til avsky for livet
??-??Load · Metaload
04-14Loch Vostok · Destruction Time Again!
10-19Locked in a Vacancy · It's Always Darkest...
09-22Locust Grove · The Hour at Hand
02-27Logar's Diary · Book II: Parlainth - The Forgotten City
??-??Logorrhea! · Reality Is Much, Much Worse
10-21Logos · Plan mundial para la destrucción
10-10Longinus · Evil & Blood
??-??Lo-Pan · Lo Pan
04-??Lord · Kifutok a világból
??-??Lordaeron · So It Begins
04-??Lord Blasphemate · A Restless Shelter Under the Remote Stars
08-02Lord Byron · Age of Darkness
??-??Lordchain · Looking Past the Moment
03-03Lordi · The Arockalypse
??-??Lords of Decadence · Bound to Fall
11-06Lord Wind · Atlantean Monument
??-??Lorican · Haud Spes
02-01Lorn · Towards the Abyss of Disease
??-??Los Natas · El hombre montaña
??-??Lost Chapter · Visions to Infinity
??-??Lost Infinity · Ravenloft
12-01Lost Legacy · Gates of Wrath
10-??Lothringen · Inner Crusade
12-27Loudness · Breaking the Taboo
??-??Lovechild · Soul Collector
12-01Love Lies Bleeding · Clinamen
10-31Love Lies Eternal · Never Ends
??-??Low Chi · World Wide War
10-16Lowdown · Antidote
04-28Low Twelve · This Side Toward Enemy
??-??Lucas Yaksic · Vol. 10
05-26Luca Turilli · The Infinite Wonders of Creation
07-18Luca Turilli's Dreamquest · Lost Horizons
12-19Lucian Scott · Defiance on the Steps of Heaven
01-26Luciferian · Supreme Infernal Legions
01-21Luciferiano · A Face do Cão
11-17Lucifugum · Involtation
10-10Ludicra · Fex Urbis Lex Orbis
??-??Luen-Ta · Parasited Evolution
02-??Lugburz · Deathknell
06-06Lugburz · Triumph of Antichrist
09-12Luis Wasques · Highest Mounts
04-18Lujuria · ...y la yesca arderá
??-??Luke Fortini · Sonic Barrier
??-??Lumina Polaris · Imperiumi
01-01Luminous Flesh Giants · Duma i upadek
06-26Luna ad Noctum · The Perfect Evil in Mortal
01-04Lunarin · The Chrysalis
05-20Lunarsea · Hydrodynamic Wave
??-??Lunar Splinter · Voice of Darkness
08-25Lunatica · The Edge of Infinity
??-??Lupara · Lupara
??-??The Lurking Corpses · Lust for Blood
01-01The Lust · Membrane
??-??Luster · Vision of My Pain
??-??Lustnotes · Graveyard Ballads
01-10Lust of Decay · Purity Through Dismemberment
08-16Lux Eterna du Mal · True Black Metal
11-01Lycosia · Apokalipstik
??-??Lymentria · Evolution F.B.
09-29Lyriel · Autumntales
03-??Lythos · Sadomass
09-23Lyzanxia · UNSU
03-20Lándevir · Sueños celtas
??-??Lüger · Lügersnacht Faktion Tyranei
04-18Macbeth · Macbeth
03-06Machinae Supremacy · Redeemer
02-10Machinemade God · The Infinity Complex
10-??Machinery · Degeneration
06-??M.A.C. of Mad · Badluck
??-??M.A.D: Goya · Put Olindrali Avlijanera
03-27Madder Mortem · Desiderata
12-??Mad Dragzter · Killing the Devil Inside
01-13Mad Max · Night of White Rock
??-??Madre Bruja · Solo un recuerdo
03-23Maelström · Decline of the West
??-??Maelström · Miss Parazit
??-??Maggot Twat · 8-Bit Apocalypse
10-21Magick · Stained Glass
??-??Magma · Decidido a saltar
??-??Magnanimus · Storms of Chaotic Revelations
??-??Magni Animi Viri · Heroes Temporis
09-23Magnificat · Superior Entities
??-??Magnorya · The Stonewalker
??-??Magnum Carnage · Evil Never Dies
07-07Mahavatar · From the Sun, the Rain, the Wind, the Soil
??-??Maholix · Dreamcatcher
12-??Mainpain · Food for Thoughts
09-03Maintower · El portal
02-24Majesty · Hellforces
??-??Majesty of Silence · Lichtstille
??-??Malefactor · Centurian
11-??Malex · Wira Cosmo
03-26Maley · Golden Heart
??-??Malicious Damage · Fallen Kingdom
03-16Malignant Inception · Path to Repression
08-13Maligno · Maligno
??-??Malkuth · Nekro Kult Khaos
09-23Malleus Maleficarum · Nothing Left to Fight For
??-??Malstrom · The World Will Be Lost
05-26Malveillance · Just Fuck Off
??-??Mammutant · New World Disorder
??-??Mamut · Muros de maldad
04-21Manatark · Crimson Hours
??-??Mandragora · Elohim
06-??Mandragora Scream · Madhouse
??-??Mandragore · Inhuman
10-??Mangled Whore Flesh · She Died like the Whore She Was
10-??Mangled Whore Flesh · Sodomize Her Virgin Ass
07-??Mania · Current Chaos
??-??Manias · Vivisection LP
02-11Manic Depression · Planned Spiritual Decay
04-??Manifiesto · Insano
05-15Manigance · L'Ombre et la lumière
03-25Manimal · Succube
09-29Manipulated Slaves · Oath in Black Tears
04-17Manitou · Deadlock
02-20Manngard · Circling Buzzards
02-15Mannhai · Hellroad Caravan
??-??Manomix · Manomix
08-23Manticora · The Black Circus Part 1 - Letters
05-13Manticore · For Rats and Plague
12-05Manticore · Manticore
06-01MarAmon · Me, Myself, I
01-28Marcel Coenen · Colour Journey
08-24Marco Ferrigno · Hanging Gardens
01-01Mare Dibere · Signum Triumphant
03-??Mare Frigoris · Hail Victory
??-??Mare Tenebrarum · Cruzando la oscuridad a tu lado
??-??Maria Chuana · Eridani
??-??Marius · Cánticos de sangre
11-27Marnamai · Wraak van de natuur
03-24Maroon · When Worlds Collide
??-??Maroth · Knjaz ovoga sveta
??-??Mars Creation · A Demon of the Sun
??-??Mars Creation · Mars Creation
??-??Mars Creation · The Shadow of the Moon
07-??Marshall · Pages from the Past: Tome I
06-28Marty Friedman · Loudspeaker
10-31Martyr · Feeding the Abscess
08-25The Martyrium · Todesrunen
??-??Martyrium Hospic · Dark Mysterious
12-25Mary Rose · Feniks
01-01Marzuraan · Solid Wood
??-??M.A.S.A.C.R.E · On the Warpath
03-23Masaki Project · Universal Syndicate
12-09Massacre of the Umbilical Cord · I'm Surprised He Hasn't Killed Anyone
04-10Massault · Dead End
??-??Mass Destruction · Keine Gnade
??-??Mastema · Profanations
??-??Masterlast · Mastery of Self
11-11Mastermind · From Here to Eternity
06-12Masterpiece · Colors of Conflict
05-17Masterstroke · Apocalypse
09-12Mastodon · Blood Mountain
08-17Masturbation · Putrified Vaginal Infibulation
??-??Matadero · Horror puro
??-??Matellica · Matellica
02-??Matthew Mills · Neoclassical Rock Guitar
??-??Matt Konfirst · War of Righteousness
??-??Matt McCourt · The Ring of Blood
01-06Max Wattz · Eternal Power
??-??May · Otai Jamm 2
??-??Mayat · Timoer Democracy
03-31Mayhayron · Still Want It Heavy
04-27McDeath · Spit of Fury
??-??Meatknife · Hacked
08-02Mechanical Organic · Flat Earth Society
07-07Mechanism · Oblivion
06-06Medeia · Quantum Holocaust World Domination
??-??Medieval · El poder de la maldad
??-??Medievil · Atruta
??-??Medium Mortem · Initiationskammer
??-??Melancholic Seasons · Just Seasons
10-26Melancholy · Nano
10-30Melechesh · Emissaries
01-05Melencolia Estatica · Melencolia Estatica
09-12Meliah Rage · The Deep and Dreamless Sleep
??-??Melmoth · Extention Memories
??-??Melodiam · Algo personal
??-??Melodiam · Cada camino tiene su canción
??-??Melodiam · Escaparáte
12-??Melqart · Esclavo del destino
10-10Melvins · (A) Senile Animal
??-??Membro Genitali Befurcator · Total War
09-06Memfis · The Wind-Up
04-03Memorain · Reduced to Ashes
01-23Mendeed · This War Will Last Forever
??-??Mendeku Itxua · Gure oihua
??-??Mendozza · Illuminairus
??-??Menschentod · Die for the Cult
??-??Mental Apraxia · Cinical - Hypocritical Existence
??-??Mental Care Foundation · Hair of the Dog
12-12Mental Horror · Blemished Redemption
05-24Mentora · Beyond the Limits
09-01Mephistopheles · Ascension Aborted
03-27Merca · Chup Amela
08-21Mercenary · The Hours That Remain
05-05Merciless Death · Evil in the Night
??-??Mercury Falling · Human Nature
??-??Merendine · Raw
01-??Merfild · Death for All
02-??Merfild · Tears of Death
06-06Merrimack · Of Entropy and Life Denial
??-??Merry-Go-Drown · As She Screams
10-31Meshuggah · Nothing
09-11Messenger · Under the Sign
09-??The Messiah Complex · Black September
12-??Metakix · Connect & Inspire
??-??Metal Blade · Más temor que infinito
??-??Metal Child · Good and Bad
06-16Metal Church · A Light in the Dark
??-??Metaldeath · Metal Law Defenders
??-??Metalhead · Metal Bands Only
??-??Metalize · The Phantom Mirror
09-12Metallisk Esel Hives · Metallisk Esel Hives III: The Stringore Chronicles
08-08Metallisk Esel Hives · Scarred by the Strike from the Scepter of Light
??-??Metal Macbeth · Metal Macbeth
??-??Metal Milícia · Militia Of The Dragon
05-21Metal Safari · Return to My Blood
??-??Metalvetia · Slave Since Birth
03-??Metatrone · La mano potente
11-??Metatrone · The Powerful Hand
??-??Methedras · The Worst Within
02-16Method · Survival ov the Fittest
??-??Methuselahs · Ликантропия
??-??Metla · Ženy, nikotín a alkohol
??-??Metropolis · The Curse
09-??Meyvn · Splintered Skies
12-21Meza Virs · Vida Sacrificium Meum Est
??-??M.F.C. · Mundo Sombrio
??-??MG71 · The Truth Hurts
10-03Miasma · Of the Blood
11-24Michael Harris · Orchestrate
??-??The Midas Touch · Alone in the Light
07-15Midnight Dirge · In Memoriam
??-??Midnight Idöls · We Rule the Night
??-??The Midnight Sky · The Silence
??-??Midway · Midway 1988
10-06Midwinter · Between Wisdom and Lunacy
12-23Midwinter · Enthrone in Blizzard
03-21Midwinter Storm · An Echo from Heaven
??-??Midwinter Storm · Dreamscape Pariah
06-??Midwinter Storm · The Ether Drift, Sadist Perpetuity
01-??Midwinter Storm · In Darkness and Solitude, the Breathless Solemnity
??-??Migdal · Historias y leyendas
??-??Mighty Goat Obscenity · Dogma Satani
??-??Mimesis · By Heart
12-01Minas Morgul · Todesschwadron Ost
01-20Mind's Eye · Walking on H₂O
08-30Mind Apart · Falling Below
03-28Mind Apart · Silent Battlefields
05-05Mindcrime · Strandead
??-??Mindflow · Mind over Body
??-??Mind of the Dodecahedron · Sinful Ways
10-??Mind Propaganda · The First Strike
??-??Mindrape · On Your Knees
02-23Mindscape · Mask of Anger
03-30Minion · Exile of Fear
05-02Ministry · Rio Grande Blood
02-22Minoru Niihara · Ashes to Glory
10-04Minusone · The Rise and Fall
05-20Mirada de Angel · Secretos del espíritu
??-??Mirage · Symbols
04-24Miriada · Иллюзия любви
09-13Mirror of Deception · Shards
01-??Mirrorthrone · Carriers of Dust
04-11Mirzadeh · The Creatures of Loviatar
02-18Misanthropia · Rise of Necropolis
10-18Misanthropic Oath · In Our Father's Age
12-21Miseration · Your Demons - Their Angels
??-??Misericord · Another End
01-11Misericordiam · A Thin Line Between Man and Machine
02-08Misery Inc. · Random End
05-16Misery Index · Discordia
06-23Misery Speaks · Misery Speaks
??-??M.I.S.T. · Relanium
05-29Mistaken Element · Engraved in Memory
??-??Mister Bones · Monster Burn and the Power Seekers
05-20Mist of the Maelstrom · Death of the Sun
??-??Mistress of the Dead · Buried
09-??Mistress of the Dead · Weeping Silence of the Dead
??-??Mithra · Art of Taking Poison
05-06Mithril · El inicio de la aurora
07-18Mitra · All Gods Kill
??-??Mizar · The Dark Sign
??-??M. Juliany's the Battle · The Battle
10-24Mjölner · The Pagan Tribute
??-??MNDWRX · Uncommon Criminal
07-??Mnesis · Rebirth of the Imperial Goat
10-23Mob Rules · Ethnolution A.D.
03-31Modern Funeral Art · Hellfire
??-??Mogh · Vendetta
08-??Moho · He visto la cruz al revés
02-08Mokoma · Kuoleman laulukunnaat
12-29Moloch · Человечье слишком овечье
??-??Molten Lava Death Massage · Eye of Ra
07-03Momentary Sickness · Erase You
06-06Monarch · Speak of the Sea
??-??Monasterio · Tierra infierno
??-??Monkey Business · The Noble Art of Wasting Time
??-??Monnacht · Visage
??-??Monoblock · KinderAugenBlicke
??-??Monster Mike · Thunderous Rhythms
03-20Monsterworks · The Precautionary Principle
??-??Moonlight · Integrated in the System of Guilt
02-11Moonlight Fear · Prueba de fuego
04-21Moonspell · Memorial
11-01Moorgate · Close Your Eyes and Fade Away
02-24Moral Decay · I Quit!
11-26Moray Eel · Priest Hunter
02-02Morbid Funeral · The Occult
??-??Morcegos · Souls Whereabouts Revelation
03-01Mord · Christendom Perished
02-10Mord · Imperium Magnum Infernalis
03-??Mordibathor · DEMOralization
02-09Mordrak · Nebelklang
??-??Morfolk · Blind's Paradise
02-10Morior Axis · Sudetian Winter
??-??Mork Minnesmerke · Mocy
04-??Moron · Quinta Essentia
05-24Morrigan · Welcome to Samhain
??-??Mors in Tabula · Blemish
03-20Mort · The Denial of Christ
04-14Mort · Hydra
05-18Mort · Til Death Do Us Part...
05-??Mortage · Trench for Evolution
??-??Mortalha · Reborn
06-26Mortal Illusion · Facing the Noumenon
07-01Mortal Intention · Latent Letal
09-22Mortal Love · Forever Will Be Gone
01-14Mortare · Bringer of Sign
12-01Mortem Animalium · The Decay of Time
??-??Morticite · The Nondescript
07-12Mortifer · Cybernized
??-??Mortification · Erasing the Goblin
08-??Mortified · Suicide Invitation
02-17Mortis Dei · My Lovely Enemy
09-01Mortis Nex · Sadly Mourned
??-??Mortuary · The Diary of a Victim
04-21Mortuum · Bajo el manto de la crueldad
08-??Mortuus Caelum · Macto Interitum Mundi
12-13Mortyfear · God's Skin
12-01Mose Giganticus · The Invisible Hand
11-25Moses Bandwidth · Renaissance
03-10Moshcircus · Karma
12-06Motherboar · Raise the Death Toll
??-??Motorbreath · Funeral Show
04-21Motorjesus · Deathrider
08-29Motörhead · Kiss of Death
08-10Moulded Flesh · In the Hands of Evil
06-06Mountain King · Gotos-Antichristus
??-??Mourir et Revenir · Pourquoi ces sanglots?
10-31Mourn My Luck · The Line
08-22Mouth of the Architect · The Ties That Blind
??-??Movarbru · Movarbru
??-??Mr. Ghuzik · El hombre en la sombra
??-??Mr. Jumbo · Capricorn's Dream
02-11Mr. Silent · No Silence
03-04M.S. · A Breath of Fresh Air
05-26Mucupurulent · Bloodstained Blues
??-??Mudslide · Apollo
??-??Mudu Camé · Night Sentinel
07-28Multoc · ...They Never Saw It Coming
10-14Mumakil · Customized Warfare
06-28Munruthel · Эпоха Водолея
??-??Murder Hill · Forest of the Eternal Slaughter
06-05Murder One · Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
01-14Murder She Wrote · Past Incomplete
07-??Murk Exorbitance · Desecrated Reality
06-01The Murphy Boys · Show No Murphy
??-??Music Distroyer · In Disbelief
??-??Music Hates You · Send More Paramedics
04-10Mustpain · Mustpain
??-??Mutant Factor · Jackhammers Symphony
09-30Mutilarium · Mutilated Spirits
??-??Mutum · Redemption
01-12MWS · 1 Punch = 2 Deaths
02-??My Cross to Bare · Lex Talionis
03-24My Darkest Hate · Combat Area
??-??My Dark Half · The Orange Coast Killers
10-09My Dying Bride · A Line of Deathless Kings
04-12MyGrain · Orbit Dance
??-??Mykorrhiza · Northern Remembrance
04-10Mylidian · Birth of the Prophet
04-21Myndkill · Disenchantment
??-??Myopia · The Straightway
??-??My Own Grave · Unleash
08-03Myproof · Reason for My Justice
10-27Myrkgrav · Trollskau, skrømt og kølabrenning
??-??Myrkwid · Part 2
06-30My Shadow · Nonexistence
08-23My Shameful · The Return to Nothing
03-??My Silent Wake · Shadow of Sorrow
04-01Mysothéisme · Terres assiégées
??-??Mysteriarch · The Majestic Fall
11-10Mystery Blue · Claws of Steel
02-27Mystic Circle · The Bloody Path of God
12-14Mysticism Black · The Dark Erudition
02-24Mystic Prophecy · Savage Souls
07-10Mystyca Odyssea · Mystyca Odyssea
??-??My Sweet Torment · Electrocardiogram
??-??Mythos Nord · Die Rückkehr der Krieger
??-??Mythyca · Ninth of the Nine Hells
??-??My Tide · Love, Lies, Anguish
07-14Mörker · Skuggornas rike
05-20Naastrand · Chants d'Europe
05-30Nachtmystium · Instinct: Decay
??-??Nachtzehrer · Walgrind
12-21Najand · Shabe Bi Payan
11-29Naked Incise · Fresh Red Sexual Dissect
??-??Namek · Vaginator
11-15Nameless Crime · Law and Persecution
06-06Nanahara Shuya · Imperial Grand Strategy
09-18Napalm Death · Smear Campaign
03-??Narath · Leiden
03-01Narcosis · Romance
06-??Narcotic Self · Blood and Poison
??-??Nardorn · Terror Thrash
??-??Narnia · Enter the Gate
04-??Natha · Vendimia
03-30National Napalm Syndicate · Resurrection of the Wicked
11-13Native Instinct · An Awful Rage
08-??Natten · Tired Weather - The Somber Shades
07-13Nattlig Stjerne · Yog-Nat the King of the Deep Forests
04-26Naty · Long Time No See
08-31Nauthisuruz · My World Is...
12-03Nauthisuruz · Notes of Inhumanitas
04-07Neaera · Let the Tempest Come
05-??Near Death Experience · Threshold of Consciousness
01-30Neblina · Innocence Falls in Decay
02-21Nebula · Apollo
04-??Necessary Evil · Necessary Evil
06-06Nechrist · Casus Belli
??-??Necrocide · Necroterror
04-17Necrodeath · 100% Hell
04-09Necrodemon · Ice Fields of Hyperion
??-??Necrogrind · Necrotopsy
??-??Necrolatreia · Сполохи огня
08-17Necron · Blood Red Dawn
06-15Necrophacus · End of All Things Holy
05-22Necrophobic · Hrimthursum
10-??Necroplasma · Sit Gloria Domini in Sæcvlvm
??-??Necropolis · Hate, Revenge and Suffering
??-??Necrosist · When Day Dies
07-13Necrotesticvs · Necrotesticvs - Part II
05-02Necrotize · Necrotize
??-??Nedgeva · 9.0 mm
10-25Need · The Wisdom Machine
06-06Neetzach · True Servants of Satan
??-??Nefarious Baptism · Maimed, Raped and Mutilated
??-??Nefastüs Diès · Urban Cancer
05-25Negative Plane · Et in Saecula Saeculorum
09-04Negative Reaction · Under the Ancient Penalty
04-01Negativity · Dawn of Eternal Darkness
07-01Negativity · Symphony of Sorrow
05-??Neglected Fields · Splenetic
10-27Negură Bunget · Om
04-28Neithan · Worlds of Suicide
12-20Nekrogoblikon · Goblin Island
10-13Nekro Khaos · Rites of the Black Mass
??-??Nektra · Clockwork Life
05-30Neldöreth · Invert the Crucifix
10-31Neldöreth · Under Azazel's Dark Wings
06-06Nemesis Aeterna · Mindisorder
02-10Nemus · Nemus
04-27neNasty · Когда уходят тени
02-??Nenia · Hospes
??-??Neocracy · Instruments of Abandonment
??-??Neo Cultis · Okkult:Akt II
02-28Neoplasia · Gracias al odio
12-27Nergal · Absinthos
09-26Nerve Gas Tragedy · No Tomorrow
08-??Nervochaos · Quarrel in Hell
05-19Neuropathia · Bubba Luciferi
??-??Neutron Crush · Awakening
06-16NeverDream · Chemical Faith
??-??Never Face Defeat · Human Weapons
??-??Neverland · Megalomania
??-??Nevolution · Music to Snap By
06-07New Dawn Foundation · Moment of Clarity
??-??Nex Necis · A Dead Winter
02-24N.EX.T · ReGame? (the 2nd fan service)
10-31NG26 · Break Away
??-??Nice Cat · 3 Girls 3 Nights 3 Bottles
??-??Nicronomodez · Sex, Killer, & Devil
??-??Niels Vejlyt · The Predator
12-19Niflheim · Neurasthénie
??-??Nightchildren · Witch's Dance
10-16Nightmare Visions · Gates of Delirium
??-??Night of Suicide · What I Have to Hide...
??-??Nightwolf · ...the Dark Side of Me
??-??Nihil · Requiem for Gabriel
01-19Nihilist · Call Down the Thunder
12-??The Nihilistic Front · The Four Seasons in Misery
02-04Nihilistic Kaos · Les homélies du vice
04-24Nihil Nocturne · Wahnsinn.Tod.Verrat
??-??Nilblorts · Conversations for Conservation
05-??Nirnaeth · Thrown Athwart the Darkness
05-27Niroth · Niroth
10-14Nitrolyt · Hollywood Death Scene
??-??Nitroseed · Molt
06-06Nitrous · Dominant Force
??-??Nivaira · The City
07-07No Bros · Hungry for the Good Times
03-??Noctiferia · Slovenska Morbida
08-22Noctuary · Recollections
02-13Nocturn · Death Scent
??-??Nocturn · Nocturn
01-20Nocturnal · Unholycraft - Blood for Glory of Satan
01-18Nocturnal Depression · Nostalgia - Fragments of a Broken Past
04-26Nocturnal Impulse · Sunset
05-19Node · As God Kills
03-18Nodens · Below Mankind Eras
06-02No Destiny · The End of Sufferings
05-19Noekk · The Grimalkin
??-??Noesis · Raíces
09-18Noesis · When All Colours Are Dead
??-??No Grace · pro LEBEN
??-??Noisecult · One from None
04-21Noise Forest · Morbid Instincts
??-??Noise Forest · Rain or Shine Wacken Live 2005
??-??Nokthe · Peste umana
01-08Nokturne · Kruelty Kampaign
05-02Nola · Bruises That Won't Heal... the Art of Vocabulary Warfare
04-10The No-Mads · Deranged
12-01Nomans Land · Raven Flight
??-??No More · Products of Your Mind
08-01Nonchristian · Tales of the Wrong Faith
??-??Noneuclid · The Crawling Chaos
07-??Non Opus Dei · The Quintessence
03-31No One Lives · One More Kill
07-28Nordglanz · Kampfhymnen Germaniens
07-??Nordic Necropolis · World Wide War
03-??Nordisk Velde · In manch' dunkler Nacht
01-15No Return · No Return
10-27North · Na polach bitew
??-??North Black · Вечность
01-25Norther · Till Death Unites Us
03-04Northern Discipline · Burn-Beaten Soil
01-??Nosdrama · Cold Trails, Long Roots
07-??Nosgoth · Lines of Sorrow
11-??No Souls Lost · Eulogy of Genocide
??-??Nostalia · Flags Must Fall
11-10Nosvrolok · The Luciferian Doctrine
05-23Nosvyr · Sorrow and Despair
??-??Notbiwak · The Obscure World
01-31The Nothing · How to Avoid Heaven
11-01Noumena · Anatomy of Life
??-??November Aria · Annunciation in Blood
04-17Novembre · Materia
11-03Novon · The Eagle Flies Again
10-01Noxa · Grind Viruses
11-03Nozghot · Secrets of the Soul
05-??Nuclear · Heaven Denied
??-??Nuclear Massacre · Holocaust
07-09Nuclear Massacre · Meltdown
11-??Nuclear Shadow · One Last Human
07-19Nuclear Warfare · We Come in Peace
??-??Nucleus Torn · Nihil
??-??Nucturnia · Under the Pale Moonlight
??-??Nueva Etica · Inquebrantable
??-??Nuisance of Majority · Rodeo in Stereo
12-07Nuit Noire · Infantile Espieglery
11-29Nux · Equilibrio
05-27Nvrvd · Watch Me Burn
11-23Nycticorax · Black Raven... Dark Night
??-??Nylis · Eclyptic End
02-14The Oath · Funerals in the Snow
07-25Oath to Vanquish · Applied Schizophrenic Science
03-30Obeisance · Unholy, Unwholesome and Evil
??-??Obereit · Прощание с мыслителем
??-??O.B.E.Y. · Romance of Misanthropy
??-??Oblivion Myth · Oblivion Myth
10-06Oblivious Enslavement · Beneath the Ashes
06-09Obscenity · Where Sinners Bleed
08-??Obscura · Retribution
12-06Obscure Devotion · ...of Darkness, Death and Faith
08-12Obscureism · Massive Destruction (Nihilistic Forces)
01-20Obscureism · Where Evil Lives...
??-??Obsecration · Seeds of a Pervert God
12-18Observing the Obscenery · Observing the Obscenery
02-10Obsession · Carnival of Lies
??-??Obsessment · Deceased Delivery
05-31Obsidian · Emerging
11-??Obsidian Aspect · Obsidian Aspect
??-??Obsidian Chamber · The Advent of Plague
10-10Obsidian Reign · Persevere
??-??Obskur · Seelentrost
09-??Occultus · Serpent Heart
??-??Ocean Bed · Ocean Bed
??-??Ocean Soul · Letter of a Suicidal
??-??Oceanus Procellarum · Desde las profundas aguas...
08-24Oconnor · Estamos pariendo
??-??Octopus · Bonsaï
12-05Odd Logic · Legends of Monta: Part I
11-21Odenwrath · The Ravencult
??-??Odin's Court · Redriven by Fate
08-08Odious Sanction · No Motivation to Live
??-??Odium Inc. · Rearranging Reality
??-??Odium Throne · Беграничное зло
07-05Odor Mortis · Сияющая субстанция
08-16Of Agony and of Death · Unknown
07-27Ofensiva · A última palavra
08-21Offal · Offal
??-??Of Fallen Crosses · Hallucinogenic State of Death
??-??Of Human Bondage · The Goat Sessions Vol. II: Antichristendom, a Revelation
??-??Ofsoski · Later Than Never
10-09Ogre · Seven Hells
09-13OHL · Feindkontakt
01-06Ohtar · Petrified Breath of Hope
08-14Old · Down with the Nails
10-15Old Memories · Prelude to Oblivion
12-16The Old Ones · Manfred
??-??Old Pagan · The Sign of the Battle Dragon
02-24Om · Conference of the Birds
??-??Omas Kojas · 1987-1989
10-??Omen · Agymosás
02-13Omen · A hetedik nap
??-??Omen Faculty · Black History, Vol. 1
??-??Omen Faculty · The Origin of Evil
01-31Omenomejodas · Mundo de locos
01-??ON · Vesania
??-??Onass · Silence
??-??One Against the Grain · High Performance
07-18One Dead Three Wounded · Moving Units
01-06One Man Army and the Undead Quartet · 21st Century Killing Machine
04-16One Master · Forsaking a Dead World
03-??Opened Paradise · Occult
??-??Opera Magna · El último caballero
12-??Ophidian · Suffering/Dreaming
11-18Oratorio · Redemption
??-??Orcrist · Black Blood Raised
06-08Orcus · Birth
12-01Ordeal · Atrocities
06-26The Order · Son of Armageddon
??-??Order of the Vulture · Order of the Vulture
??-??Ordinul Negru · Over the Frozen Battlegrounds
12-22Ordog · Crow and the Storm
06-06Ordog · Stigmata
02-01Ordo Tyrannis · Vasa Iniquitatis
??-??Ordoxe · Sorrick Ked Tho
01-24Ordrenekt · Guddommelig incest
??-??Orenda · Back in the Grave
??-??Orfos · Naialma
03-??Organharvest · Organ Harvest
??-??Organismos · Organismos
02-??Orifice · Rectal Ignorance
10-28Origin'Hell · Still More Suffering
??-??Orion Belt · Hymns of Madness
??-??Orion Belt · Libris Mortis
02-06Orisha Shakpana · Satanic Powers in Jamaican Hills
04-14Orlog · Reinigende Feuer
11-13Orne · The Conjuration by the Fire
04-18Orochi · Orochi
??-??Orthodox · Gran poder
09-09Orwell · The Undying
08-??Öröm · 8
03-31OSI · Free
01-13Osian · The Slow Fade of Loving Things
11-??Osmium Grid · My Dead Roses
01-??Ossastorium · Inferi
09-11Ossian · A lélek hangja
10-17The Ottoman Empire · Way of the Blade
??-??Ounce of Self · Ounce of Self
11-??Our Final Chapter · From Hell to Higher Plains
09-18Out for Blood · Out for Blood
03-??Outrage · 7 Is 1 Take One
11-13Outworld · Outworld
??-??Overdream · Navigator
11-??Overdrive · Three Corners to Nowhere
09-11Overgarven · Just a Fake
02-??Ownbliss · ...Everyone Cried at the Beginning
10-28Ox · Aftermath
08-08Oxidised Razor · Los vendedores de la muerte
??-??Pablo G. Soler · Higher
12-18Pagan Altar · Mythical & Magical
09-17The Pagan Dead · Spondalia
02-27Pagan Hellfire · The Will of Night
10-23Paganize · Evolution Hour
??-??Pagan Reign · Ancient Fortress
06-09Pagan Reign · Твердь
10-06Pagan Rites · Pagan Metal - Roars of the Anti Christ
03-03Pain Confessor · Fearrage
??-??Pain Enraged · You Think You Hate Me Now
??-??The Painkillers · Pain Killer
03-??Palace · Black Sun
??-??Palace of the Fallen · The Storm Before the Calm
03-??Pamela Moore · Stories from a Blue Room
??-??Pandemic · Infecting the World
??-??Pandemonium · The Autumn Enigma
??-??Pannychida · New World's End
03-20Pantheon I · Atrocity Divine
??-??Panzer'Faust · IIBER
08-28Panzerchrist · Battalion Beast
12-??Panzerfaust · The Winds Will Lead Us...
??-??Panzram · White Silence
09-23Paradise in Flames · Homo Morbus Est
05-16Paranaut · The Hills Fell Silent
12-25Paranoia · This Is Metal
02-??Paranoiz · Mindchasm
??-??Paranormal Activity · Light Refraction
11-06Pastor Brad · Reshredded
06-09Path of Golconda · The Threshold Diaries
09-30Pathology · Surgically Hacked
03-01PC Death Squad · Downsized
??-??PD SS Totenkopf · Ljasnyja braty
??-??Pegasus · The Epic Quest
??-??Peiniger · Totalevilness
12-??Peordh · An Obscure Forgotten Path
??-??Perfect Symmetry · Throne of Bones
??-??Pergamen · Psychopoetik
04-14Perimeter · Healing by Festering
03-23Perisynti · Hiilenmusta lammas
02-24Permafrost · Pervers & Geisteskrank
01-01Perpetual · A Foul Taste of Reality
03-18Perpetual Fire · Endless World
01-24Perpetual Genocide · Prostrating to Death
07-18Perpetual Witness · Perpetual Witness
08-23Persefone · Core
06-04Perseo Miranda · Light and Darkness
06-??Personal Demon · Personal Demon
05-15Persuader · When Eden Burns
??-??Perunwit · Na drodze do sprawiedliwości
??-??Perunъ · Inside of His Shadow... I Am!!!
08-02Peste Noire · La Sanie des siècles - Panégyrique de la dégénérescence
10-??Pestiferous · Gateway
12-16Pestilential Shadows · Cursed
03-??Pestilenza · Lies
??-??Petrified · ...with Fear
12-12Phalanx · The Necropsalms
11-25Phantom Mask · The Return
09-??Phantom-X · Storm Riders
02-21Pharaoh · The Longest Night
??-??Pharaoh Overlord · #4
??-??Pharmacon · Cries of Suffering
??-??Phased · Medications
05-22Phaze I · Phaze I
09-25Phazm · Antebellum Death 'n Roll
03-28Phobia · Cruel
??-??Phronesis · Diotima
??-??Phönix Rising · I
??-??Piedras & Palos · Celta violenta
??-??Pigskin · Exposed to Threat
??-??Pigto · Depravada sexual
??-??Pirri · No Strings Attached
??-??Pisshitter · Grundle Punch
03-11Pitbulls in the Nursery · Lunatic
07-01Pit Fight Demolition · Quit or Die Trying
05-04Pitiful Reign · Toxic Choke
??-??Pittcore · Endorphine
??-??Pitts vs. Preps · Below and Beyond
05-01Place of Skulls · The Black Is Never Far
06-01Plague Bearer · The Return
??-??Plague of Shadows · 2005/2006
05-??Plague Project · Дети проекта "Чума"
??-??Planet 13 · Third from the Right
09-15Planet Alliance · Planet Alliance
??-??Planet Gemini · Cauldron of Fuzz IV (The Finale)
11-05Plastilinovy Jinn · Mirage
??-??The Pledge of Cain · Everything Collapse
06-??Plenty Suffering ·
03-01Plexus · Lifecycles
12-??Plowshare · Here Comes the Plowman
??-??Plutonia · Gates of Tomorrow
??-??Pléyades · Dos caminos
??-??Poema Arcanvs · Telluric Manifesto
11-20Pofony · Cure of Another Kind
06-20Point Blank · By a Thread
08-28Poisonblack · Lust Stained Despair
08-06Poizon Green · Poizon Green
12-10Pokolgép · Oblatio
05-10The Poodles · Metal Will Stand Tall
12-27Poostew · Plutocracy
??-??Portrait · Scary Sky
02-??Poseidon · How Much a Life?
11-07Postal · It's Your Choice
03-31Postmortem · The Victory Day!
09-12Potmos Hetoimos · The Millstone
06-01Potmos Hetoimos · Proclaim Thy Judgment
??-??Potters Field · Hand of Fate
01-26P.P.P. · Made in Death Island
09-01Praesepe · NGC 2632 v M44
06-17Praeter Hominem · Charogne
??-??Praetorian · Crushing Torment
??-??Prafuria · Prafuria
??-??Preceptors · Into the Fire
06-??Precipice · Bastard Divinity
??-??Predicate Not Defined · The Story Remains the Same
07-??Preferred Member · Spreading the Filth
11-11Prefix · Sgratta'm
??-??Preludio · Preludio
05-??President Evil · Trash'n Roll Asshole Show
11-10Pretty Maids · Wake Up to the Real World
06-??Priests of Broken Words · The Curse of Honesty
01-09Primitive Instinct · New England Clam Chowder
??-??Privateer · The Traitors
02-13Procer Veneficus · Ghostvoices
05-02Procer Veneficus · The Red Dream
11-17Process of Guilt · Renounce
06-25Proclamation · Advent of the Black Omen
09-06Profane Omen · Beaten into Submission
??-??Profecía · Guerras legendarias
04-04Professed · The Call of the Wild
12-18Profound · A World of My Own Making
11-21Profundi · The Omega Rising
??-??Progzilla · Game Over
??-??Prometheus · Beneath an Alien Sky
04-27Prometheus · Tierra de todos
??-??The Promontory · Purge
??-??Property · Redemption
??-??Prosektura · Prosektura
??-??Prosthetic Orchestra · Atrocities
08-01Protestant · Make Peace with the Rope You Hang From
??-??Protest Urban · I Can't Find a Question to Survive the Answer
04-25Prototype · Continuum
??-??Proudflesh · Proudflesh
10-30The Provenance · Red Flags
06-09The Prowlers · Devil's Bridge
??-??Proyecto Nebulosa · Entre el bien y el mal
10-10Prymary · The Tragedy of Innocence
06-30Psalm · Fortune's Complexity (in Five Cycles of Torments)
??-??Psicofonía · Planeta exilio
??-??Psy'n'Coma · The Hopeless Bliss of the Blind
??-??Psycho · Psycho
07-10Psychopathic Terror · Fucker
05-25Psychosomatic · The Unquenchable Thirst
??-??Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment · Grotesquely Butchered
08-16Psychotron · Pray for Salvation
01-30Psycroptic · Symbols of Failure
??-??Psy-Kick · Illusion Industries
10-13P.T.E. Order · A.S.M.E.N.
??-??Puky Spoon · Hope in Hell
03-15Pulling Teeth · Thrash Cats
03-17Pump · Breakdown to Breakthrough
??-??Punished Earth · Corporate Dictatory
??-??Purgatory · Beauty Lies Beneath
03-17Purified in Blood · Reaper of Souls
??-??Purple Rose · Purple Rose II
??-??Putred Flesh · Potrifagia
11-??Putrefukation · Vortex of Zombified Mortuary Procedures
01-27Putrefy · Putrefy
??-??Putrescence · Dawn of the Necrofecalizer
04-25Pyorrhoea · The Eleventh: Thou Shalt Be My Slave
02-20Pyramaze · Legend of the Bone Carver
09-??Pÿlon · Th' Eternal Wedding Band
05-11Qrujhuk · Triumph of the Glorious Blasphemy
04-04Queensrÿche · Operation: Mindcrime II
??-??Quidam 666 · Inverted Cross upon a Carbonized Church
10-03Quiet Riot · Rehab
05-??Quietus · Bow
04-07The Quill · In Triumph
??-??Quill-pen · Speed Child
03-02Quinta Essentia · Neutrality for Defined Chaos
??-??The Quintessence · Entrance
??-??Quintessenza · Cosmogenesi
??-??Ra · Now to Be Right
08-25Ra's Dawn · Scales of Judgement
01-??Rabia · Side Effects of a Viral Disease
10-??RacheEngel · Sternenhimmel
01-25Rachel Mother Goose · Signs
12-??Rachels Coven · Rachels Coven
12-08Radical · Perfecto infierno
03-24Rage · Speak of the Dead
09-??Rage n Revenge · Apocalyptic Future
??-??Rahowa · Prelude
07-11Raid · Mind Game
??-??Rainbird · Poets' Blood
??-??Raining · Pain Machines
04-28Rain Paint · Disillusion of Purity
04-??Rainroom · Netherself
05-19Raise Hell · City of the Damned
11-??Raise the Shield · Play with Fire
09-??Raising Fear · Avalon
??-??Rajfajh · Zarazum
??-??Ralmador · Inspiration Theater
??-??Ra-M-Ha · Echoe of the Dark Age
02-24Rammer · Cancer
05-14Rampancy · Behind the Mask... the Massacre
??-??Random Allusion · The Empty Paradise
08-05Raptor · Soulplunderers
10-08Rapture · Living Inside of Death
11-06Raskasta Joulua · Raskaampaa joulua
??-??Rasta · The Age of Movement
05-??Ratos de Porão · Homem Inimigo do Homem
??-??Rattleface · Second House on the Left
06-??Raven Dark · Autumn Roar
??-??Raventale · На хрустальных качелях
03-??Raven Woods · ...and Emotions Are Spilled
??-??Ravia · Alas de metal
??-??Raw · Diabolus in Musica
??-??Raw Hatred · Total Devastation
??-??Raw Radar War · ==
??-??Raxa · Oxlahun Ti Ku
04-??Razer · Falling in Line
08-07Razor Fist · Razor Fist Force
??-??RDX · Thrash Metal III
??-??Reactor · Destino incierto
09-15Reality Grey · Darkest Days Are Yet to Come
05-01Rebirth · Frozen Moments
??-??Rebreather · No. 4
10-13Reckless Tide · Helleraser
??-??The Reckoning · Deathlike Millennia
09-05Recueil Morbide · Waste of Senses
02-24Red Circuit · Trance State
??-??Red Dawn · Death or Glory
06-16Redkey · Rage of Fire
??-??Red Wine · The End
01-01Reencarnacion · Más hombres, menos estatuas
??-??Reflector · Phantoms
03-15Reflexion · Out of the Dark
02-24Regicide · Break the Silence
??-??Regicide · 极端意识 致命效应 / Extreme Intent Fatal Effect
04-03Regresión · Regresión
10-17Regurgitate · Sickening Bliss
05-08Reido · F:\all
01-??Reino Ermitaño · Brujas del mar
05-19Rekuiem · Time Will Tell
06-06Remain · Died a Hero
??-??Remains of the Fallen · Fistful of Reasons
??-??Remembrances · Crystal Tears
??-??Renegade · Too Hard to Die
??-??Represion · Sobrevivencia
??-??Repugnant · Epitome of Darkness
01-27Requiem · Government Denies Knowledge
??-??Requiem Mass · Redefine
08-22Resection · Zenith
??-??Residual Effect · In a World Where Pain Is God
11-??Resistance · Patents of Control
05-22Resistance · Trauma
??-??Resistant Culture · Welcome to Reality
??-??Res Nulius · Elegy To An Endless World
09-25Rest in Pain · Leprosy of Subconscious
09-??Resurrected · Endless Sea of Loss
08-??Resurrector · Seven Days of Destruction
??-??Resurrexión · Almas pérdidas
??-??Retaguardia · La voz del silencio
03-10Retaliatory · Retaliatory Attack
03-14Retribution · Fake Servant
07-05Retribution · Made in Hell
08-12Return to Innocence · Sal Lunæ
??-??Reusmarkt · Эхо
??-??Revelation · Иная реальность
04-01Revenance · Omen of Tragedy
??-??Revenge · Titties-n-Beer
12-23Revengeance · Falling into Silence
07-??Revolt · The World Falling in Tragedy
10-28Revölt · Gate of Holocaust
09-25Rhapsody of Fire · Triumph or Agony
??-??Rhodian · Enter the Password: Berserk
11-??Richard Andersson's Space Odyssey · Tears of the Sun
??-??Rich Fortuna · Heathen Machines
12-26Riddle of Meander · End of All Life and Creation
??-??Right Stripped · A Doubtful Life's Anthology
??-??Rigorism · Cold & Pain
02-27Rigor Sardonicous · Risus ex Mortuus
10-28Rimfrost · A Frozen World Unknown
??-??Rimortis · Vesmírem plout
07-12Riot V · Army of One
??-??Riphead · He Who Angers...
??-??Ripio · En alguna parte de este mundo... volvere
??-??Rise and Shine · Ghosts of the Past
03-06Rising Hate · Deep Wounds
03-17Rite · Hobo Metall
??-??Rite of Passage · Sins of the Flesh
01-28Rites of Undeath · The Asylum
03-14Rites to Sacrifice · The Eliminatrix
??-??Ritual · Libertad extrema
??-??Ritual of Torment · Ritual of Torment
05-02Rivendel Lords · Laberinto de sueños
06-19The River · Drawing Down the Sun
??-??Rivera/Bomma · I Am God
??-??Robot Lords of Tokyo · Robot Lords of Tokyo
05-17Roctum · Roctumania
05-05Romasanta · Llega el final
??-??Ronus · Satanic Libations
09-??Rosa Ígnea · Ancient Eyes
08-??Rose Funeral · Crucify.Kill.Rot.
04-05Rose Rose · Neo Unknown Tranced Slayers
??-??Rostok Vampires · New Morning
??-??Rotten Cross · Diabolical Cataclysm
??-??Rough Cast · Astarothic Disaster Masterpiece
06-02Royal Anguish · A Journey Through the Shadows of Time
01-27Rozea Haven · Birdslayer
??-??Rubén Álvarez · Revolución 2206
10-20Ruffians · Desert of Tears
12-24The Ruins of Beverast · Rain upon the Impure
??-??Ruins of Eden · A Ruin Day Will Fall
09-10Ruins of Faith · To the Shrines of Ancestors
02-??Runemagick · Invocation of Magick
06-06Runenblut · No Solution for Your Life... Just Suicide
03-24Runic · Liar Flags
??-??Running with Scissors · For the Sick
??-??Rusty Eye · Stendhal Syndrome
??-??Ruthven · Blood Soaked Soil
10-18Rytmihäiriö · Seitsemän surman siunausliitto
??-??Sabaium · Gravity Divine
04-01Sabatan · Fire Angel
07-28Sabaton · Attero Dominatus
??-??Sabhankra · Powercraft
??-??Sacrament · Aguante!
??-??Sacred · Transitions
??-??Sacred Dawn · Gears of the Machine
11-10Sacred Steel · Hammer of Destruction
08-25Sacrum · Darkstricken
??-??Sacrum · The Way to Insanity
??-??Sad · Total Nothingness
??-??Sad Eyed Angel · Buried Face Down
09-16Sad Harmony · Somnambul
12-31Sadomator · Sadomatic Goat Cult
01-01Sad Theory · Biomechanical
02-27Sadus · Out for Blood
03-24Saeko · Life
??-??Saga · El camino a titán
??-??Sagaris · Raising the Oldest
08-10SagoMetal · Thiên đường & địa ngực
03-01Sahg · I
09-??Saidian · Phoenix
05-10Saint · The Mark
11-18Sakramortem · Pastdespairfuture
??-??Salvanor · Scars in Soul
01-27Samael · Era One
11-??Sa Meute · 50 contre 1
01-06Samhain · Epiphany
??-??Samhain · Grand Sanctus Furor
??-??Sammath · Dodengang
10-04Samson · P.S....
??-??Sanata Vopilif · Fear Pigment
??-??Sanata Vopilif · Necrotic Field Project
09-06Sanctorum · The Heavens Shall Burn
??-??Sanctum · Sanctum
04-??Sandstone · Looking for Myself
02-20Sandstone · Tides of Opinion
??-??Sangraal · Unearthly Night
??-??Sangre Amado · Ancient Bitch
??-??Sangre Argenta · Sangre Argenta
05-10Sanguinaria · Metal Attack
??-??Sanguis · H5N1
07-04Saprogenic · Ichneumonid
06-21Saracen · Vox in Excelso
??-??SaraLee · Darkness Between
12-01Saratoga · The Fighting Clan
09-18Sarcasm · Revolt.
09-15Sardonic · Symptomaniac
05-??Sariola · Sphere of Thousands Sunsets
01-16Sarkom · Aggravation of Mind
??-??Sarnath · Shadowland
??-??Saros · Five Pointed Tongue
11-14Sasquatch · II
08-29Satan's Basement · Sludge Filled Wasteland
06-06Satan's Host · Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick
??-??Satanic Apostate · Incarnate Shadow
??-??Satanic Funeral · Night of the Goat
??-??Satanic Sega Genesis · The Intersection
06-06Satanochio · I Am Satanochio
??-??Satarial · LateXXX
08-23Satoshi Katada · Blue Streak
05-03Saturnus · Veronika Decides to Die
??-??Satyrian · Eternitas
04-14Satyricon · Now, Diabolical
??-??Saul Blanch Revancha · Refugiado
02-21Saurom · JuglarMetal
??-??Savan · Демон страха
05-15Saviours · Crucifire
04-19Sawthis · Fusion
06-12Scald · Vermiculatus
??-??Scarecrow · Oparthiv
02-21Scarred · Shadow of Conspiracy
??-??Scars Souls · Highbreed
04-21Scar Symmetry · Pitch Black Progress
11-13Scartown · Легенды большого города
??-??Scavenger · Where Mind, Tech and Flesh Become as One
10-11Scelerata · Darkness and Light
??-??Scelet · Žít v ozvěnách
06-30Scelus · Diatribes
??-??Scenery · Continuity
06-02Scenery Channel · Premiere
??-??Schaffrath · Weg aus Dornen
07-31Schattenspieler · Lux et Umbra
06-??Schattentantz · Narrenfrei
??-??Schierling · Vorwärts nach zurück
12-09Schizopathic · Grain of Sanity
04-07Schleiße Stankend Gliud · Hartnäckige Nebelfelder
??-??Sciatica · Down the Beaten Path
03-20Scissorfight · Jaggernaut
??-??Scorched-Earth · Devils in Iron
??-??Scorchin Devourers · Erase Your Memory
10-27Scornage · Pure Motorized Instinct
10-04Scorngrain · 0,05%
04-11Scott Mosher · Deep Horizon
??-??Scound · No Second Chances
??-??Scourged Flesh · Released from Damnation
01-04The Scourger · Blind Date with Violence
06-29Scream in Darkness · Крик в темноте
12-15Screaming Silence · Feelings of Solitude
10-19Screams of Erida · The Red Testament
??-??Scroto · Satanz Chipz
??-??Scud · Clouds Taken by the Wind
??-??Scumfusion · Under Exoriant Light
10-??Scythe · Decay
??-??Sea of Desperation · Spiritual Lonely Pattern
03-04Seared · The New Breed of Nothing
06-06Secht · Secht
??-??Second Thief · If a Dying Man's Plea Is Heard Then Maybe I Should Die
09-15Secrets of the Moon · Antithesis
02-27Section A · Parallel Lives
??-??Seeds of Resistance · Walking with Shadows
11-11Seelenfrieden · Schattengott
10-04Seelenquell · Beiß mich
09-05Seemless · What Have We Become
??-??Sein und Zeit · Dominion
??-??Seismic Breach · Wayfarer
09-??Sekhmet · Masová očista člověka
11-26Selftorture · Dead Center
??-??Sellisternium · Furia / Fury
08-11Selvmorrd · Bis zum Ende
06-08Semargl · Satanogenesis
??-??Semen · An Intense Experience Molesting Corpses with Fetid Stench
??-??Semi Infermità Mentale · Sul riso e la follia
06-18Semilla Animal · Escarnio
12-17Senate · The Great Northern Scenekill
??-??Sen Berce · Drogas armas odio
01-06Sencirow · Perception of Fear
09-18Send More Paramedics · The Awakening
01-23Sengir · Sign of Devotion
??-??Senmuth · Path of Satiam
??-??Senmuth · Rajas
??-??Senmuth · Sacral Land
??-??Senmuth · Summarium Symphony
??-??Senmuth · Наследие
??-??Senmuth · Пробуждая случайность
??-??Senmuth · Со(знание)бытия
??-??Senseless Dementia · Innominate
??-??Sense of Reality · The Witness of Life and Death
06-??Sentenced to Rebirth · Silent Pain
??-??Sepcys · Evolution of Fake
10-??Septer · The God Key
05-??Septica · Septica
??-??Septical Mind · Red and Black
11-25Septicem · See My Hate
03-??Septicemia · Victim of Disaster
??-??Septicopyemia · Vomiting Swamp
??-??Septimo Angel · M.A.V.A.
??-??Septrion · Perpetual Frost
07-10Septycal Gorge · Growing Seeds of Decay
12-01Sepulcro Vacio · Seres inmortales
??-??Sepulcrum · Decapitation
03-22Sepultura · Dante XXI
??-??Seraphidian · Caged
??-??Seraphim · Metamorphose
02-28Serapis · Serapis
01-21Serenity · Godlike
10-10Serenity's Malice · Call of the Warrior
??-??Serenity Dies · Murder
05-06Serpenta · Del silencio a la verdad
09-01Serpent Christ · Ten Lies and Seven Glories
04-21Serpent Obscene · Chaos Reign Supreme
12-29Servants of the Apocalyptic Goat Rave · Servants of the Apocalyptic Goat Rave
??-??Set-Ensis · Set-Ensis
05-15Setherial · Death Triumphant
06-??Sethnefer · Displeased
05-05Settled in Silence · Settled in Silence
??-??Seven Rise Up · The Battlefield
??-??Seventh Calling · Monuments
??-??The Seventh Gate · Folie a Trois
??-??The Seventh Power · Seventh Power
08-24Seventh Wonder · Waiting in the Wings
09-18Severance · Suffering in Humanity
??-??Severed · Engineered for Destruction
02-08Sex Machineguns · Made in USA
05-01Sextiger · Paws 'n' Stripes
04-??Sextrash · Rape from Hell
??-??Señor Maligno · A tumba abierta
06-??Shaark · Again with Hatred
??-??Shackle Jack · Jack in Irons
05-24Shade Empire · Intoxicate O.S.
03-21Shades of Dusk · Caress the Despair
10-27Shadow Demon · Grimoire of Ruin
03-07Shadowdream · Братство смрти
01-??Shadowdream · Слава Перуну
02-??Shadowlord · Batavorum
04-15ShadowMancer · Outer Darkness
09-05Shadow of Demise · Premature Burial
03-10The Shadow Order · Untold
04-25Shadows Land · Terminus Ante Quem
05-11Shadowsphere · Hellbound Heart
01-10Shadowsreign · Bloodcity (The Forgotten Memories Part 1)
09-29Shady Glimpse · Thrashing Japs
03-??Shadyon · Shadyon
??-??Shall Not Kill · shallnotkill.
01-16Shaman · Regret Your Conviction
11-12Shaolin Death Squad · Intelligent Design
??-??Shardenmyth · W.A.J.C
08-28Shatter Messiah · Never to Play the Servant
??-??Shatterpoint · Dead Precedence
??-??Sheratán · Reencarnación
??-??She Said Destroy · Time Like Vines
??-??Shift · Creating a Monster
01-13Shining Fury · Another Life
??-??Shiri · ...and a Tear
??-??Shit Fucking Shit · Perché esistiamo?
06-06Shit Goat · Hail the Goat
??-??Shoeilager · Gladiator
06-30Shores of Tundra · Shores of Tundra
??-??Short Bus Pile Up · We Keep the Dancefloor Dirty with Bottles and Shit
??-??Shorts and Churchbells · Reason to Complain
12-??Short Sharp Shock · Short Sharp Shock
??-??Shout · Time of Resurrection
06-??Shrike · Meine Wucherung
??-??Shuddersome · Sanctum Nocturnus
??-??Sibila · Sin alma
07-29Sick · Satanism. Sickness. Solitude.
07-14Sickbag · Bushido Codex
??-??Sick Room 7 · Hail Intolerance
??-??Sick-U-R · Zero Hour
??-??Siebensünden · Blod, slem, galla
??-??Sieghetnar · Verfallen & Verendet
09-18Sikfuk · Teabagged at Birth
05-02Silent Civilian · Rebirth of the Temple
03-15Silent Device · Slow Rotting Process
06-12Silent Devotion · Confrontations
10-24Silent Eye · Hell Hound
01-25Silentium · Seducia
11-08Silentium Noctis · Propheten des Untergangs
01-27Silent Kingdom · Reflections of Fire (The Journey)
03-26Silent Overdrive · Disease
??-??Silent Tales · From the Hiding
??-??Silent Vanquish · Dysthymia
02-16Silent Voices · Building Up the Apathy
??-??Silesia · Ozvěny hor
??-??Sil Khannaz · Berdiri antara Panji-Panji
??-??Silluet · Absequaille in Hassion
??-??Silovanje · Taste of Death
??-??Silverback · A Thought on Life Duration of Species and Human Behaviors
??-??Silverfish · Silverfish vs Streetfight Fighters
11-06Silver Fist · Lágrimas de sangre
01-17Simbioz · Тайны вечных снов
01-27Sinamore · A New Day
10-20Sinate · Violent Ambitions
04-14Sinawe · Reason of Dead Bugs
??-??Sinescent · Sinescent
04-07Sinister · Afterburner
04-26SinKing · New Trinity
09-10Sin of Kain · The End
??-??Sintech · Sick Perverted Sins
??-??Sir Lord Baltimore · Sir Lord Baltimore III Raw
??-??Sixfinger · Shapeshift Project
??-??Skaldic Curse · Pathogen
??-??Skeleton Proof Tanks · Grief
??-??Skepsis + · Scream Your Scars
10-31Skid Row · Revolutions per Minute
??-??Skilfingar · Reign of the Moon
09-??Skiltron · The Clans Have United
06-13Skinless · Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead
06-??Skirrhus · Consumed by Misery
??-??Skulleton · Evil Souls
11-03Skullfuck · The Supreme Ugliness
09-??Skulls and Flames · Enterrar y callar
??-??S.K.U.R.K. · 666 personligheter
??-??Slakte · Dyrisk borduk
07-17Slartibartfass · Nordwind
03-06Slave's Mask · Faustian Electronics & Bruise Poetry
03-18Slave to None · Seven Year Truth
??-??Slavland · Tarcza Swaroga
08-08Slayer · Christ Illusion
06-06Sleeping Majesty · Serpens Callidus - The Bloodline of the Fallen Angels
??-??Sleep of Thetis · Thin Limits
07-??Sleep Terror · Probing Tranquility
??-??Sleipnir · Defiance
09-18Slit · Ode to Silence
01-20Sloth · The Squirrel Apartment
??-??Slowhawk · The Island Of
03-29Smallman · Smallman
12-??Smashed Face · Virulent Procreation
09-21Smash the Brain · Construction of Despair
07-20Sniper · Seducer of Human Souls
08-31Snowblind · A World Full of Lies
12-29Sobibor · Furia y metal
??-??Sobrusion · The First Embrace
04-21Sodom · Sodom
05-06Sodomianse · Der Weisheit letzter Zahn
01-28Soil of Decay · Fear Made Flesh
??-??Solace · Buried in Oblivion
06-28Solace of Requiem · Utopia Reborn
11-24Solefald · Black for Death: An Icelandic Odyssey Part II
??-??Solid Vision · The Hurricane
05-29Solitaire · Invasion Metropolis
04-22Solitude · Introjection
11-10Solitude Aeturnus · Alone
04-??Sombre Chemin · Notre héritage ancestral
05-20Sombre Présage · Infernale procession
12-19Sombres Forêts · Quintessence
??-??Something Beautiful · States of Being
02-05Sonder Grämen · Hoffart
??-??Sonic Reign · Raw Dark Pure
04-25Sonny Red · Extent of Soul
??-??Sonorous Din · Lusus Naturae
??-??Sons of Poseidon · North American Metal
01-??Sopor · Phlogiston Theory
12-??Sorcier des Glaces · Moonrise in Total Darkness
??-??Sordid · Valley of Punishment
??-??Sordid Clot · МякишЪ / The Crumb
12-19Sorg Innkallelse · Rise of the Shadows
??-??Sorg Innkallelse · Through the Mist of Dreary
??-??Sorgsvart · Fortapt fra verden i vakkert selvmord
03-11Sorrowfield · Horus
??-??S.O.S. · A Guide to Better Living
02-28Soul Broker · Soul for Sale
05-01Soulburner · The New Age of Darkness
09-29Soulcage · Dead Water Diary
??-??Soul Descenders · Wake Up and Smell the Hatred
??-??Souledge · Blood Has No Limit
??-??Soulforge · Re-Activate
??-??Soul Guardian · Nemesis
??-??Soulinpain · En torno al odio
04-10Soulitude · The Crawlian Supremacy
??-??Souljur · Souljur
05-19Soulless Heart · Crystal Death
11-10Soulrest · Chaosophia
??-??Soulscar · Endgame
07-22Soulsgate · Inner Conflict
??-??Soulstice · Souljourney
03-28The Souls Unrest · The Souls Unrest
12-31Sound Factory Carolina · Ancient Grade
02-06Southern Cross · Rise Above
??-??The Southpaw Jinx · Bring Out Your Dead
03-20Space Avenue · Voices from the Other Worlds
??-??Spaced Out · Unstable Matter
??-??Space Mirrors · Memories of the Future
05-31Spawn of Possession · Noctambulant
??-??Speaking to Stones · Speaking to Stones
08-09Spear of Longinus · Nothing Is Forever, and, Forever Is Nothing
??-??Spectral Lore · I
03-??Speedfreaks · Out for Kicks!
10-16SpeedTheory · Hit the Dirt
06-05Spektr · Near Death Experience
??-??Spermblast · Grinding Axe
08-??Spewgore · Spewgore
04-21Sphere of Souls · From the Ashes...
12-22Spike Honey · Once upon a Time
08-08Spirit Disease · Annihilation
09-11SpiRitual · Pulse
??-??Spiritual Carnage · Voices of Darkness
??-??Spiritual Decay · Closer to the Grave
03-06Spiritus Mortis · Fallen
??-??Spiritus Mundi · Trinity
06-??SpitBlood · Questionable Ethics
01-??Splattered Entrails · Carnivorous Parasitic Infection
08-12Splattered Entrails · Flesh Out of the Oven
05-??Splattered Entrails · Grindustrialization
??-??Spleen · Absence of Mind
??-??S.P.O.R.K. · Satanic Priestess Ordering Ritualistic Killings
10-20Squealer · Confrontation Street
??-??SQY · Top Fuel Tendencies
??-??Stagnate · Soul Massacre
??-??Stained Glass Torture · The Abomination
??-??Stairway · The Other Side of Midnight
??-??Stake-Off the Witch · Flamingoing
05-10Stam1na · Uudet kymmenen käskyä
02-14Starchild · Born into Eternity
05-30Starrats · Rebelution
??-??State of Destruction · Cleaning Out This World
12-01Stealth Engine Apex · Predator
12-??Steamroller Assault · Raw & Filthy
04-21Steel Attack · Diabolic Symphony
??-??Steel Cage · Obsidian
??-??Steel Protector · Metal Is Back
12-??Steel Seal · By the Power of Thunder
??-??Steel Trident · Guerreros de turno
??-??Steel Vagina · Feast Fit for a Cannibal
01-??Steep · Silence Is Not Golden
04-13Sterbend · Dwelling Lifeless
06-??Stereochrist · Live like a Man (Die as a God)
02-03Stereoxyde · La création de l'homme V2.0
09-12Steve Cone · Distortion
11-17Stielas Storhett · Vandrer...
??-??Stigma · Non Furtum Facies
01-13Stigmata · Silent Chaos Serpentine
06-30Stigmatized · Live in Despair
??-??Stigmhate · Human Incapacity
09-20Stillborn Portrait · In the Year of the Moth
04-07Still It Cries · Take Leave
06-06St. Madness · Vampires in the Church
??-??Stohl-N · Let It Rain
??-??Stomach · Sacrificial Microscopic Eternity
06-23The Stone · Магла
03-26Stonechurch · Amplified
??-??Stonecutters · Stonecutters
09-11Stonegard · From Dusk till Doom
??-??Stone Head · R.I.P.II -: Rest in...
09-??Stoner Kings · Fuck the World
??-??Stone Soul Foundation · Into the Flames
04-29Storm · Bűneik először
08-10Stormblast · Стезя
??-??Stormental · Stormental
11-27Stormheit · The Awakening of the Conqueror
??-??Stormhold · Negative Infinity
01-26Stormy Night · Ball of Thunder
??-??STQ-3 · Deadly Echoes
??-??Straight Forward · Longings for a Lifetime
??-??Straight Line Stitch · To Be Godlike
07-11Strapping Young Lad · The New Black
??-??Stream of Consciousness · Awakening
02-24Stress Factor 9 · Brainwarp Mindspin
??-??Stresslord · Programmed to Destroy
04-28Striborg · Embittered Darkness / Isle de Morts
12-13Striborg · Nefaria / A Tragic Journey Towards the Light
??-??Strikeforce · Reign of Fire
10-07Strike Master · Up for the Massacre
06-??Strong like Bear · Strong like Bear
06-06Stryp · Hailed as a Killer
02-22Stumm · I
10-16Sturmgeist · Über
??-??Stygian · Struggle
??-??Stygified · Tree Frog Sessions
??-??Stöner Kebab · Chapter Zero
09-15Subconscious · Forever Is Now
??-??Subconscious · Irregular
??-??Subhuman Prodigy of Wickedness · Beaten Postmortem...
07-??Sublevel · Weapon of Choice
??-??Submerged in Dirt · Godstorm
02-18Submission · Failure to Perfection
02-03Succubitch · Beating and Maiming and Ripping and Cracking and Pricking, Attacking!
09-??Suckceed · Suckceed
01-23Suckerpunched · Planet of the Rapes
11-08Sufferage · BloodSpawn
??-??Suffersystem · The Mutilated One
09-19Suffocation · Suffocation
??-??Sugar for Lucy · Focus
??-??Suicidal Despair · Suicidal Despair
11-17Suidakra · Caledonia
??-??Suku Qlawu · Release Your Pain
08-22Sulaco · Tearing Through the Roots
11-??Suma · Let the Churches Burn
??-??Sumeria · All Paths Lead to Insanity
03-31Summoning · Oath Bound
??-??Summon the Crows · Scavengers Feast
??-??SunChariot · Exorcizm
??-??SunChariot · Right Sun:Ritual Head
02-17Sun Descends · Incinerating the Meek
01-07The Sundial · Heart of the Sun
??-??Sunless Daze · Deep Roots
06-06Sun of Sadness · Ghost
06-??Sunroad · Flying n' Floating
08-10Sunseth Midnight · Sun Seth
05-10Suns Owl · Liefe
05-05Supa Scoopa · Sleepwalker
??-??Superbial Lucifer · Unholy Way of Satan Course
10-21Superkreep · The Anger of Angels
??-??Super String Theory · Principles of Transformation
??-??Supra Plazma · Procosmic
??-??Surrender of Divinity · Manifest Blasphemy: The Abortion of the Immaculate Conception
10-04Survive · Survive
07-??Surviving the Sunset · Just Fractured Stones Beneath These Wounded Heels
12-31Suspicious Moon · Dies illa Solvet Saeclum in Favilla
04-05Su Ta Gar · Jainko hilen uhartean
06-11Svarrogh · Kukeri
05-03Svartfell · The Sentence of Satan
01-??Svartnar · Failure of Mankind
12-20Svartthron · Soundtrack to My Solitude
02-??Swarmlord · Swarmlord
10-17Swashbuckle · Crewed by the Damned
05-25Sweet Sorrow · Northland
11-24Switchback · Angel of Mine
01-24Switchblade · Switchblade
02-14The Sword · Age of Winters
11-01Sworn · Tended High
??-??Sworn Amongst · Derision of Conformity
01-24Sworn Enemy · The Beginning of the End
11-17Sycronomica · Gate
??-??Sydera · Sydera
10-??Sykdom · Under krigen
09-05Sylver Myst · Emotions Revealed
??-??Symbolic · Creation of Mist
11-??Symbolic · Enigma
??-??Symbolic · Mea Culpa...
??-??Symmetric Disorder · Biomechanical Nonsense Connections
08-23Symphonia · The First Movement
01-13Synthphonia Suprema · Synthphony 001
11-27System Shock · Escape
10-??Syth · Warzone
09-21Syzslak · When Demons Ride Angels
??-??Szatan · The Projecktsz
??-??Síndrome · Síndrome
04-04Taak · Koerapööriöö
07-14Tacit Fury · The Invented Pain
??-??Taedeat · Quademonium
04-06Tainted · The Awakening
07-31Tales of Dark... · Fragile Monuments
??-??Talk to Sheep · I
??-??Talk to Sheep · II
05-26Tankard · The Beauty and the Beer
??-??T.A.O. · The Abnormal Observations
11-08Tarja · Henkäys ikuisuudesta
10-27Tarot · Crows Fly Black
??-??Taste · Division Increase Extermination
??-??Tasteless · The Sea
01-01Taunted · Zero
??-??Taylan Ayık · Yalnız Hayal
01-15TDW · Up Close and Personal
02-27Tears of Anger · In the Shadows
05-02Tears of Mankind · Without Ray of Hope
06-??Tears of Mankind · К одиночеству...
06-06Tearstained · Homicidal Tendencies
09-16Teeth of the Hydra · Greenland
??-??Tefra · The Last Dance
06-20Tehace · Zipped Noise from Hell
??-??Temblor · Thousand Hearts
??-??Templo del Rey · Templo del rey
11-??Tempus Sans · The Ultimate Sacrifice
??-??Tenebra · Cementerio azul
02-10Tenebrae in Perpetuum · Antico misticismo
03-??Tenebreant · Tenebreant
09-30Tengwar · Flight of the Dragon
04-27Tenochtitlan · Chac Och-Ut
??-??Tension Head · Fire in the Hole
??-??Teogoniya · ...Eaten Jesus...
??-??Teoria · Self Denying
??-??Terafirmer · Terafirmer
??-??Teratogeny · Mundo famelico
10-06Terratomb · Rebirth Through Destination
08-22Terrorizer · Darker Days Ahead
05-16Terror Squad · Chaosdragon Rising
??-??Terror Throne · Death Is the Cleanser
07-04Terrorust · Post Mortal Archives
06-14Teräsbetoni · Vaadimme metallia
??-??Thalarion Lati · Thalarion Lati
02-23Thargos · Salem City
09-09The9thCell · 9 Points of Seizure
12-25The9thCell · Lovely Xmas Lullabies
03-24Theatre of Tragedy · Storm
12-12Thee Maldoror Kollective · Pilot (Man with the Meat Machine)
02-??Thessera · Fooled Eyes
11-17Thesyre · Exist!
05-18Theudho · The Völsunga Saga
04-04Third Eye Machine · Millions Reasons (...Not to Tell the Truth)
03-01Thirty 2 Life · Powered by Pain
12-01This Ending · Inside the Machine
??-??This Solemn Vow · Judging the Executioner
??-??Thomas Bressel · Influences of Time
06-25Thor · Devastation of Musculation
07-25Thor ·