All 5669 Albums From 2010
12-31Ayutrica · ベルンシュタインの王冠 (Die Krone von Bernstein)
Benighted in Sodom · Fort Lauderdale
Binal Cord · Cloister of Memories
Carlos Molina · Sangre fría
Coiltap · Coiltap
Consular · Allapattah Blues
Céphée Lyra · A Sinner's Loneliness
Defacing · Homicidal Satisfaction
Eternal Gray · Your Gods, My Enemies
Galskap · Kleriker des Wahnsinns
Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere · Alone with God
Noctis · Silent Atonement
Sound Factory Carolina · Recurrence to the Genesis
六弦アリス · 原宿ロリヰタキネマ
六弦アリス · 夢想演舞 月之理 -Fairy Tale of Fantastic Children-
12-305150 · Symphonic Touhou IV
Cain's Dinasty · Madmen, Witches and Vampires
Claudio Minotti's Liturgy of War · Liturgy of War
Crow'sClaw · From the Bottom of the Heart
Dark Aladas · Para ser esclavos
Evdemonium · Web Around Us
Iron Attack! · Poltergeist
Meltdown · Рисовать
Mythology · The Impaler
Wilkołak · Ponure widma nieumarłej grozy
Wizardrone · The Third Coming
Руян · Наследие
12-29Act of God · Kaosism
Bohema · Endless Greatness
Ruins of Honor · Only the Guilty Dream
Sandmist · Portent of Shifting Leaders
Vielikan · A Trapped Way for Wisdom
12-28Dreamstate · When Shadows Fall
Flesh Parade · Dirty Sweet
Sacratus · ...Paradise for Two
12-27Ageless Oblivion · Temples of Transcendent Evolution
Blood and Brutality · Sick of It All
The Bridal Procession · Astronomical Dimensions
Eradication · Dreams of Reality
Malaverany · Quan es fa fosc
No Hand Path · An Existence Regained
Sovvaļnīks · Bolts susātivs
Wald Geist Winter · Teufelskreise
12-26Blynd · The Enemy
Clandestine Blaze · Falling Monuments
Inferno · Inferno
Porno Coma · Cheval de truie
12-25Aasgard · Ravens Hymns Foreshadows the End
A Life Less Alive · Demons from Within
Burning Church Forest · Book 3
Coils of the Serpent · Winter Descends
Denialist · M
Excomulgación · Larvario antisemita
Metatrone · Paradigma
Oblidian · Oblidian
Satanica · We Are Satan's Preacher
Typhus · Grand Molesters of the Holy Trinity
Vegas Rhythm Kings · Maggot Piñata
War Command · Warlords Supremacy
12-24Acrybia · In Doubt We Trust
Ascension · Consolamentum
Banisher · Slaughterhouse
Book of Sand · Destruction, Not Reformation
Graupel · Am Pranger...
Hazmat · Hazmat
Holy Blood · Ясно солнце
Narwhal Tusk · In Despair
Nebelfront · Pour ma sœur
The Pledge of Cain · We...Martyrs
Turbocharged · AntiXtian
Under the Abyss · A Wavering Path
12-23Anamnesi · Anamnesi
Axidance · The Road Breathes Cold
Dedom Vash · Algo huele mal
Dust n Brush · Filth of Our Blood
GrandExit · Burn with Grace
Grecco · The Feeling of Not Being Alone
Guilles · Art of Defect
Nocturnal Blood · Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration
Tzelmoth · Apoteosis maldita del adverso siniestro
Unfaithfull · Following the Black Light
12-227th Nemesis · Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow
Authority of Hate · Crackdown
Bulldozer · The 1st Paragraph
Hellcannon · Infected with Violence
Hreswelgr · Лес цвета крыла ворона
Revölt · The Previous Night of Doom
Stimulans · Dust
The Third Key · An Education in Malice
Vampire Pledge · Vampire Library
War Iron · The Faceless Sea
Wheels Within Wheels · The Shift
Опричь · Север вольный
12-21Airs · Rainclouds over the Remains of Hope
Autolatry · The Hill
Buckethead · Happy Holidays from Buckethead
Fateless Tears · Hear, What You Have Been Missing
Fetal Injury · Aint No Party like a Donner Party
Hellghast · Acrimony
Hellraider · The Revenge of Porkhead
In My Shiver · Black Seasons
Llaxsay · Último sendero
Lord Vampyr · Vampyria
Midwynter · Into the Well of Wyrd
Sonic Doom · Sonic Doom
Steel Seal · Redemption Denied
Vortex · Enemies
Zlo · Signum Diabolicum
ØØPart · Qvantvm
12-20Aries · War of the World
HellLight · ...and Then, the Light of Consciousness Became Hell...
Human Void · Era Zero
Moulk · Moulk frites
Shattered Hope · Absence
Valkynaz · Throat ov the World
12-19Breath of Beherith · Minds of Blind
Brudywr · Colorless Days
Dedicted · ECDYSIS
Egaheitor · El despertar del verdugo
Galathea · Из глубины
Glossy Teria · Точка невозврата
Inside · Hologram
The Osedax · Delayed Response
12-18Bugul Noz · Night Shepherd
Catacombe · Kinetic
Coilcry · Music for the Ugly People
Eure Erben · Terror 2.0
Fängörn · Mysterious Land
Insanguine · Promise Remains from Sea to Snow
Isolfur · Pfad des Canis Lupus
Leuku · Blindfolded
Pillfed · Razor in the Pill
Sculpting Atrocity · Ambiguous Deity Obscurus
Vspolokh · Печаль о прошлом / Sorrow of the Past
Wackhanalija · В надежде на вашу смерть
Wizard Eye · Orbital Rites
Wyvern · Lords of Winter
12-17Act of Creation · Endstation
Disintegrate · Parasites of a Shifting Future
Irisblind · Archaeopteryx
Karysun · Until the End
Metalsteel · Entertainment
Necrobiosis · Good for the Grave
No Inner Limits · Of Yesteryear
Shades of Retribution · Xongram
Shock · Juddho Gatha
Sinister · Legacy of Ashes
Speed Limit · Moneyshot
Tankard · Vol(l)ume 14
Vesper · Possession of Evil Will
12-16A Cold Dead Body · Harvest Years
Invisible Mirror · Invisible Mirror
12-15Cursed Christ · Via Negativa
Era Decay · Ashes
Fliegend · Auf dem kosmischen Tal suche ich nach meinem Tod
Grave Ritual · Euphoric Hymns from the Altar of Death
Kekal · 8
Lost Inside · Alone in the Wind
Moi dix Mois · D+Sect
Morgh · Through Idol Eyes
Naakhum · Backward in the Times: Part I
Perseo Miranda · A Silence That Screams
Raventale · After
Skálmöld · Baldur
TNT · A Farewell to Arms
Universum · Mortuus Machina
Янтарные Слёзы · Ключ к декабрю
石渡太輔 · BlazeBlue Song Accord #2 with Continuum Shift
12-14Aborted Fetus · Fatal Dogmatic Damage
The Foetal Mind · The Grand Contraction
Harsk · The End
Khors · Return to Abandoned
Kriticos · Dead Angels
Metal Force · Metal Rebirth
Motörhead · The Wörld Is Yours
Netra · Mélancolie urbaine
Sea of Treachery · Welcome to Wonderland
Zerozonic · God Damn, Better, Best
12-13Astoryas · Darkness
Darcasis · This World Is Falling
Dream Warrior · Back to the 80's
Extermination Dismemberment · Butcher Basement
Mystification & Repugnance · Trapped Inside
Toxic Society · Ewig
Trahald · Da dragen fik øjne
Versus Heaven · Behind the Perfect Mask
Грома Глас · Сыны северных льдов
12-12Battlesoul · Lay Down Thy Burdens
Chibi Rari · さんまいめ
Hollow Haze · End of a Dark Era
Kavra · Extraños días de Pandra
Mother · Through This Disappearing Land
Order of the Black Guard · The Way of Cross and Dragon
Scarlet Citadel · The Scarlet Citadel
Trimegisto · Awake from the Blood
12-11Ab Occulto · Grey
Adamus Exul · Death, Paint a Vision
Ash Lee Blade · Suck the Blade
Givre · dans l'absurde, nous pourrirons
Pektop · The Antikythera Mechanism
Senmuth · TE-E-MA
Vaginator · Thrash & roll... a tu culo!
Valadir · Zwischen Lichtern und Schatten
Лютомысл · Lutomysl
12-10Blasting Hatred · Wak'a Atiy Kasu
Chain of Dogs · Gebroake, gehange en gewroake
Cruscifire · Chaos Season
Delta Cepheid · Entity
Dirty Rockers · Rock'n'Roll Monsters
Empatic · Gods of Thousand Souls
Forever's Edge · Chaotic Silence
Kabát · Banditi di Praga
Kalot Enbolot · Regnum Dei
Motorjesus · Wheels of Purgatory
Mutilator · At the End
Ninnagesh · Absoluta
Northern Oak · Monuments
Smashed Face · Misanthropocentric
Spirit of the Forest · Kingdom of Despair
Symbolizer · Thanatos Unleashed
Undying Inc. · Aggressive World Dynasty
Zerstörer · Panzerfaust Justice
12-09Deadlystrain · The Moltitude of Beings
Diminished · Rectal Torment
El Reno Renardo · El improperio contraataca
Extirpating the Infected · Beheading the Dead
Floodstain · Slave to the Self Feeding Machine
Heirdrain · Superficial Race
Meadows End · Ode to Quietus
Mek Na Ver · Heresy
Metamorphosis · Born of Might
12-08Black Howling · Melancholy of a Pagan Bucolic Spirit
Earthshaker · Back to Nexus
Procession · Destroyers of the Faith
少女病 · 残響レギオン
12-07Decrepit Artery · Skeletal Remains
Firefly · Ruined World
Palehorse · Soft as Butter; Hard as Ice
Стены Льда · Стены льда
12-06Alunah · Call of Avernus
American Gothic · A Hodgepodge Clusterfuck of High-Anxiety Chaos
Ancient Obliteration · A Menacing Reality
Baphomet · Metamorphosis
Bouq · Berserk
Disentomb · Sunken Chambers of Nephilim
Draumar · Ein Wintermärchen
Ekpyrosis · Ein ewiges Bild
Gergovia · Silence!
Karg · Von den Winden der Sehnsucht #2
Lilyum · Crawling in the Past
Madman · Silent Nite/Deadly Nite
Red Warlock · Serve Your Master
Relinquished · Susanna Lies in Ashes
Revenge · Prelude to Omega
Syphilis · Ride the Sickness
Wintercold · The Return of Baal
12-05Avariel · The Dawn
12-04Claim the Throne · Triumph and Beyond
Cobra · Grito en el abismo
Edane · Edan
Flammensturm · Die Feuer sind entfacht
Fleshdoll · Animal Factory
Insurrection · Fracture
L.O.S.T. · Remains of Pain
Mass Hypnosia · Attempt to Assassinate
Rossomahaar · The Reign of Terror
Хвангур · Волей и духом
12-03Circle of Ouroborus · Unituli
Cypecore · Take the Consequence
The Dogma · Black Widow
Insomnia · Ten Deadly Sins
Last Frontier · Apocalypse Machine
Morphist · Morphist
The Nameless · Unnamed Reflections
Relicseed · 60 minūtes sapņa
Seventh Wonder · The Great Escape
Tacheless · The World Keeps Burning
Todtgelichter · Angst
12-02Azhirock · Lucifer: Annihilated
Szron · Zeal
12-01Aethyr · Messio
Atara · Human Balltrap
A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm · Primary Septagon
Bahal · Ikelos
Bane of Isildur · Black Wings
Bergthron · Expedition Autarktis
Bridge Farmers · Din of Celestial Birds
The Death of Her Money · You Are Loved
Esenia · Frío fractal
Godisdead · Godisdead
GumoManiacs · PsychoMania
Helengard · Helengard
Herald · Gaia
Ironwood · Storm over Sea
Kleos · Dying Prayer
Kvele · Dawn of the Impaler
Lords of Sunset · Lords of Sunset
Mekigah · The Serpent's Kiss
Mythlond · Angmar
Nocturnal Lust · Underwater Mourning
Painful Defloration · Antihuman Antisocial
Sorg Uten Tårer · Our Night Songs Will Forever Be...
Sun of Nothing · The Guilt of Feeling Alive
Tristwood · Dystopia et Disturbia
U.D.I. · U.D.I.
Upon Shadows · Melodies in Grey Scale
Vulgaroyal Bloodhill · Muerteatroz
Yrsel · Sacrifice
Γέννα από Κώλο · Anti-Trendy Attack
12-??1917 · Brutal miserable drama
Abyss Inferno · The Bible of Hate
Anlipnes · Inanis Caelum
Arion · Tierra por andar
The Atmosfear · The World Is Grey
Bang · Sucumbir o reaccionar
Bereaved · The Cries of the Penitent
Blackbeltz · Birth
Block! Antonius Block! · The Tyranny of Small Decisions
Bloodshed Walhalla · The Legends of a Viking
Bombarder · Ima li života prije smrti
Caedes Cruenta · Σκιές δαιμόνων
Calibos · Mise
Caravan of Souls · Tales of Destiny (Chapter 3 - At the End of the World)
Cryptic · Infinite Torment
Cutterred Flesh · Cause the Apocalypse
Deathroner · Death to All
Destroyed · Facing Reality
Detested · Tension Threat Satisfied
Detorn · The Dark Passenger
Diabolical Messiah · Satan Tottendemon Victory!!!
Dieter Baethge · The Unbreakable Spirit
Expurgo · Burial Ground
Fat White Chiefs · Of Sins and Passion
Ghost Tower · Curse of the Black Blood
God.Fear.None · Over Black Clouds
Haunting Eden · Deliverance
Hell Savior · Keep Running for Metal
Housebreaking · Out of Your Brain
Inefable · Inefable
Infernal Kingdom · Alienación
Ixtaukayotl · Mictlán
Keller · Spreading Evil
Kherow · Bintang Timoer
Lentera · Light of the Universe
Likaon · Destrozando cerebros
Lower 13 · Rabid
Made in Vain · Lies in Ruin
Maelstrom · Hurricane
Markiz de Sade · Sen schizofrenika
Midnight Madness · From Ashes to Madness
Morfolk · World of Lies
Necro Ritual · Nerthus' Demise
Nihil Domination · Sado Perverser Goat Insulter
Oxidised Razor · Rise of the Worms
Perihellium · The War Machines
PowerMetal · IX
Progress of Inhumanity · Escalating Decay
Question of Madness · The Dark Corners of the Mind
Reckoner · Reckoner
Rise of Fury · Death Is Forever
Ritual of Odds · God Is an Atheist
Sargom · Em Busca do Poder
Savage Aggression · Satan's Strike
Scarvenger · Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobie
Scourge · ...on the Sin, Death, Lust and Hate...
Svart Kaos · The Ancient Flesh
Tension Prophecy · Riot of Sacrificers
Terra Australis · Slave to the Moon-Shadow
Terrormight · Civilization Down
Turbo-Laser · Turbo-Laser
Unjoy · Worthless Life End
Void of Reveries · Silenti etc es tantum Quietus
Zodiark · Thoughtforms
Вапнатак · Право решать
Верка · Моторни песни
11-30Algea · Documents
Arbor Ira · Meine Träume, vergangene...
Crow Black Sky · Pantheion
Gutted · Mankind Carries the Seeds of Hell
Inexist · Decompression
Kaos Sacramentum · Avgrundens konst
Kaos Sacramentum · Bloodcurse Stigmata
Kaos Sacramentum · Scars of Revelation
Kings Destroy · And the Rest Will Surely Perish
Mägo de Oz · Gaia - Epílogo
Photophobia · Humana Fragilitas
Septic Mind · Начало
Strongwater · Black River
Summoned Tide · If We Fall We Will Rise
Tantalos · Ab Luce
Under Silence · Memories Lost in Time
Unstable · Roaming Through Chaos
Veneficum · In Tranquil Absurd
Who Dies in Siberian Slush · Bitterness of the Years That Are Lost
СатанаКозёл · Солнце мёртвых
11-29Devilish Distance · Deathtruction
Etrusgrave · Tophet
Opposite Sides · Lost Inside
Sanhedrin · Salvation Through Sin
Seducer's Embrace · Self-Mythology
Seges Findere · Proclamation of Blood Vengeance
Senmuth · Mal'akatu
Sons of the Northern Thorns · Northern Order Vol. I
11-28Agoraphobia · Reflexión
Britney · Go Away
Catharsis · Светлый альбомъ
Gout · Self-Amputation
Overload · Psychopath
Untimely Demise · City of Steel
Winter Storm · Serenity in Darkness
11-273,14... · Вперёд/Обратно
Cocklush · Who Are You
Demonios · Laboratory of Death
Dimmz · Still Human?
Germ Bomb · Infected from Birth
Greymon · Ďáblova nevěsta
Human Head · Inside the Head
Into Oblivion · Creation of a Monolith
Metookie · The Kvlt Wars
Svartpest · Mjødfest
Trollfastheart · Only for Trolls
Warpath · Malevolent Reprisal
11-26Blindead · Affliction XXIX II MXMVI
Element · The Energy
Golden Resurrection · Glory to My King
Idillicah · Rebirth of the Future
Lothüs · Lothüs
Manowar · Battle Hymns MMXI
Milking the Goatmachine · Seven... A Dinner for One
Nachtgeschrei · Ardeo
Nuclear Warfare · God of Aggression
Nucleus Torn · Andromeda Awaiting
Past M.D. · Circles
Pictures of Pain · The Reckoning
Predatory Violence · Hate Nation
Radwaste · Radwaste
Silverlane · Above the Others
Soul Demise · Sindustry
Svin Killer · Copropolitan
TheBandApart · Creepy Stories for Party Night Glories
Voice of Revenge · Chronicles of Betrayal
11-25Clone Shop · Fairy Tales
Oskryf · Oskryf
SlavEATgod · Blank Core Inn
Urfaust · Der freiwillige Bettler
Wrvth · Portals Through Ophiuchus
11-24Blake · Haze Parade
Boyzboyzboyz · Thrash Retro
Dark Moor · Ancestral Romance
Dark the Suns · Sleepwalking in a Nightmare
Disgrace · Hammer & Nails
Mediocracy · Human Progress – Endless Regress
Teräsbetoni · Maailma tarvitsee sankareita
Waste of Life · Please, Help (Kill) Me...
11-23After the Burial · In Dreams
Agalloch · Marrow of the Spirit
As They Sleep · Dynasty
Burning the Masses · Offspring of Time
David Rock Feinstein · Bitten by the Beast
Dread the Forsaken · Unbound
Fallen Sanctuary · Malevolent Symmetry
The Fërtility Cült · Eschatology
God of Shamisen · Smoke Monster Attack
Haarp · The Filth
Hatecore, Inc. · Rise Above All
Humanity Falls · Ordaining the Apocalypse
Seven Thorns · Return to the Past
Severed Heaven · Incessant Darkness
Tyrant of Death · The Forthcoming
11-22Archimage · In Majestic Silence
The Austrasian Goat · Stains of Resignation
Catharsis · Serpentine
Chickenhawk · Modern Bodies
Five Days of Rain · Taste My Breath After the Fallout
God Dethroned · Under the Sign of the Iron Cross
Holy Rage · Holy Rage
Human Waste Disposal Unit · Bullshit Generator
Instanzia · Ghosts
Monstrum · Imperium zapomnienia
Near · The Opening of the Primordial Whirl
Odyssey · Reinventing the Past
Pain Link · Descendants of Defiance
Promethium · Welcome to the Institution
Tetsuo Chema · Year of the Dog
Tortharry · Beneath
Voiceless Void · Songs of Black Roses
Yngwie J. Malmsteen · Relentless
11-21Desire of Pain · Fragments of a Crystalized Absence
Focus Indulgens · The Past
Kill or Be Killed · II: the Crucible
Severe Storm · Follow the Paths of Darkness...
11-20Absenta · Under the Sight of Mulhacen
Butcher · Welcome to the Night
Dark Reflexions · Beyond Obscurity
El Comer Ocho · Clinical Life - Chemical Lie
Emerald · Re-Forged
Falgar · Beyond the Fading Stars
Impaled Nazarene · Road to the Octagon
Prematory · Suiciety
Satanic Impalement · Nocturnal Blasphemies
Senmuth · Культ Меритсегер
Silver Ocean Storm · Architect of the Dying Sun
Warblade · World War IV
War Injun · Tribal Eulogy
11-19Faanefjell · Trollmarsj
Grand Sermon · Massive Domain
Ivory Night · The Healing
Maxxxwell Carlisle · Speed Force
Metal Inquisitor · Unconditional Absolution
Oconnor · Río extraño
Phantasma · Book of Phantasma
Philosopher · Keep Dancing! Music Will Come from Somewhere
Poison Sun · Virtual Sin
Sebastien · Tears of White Roses
The Shadow Theory · Behind the Black Veil
Slagduster · Nature. Humanity. Machine.
Slain · Here & Beyond
Sodom · In War and Pieces
Suicidal Angels · Dead Again
Tilt X · Resurrection
Transcending Bizarre? · The Misanthrope's Fable
Violet Sun · Loneliness in Supremacy
Сергей Маврин · Моя свобода
11-18Korrosiah · Creepy Feelings
Rimthurs · Svartnar
11-17Abyssphere · Тени и сны...
Cohol · 空洞
HB · The Jesus Metal Explosion
Hostile Monarch · Nomino Supremus Peccatum
Hydria · Poison Paradise
King Bong · Alice in Stonerland
Memest · Lucky Dead Man
Nebelsarg · Grabwächter
11-16Caliber 666 · Blood Fueled Chaos
Desecresy · Arches of Entropy
Dub Buk · Мертві сорому не ймуть
Fueled by Fire · Plunging into Darkness
Mordgrund · Omnia Intereunt
11-15Altar of Sin · The Damned Dogs from Hell
Arsames · Immortal Identity
Basement · Basement
Bled Dry · This World Is Hell
Calm Hatchery · Sacrilege of Humanity
Def/Light · Hateforhateone
Drowning the Light · Catacombs of Blood
Emptiness Soul · Emptiness
Hate · Erebos
Icewind · Again Came the Storm
The Meads of Asphodel · The Murder of Jesus the Jew
Purification Kommando · Nuklear Ritual
Remember · A Gama do Vazio
Solefald · Norrøn livskunst
Tarantula · Spiral of Fear
Total Genocide · SatanNoiseVomitChaos
Visual Cliff · Collective Spirit
11-14Absorb · Dealing with Pain
Beer Bear · Мёд (Honey)
Equinox · A Child Was Born of the Underworld
Erimha · Irkalla
Little Dead Bertha · Angel & Pain
Tension Collapsed · Tension Collapsed
11-13Aurica · Pride of Immortals
Caput Cruentus · In Memorium
Hord · The Waste Land
Nimbatus · Cyclus Two
Obsidian Chamber · Der Gesang der Fliegen
Калевала · Ведьма
Тайны Затмения · Небо в нас
11-12Alkehol · Pojďme se napít
Animi Vultus · Fragments
Any Face · The Cult of Sickness
Damnation Defaced · Beyond the Pale
Darkwater · Where Stories End
Defloration · Abused with Gods Blessing
Die Knappen · Auf Kohle geboren
General Chaos · Calamity Circus
Gräfenstein · Skull Baptism
Negation · Exiled from Eden
Obscurity · Tenkterra
Postmortem · Seeds of Devastation
Refleshed · Collapse
Sapiency · Fate's End
Senmuth · Expanding Architecture
Signum Regis · The Eyes of Power
Spanking Hour · Revo(so)lution
This Time It's War · Terror Plots
Tuck from Hell · Thrashing
Vogelfrey · Wiegenfest
Zeno Morf · Wings of Madness
11-11Aniroe · Alef Mem Shin
Blasdead · The Past and the Future
C-300 · Наказание ангела
Hawk Eyes · Modern Bodies
Icethrone · Beggar's Song
Infection Code · Fine
Lemuria · Chanson de la Croisade
Mirrordead · Memories Bring Pain
Rellik · Victorious
Stonehand · New World Order
Tonic Breed · On the Brink of Destruction
Túrin Turambar · Corona Regni Satanæ
11-10Anguished · Cold
Durhaka · Queen of Darkness
Evangelivm · Nightside of Eden
Hellveto · Wiara, nadzieja..., potępienie
Kroatoan · The Immolation Doctrine
Lord Symphony · Bharatayudha Part 1
Lucky Funeral · The Dirty History of Mankind
Massemord · The Madness Tongue Devouring Juices of Livid Hope
My Funeral · Carnal Obduction
Protolith · Light
Tarantist · Distorted Brains - Including Songs from Tarantism and TarantiXXX
Valoton · Beastificate
11-09Borgne · Entraves de l'âme
Creation's End · A New Beginning
Dark Lunacy · Weaver of Forgotten
Dark Sea Dream · Dark Sea Dream
Ehnahre · Taming the Cannibals
Forteresse · Par hauts bois et vastes plaines
Gwar · Bloody Pit of Horror
Hollow Leg · Instinct
Iugulatus · Call of the Horned God
Neige et Noirceur · La Seigneurie des loups
The Ocean · Anthropocentric
Place of Skulls · As a Dog Returns
S.A. Adams · Unearthed
Salome · Terminal
Sargeist · Let the Devil In
Underoath · Ø (Disambiguation)
11-08Aborym · Psychogrotesque
Atheist · Jupiter
A Winter Lost · Weltenende
Deathspell Omega · Paracletus
Evil One · Militia of Death
Humanfly · Darker Later
Nordheim · Lost in the North
Obsolete Tomorrow · Beauty Through Chaos
Warlord U.K. · Evil Within
Xtrunk · Full Confession
11-07The Aquarius · Эра рассвета
Kjaftur · Perpetual Solitude
Абордаж · Спокойная жизнь - не для нас
11-06Akelei · De zwaarte van het doorstane
Forlis · Tissue of Life
Lycergus · Summoning
Scumfusion · Garage Grind Days & Z-files
11-05Aegror · De Morbis
Allen - Lande · The Showdown
Ansoticca · Rise
Beyond Light · Eclipsed Sun Path
Black Hawk · Straight to Hell
Blood Thirsty Demons · Misanthropy
Darkenhöld · A Passage to the Towers...
Feigur · II, Desolation
Forgotten Tales · We Shall See the Light
Haradwaith · Creating Hell
Helstar · Glory of Chaos
Hierophant · Hierophant
Jack Havoc · BrokenMiddleFingerPaint
Legion of Gomorra · Till Death Defeats Us
Mindfold Express · Drawbacks & Benefits
Superbia · Overcoming the Pain
11-04Eterna Penumbra · Nuestra vacía existencia
Hunted · Welcome the Dead
Mystons · Alkaem
Pearly White · Alive, Happy and Vild
Psychostatus · A Path to Remember
Август · За чертой
11-03Crystal Lake · Into the Great Beyond
Insolence · Project Konflict
Machinae Supremacy · A View from the End of the World
Misantropical Painforest · Firm Grip of the Roots
M.S. · A' venit băieții!!!...
Peshmerga · Murderous Acts of Cruelty
Stolthet · Intoleranz
Tierra Santa · Caminos de fuego
11-02Bastardi · El Rancio Abolengo De La Transubstanciación
Defuntos · Luto Perpétuo
Diesto · High as the Sun
Holy Mary's Blowjob · Fuck the Divine Blood
Mother Leeds · Apocalypse
Necrite · Sic Transit Gloria Mvndi
Rauhnåcht · Vorweltschweigen
Red Front · Memories of War
The Roller · Wasted Heritage
The Undergrave Experience · Macabre - Il richiamo delle ombre
Viral Encephalitis · Carcass de guerre
Yaolli · Tu dios no es mi dios
11-01Altars of Sin · Hail Goat Lord
Artificial Fear · The Legend of Zelda: Metal
Artillerie · Eradefiled
Asleigh Stake · Another Fall Alone
Beto Vazquez Infinity · Existence
Bloodwritten · Thrashin' Fury
Cathexia · Thanks God for the Suffering
Cough · Ritual Abuse
Cradle of Filth · Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa
Electric Wizard · Black Masses
Elitaria · Ngc 666 (New Galaxies Catalogue 666)
Gholes · Coexistence
Heavyness · The Open Gates of Hell
Henker · Slave of My Art
La Cuenta · La gentilezza del serpente (Prima senti i sonagli, dopo arriva il veleno)
Leichenbrand · Fabrikat Fleisch
Moses Bandwidth · Final Sacrifice
Musth · Padjelanta
Necroslut · Black Deceiver
Nvrvd · A Grain Thrown in the Sandbox
Omajinaakoos · Omajinaakoos
Saint Avarice · The Disease You Breed
Senmuth · The World's Out-of-Place Artefacts I
Senmuth · The World's Out-of-Place Artefacts II
Spires · Spiral of Ascension
Star One · Victims of the Modern Age
Stench · In Putrescence
Tromacide · Rated R for Radiation!
Victimizer · Tales of Loss and New Found Serenity
Waterland · Virtual Time
Weapon · From the Devil's Tomb
Windfaerer · Tribus
Wyrms · Aashanstys - Rêves et peines d'un misanthrope
11-??Absolute Terror Field · The Hedgehog's Dilemma
Acid Witch · Stoned
Acrania · Unbreakable Fury
Amen Corner · Leviathan Destroyer
Arsanal · Prisoner in a Chamber
At Domine · Time for the Music
Blackdeath · Katharsis: Kalte Lieder aus der Hölle
Black Hate · Remains of My Life
Blizaro · City of the Living Nightmare
Bloody Clerks · No Sun After the Storm
Bodies in Barbwire · Barbwire Butchery
Bombs of Hades · Chambers of Abominations
Boreal Wind · Ultima Thule
Burning Leather · Daylight Nights
Crucifiction · Portals to the Beyond
Death Saw · Blood Avenger
Deformity BR · AnthroposDeadGoreDisgustingPhagia
Desultory · Counting Our Scars
Dhishti · Decease
Dragora · Dragora
Entorn · The Ominous Mind
Exultet · I soldati della croce
Graveyard Dirt · For Grace or Damnation
Hellmouth · Gravestone Skylines
Illidiance · Damage Theory
Inquisição · Reborn
In the Name of God · People Killed Jesus
Khous · Loturak
Lethal · Inyección lethal
Lived Devil · Borderline
Lord Piggy · El niño mostro
Lyraka · Vol.1
Mahatma · Gilgamesh
Manierisme · 過去と悲哀 (The Past and Sorrow)
Mindfist · Ocean of Acrimony
Mordaehoth · Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart
Nemesis Irae · Blasphemy - Desecration - Satanic Supremacy - Misanthropy
Of the Gods · And So It Begins
Olocausto · Sadistic Violation of Human Rights
Pride Subject · Pride Subject
Sabaium · Connection Lost
Sonitus Mortis · Todesklänge
SoulLine · The Struggle, the Self and Inanity
Spiritus · Beauty of Death
Sun Devoured Earth · End of Hope
Torso Ripper · Atrociously Butchered
Vexatus · Tortura
Vicarivs Filii Dei · Index Librorum Prohibitorum
Warzy · State of War
Ê · Igigis
Świniopas · Eat Pizza or Die
Одержимость · Хозяин зла
Пилигрим · Марта
10-31A Cloud Forest · Through the Eyes of the Ambivalent
Alieson · Wizard ~混沌を統べる魔術師と月虹の傀儡~ Anastasis
Apostate · Trapped in a Sleep
Archon · The Ruins at Dusk
Asriel · 薔薇の棺に太陽は在らず
Blood Edition · Cutting the Director
Cabal Cripta · Cabal Cripta
Compound Terror · Beneath a Steel Sky
Cruzada · Revenants
Dominage · Take Off Your Mask
Druid Lord · Hymns for the Wicked
Elixir · All Hallows Eve
Empathie · :Z:Z:Z:
Ethelyn · Devilicious
Garden of Grief · The Last Days of the Sun
Headstone · The Higher Power
Helloween · 7 Sinners
Ingraved · Onryou
Inquisition · Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm
Kelelawar Malam · Kelelawar Malam
Laika · Crafting the Cataclysm
Martyrium · Awakening the Ancient
My Silent Wake · IV Et Lux Perpetua
Nokturnicon · Archetype of Darkness
(Rabbit) · I
Rosenkreuz · Genesis ~Tuzzy Muzzy~
Sincarnate · As I Go Under
Strings of Ares · Temple to Mars
Stygia · Anthems....
Verwüstung · When the Light Broke the Stars, Humanity Rejected Us
Vision Eyes · The Glorious Evolution
世の漆黒 · 二輪葬 -A Longinus Hermonia-
10-30Eden's Onslaught · Dimension 9
Exhausted Prayer · Worst of All Possible Worlds
Frozen Darkness · Frozen Darkness
Genius Ultor · Dzień nocy
The Legion of Hetheria · Neutra
Omniavatar · United Earth
Planks · The Darkest of Grays
Skull Incision · Alphabite
The Venting Machine · Six of Cups
Vulcanus · The Breath of a Corpse
10-29Andras · Warlord
Angband · Visions of the Seeker
Auringon Hauta · Muinaisia muisteloita, noita syntyjä syviä
Burn My Shadows · Havoc
Deathfist · Too Hot to Burn
Death of a Demon · Doomsday Euphoria
Epitimia · Four Truths of the Noble Ones
Evocation · Apocalyptic
Exciter · Death Machine
Facebreaker · Infected
Fejd · Eifur
Hatred · Destruction Manual
Legion · Legion
Lost Shade · Rückkehr nach Asgard
Magic Kingdom · Symphony of War
The Monk · Total Zen Madness
Mêlée des Aurores · Errances
The Oath · Self-Destructed
Pigskin · The Never Ending Black
Prime Sinister · Wish Me Hell
RandomWalk · Absolution
Ross the Boss · Hailstorm
The Sorrow · The Sorrow
Sorrows Path · The Rough Path of Nihilism
Thy Final Pain · Desire, Freedom and Confusion
Wolfmare · Hand of Glory
Изморозь · Избушка бабушки зомби
10-27Bellfast · Insula Sacra
Dark Ages · The Tractatus de Hereticis et Sortilegiis
Dead Shape Figure · The Disease of St. Vitus
Draugnim · Horizons Low
Exemption · Public Cemetery Party
Mourning Forest · De la vermine
Negativity · In Articulo Mortis
Skylark · 全部
Verjnuarmu · Lohuton
The 冠 · 最後のヘビーメタル ~Last of Heavy Metal~
10-26Conducting from the Grave · Revenants
Cripta Oculta · Rios que Correram... Rios que Secaram
Dååth · Dååth
Furze · Reaper Subconscious Guide
Gastrorrexis · Grotesque Human Disfigurement
Godcursed · Abyss
Gravewürm · Blood of the Pentagram
Horde Casket · Slab of Infinite Butchery
Katra · Out of the Ashes
Kill the Client · Set for Extinction
Krieg · The Isolationist
Lesbian · Stratospheria Cubensis
Sacred Oath · World on Fire
Tormenter · Pulse of Terror
Withered · Dualitas
10-25Archangel · The Story of My Immor(t)al Life
Breed · Another War
Diktatur · La voie du sang
Firewind · Days of Defiance
Horned Almighty · Necro Spirituals
Horse Latitudes · Gathering
Höstkänslor · Fear Reality
Kylesa · Spiral Shadow
Marasme · Mirroir
MortSubite · Mort Subite
MotherStone · Terror Is Over
Obsidian · Point of Infinity
Raising Fear · Eternal Creed
Svart Crown · Witnessing the Fall
Tank · War Machine
Valpurgis Night · Psalms of Solemn Virtue
Woslom · Time to Rise
The Wretched End · Ominous
10-24Heresiarch Seminary · Dark Ages of Witchery
Local I · Saturalia
10-23The Drunks · Death Dealer
Grotescolândia · Xou da Xuxa na Terra do Grotesco
Sarcous · Sacred Scars
Seamount · Sacrifice
Skeptical Minds · Skepticalized
Vidock · Faustum
Zero Degree · Surreal World
10-22Akrea · Lügenkabinett
Arktika · At Zero
The Burning · Hail the Horde
The Claymore · Damnation Reigns
Crystal Viper · Legends
Ease of Disgust · Chaos
Forbidden · Omega Wave
Hatenation · Blacklist
Holy Grail · Crisis in Utopia
Husere Grav · Husere Grav
Ichor · Benthic Horizon
Jimmy Strain · 사람이 사람에게
Neaera · Forging the Eclipse
Odd Crew · A Bottle of Friends
PowerWorld · Human Parasite
Schammasch · Sic Lvceat Lvx
The Seventh Gate · Random Antagonist Complex
Sin7sinS · Perversion Ltd.
Slough Feg · The Animal Spirits
Sole Method · The Way of the Descent
Soul Killing Female · Landmines
Stratosphere · Fire Flight
Total Death · Well of Madness
Virgin Steele · The Black Light Bacchanalia
The Wimps · Rock'n'Roll Trinity
10-21Below · St. Anthony's Fire
Cliteater · The Great Southern Clitkill
Insane · Preserve to Diverse
Lucifer's Legion · Orchestral Evolution
Misanthropic Art · Dream of the Dead
Myrkur · For the Death Of...
Myrkur · Tombdancer
10-20Amberian Dawn · End of Eden
Amethyst · In the Beginning
Buckethead · Captain EO's Voyage
The Conquering · Explorations in War and Truth
Crypt of Insomnia · Crypt of Insomnia
Demorian · Vikingpath
Eizo Japan · Super Anime Song - Legend of the 1990's
Lacrimacorpus Dissolvens · Oath
Moloch · Isolation der Essenz
Panychida · Měsíc, les, bílý sníh ~ Moon, Forest, Blinding Snow
Pryde · Absence of Light
Sacrario · Stigma of Delusion
Sarea · Alive
Senmuth · Синопсис: Запределье
Subhumanrace · Screaming, Hate Is Rising
Suthida Chairatananuwat · Journey to Truth
10-19Abominant · Where Demons Dwell
Amethyst · Tangled Web
Baptized in Blood · Baptized in Blood
Dimentianon · Collapse the Void
Goddamn Zombie · Handbook for the Recently Diseased
Jack Ketch · Bringers of the Dawn
Johnny Lökke · Promises and Lies
Marțolea · Noaptea dihăniilor
Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay · Devolution
Neverghen · Destiny Remains
Shit for Brains · Broken Vow
Wrath of the Weak · Solace
10-18Antichthon · Through the Rupture of Dimensions
Arckanum · Sviga læ
Aygan · Plastic City
Deep Nostalgia of Mortality · Memories of Nascent Despondency
Ebullition · Souless
Ghost · Opus Eponymous
Gödspit · We Are Godspit
Jumalhämärä · Resignaatio
Ketamine · Emergence Phenomena
Lordaeron · Sacrosanct
Necronaut · Necronaut
Сварун · Славиja
10-17Guillotine · The Cynic
10-16Damien's Trail of Blood · The Beginning of the End...
Guerra Total · Nuklear Zombie Division
Kistvaen · Unbekannte
Lycanthrophy · Lycanthrophy
Spirit of the Future Sun · The Constellation Park
10-157days · Into Forever
ABBand · Grizzly
Bane · Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness
Belenos · Yen sonn gardis
Burden · A Hole in the Shell
Chainfist · Black Out Sunday
Diamond Eyed Princess · Korlgueläal
Final Depravity · Nightmare 13
Gory Delivery · Conceived to Prevail
Michael Harris · Tranz-Fused
Mirror of Deception · A Smouldering Fire
Mistheria · Dragon Fire
The Mist of Avalon · Dinya
Nightmare · About to Explode
Our Last Enemy · Fallen Empires
Palkoski · Random Antagonist Complex
Raimund Burke · Christmas Classics
Severe Mutilation · Internal Putrefaction
Symphorce · Unrestricted
Synperium · Elemental Disharmony
Tombstones · Volume II
Vanderbuyst · Vanderbuyst
Warcry · Revenge in Blood
10-14Guillotine · Passion of Fire
Nerodia · Heretic Manifesto
Secrets She Kept · La fin absolue du monde
Sky's Shadow · Romeo & Juliet
10-13Aldious · Deep Exceed
Caught in the Between · Horse Metal
Echoes of Silence · Forever Mine
High Blood Pressure · Eclectic Memories
Infernal Kingdom · S.A.T.A.N.
Stygian Apothegm · The 1000 Year Journey
Torture of Hypocrisy · Random Perspectives of Reality
10-12Aeon Zen · The Face of the Unknown
All That Remains · ...for We Are Many
Altus Astrum · Antediluvian
Arson Anthem · Insecurity Notoriety
Blasfemador · A Meia Noite Levarei tua Alma
Dakrya · Crime Scene
Eye of Odin · Winterborn
Fracture · Simple Chaos
Gloomy Embody Abysmal · Suicidal Art
Halcyon Way · Building the Towers
Hæresiarchs of Dis · Denuntiatus Cinis
In the Presence of Enemies · Learning Curve
Intronaut · Valley of Smoke
Manticora · Safe
Mistery · See the Evil
Odz Manouk · Odz Manouk
Rapture Cabaret · Gates of Domination
Toxxic Toyz · Mutation
White Walls · Mad Man Circus
Woe · Quietly, Undramatically
Заповет · Рассвет нового дня / New Day Sunrise
Смута · Мор
10-11Alcoholic Rites · Alkomanifesto
Anaphora · Réalité virtuelle
Choronzon · Ziggurat of Dead Shibboleths
Cicatrix · Beloved in Killing
Deathhammer · Phantom Knights
Eosphorus · We Who Seen the Darkness
Guillotined · Souls Eternally Devoured
Hail of Bullets · On Divine Winds
Iron Attack! · Pre-Historic Eruption
Lamaw · Inclination of Repugnant Dismemberment
Manifest · Written in Blood
Mongo Ninja · Nocturnal Neanderthals
Orion Child · A New Dark Apology
Sadael · Secret Doctrine
Sylvus · Sylvus
Syrens Call · Raging Waters
UnSun · Clinic for Dolls
Whirlwind Storm · Inside the Dark Void
10-10Ancient Myth · Astrolabe in Your Heart
AstorVoltaires · Katan Nagantü
Auspex · Heliopause
Benighten Empire · Upon the Wretched and Blighted
Bức Tường · Ngày khác
Dom · I
Dynabyte · 2KX
Five Hundred Pound Furnace · Because You Like It Hard and Fast
Hangman's Chair · Leaving Paris
Imari Tones · Victory in Christ
Itk · Sügavik
Jute Gyte · Ritenour's Earth
Mass Burial · Eternal War
Masters of Orion · From the Stone
Mexicoma · Mexicoma
Mortiis · Perfectly Defect
My Sweet Torment · Seven
Nekrist · Dux Deus
Nocturnal Feelings · Radical Art
NYMF · Man's End
Outrage · Conspirator
Pessimist · Longaevus
Satani Infernalis · Chaos Legion
Sexocide · Dancing with the Scars
Sibelius · Classical Tendencies
Stolen Memories · The Strange Order
Swan Messiah · Languid Motion
We Are the Damned · Resurrection Plague
10-09Atra · Death Coven
Bushfire · Black Ash Sunday
Diminishment · Echelon 666
Flagellant · Monuments
The Kill Junkies · Steamroller
Scarificare · Perpetual Decline
Нечисть · Начало дороги
10-08Árstíðir lífsins · Jǫtunheima dolgferð
Asphagor · Havoc
Erazor · Erazor
Hadean · Parasite
In Viro · Gehorche! Fühle! Glaube!
Kirchenbrand · Krankheit Mensch
Negligence · Coordinates of Confusion
Pharao · Road to Nowhere
Stamina · Two of a Kind
Steorrah · An Eroticism in Murder
Tunes of Dawn · Goodbye Cruel World
10-07Akaname · Akaname
Dantalion · All Roads Lead to Death
Dreadnox · Dance of Ignorance
Ego Project · Ego II
Groan · The Sleeping Wizard
Rude Forefathers · Hate in Veins
Satanic Syndrome · Ein Traum in Rot
10-06Corroded · Exit to Transfer
Dalkhu · Imperator
Deafest · Earth Turned Skyward
Energy Strike · Extra Formation
Full Scale Conflict · Trials of Existence
Hateform · Origins of Plague
Senmuth · Ancientonica
The9thCell · Point Black Range - Act II - GlocapiTalization
10-05Achokarlos · Mind Landscapes
Captain Overboard--Radio Earth! · Captain Overboard--Radio Earth!
Dusted Angel · Earth Sick Mind
Feu Gregeois · Mortis Regnum – 1st Circle
Revolution Renaissance · Trinity
Scythia · ...of War
Unwritten Pages · Noah
10-04Creation's Tears · Methods to End It All
DeadSystem · Misery Within
Destrage · The King Is Fat'n'Old
Fetterdoppelmord · Fetterdoppelmord
HB · Pääkallonpaikka
Necrotize · Grievance
Orestea · Love Lines & Blood Ties
Primitai · The Line of Fire
Thy Endless Wrath · Satan Sword Owners
Легион · Невидимый воин
10-03Episode 13 · Death Reclaims the Earth
Past Redemption · Unleashed Emptiness
10-023rd Born Sun · 3rd Born Sun
Atlantean Kodex · The Golden Bough
Blind by Midnight · Black Lotus
Depths of Depravity · Inspirritation
Gaia Prelude · Another
Nihilo · Concordia Perpetua
Preludium · Impending Hostility
Scimitar · Black Waters
Stillness Blade · Break of the Second Seal - The Eternal Damnation
10-01Adorned Brood · Hammerfeste
Blackened Symphony · Eyes of Eternity
Cavus · Fester and Putrefy
Conspiracy · Irremediable
Crossed Streams · Somniphobia
Deathrical · Dark Saturnal
Dimenssion · Mundo diablo
Diocletian · War of All Against All
Empty Tremor · Iridium
Exiled · Afterimages
Fusnota · Fusnota
General Lee · Roads
God Defamer · Heavenly Hell
Golden Wolf · True Metal Is Back
Gonzalo Ponce · Agartha
Grave Digger · The Clans Will Rise Again
Hinsides · Universe Aspire in Mysticism
Howling in the Fog · Emasculated by Endless Unhappiness
In Arkadia · Wasteland Chronicles
Intangled · Morbid Illustrations
Lex Rhino · With a Little Help from Lucifer
Llyr · Two Years of Emptiness
Melechesh · The Epigenesis
Overload · The Imagery Process
Social Shit · LSD Sexxxperience
Spiritual Ravishment · Children of the Atom
Suffering Mind · Suffering Mind
Svartkraft · IV - Ruin
Unburial · Bellum Internecinum
Wolf im Schafspelz · Die Jagd beginnt
Епизод · Народът на Дуло
10-??Agathocles · This Is Not a Threat, It's a Promise
Ambryo · A Clockwork Called Retribution
Blind Horizon · The Parallax Theory
Bloodrain · Bloodrain IV: Hostis Humani Generis
Cesare Sannino · Trust Your Heart
Deal with It · Eyjafjallajökull
Death Chant · Among the Shadows
Deathstar · Golden Feathers
Die Toten kehren wieder mit dem Wind · Ich träume von Finsternis
Enough to Kill · Indelible Thoughts
Hatewanx · When Animals Attack
Holy Mary's Blowjob · Catolicalipsis
Hotroad · Insanity
InAllSenses · Hysterical Psychosis
Instinto D.C. · En el desierto
Joel Gregoire · Deranged Kids of the Electric Playground
Judgement · Sacrifice the Weak
Kataplexie · Blood Massacre
Kilcrops · Opus Dei
Krait · Ángeles
Manic Movement · Hot! Hot! Hot!
Materia · Sinister Aura
Megaton Leviathan · Water Wealth Hell on Earth
Morbid Desire · Morbid Desire
Nierty · Acolytes of the Descent
Obsidian Shell · Angelic Asylum
Palace of Worms · Lifting the Veil
Shadow Man · Dark Tales
Thou Shalt Fall · Flaming God
Total Hate · Necare Humanum Est
Towards Global Holocaust · Feuersturm
Tribe · Scream to Bleed
Ultratumba · La casa del escarabajo
Under the Sun · Man of Sorrow
Union of Sleep · Death in the Place of Rebirth
Unscathed · The Soul Asylum
Uzzhuaïa · 13 veces por minuto
Viscera/// · 2: As Zeitgeist Becomes Profusion of the I
Visceral Dissection · Scars of Perversions
Vollmond · The Crypt Under the Universe
Winter Depression · Eternal Sorrow of Mother Nature
Wojczech · Pulsus Letalis
Неизбежность · Был бы смысл...
Оракул · Исповедь ангела
09-30Cerebrum · Archangel
Fell Voices · Untitled (II)
Not Above Evil · Deification
09-29Blaspheme · Briser le silence
Cyphosis · To North and Under
D'erlanger · A Fabulous Thing in Rose
Deathchain · Death Gods
Entropia · Simetría
Evil Amidst · Lords of the Nine
Iron Fire · Metalmorphosized
Shatter Silence · Opening of the End
Sickhead · Death Is the Life We Are Living
Sighmä · Resurreccion
Svartrit · I
Svartrit · II
Svartrit · III
Syu · Crying Stars - Stand Proud!
09-28Abigail Williams · In the Absence of Light
Ancient Dome · Perception of This World
Black Anvil · Triumvirate
DistortedFate · Haunting
Elliott's Keep · Sine Qua Non
Flesh Consumed · Ecliptic Dimensions of Suffering
Grave Desecrator · Insult
Inner Response · Two of Me
October Tide · A Thin Shell
Pristina · The Drought (ov Salt and Sorrow)
Requiem Eternam · Visions of Eternity
Unearthly Trance · V
09-27The Batallion · Head Up High
Black Sun · Twilight of the Gods
Cataract · Killing the Eternal
The Crown · Doomsday King
Enslaved · Axioma Ethica Odini
Eventide · The Beast and the Machine
Funeral · Bendiciones de muerte
Halford · Made of Metal
In Tenebriz · Age of Superstition
James LaBrie · Static Impulse
Manslaughter · Prelude to Sonic Destruction
Nails · Unsilent Death
Sick to the Back Teeth · Full-Body Heartache
Sole Remedy · Apoptosis
Vegas Martyrs · Vancouver Missing Women
Warmblood · Timor Mortis
09-26Ahna · Ahna
Galeon · Вечность, данная на время...
Kill the Easter Rabbit · Apokatastasis
Kunvuk · Immute: Jackals
Mertcurich · Total Destruction
Schrei aus Stein · Tsisnaasjini
Tempting Tragedy · Descent into Madness
09-25Downstroy · One Size Fits All
Elmsfire · Thieves of the Sun
High Rise Fall · Morbide Unterhaltungsmusik
Meatshank · Scavengers
Northsky · Cry of the Woodlands
Yexotay · The Dark Window
09-24Anno Domini · Atrocities
A Traitor like Judas · Endtimes
Bloodattack · Rotten Leaders
Circle II Circle · Consequence of Power
Dimmu Borgir · Abrahadabra
Enoch · Tenebra
Ground Control · Dragged
Heathen Foray · Armored Bards
Incursed · Morituri
Jutta Weinhold · Read Between the Lines
Kingfisher Sky · Skin of the Earth
Kiske / Somerville · Kiske / Somerville
Leptotrichia · The Repository
Nion · Firebird
Rorcal · Heliogabalus
Sign of Decay · We Don't Give a Fuck
Soulspell · The Labyrinth of Truths
Thaurorod · Upon Haunted Battlefields
Third Eye · Wrong Turn
Unlight · Sulphurblooded
Vonn · Victim One: Ecstacy
電気式華憐音楽集団 · Mindead Blood ~Original Sound Track~
09-23Blodwen · Black Symphony
Matan S.A. · Parte I: La matanza está por comenzar
Pastore · The Price for the Human Sins
Redeemer · Global Exorcism
Uvikra · Uvikra
Мастер · VIII
09-22At No End · Urban Holocaust
Codex Alimentarius · The Infinite Growth Paradigm Verses Finite Resources
Galmet · Hellmet
Kältetod · Reue
Kältetod · Talpfade
The Man-Eating Tree · Vine
Metal Safari · Prisoner
Élan · Nostalgia and Perdition
09-21Dawnbringer · Nucleus
Decimation · The Undead Shall Inherit
Der Rache liebt · Possessed by R:666
Ego Fall · Inner M
Morgoth Gates · Disciples of Darkness
Orchid's Curse · Voices: The Tales of Broken Men
Pogrom · The Wolf in the Fog
Tyrant of Death · Blood Lust
Warchetype · Ancestral Cult of Divinity
09-20Chemical Assault · Rotten Planet
Crushing Blow · Cease Fire
Drudkh · Пригорща зірок (Handful of Stars)
El Duce · God
Heonia · Winsome Scar
Hybris · Tras el cristal
Lustre · A Glimpse of Glory
Misanthropia · Slang des doods
Natrach · Devolution Manifest
Nebulah · Down of Knowledge
Shihad · Ignite
Silent Line · One Body Blade
Sjodogg · Ode to Obscurantism
Vastator · Machine Hell
Натиск · Волчьи слёзы
09-19Lykauges · Swan Song
Scar for Life · It All Fades Away
09-18Bestialized · Bestial Flags of Evilution
Spellbreaker · Manifest Destiny
Tengger Cavalry · 血祭萨满 / Blood Sacrifice Shaman
Thromos · Alte okkulte Macht
Violent Demise · There's No Kill like Overkill
09-179MM · Champagner, Koks & Nutten
Amorphis · Magic & Mayhem - Tales from the Early Years
Angantyr · Svig
Anthriel · The Pathway
Asylum Escape · These Wretched Bones
Athorn · Phobia
Black September · The Forbidden Gates Beyond
Brutally Deceased · Dead Lovers' Guide
Condemned · A Dying Art
Deus Inversus · Mastery over the World
Dyster · Le cycle sénescent
Elvenking · Red Silent Tides
Hammurabi · The Extinction Root
Hero's Last Rite · Inevitable Is the End
Malpertuus · Doodbrenger
Mindsplit · Charmed Human Art of Significance
Perishing Mankind · The Heritage
Shadowblade · Frozen Serenity
Spewgore · Breakneck Therapy
Starve · Wasteland
Steeleyes · Fire and Gasoline
Stigmatic Chorus · Symposium
Therion · Sitra Ahra
Tommy Vitaly · Just Me
Vertebrae · Por el aire
09-16Buckethead · Spinal Clock
Lugubre · Supreme Ritual Genocide
09-15Darkkam · Despierta
Decision · The Unholy Days of Slaughter
Doppelgänger · Voyage of the Homeless Spies
Dusks Embrace · The Twilight Enigma
Extorian · Truth & Silky Rags of Cant
Haqq-Ed-Dumm · Apostasía
Heaving Earth · Diabolic Prophecies
Hevisaurus · Hirmuliskojen yö
Ixtaukayotl · Bicentenario
Kabalah · Вечная чернь
Lordi · Babez for Breakfast
Magnus · Acceptance of Death
Marchen Station · Cocktail of Dream
Moon · Lucifer's Horns
Non Opus Dei · Eternal Circle
Senmuth · Сердцевина
09-14The Absence · Enemy Unbound
Arsenic Addiction · An Undertaker's Lament: Dedicated from the Living to the Dead
Beyond Salem · Fallen Angels
Dawn of Ashes · Genocide Chapters
Elegia · Destruction Will Be Ours
Final Bombs · There Is No Turning back
Flotsam and Jetsam · The Cold
Kamelot · Poetry for the Poisoned
Red Giant · Dysfunctional Majesty
System Divide · The Conscious Sedation
These Are They · Disposing of Betrayers
Valient Thorr · Stranger
Vanisher · The History of Saints
09-13Ankhagram · Where Are You Now
DunkelNacht · Atheist Dezekration
Eastern Front · Blood on Snow
Goat the Head · Doppelgängers
Melancholy · Organics - Ashes of Faith
Morbid Theory · Harbinger
Necroxorcist · Possessed by Hell
Nordward · Северные ветра
Prosanctus Inferi · Pandemonic Ululations of Vesperic Palpitations
Vulture Industries · The Malefactor's Bloody Register
Zombiefication · Midnight Stench
09-12Potmos Hetoimos · Agatha
Vaginal Bear Trap · Slow Jams
09-11Asterion · Zerzura
Chemi-Kill · Extinction Is Permanent
The Everscathed · Still Screaming World
Myrrdin · Bróga Fram Ánne Ealdne Geárdagas
Sweet Crystal · 3
Todfeind · Umgeben von Schatten
Warforged · The Black Age of Light's Fall
Откровения Дождя · Эманация ненависти
09-10Changer · Darkling
Cone of Silence · Inside
Dark Sphere · Ophiuchus
Divine Profanity · Violent Blasphemy
Drunken Bastard · Fuck the Mainstream - We Are the Mainstream
Eva Can't · L'enigma delle ombre
Forever Blind · Where the Sun Revives
Monobrow · Monobrow
Mysticism · Retalation 666
Ozzy Osbourne · Scream
Swashbuckle · Crime Always Pays...
Volbeat · Beyond Hell / Above Heaven
09-09Divination · The Age of Man
Krüger · Только для белых душою... (Ордамор. Часть 2)
Mourner · Mourner
Nostrea Mortis · Abyss/Spirale
Offal · Macabre Rampages and Splatter Savages
Protestant · Judgements
Scorngrain · Utopia.Paranoia.Perversions!
Senmuth · Музыка странствий
09-08A Little Magic · A Little Magic
Legenda · Apám nevében
09-07The Ageless Relics · A State of Lost Cause and Effect
Auto-de-Fe · Стихия
Bastarth · Злато солнце, уходящее на закат пленящий
Gnaw Their Tongues · L'arrivée de la terne mort triomphante
Helmet · Seeing Eye Dog
Night Heir · Wind in My Dream Mist in My House
Vex · Thanatopsis
Wizardrone · The Warning
09-06Chronocide · The Solitude of Man
Diskreet · Engage the Mechanicality
Fury UK · A Way of Life
Hyling · Lethargy
In Lingua Mortua · Salon des Refusés
QuarterBlind · The Root of Affliction
09-05Animica · But Time Never Mattered
Life's Decay · Dyssera
Небокрай · На рубеже
09-04Aenygmist · Creation Born of Trauma
Gazdasgrind · Gazdovská veselica
Nocturnal Depression · The Cult of Negation
Ravok · Ravok
09-03Ars Diavoli · Clausura
Blutmond · Thirteen Urban Ways 4 Groovy Bohemian Days
Death Angel · Relentless Retribution
Fear the Setting Sun · Fear the Setting Sun
Generals Gathered · Doomestic Abuse
Melankoly · The Gospel
The Red Shore · The Avarice of Man
Senmuth · Воссоздание бесконечности
Wortmord · Wortgeburt
09-02Brigantia · Anima Vitae
Cardinal · Black Dawn
Крылья · Осколки былой веры
09-01Acid Drinkers · Fishdick zwei - The Dick Is Rising Again
Action · Silence Is the Enemy
Boss Keloid · Angular Beef Lesson
Danishmendt · Un passé aride
Dark Metamorphosis · Kingdom Gone
Dawn of Division · Tears of the Ocean
Decayed · Chaos Underground
Dictated · Summary of Retribution
K.O.C · Morbid Lust
Körgull the Exterminator · War of the Voivodes
Machinergy · Rhythmotion
Moottörin Jyrinä · Moottörin jyrinä
Pagan Megalith · Ólomharangok
Riotor · Beast of Riot
Shellfin · Secondhand Family
Sküll Hammer · Pay It in Blood
Underpain · Endless Circle
Warship · The First Wave
Watchmen · Nowhere to Hide
Web Ones · WO
Zaklon · Услед змёрзламу сонцу...
09-??Absorbed · Insurrection Zero 9
Adrenicide · War Begs No Mercy
Authority Crisis · Worldwide Crisis
Axevyper · Axevyper
Balrog · A Dark Passage
Barzah · Reflections of Emptiness
Black Witchery · Inferno of Sacred Destruction
Bokrug · El matamuertos
Broken Bones · Fuck You and All You Stand For!
Brutal Rebirth · Death Row
By the Patient · Servants
Co-Exist · Violent Intentions Begin with Slow Incisions
Crepusculum · Visions of the Apocalypse
Crystalic · Persistence
Cyanosis · Perpetuation of Eradication
Demented · Fields of Suffering
Devastator · Nocturnal Slut
Devoid · A God's Lie
Drums Are for Parades · Master
Dusk Chapel · A Passage to Forever
Dynasty · Warriors of the King
Epilepsia · Human Race Extermination
Evil Shepherd · Sowing Death
Fecal Body Incorporated · Pathogenesis
Gammadion · Enemy at the Gates
Grimblade · Trapped in the Dark
Gverr · Failed Philosophy
Hidden Time · Fake Life/Real Pain
Hinsidig · I en tidløs høst
Jesus Chrystler · Burn in Heaven Serve in Hell
The Juliet Massacre · Pray for an Afterlife
Liquid Earth · Rock & Roll Experience
Luctus' Hydra · Blasphemous War
Malveillance · Consentir à l'absurde
Marseille · Unfinished Business
Matus · Más allá del sol poniente
Medea Rising · We Were Never Meant to Be
Methadol · Anger in Me
Minority Sound · Analysis
Mourning Lenore · Loosely Bounded Infinities
Nanowar of Steel · Into Gay Pride Ride
Noctum · The Seance
Nox Illunis · In Sideris Penumbra
Offending · Human Concept
Opresor · Fiebre de guerra
Perditor · Divine Riddles
Perverse Molestation · Sadistic Way of Intense Perversion
Purulent Jacuzzi · Vanished in the Cosmic Futility
Requiem Aeternam · Destiny-Man
Rex Devs · Nosce te Ipsum
Sammsara · ...with Damage
The Secret · Solve et Coagula
Serenius · Coming from Serenius
Tattered Soul · Die Zerstörung des menschlichen Seins
Thanathron · Thanathron
Visceral · Macabra realidad de caos y letargo
Vranorod · Vranorod
Warsaw · Surf Maracuja
Wilde Jagd · Wilde Jagd
Wino · Adrift
Witchunter · Crystal Demons
末裔 · 末裔 (The Last Successor)
08-31AntHill · Volume I (Leaving the Anthill)
The Autumn Offering · The Autumn Offering
Borean Dusk · Borean Dusk
Braced for Nails · Icons Above All Others
Cephalic Carnage · Misled by Certainty
Disgusted · Thorns over the God's Crown
Drünken Bastards · Horns of the Wasted
Ensireal · March of Empty Pattern Words
For Today · Breaker
Hero Destroyed · Throes
Houwitser · Bestial Atrocity
Infernaeon · Genesis to Nemesis
Plutonian Shore · Ave Mysterium
Redsky · The Circle of Blood
Tarja · What Lies Beneath
Within the Ruins · Invade
08-30Cold Empire · From the Ashes of the Empire
Dagoba · Poseidon
Denouncement Pyre · World Cremation
Gorgonea Prima · Black Coal Depression
Letargy Dream · Гелиополис
Mar de Grises · Streams Inwards
M.o.s.s.a.D · Gods of War
Otargos · No God, No Satan
Parasytic · Poison Minds
Sideris Noctem · Wait till the Time Is R.I.P.
Stoned Jesus · First Communion
Vitam et Mortem · Death Metal 666 (Invoking the End)
Weak Aside · Ghostleader
Xulub Mitnal · Ba'ate'il
08-29Akem Manah · The Testament of Sealant Mound
08-28Back from Ashes · 261
Crystal Mess · Worms of the Earth
Disfigure the Insane · Ouroboros
Orphan · Decapitated Lovers
Sceptrum · Fim dos Dias
Sungoddess · Akumu / 悪夢
Synapse Defect · Basal Taxon
08-27The Atrocity Exhibit · Damned and Blasted
Dark Tribe · Archaic Visions
Deus Otiosus · Murderer
Ghost Machinery · Out for Blood
Indicator · Drowning of a Culture
The Lightbringer · Quintessence of Dawn
Made of Hate · Pathogen
Manahan · Commence
Nightfall · Astron Black and the Thirty Tyrants
Obszön Geschöpf · Symphony of Decay
Painful Truth · Rise and Fall
Shadowgarden · Ashen
Shadyon · Mind Control
Sonic Syndicate · We Rule the Night
Tristmoon · The Dungeon
Warceremony · The 7 Sermons to the Dead
Адамант · Кровь рассвета
08-26Centicore · Insanium
De-Illumination · Onibarjo
Juan Ayestas · Sail to the Void
Koresh · Crippledriver
Mad Mav · Life Is So Amoral
08-25Droomstyyg · Transsylvanian Metal/Rehearsal One
Eizo Japan · Eizo Japan 3 太陽がまた輝くとき
Marty Friedman · Bad D.N.A.
NN~Dura · Ehimetal
Spiritual Beggars · Return to Zero
Takamiy · Fantasia
Tristania · Rubicon
Карачун · Daimon Borealis
08-24Black Sleep of Kali · Our Slow Decay
Christian Mistress · Agony & Opium
Diluvian · Epidemic
Embryonic Devourment · Vivid Interpretations of the Void
Her Suffering · Walk Through the Ashes of a World Without Light
Malevolent Creation · Invidious Dominion
Paralyzer · Turn the World Red
Pathfinder · Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time
Sheavy · Disfigurine
Sungod · First Matter
The Sword · Warp Riders
08-23Ancestral Stigmata · The Second Son of God
Andromorphus Rexalia · Cosmic Collision into the Fifth Dimension
Azordon · Nocturnal Conquest
Delirium Bound · Delirium, Dissonance and Death
Ethereal Blue · Essays in Rhyme on Passion & Ethics
Karnak · Dismemberment
Mutilated Messiah · Total Fucking Slaughter
Nocturna Perambulant in Tenebris · Death Dawn
Sahg · III
Seven the Hardway · Seven the Hardway
Völva · Völva
Witchrist · Beheaded Ouroboros
08-22Blacksword · The Sword Accurst
08-21Antim Grahan · Putrefaction Eternity
Appalachian Winter · I Become the Frozen Land
Crimson Milk · The Milky Way
Dehumanizer · Prelude to Destruction
Delta · Deny Humanity
Demise of Gideon · The Demise of Gideon
Final Stage · Game Over
Headon · Rabia y corazón
Human Parasite · Proud to Build the Insidious Catastrophe
08-20Accept · Blood of the Nations
Adramalech · Winter Almanac
Antidepressive Delivery · The Best of Antidepressive Delivery
Apocalyptica · 7th Symphony
Arkhum · Anno Universum
AX · Empire
Caricatures · Fire in the Womb
Cephalic Impurity · Unique Brute Revival
Dark Order · Cold War of the Condor
Desolation · IV
Embodied · Perception Perverse
End of Green · High Hopes in Low Places
Harkonin · Detest
Lunarin · Duae
Screaming Forest · Jesus=Whore
The Showdown · Blood in the Gears
Torture Squad · Æquilibrium
08-19Deep-pression · An Endless Sea
Haggatha · Haggatha II
Heirdrain · Mind Distortion
08-18Abigail · Sweet Baby Metal Slut
Raging Steel · Guilty as Charged
Satanic Warmaster · Nachzehrer
Timo Rautiainen · En oo keittäny enkä myyny
08-17Angelic Viscera · Angelic Visera
Antagonist · World in Decline
Battlecross · Push Pull Destroy
The Burial · The Winepress
Decimation · Anthems of an Empyreal Dominion
Desekratewhore · Illusions in the Mist
Failed · A Series of Setbacks
Knights of the Abyss · The Culling of Wolves
The Last Felony · Too Many Humans
Morbid Fog · Αγγελων αποκαληθωσις
Retaliation · Seven
Scattered · Introspection
Suicidal Anorexia · MHIIMB|MSBFAR
08-16Cleansing the Damned · Cleansing the Damned
Forgotten Tomb · Vol. 5: 1999-2009
Kaira · Late Stone Age
Nordica · El llamado de la noche
Profanatica · Disgusting Blasphemies Against God
Sorgerth · Biogenocide
Tales of Medusa · The Fatal Wounding Gaze
Von Goat · Septic Illumination
08-15Adversarial · All Idols Fall Before the Hammer
Amazon · Nature's Last Ride
Hate Meditation · Spiritual Awakening
Lightning · Five Rings
Oak · II
08-145150 · シンフォニック東方Ⅲ
5150 · 東方合体ゲンソウオー
As the Kingdom Falls · Approaching Armageddon
Benighten Empire · Awakening of the Old Gods
Binal Cord · Re:alize
Carbonic Acid · Melody of Blast
Crow'sClaw · Over the Rainbow
Iron Attack! · 嵐のハリケーン / Arashi no Hurricane
Jill's Project · Jupiter -The Absolute-
Liar Symphony · Acoustic, Alive, in Studio
Nigrante · Elysha
Siterium · Черновик
Sound Factory Carolina · 紅狼
Tempest · Passages
UI-70 · 幽霊楽団 ~ Phantom Ensemble
UI-70 · 法の世に妖の華咲き乱れ
Unlucky Morpheus · 猫吟鬼嘯
世の漆黒 · 旧約;眠れる夜に口づけを
六弦アリス · 独裁者ノススメ
少女病 · Seiren -彼方に謡う哀憐の姫-
少女病 · 告解エピグラム
神風小町 · 零式
08-13Bongripper · Satan Worshipping Doom
Erythrioblastosis Fetalis · Pulverizing Pelvic Regions
Eternal Mystery · Flesh Separation
The Extinct Dreams · Потустороннее сияние
Godphobia · Necrolust Madness
Iron Maiden · The Final Frontier
Kataklysm · Heaven's Venom
King of Asgard · Fi'mbulvintr
Krossbreed · 3 Cheers for the Misery
Labyrintheory · One True Path
Lacerta · Mind Processor
Mind Portal · 1/1
New Born Hate · Obsessed
Sacred 13 · Jagged Regrets
TBC · 28 Days
War Pestilence · Godsfuck Black Attack
Xerión · Cantares das loitas esquecidas
Zareptha · Misantropia
08-12Cerebral Bore · Maniacal Miscreation
Sadistik Forest · Sadistik Forest
08-11Angra · Aqua
Consciousness Removal Project · Do You Ever Think It's the End of the World?
Crash · The Paragon of Animals
Godless · Ecce Homo: Post Lux Tenebras, Pulsio XIII Ultima Ratio
Krypteia · Avodah Zarah
Misanthropian · A Torture of Your Own Design
Vinterskog · Wintry Landscapes
08-10Black Label Society · Order of the Black
Bonded by Blood · Exiled to Earth
David Thomazone · Echoes from a Heart of Scarecrow
Divine Incarnation · Judgment Against the Nations
Divinity · The Singularity
Echoes of Silence · Love Embraces Death
Grimorium Verum · Acnorajacal
Hades · Hades
Immaculate · Atheist Crusade
Kronotom · Über
Space Eater · Aftershock
Vindicator · The Antique Witcheries
Waking the Cadaver · Beyond Cops. Beyond God.
Yaotl Mictlan · Dentro del manto gris de Chaac
08-09Eisnebel · Anthems to the Rising Antisun
Korpblod · Norrön Megi
Massemord · Suicide Soundtrack
Pagan Rites · Embrace the Torments of Hell
Sidus Mortuorum · Endless Funeral
Thy Symphony · Harmonizing the World
Wolfshade · When Above...
08-08Afterzero · Dawn of Doom
BitterChupChupWeLose · BitterChupChupWeLose
The Fallacy · Beyond the Mist
Hak-Ed Damm · Nekrowristfucked
II · Requiem - Aux funérailles de l'humanité
Infernal Nature · Requiems of Misanthropic Wisdom
Lethargy of Death · Necrology
Moulk · Walking on the Moulk
08-07Bullpig · Let Us Rot
Kalodin · The Bestial Ritualism of Harlotry
Processo do Ódio · Perto do Fim
Undead · Beyond the Soul
Viathyn · The Peregrine Way
08-06Assassinator · Saint Death
Downslave · Cost of Freedom
Dragonsfire · Metal Service
Eternal Reign · The Dawn of Reckoning
Mizantropia · Вдоль пустынных аллей
Tauthr · Life-Losing
Unveils · Electric X-T-C
08-05Adrift for Days · The Lunar Maria
Alfa Eridano Akhernar · The Myth
Prometheus · Rebirth of a Universe
Sarcalogos · In the Name of the Christ Killer V. I & II
Serpents Rise · Serpents Rise
Six Foot Orchard · The Gods Have Forgotten You
Storhet av Morke · Grandeur of Eternal Cold
08-04K626 · The Gates of Necropolis
Kyoji Yamamoto · The Life Album
Sothoros · Flood the Stone
08-03All Out War · Into the Killing Fields
Bloodfrost · Possessed by Eternal Shadows
Fleshwrought · Dementia/Dyslexia
Incarnia · Proclamation
Ov Hollowness · Diminished
Wretched · Beyond the Gate
08-02Cease of Breeding · Sounds of Disembowelment
Dead Poetry · God Complex
Die Grauen Herren · Maschinentanz
Electric Red · In This Machine
Interment · Into the Crypts of Blasphemy
Obscure Infinity · Dawn of Winter
08-01Anubiz · Momentum
Ariday · Cruda realidad
Children of Glen · Bronescombe's Loaf
Clamfight · Volume I
Deities of Darkness · Enslaved by Time
Device · Antagonistic
Frakass · Mémoires acoustiques
Gigantor · Gigantor
Hairy Hole · In the Name of the Father, Satan, Hairy Spirit... Amen
Lucifugum · Xa Heresy
One Man Overture · Incarceration
Sadael · Essence
Skull Harvest · Stripperking
Statik Majik · Stoned on Musik
Urzamoth · Strength, Persistence, Achievement...
Коса · Грехоискушение
08-??Aggressor · Crisis
Animae Capronii · In Eternal Heaven of Silent Whispers
Asylum · Independent
Bastard Priest · Under the Hammer of Destruction
Beautiful Cafillery · It's Your Life It's Your Death
Behind the Mirror · Mors Tua Vita Mea
Blackhorned · Dark Season
Blood Drunk · Machine Made Flesh
Blow Up · Human-Sized Future
Canopy · Menhir
Chronaexus · Algedonic Awakening
Crude Bastard · United by Hate
Dark Wings Syndrome · Arcane
Dead Raven Choir · Schmerzensgewalt
Death Sound · A Story of My Western Borneo
Degree of Disorder · Degree of Disorder
Destroyer · Prepared for Discharge
Dopefight · Buds
Dunkelheit · Frozen in Eternity
Eliminator · The One They Were Waiting For
Enemy Logic · Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind
Eternal Journey · Threshold of Pain
Faraday's Cage · No Escape
Father's Face · Soundtrack for a Closing Light
Father Befouled · Morbid Destitution of Covenant
Fractured Insanity · Mass Awakeless
Funereus · Profane Rite of Morbid Glorification
Hats Barn · Primitive Humans Desecration
Hypnotica · La rebelión del ser
Incinerated Flesh · Breed of Godless Creation
Iron Jaws · Louder Is Not Enough
The Makai · Embracing the Shroud of a Blackened Sky
Maniac Butcher · Masakr
Mass · Fighter
Morgon · Eschon al' Hjertha del Valh
Nekrasov · Extinction
Nocturnal Degrade · Hymn to Eternal November
Orisha Shakpana · Spectral Duppymaan Black Metal
Pombagira · Baron Citadel
Powerless · Battle Hymns
Privilege of Approval · Sepsis | Lichtpest
Putrified J · Misery
Sick Violence · Metal Bitch
Sinners Burn · Insanity Warmachine
StarGazer · A Great Work of Ages
The Synics Awakening · The Dawn of Vengeance
Thoth · Zamglenie
Thy Hastur · The Ancients
Vaffen · Welcome to... 500 años
Vampires Razor · Vampires Razor
Virginia Clemm · Una eternidad de incertidumbre
Vit · -
Waking Chaos · Imminent Annihilation
Wipe Away · Punish and Reward
07-31Drachenord · The Order
Sightless View · Veiled by Eyesight
Steel Tormentor · Return of a King
Wizards · The Black Knight
07-30Advent of Bedlam · Behold the Chaos
Amagortis · Intrinsic Indecency
Demiurg · Slakthus Gamleby
Gloria Morti · Anthems of Annihilation
ID: Exorcist · Under a Ton of Ice
Krank · Ugly Right to the Bone
Metastasis · Buscando cadaveres
Osmi putnik · Tajna
Skullview · Metalkill the World
Vargrimm · Des Wolfes Zorn
We Are Wolf · Aeons
Winterhorde · Underwatermoon
07-29Benighted in Sodom · Death in Space
Blind Guardian · At the Edge of Time
Hideous Deformity · Defoulment of Human Purity
Oathean · Oathean
07-28Astaroth · Real Hate
Bibilic Blood · Pale Face Destroyer
Blindman · Re-rise
Essenz · KVIITIIVZ - Beschwörung des Unaussprechlichen
Pátek XIII · Videothrash
聖飢魔II · 悪魔 Relativity
07-27Ad Inferna · DSM
All Hallow's Evil · Under Dead Stars
Blood of Kingu · Sun in the House of the Scorpion
Darkseed · Poison Awaits
Decrepit Birth · Polarity
Gortuary · Awakening Pestilent Beings
Invasion · Orchestrated Kill Maneuver
Kaledon · Legend of the Forgotten Reign - Chapter VI: The Last Night on the Battlefield
Umbrtka · IVO
07-26Broken Melody · Mirroring Identities
Clavelklan · Clavelklan
Ebola · Nothing Will Change
Exhalation · Whorecaust
Gnais · Fear
Gôr Mörgûl · In the Sign of Blackness
Seven Horizons · Seven Horizons
Severe Outburst · The Shadow of Suffering
Skiltron · The Highland Way
Vagrond · Bleeding Fields
07-25Birch Mountain · Silence Is Complete
Impaled Bitch · Emblematic P.1
07-24Descention · A Ghost in the Woods
Egart · De Termine Ordinis
Homicyde · Taken
Injured · Ascend the Crown
Lavagoat · Lavagoat
Pissdolls · From Hollywood to Hell
The Tards · Guillotine
Victorius · Unleash the Titans
Сокира Перуна · Слово
07-23Astriaal · Anatomy of the Infinite
Garoted · Praise Hate, Praise Murder, Praise the Beast
Myrkvids Draumar · Кровь земли моей
Stonehaven · Of Oak and Iron
07-22Atomos · Resurrection
Disciple · Horseshoes & Handgrenades
07-21Amatris · Moments in Misery
A Transylvanian Funeral · The Outsider
Atrium Noctis · Home
Bayonet Hell · Bayonet Hell
Brulvahnatu · Last Living Dream
Dragon Guardian · 真実の石碑
Dual-Coma · Wake Me Up
Enema · Call It Anything
Mose Giganticus · Gift Horse
Mutant Supremacy · Infinite Suffering
Senmuth · Хиперперакион
Tombstones · Not for the Squeamish
07-20Allegaeon · Fragments of Form and Function
Azeroth · Historias y leyendas
Cause for Revelation · Resurrecting the Hostility
Early Man · Death Potion
Ethreum · Ancianos ritos
Impending Doom · There Will Be Violence
Inherit Disease · Visceral Transcendence
Must of Must · Liars! Ethics! Jackals! Aesthetics!
На Распутье · Upon the Abyss
07-19Blood Revolt · Indoctrine
Caladmor · Midwinter
Hell Darkness · Rockin' Underground
Horn of the Rhino · Weight of Coronation
Limbonic Art · Phantasmagoria
The Mark of Man · The Mark of Man
The NULLL Collective · De Monstris
Tyrant of Death · Connect
Winterfylleth · The Mercian Sphere
Witchcurse · Heavy Metal Poison
07-18Asspera · Hijo de puta
07-17Avatar · Sad Wings of Reality
Erythrioblastosis Fetalis · Infantile Digital Fibromatosis
Hommicide · Infernal Chaos
Infer · Sede Vacante Aeternum
Merciless Savage · Northern Desolate Wastelands
Placid Silence · Tides Are Turning
Prophets of War · Road to the End of the World
07-16Alex Masi · Theory of Everything
Bleeding Solitude · Forever Lifeless
Conquest Icon · Hellspire
Empires of Eden · Reborn in Fire
Fallen Angels · Engines of Oppression
George Bellas · The Dawn of Time
Gravity · Midnight Sonata
Holy Dragons · Runaway 12
Mad Max · Welcome America
Maltross · The Fantastic Planet
Nomad Son · The Eternal Return
Ossuaire · Mortes Fables
Painamp · Seraphim
The Prophecy²³ · the Pit
Skelator · Death to All Nations
Thy Art Is Murder · The Adversary
Tsorer · Return to Sodom
ØØPart · ...from Out III
07-154Fourty · I Am Human
Brotherhood · Bratstvo hromu
Ered · Goatworshipping Metal
Ossadogva · The Word of Abominations
Pneuma · Anomaly
Salamandra · Time to Change
Tanatossis · The Darkest Reflections
Total Annihilation · 84
07-14Artisian · A Plague on All Your Houses
The Cycle · Spectracks
07-13Angel Eyes · Midwestern
Eternal Decay · Beyond the Ties of Flesh
Goretrade · Mistaken Conception
Hell Within · God Grant Me Vengeance
Hellyeah · Stampede
Lords of Bukkake · Desorden y rencor
Mindwarp Chamber · Supernova
Satanic Saucepans · Helmetal
Seven Kingdoms · Seven Kingdoms
Theophagy · Theophagy
Turdus Merula · Herbarium
Upon Infliction · Inhuman... in Human
Zoroaster · Matador
07-12Arpeghy · Mi camino
Debt of Nature · Crush, Kill and Burn
Demonical Crisis Assembly · Open Fire
The Eyes of a Traitor · Breathless
Forlorn · The Rotting
Nadja · Sky Burial
Senmuth · Svara Tiras
Slechtvalk · A Forlorn Throne
Sons of Liberty · Brush-Fires of the Mind
07-11Infensus Inferi · Unrelenting Persuit of Annihilation
Mania · Mania
Orcus · Salvation for the Dark Spirits
07-10Drowning · Into Nothingness
Immer · Death March
Radar · Új hajnal
Severed Crotch · The Nature of Entropy
Takken · Takken
Valefor · Screams of Suicide
07-09Akem Manah · The Devil Is in All of You
Anubis Unbound · Treachery
Arranged Chaos · As Time Goes By
G2 Evolution · Reborn
Icy Steel · As the Gods Command
Insidious Disease · Shadowcast
Mirada de Angel · A vida o muerte
Neron Kaisar · Magnum Incendium
Propagating the Abomination · Chaos Apocalypse
Rattlehead · Tales from the Gutter
Samsara · Instinct over Influence
Soul Stealer · Feel the Steal
Ted Kirkpatrick · In the Shadow of the Masters
07-08Galdr · Wounded Giant
Grisâtre · L'Idée de Dieu
Truce · Salespitch for the Masses
07-07Arfsynd · Arfsynd
Beyond Hell · The Sleeper Awakens
Blind Illusion · Demon Master
Concerto Moon · Angel of Chaos
Crushing Axes · Member of the Unholy Society
Gormathon · Lens of Guardian
Hexenmeister · ...and Life in Insomnia
Likblek · Likblek
Lithuria · Pimps of the Living Dead
Ravenhelm · Runemal
Rubufaso Mukufo · ReMoLAB
Sqid · Dead-banging
Valdur · Raven God Amongst Us
07-06Cholernik · Nine Noble Virtues
Corpus Christi · A Feast for Crows
Gypsyhawk · Patience and Perseverance
Halo of Gunfire · Conjuring the Damned
Neftaraka · Eternal Harsh
Nero Order · The Tower
Netherbird · Monument Black Colossal
Pathology · Legacy of the Ancients
Synthetic Breed · Perpetual Motion Machine
Texas Hippie Coalition · Rollin'
07-05Agnes Vein · Duality
Algaion · Εχθρός
Anachronia · One Second Before...
Highway Killer · Lost Metal Tales
Nexilva · The Trials of Mankind
Solar Scream · Bare to the Bone
Vortex · Drink Bat Blood
Witchburner · Demons
07-04The Casket Crew · Somber Ceremony
Dark Forest of North · Döden skiljer oss åt
Og Tegnet · Vampir Weibchen
Paura · History Bleeds
07-03Corpse Knife · Mutilated Autopsy
Cryptic Death · Shadow from the Grave
The Curse of Her Flesh · The Curse of Her Flesh
Earthride · Something Wicked
Licht- und Schattensaiten · 2010
Psychotrain · Crossing the Threshold of Hell
Sleepbringer · Compendium
07-02Atis · ReSurgam
Burden of Grief · Follow the Flames
Constantine · Shredcore
Contrive · The Internal Dialogue
Destination: Empty · Ashes and Dust
Doomshine · The Piper at the Gates of Doom
Garleben · Hammonia
Harasai · The I-Conception
Iron Fate · Cast in Iron
Jorn · Dio
Minuetum · Haunted Spirit
Nitberg · Nagelreid
Rezet · Have Gun, Will Travel
Soilwork · The Panic Broadcast
State of Emergency · 政治迫害 (Political Persecution)
Titans Eve · The Divine Equal
07-01Aktiv Dödshjälp · Men allting har ett slut
Cardiac · La eterna juventud
Consummatum Est · Hypnagogia
Damien · OMG...We Survived a Horror Movie
Egality · Undulations
Hagl · Nearer to Victory
Hesper Payne · Unclean Rituals
Humiliation · Dawn of Warfare
Ice Dragon · The Burl, the Earth, the Aether
Lightless · Into the Haunted Heart of the Blacklands
Lordchain · What Is, What Was
Mad Mav · Claustrophobic
Mala Fide · Flucht
Mark B Schuster · Losing Faith
Morgawr · Blood Saga
Nuclear · Jehovirus
Replika · Élvezetek földjén
Sad · Abandoned and Forgotten
Sadael · Diary of Loss
Scarlet Moon · In Embraces ov Eternal Darkness
Sinisterite · Sinisterite
Sit at My Right Hand · Grant Me Peace
The Smell of Death · Welcome to Hell
The Unborn · The Second Birth Pt. III
Whipstriker · Crude Rock 'n' Roll
Wolfskin · Rise of the Lords
07-??Agrimonia · Host of the Winged
Annero · Annero
Antiquus Scriptum · Conclamatum Est
Athernum · Circus Misanthropy
Besieged · Victims Beyond All Help
Blindaje · La ruta
Bloodgut · Nekrologikum Evangelikum Pt. I: Zombie Reign 2666 A.D.
Cower · Land Before Time
Daargesin · Polarnacht
Dark Horizon · Angel Secret Masquerade
Demiurg · Signed by Evil
Demon · Demon
Demonium · Demonium
Disförijä · Grindo tėtis
Faderay · Sixth Sense
Foreverdark Woods · Grim Forest
Fortaleza · El ojo de la tormenta
Gorgatron · Torturetorium
Granulocytic Blastoma · Moments of Tarsotomy
Hanker · Conspiracy of Mass Extinction
Heavenside · Небо не оставит тебя
Kama-Mara · Mortal Angst
Kimaera · Solitary Impact
Kvasta · Barren Centuries
Legacy of Blood · Tyran horroru ciał
Lost Inside · Cold Days
Malignant Tumour · Earthshaker
Matter of Essence · Время сеять
Muerte por Mil Cortes · En el nombre del pánico
My Darkest Time · My Thoughts
Myrd · Myrd dig selv
Nutr · Ay Beten Gün
Open Mind · Diego Cazau's Open Mind
Shatter It All · Corporal Puzzle
Snakes Alive · Snakes Alive
Southern Discomfort · Confrontation
Sun Devoured Earth · Sun Devoured Earth
Terrorhorse · Unrequited and Unscathed
Venomin James · Crowe Valley Blues
Violent Omen · Infernal Express
Сны Бенджамина · Байки старого кота
Чорні Крила · Living Besides
06-30Aorlhac · La cité des vents
Barn Burner · Bangers
Doomsday · Superstition
Edenbridge · Solitaire
Keef · Stoned to Doom
Nox Aurea · Ascending in Triumph
Supplicium · Magna Atra Missa
Sühnopfer · Nos sombres chapelles
Towards End Rapture · Of Genius and Madmen
When Day Descends · When Day Descends
ΨThatΨ · Al-Azif
06-29And Hell Followed With · Proprioception
Bosse-de-Nage · Bosse-de-Nage
Cementerio · Cementerio
Deterior · Primitive Circuitry
Draconis · The Cult of the Dragon
Garden of Grief · Novembernebel
Here Lies Another · Here Lies Another
Intestinal Alien Reflux · Illegal Aliens
Misthelm · Yrfeweardes Langung
Pharaoh Overlord · Siluurikaudella
Society's Plague · The Human, The Canvas
06-28Arkhasis · Monde parallèle
Eibon la Furies · The Blood of the Realm
Encircling Sea · Écru
Larceny · Larceny
Mechanix · Sonic Point Blank
Opacity · Universum aus Fleisch
Perdition Temple · Edict of the Antichrist Elect
Pin-Up Went Down · 342
Sadomator · Goatblood Panspermia
Severe Torture · Slaughtered
Sheavy · The Golden Age of Daredevils
Sounder · Praise Be to Death
Thorns of Evil · Old Souls of Destruction
06-27Avstand · Motstanderen
Heroik · Heart of Battle
Shabby Trick · RnR Raiser
06-26Annúlond · Divine Vale
Beyond Cure · Your Head Smells Good/ 你的頭聞起來很香
Intracranial Butchery · Keepin' It Grind
Mouth of the Serpent · Inception
Scram · Rich, Rotten & Poor
Stigmata · Psalms of Conscious Martyrdom
Styggelse · Heir Today - God Tomorrow
Tessitura · Battle to Eternity
Tormented Vision · Incite Hatred
06-258-Point Rose · Primigenia
Blodsband · Svunna tiders sägner
Destroying Divinity · Dark Future
Dinkumoil · Metal Weld
Discreation · Withstand Temptation
Fields of Glass · Origins
Gallows End · Nemesis Divine
Lab Eleven · Exceed the Veil of Maya
Morgue Son · Decadance
Sanctus Daemoneon · The UnaVOIDable
Senmuth · Nagaratyanta
Seth E · Reincarnation
Six and Twenty · Vein of Existence
Uncleansed · Domination of the Faithful
Victoria · Aprendiendo a caminar
Wicked Sensation · Crystallized
Winter's Eve · Shards
Дрыгва · Сын магутнага Рода
Коррозия Металла · Война миров
06-24Adrian Raso · Clean Up the Mess
Aperion · Act of Hybris
Dragonauta · Cruz invertida
Heavy Demons · Tenebra
Sin Cera · L'autre fera le lien
Water · Tempest
Wolfuneral · Night's Symphonies
06-23Circle of Ouroborus · Cast to the Pits
Galneryus · Resurrection
Gospel of the Future · The Eclipse
Hymir · Nyctophobia
Liv Moon · Covers - Scream as a Woman
Metal King · The Blood of a Living Past
Murmur · Mainlining the Lugubrious
Seed · Origin of Seed
Shaman · Origins
06-22Canvas Solaris · Irradiance
The Gentling · The Story So Far
Hacavitz · Metztli Obscura
Hwimory · Hwimory
I Shalt Become · Poison
Kozeljnik · Deeper the Fall
Neurotic Machinery · Opsialgia
Raven Throne · Вечный, тёмный (Eternal, Dark)
Явь · Эхом воли
06-21A Loathing Requiem · Psalms of Misanthropy
Angelus Apatrida · Clockwork
Astrohenge · Astrohenge
Caravellus · Knowledge Machine
Danzig · Deth Red Sabaoth
Grand Bite · La sombra
Imperium · MMX
Kerion · The Origins
Krystos · Walk Through the Inferno
Labÿrinth · Return to Heaven Denied Pt. II - "A Midnight Autumn's Dream"
MistGuide · Evolve from Grave
Sister Sin · True Sound of the Underground
Void of Silence · The Grave of Civilization
Witchery · Witchkrieg
Последний Момент · Ржавый металл
06-20Los Guardians del Pont · Rockferatu
Mace Sweden · Last Retreat
Rafflesia · In the Face of Suffering
06-19Dissouled · Rock a Beatin' Grind
Quo Vadis · Infernal Chaos
RCO · Five Element Syncretism
Wynterborne · Anatomy of the Soul
06-18Crystal Tears · Generation X
Day Six · The Grand Design
Equilibrium · Rekreatur
Grand Magus · Hammer of the North
Heaven Grey · Falling Mist
Maelström · Prach
Mastercastle · Last Desire
Mortör · Metal Ride
Rooky · On the Move
Thorngoth · Leere
Windrow · Dangerous Game
06-17Coprolith · Cold Grief Relief
Deathmøle · Absent Gods & Creatures Foul
Dystrophy · Chains of Hypocrisy
Eternal Wisdom · ...of Eternity
Frostbitten Kingdom · Infidel Angel
Mortifera · Maledictiih
Senmuth · Khmerian
06-16Arcana Imperia · Better than Now
Hetroertzen · Exaltation of Wisdom
Painful · Archangel's Requiem
Shoulder of Orion · Shoulder of Orion
Steelgrave · Steelgrave
Моноліт · Жити, а не існувати!
06-15Antraks · Spewing Wrath Blood
Bondage · Thong
Decapitated Christ · The Vanishment and Extermination of the Deities
Döxa · Once... and for All
Funeral Tears · Your Life My Death
Hellspawn · Child of Hell
Lich King · World Gone Dead
Nemdis · Against the Current
Northland · Northland
Slavecrushing Tyrant · Slavecrushing Tyrant
Won · Majesty
Чёрные Озёра · Тени предков
06-14ADX · Terreurs
Against Nature · Cross Street
The Crossroads · Hate You
Grave · Burial Ground
Lantlôs · .neon
Loathe · Despondent by Design
Mindlock · Enemy of Silence
Zenithal · Death Race
06-13Faith Buried in Flames · Scriptures of the Suffering
Lord of Doubts · Lord of Doubts
Obsek · Traumatic Experiment
Shadow of the Colossus · Shadow of the Colossus
06-12The Blood · @Thebodysnatchersball
Breviarium · An Overwhelming Sense, One Day
Brutus · All Roads Lead to Rome
Hang the Bastard · Hellfire Reign
Miloš Dodo Doležal · Despekt
Redeemed in Pain · Ikarus
06-11Angels and Enemies · GTTKMPLX
Berserkerfox · History.Altar.Ashes
Byfrost · Black Earth
Devils of Belgrade · Đavolja varoš
Dyrathor · Sacred Walcraft of Hel
Funeral Age · Thy Martyrdom Come
Kataplexis · Insurrection
Lord Volture · Beast of Thunder
Nàttsòl · Stemning
Redrum Inc. · Heavy Division
Sunwheel · Industry of Death
Thyruz · Diseblot
Wolvhammer · Black Marketeers of World War III
06-10Antithesis · Dreaming Reality
Art of Burning Water · Head of the Tempest
Atmosphere Grey · Spiral of Phenomena
Flood of Dissonance · Naufrage / Flood of Dissonance
Mekong Delta · Wanderer on the Edge of Time
Morcegos · Morcegoides
Necropsy · Kariotype
Posthuman · Rise from Ruins
Rato Raro · Acidethc
Thrall · Away from the Haunts of Men
Исключение · Северный путь
06-09Anal Blasphemy · Profane Fornication Ejaculation
Evemaster · III
Murasaki · Purplessence
Panzerhölle · Pride of Creation
Teratism · Via Negativa
06-08Cardiac Arrest · Haven for the Insane
Circle of Dead Children · Psalm of the Grand Destroyer
Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire · Songs of Ill Hope and Desperation
Djur · В потоках хаоса кровей
Détente · Decline
Ezurate · Eve of Desecration
Fatal Embrace · The Empires of Inhumanity
The Funeral Pyre · Vultures at Dawn
I Declare War · Malevolence
Integrity · The Blackest Curse
Istapp · Blekinge
Kingdom of Sorrow · Behind the Blackest Tears
Knut · Wonder
Möbius · Path of Nothingness
Nachtmystium · Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II
Profaner · Signs of Nine
Sombre Présage · Seul...
Whitechapel · A New Era of Corruption
06-07Arthemis · Heroes
Avsked · Livets ironi
Colonel Blast · For the Greater Good
Frosted Decadence · Blood Will Become into Cold Black Ink
Haust · Powers of Horror
Nevaloth · La Diabolica Commedia
Purified in Blood · Under Black Skies
Salvación · Going to Hell
Underdark · Who Is Your Master?
Watain · Lawless Darkness
Wolfcry · Glorious
06-06Abyssal · Landscapes
The Arcane · Rivers of Endless Sorrow
Baked Bomb · Sublime Brutality
Burden · Burden
Divine Insanity · Feast
Eibon · Entering Darkness
Exsanguinator · Electrocution
Finsterort · Christenkult
Hell's Thrash Horsemen · Going Sane
Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse · Darkbourne
Kult of Thorn · The Plague of Beyond
Morion · Against Denomination
No Empathy · Rust
Premonition · Stronger
Prison of Mirrors · Оттенки ночи
Proven · Balance of Integrity
Satanic Corpse · Antichristum
The Sullen Route · Madness of My Own Design
06-05Barni · Evoluzión
Cerberus · Redemption of Demigod
Dimwrath · Dimwrath
Dissolution · Plague of Violence
Frigoris · Nach dem Krieg
HateHordes · Walk in My Dark Realms
Lost Regrets · Objective
Nidingr · Wolf-Father
Replica · Choose Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Wrack · Gram und gleißende Wut
06-04Abducted Child · The First World Invasion
Angrepp · Warfare
Atomic Genocide · Más allá de la oscuridad
Chain Reaction · Cutthroat Melodies
Domgård · I Nifelhels skygd
Dråpsnatt · Hymner till undergången
Fallen Sentinel · Perpetual
Grievers · Reflecting Evil
Juvaliant · Inhuman Nature
Nancial · Escape from Yourself
Recoil · The Will to Sin
Saratan · Antireligion
Thulcandra · Fallen Angel's Dominion
Ticket to Hell · Operation: Crash Course
Torsense · Мир гармонии без тебя
TrustNo1 · Satan in the Vatican
Vanden Plas · The Seraphic Clockwork
Zygnema · Born of Unity
06-03Cenotaph · Putrescent Infectious Rabidity
Colonize the Rotting · Composting the Masticated
Cromlech · Postrauma
Divine Element · Divine Element
Human Filleted · Blunt Force Embludgeonment
Iconoclast Contra · Combat Is the Voice of the Heathen
Parasitic Extirpation · Casketless
Ruin · Обрубки
Short Bus Pile Up · Repulsive Display of Human Upholstery
Thornium · Fides Luciferius
06-02Despite the Lies · Era of Resistance
Enthrope · Tomorrow's Dead Days
Entrails · Tales from the Morgue
Erythrioblastosis Fetalis · Process of Death
Inferis · When Men Collide: Encounter of the Races
Irony · In the Beginning... Echoes from the Past
Necronomicon · The Return of the Witch
Sedated Angel · Far Beyond Repair
中学生棺桶 · 矛先についたガム
06-01Abserdo · Raising a Pervert
A Forest of Stars · Opportunistic Thieves of Spring
Ash Slater · Field
Bombnation · Crossovered with Rage
Cachexic · A Moment After Death
Compulsive Slasher · Cunt Blunt
Contaigeon · Death at the Gates of Delirium
Dark Fury · Saligia
Downfall of Gaia · Epos
The Howling Void · Shadows over the Cosmos
I, Lord Aveu · Lucus
Krlja · Grind World Order
Mandatory · Adrift Beyond
Melvins · The Bride Screamed Murder
Mondvolland · d'Olde Roop
Morowe · Piekło.Labirynty.Diabły
Nine Worlds · Kill Yourself with Kindness
Oblivion's Eye · Radiance
Ophis · Withered Shades
Rohbau · Zorn
Sigillum Diabolicum · Chroniques de l'infamie
Solace · A.D.
Stereochrist · III
06-??Afterhell · From Inner Deception
Arcania · Sweet Angel Dust
Arise Within · Killing Machine of Doom
Bethroned · Before Time
Catacumba · Kratos
Crushing Sun · TAO
Dead Raven Choir · Lonesome Drinking Metal
Demonic Slaughter · Soulless God's Creation
Deteriorot · The Faithless
Firetomb · Hellvolution
Floater · Wake
Folkearth · Viking's Anthem
Fukpig · Belief Is the Death of Intelligence
Furor Gallico · Furor Gallico
Heirdrain · Unlovable Mind
Horseman · Centaurus
Ihresgleichen · Deutscher Stahl
Inira · Revolution Has Begun
Lycanthropy · Cerberus Warewolfs II
Mal Etre · Torment
Movimento d'Avanguardia Ermetico · Stelle senza luce
Mucupurulent · Monsters of Carnage
Naastrand · Blasphemous Hell Murder
Nattaravnur · Nattaravnur
Opium · Necrology Disorder
Primal Order · Conform
Pyrotraktor · Pyrotraktor
The Rigor Mortis · Vaporization of Blood
Riverain · Overstepping the Verge...
Sized · Confronting The Mirror
Spüolus · Behind the Event Horizon
Stendhal · Homonymous
The Sun Came Up upon the Left · And the Dreams So Rich in Color...
Symbolic · Continuum
Thou · Summit
Voices of Decay · Overcome
Wasted Heroes · Between the Worlds
XVI Eyes · The Last Migration of the Hammerheads
05-31Anathema · We're Here Because We're Here
Dauden · Reflections of Failure
Grannyfist · Double Penetration
Horrifier · Grim Fate
Humangled · Fractal
Kilmara · Don't Fear the Wolf
Lyzanxia · Locust
Mithril Hall · Path to Glory
Mongo Ninja · No Cunt for Old Men
Nevermore · The Obsidian Conspiracy
Tides of Virtue · Malevolence
Truppensturm · Salute to the Iron Emperors
05-30Arise Within · Black Undertow
Condemned System · Blind//Konform
Nihil Kaos · KaΏsatan
Pro-Death · The Aesthetic Somber of Death
Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle · Sob a Bandeira do Ódio e da Arrogância
Sael · The Sixth Extinction
Strident · Oath
05-29Hammerlord · Wolves at War's End
Kallaikoi · Cold Awakening
Light Bringer · Midnight Circus
Pestifer · Age of Disgrace
Говерла · Хуртовина
05-28Accu§er · Agitation
Basanos · Instincts
Black Rainbows · Carmina Diabolo
Disbelief · Heal!
Ecnephias · Ways of Descention
Enemy of the Sun · Caedium
Eternal Chaos · Dark God of the Eternal
Fimbulthier · Rise
Grimlet · Grim Perceptions
Horn · Distanz
InnerWish · No Turning Back
Kantor Voy · Das Plaat
Katahdin · Pamola
Les Bâtards du Nord · Levons la corne
Magica · Dark Diary
Mammutant · Atomizer
Musica Diablo · Musica Diablo
My Material Season · Mind of You Fragile in Vitriform
My Uncle the Wolf · Flush
NeverDream · Said
Odroerir · Götterlieder II
Path of Destiny · Rise and Fall
Reaver · Corvus
Triosphere · The Road Less Travelled
Vengince · A Turn for the Worst
Zilla · Pragmatic Evolution
05-27Hemoragy · HeadBang till Death
Narcotic Death · Anthology of the Damned
Scaremaker · What Evil Have They Summoned...
WinterRealm · Ouroboros
05-26Bombus · Bombus
Delirion · Lotus
Necrostorm · The Forgotten
ReVamp · ReVamp
Sotajumala · Kuolemanpalvelus
Youthquake · Beyond the Void of Black
Возмездие · Власть язычников
地獄カルテット · 旋律の地獄遊戯
05-25Amphitrium · Scarsache
Anaxes · Antithesis
As Hell Retreats · Revival
As Light Dies · Ars Subtilior from Within the Cage
Black Tusk · Taste the Sin
Castevet · Mounds of Ash
Creeping Maid · Manhunter
Dew-Scented · Invocation
Godless Rising · Trumpet of Triumph
Hank Williams III · Rebel Within
Hats Barn · Following the Path of Destruction
Lightning Swords of Death · The Extra Dimensional Wound
Nemessis · Esquizoide
Rings of Saturn · Embryonic Anomaly
Starkweather · This Sheltering Night
Weltbrand · Control Division
05-24Aeon · Path of Fire
All Guns Blazing · Revelations
Anu · Opus Funaerum
Bride of the Monster · A Slaughter of Biblical Proportions
Enforcer · Diamonds
Korzus · Discipline of Hate
Leng Tch'e · Hypomanic
Orpheus · Philosopher of the Sublime
Rigorism · The Source of Suffering
Thora · Scars
Trigger the Bloodshed · Degenerate
Tumulus Anmatus · Ave Casvs Mvndi
05-23As I Am · Into the Darkness
Cromm Cruac · Cromm Cruac
Minenwerfer · Volkslieder
05-22Andres Alvarez · The Eyes of the Moon
Artep · Thy Will Be Done on Earth as Is Done in Hell
Death Mentality · Welcome in the Killingsphere
Fort Royal · Рокотанго
Gritter · Sour Mash and Spanish Moss
In Heavens Eyes · Salvation
Oriz · Oriz
Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment · Richard Kuklinski
Semblant · Last Night of Mortality
Solace in Black · The Gospel of Suffering
Wainas · Tuhon maa
05-21Age of Torment · Dying Breed Reborn
Anihilated · Scorched Earth Policy
Annthennath · States of Liberating Departure
Blood Calls We Die · Pray for Rain
Dead Moons Grey · DMG
Diabulus in Musica · Secrets
Distilling Pain · Irrational Statements
Grind Inc. · Lynch and Dissect
Heaven Shall Burn · Invictus (Iconoclast III)
Hooded Priest · Devil Worship Reckoning
Ingrimm · Böses Blut
Masterplan · Time to Be King
Necroart · The Suicidal Elite
Negator · Panzer Metal
October Falls · A Collapse of Faith
Quinta Enmienda · Ne bis in idem
Sabaton · Coat of Arms
Schistosoma · From Birth on Blind
Section A · Sacrifice
Third Eye · Recipe for Disaster
Zodiac Ass · A Monument of Human Ignorance
05-20Benighted in Sodom · Hybrid Parasite Evangelistica
Cemetery Urn · The Conquered Are Burned
Crowned in Earth · Visions of the Haunted
Destroyed in Seconds · Critical Failure
Hukkunud Hinged · Hukkunud Hinged
Vitsaus · Sielunmessu
What Mad Universe · A Cosmic Chapter with Gaia
Страмослябы · Утюг в багровых штанах
05-19Loudness · King of Pain~因果応保
Sideburn · The Demon Dance
Witche's Brew · White Trash Sideshow
05-18Avatar · Subjects of the Same Suffering
Cerebellion · Inalienable
Drainland · And So Our Troubles Began
Low Twelve · Splatter Pattern
Rehashed · Code Black
Senmuth · Ankhiteru
Silent Civilian · Ghost Stories
Soulfly · Omen
Walpurgi · Untersberg - Gegenschlag aus dem Alpenreich
05-17Annihilator · Annihilator
Hellcraft · Антология ужаса
Ilbeltz · Auskan gabiltz olatun gainian (1598 Potrobizargorri I)
Inheritance · Pentanagrams
Insaniae · Imperfeições da Mão Humana
Kingcrow · Phlegethon
Menace Ruine · Union of Irreconcilables
Okkultokrati · No Light for Mass
The Order of Apollyon · The Flesh
Pain of Salvation · Road Salt One
Pig Irön · Blues+Power=Destiny
Sawthis · Egod
Tublatanka · Svet v ohrození
Whiskey Ritual · In Goat We Trust
Wilkołak · The Blasphemous Scarlet
Wintersoul · Frozen Storm Apocalypse
Форсаж · Рамки приличия
05-16Algea · Algea II
In Pena · ...en el aire está
(waning) · Always Ending
05-15Absorbing the Pain · Absorbing the Pain
Acrid · If You Knew
Aiumeen Basoa · Iraganeko bide malkartsutik
Cendres de Haine · Bellum Omium Contra Omnes
The Ciem Show · Lifelike Scenes
Ghost · The Engraving
Knockdown Industries · Knockdown Industries
Mastifal · Intermundia
Megara · Oubeos
Mhorgl · Antinomian
Poisonwood · Dark Days
Remind · Le maître du je
Sons of Tonatiuh · Sons of Tonatiuh
Suicidal Massacre · Let the Massacre Begin
Tombstone · Made in Metal
Trashcanned · Key to the Paradox
Wardaemonic · Echoes of Ageless Flames
05-14Black Freighter · Graves and Monuments
Black Majesty · In Your Honour
Born from the Ashes · Born from the Ashes
Death Toll Rising · Defecation Suffocation
Denight · Human Reflections
Fall of Empyrean · A Life Spent Dying
Headbangers · Thrashing and Smashing Shits
Kronik · Fena
Mael Mórdha · Manannán
Mandrake · Innocence Weakness
Momentum · Fixation, at Rest
Myra · Godspeed
Pretty Maids · Pandemonium
Reactive Black · A New Dawn...
Ruthless Order · Awakened Witnesses of Nascence
Setherial · Ekpyrosis
Soulpit · Substantial
Titanium · Nhìn
05-13De Silence et d'Ombre · 3: The Fall
Les Fleurs du Mal · Schattenfeuer
Masticate · Masticate
Nattensorg · När vindarna stöna
Neolith · Individual Infernal Idimmu
Sinful · XIII апостол
Sound Factory Carolina · Seventh Grace
Splither · Fieber
Würm · Insomnies
05-12Aligeria · Aligeria
Embassy of Silence · Euphorialight
Malicious Death · ...from Above
Newk · Heavy Life
Nonsense Premonition · Communion of Fears
Rytmihäiriö · Surmantuoja
05-11Altheria · Brainsexxx
Beneath the Sky · In Loving Memory
Enders Game · What We've Lost
Howl · Full of Hell
Incubo · ψ
Misery Index · Heirs to Thievery
Nightbringer · Apocalypse Sun
Patricia Tapia KHY · Volver a creer
Shooting Hemlock · Big Green Monster
Snake Eyes · Beware of the Snake
05-10Alexis Birds of Prey · Birds of Prey
Black See · Under Heaven over Ground
Bleed from Within · Empire
Brain Drill · Quantum Catastrophe
Hiverna · I. Folklore
Keep of Kalessin · Reptilian
Kingdom · Hemeltraan
Mass Hypnosis · Disin4mation
Mirrors of Obsidian · Imminent Chaos Complete
Mistweaver · Tales from the Grave
Nihil Obstat · Disintegration
Pagan Requiem · Blasphemous Angel
Point of Death · Dirty Past
Rape Festival · Rape Festival
Roareth · Acts I-VI
Senmuth · Pat Hof Neu Rog Ene Sis
Seventh Calling · Epidemic
Sleestak · Skylon Express
Варвар · Чёрная кошка
05-09Nekromantheon · Divinity of Death
Severed · Severed
Short Fuse · Shred the Dead
05-08Alkerdeel · De Speenzalvinge
Basilisk · Rote Tränen
Canobliss · Man Is the Enemy
Djizoes · Ichi Ten Dai (Eat Shit and Die)
Gates of Eternity · Man in Fire
Skyforger · Kurbads
Solace Lost · Transmissions of a Dying World
白蘭 · 高すぎる空の下で
05-07The Archetype · The Fallen Grace
As I Lay Dying · The Powerless Rise
Chaosreign · Spreading Death
Coffin Birth · Within the Claws of Peril
Double Cross · Double Cross II
Electro Baby · Speye
Exodus · Exhibit B: The Human Condition
Membaris · Grenzgänger
Misconceived · Resurrection Beast Kill
Nadja · Autopergamene
Nefarium · Ad Discipulum
Neverland in Ashes · 8:16
Pro-Pain · Absolute Power
Prophilax · Vent'anni di analità
Resist the Thought · Damnation
Roots of Death · Dirty Mankind Collapse
Shadowsong · Elegies of Dusk and Shadows
T.A.N.K · The Burden of Will
Thunder and Lightning · Dimension
Thy Legion · Venerato Diaboli
Tyson · Bareknuckle Fights
Winter Funeral · Some Thousand Lies
Влок · Удар
05-06Athena · Pis
Bretwaldas of Heathen Doom · Seven Bloodied Ramparts
Matsudo · With Amplifiers Zions Nothingness Eventually Rises
Vrademargk · Transition to Nowhere
Wangelen · El camino del creador
05-055150 · 四季楽典
Alieson · Border Line ~閉鎖病棟監禁秘記~
Anal Grind · Born to Porn
Arcane Dimension · The Awakening
Asriel · 汝を照らす朧のアリア
Carbonic Acid · Melody of Calamity
Citron · Bigbítový pánbů (Gods of Rock)
Dehydrated Goat · Genocide Against the Brain Cells
Ecliptic · As of Yet Unknown
Grimhorde · Engravings Along the Coast
Posterity · The Price of Greed
Qutin · Rationalism
Ufomammut · Eve
Yamagen's Devileliet · Abysmal Reigner
05-04Antipope · Desert
Defeated Sanity · Chapters of Repugnance
End of Power · Shackled to a Corpse
Gloominous Doom · The Feature
Kill the Car · Dead Inspection
Lujuria · Llama eterna
Oaks of Bethel · The Graves of Our Fathers Will Not Be Lost or Forgotten
Plague Angel · Stagnation of Christ
Postmortem Promises · On Broken Foundations
Strange Flesh · In doG We Lust
Sunset Nation · Fuck the Machine
Zihard · War of Fantasy
05-03Ad Inferna · Héroïne (Revisited Trance und Tanz)
Angel of Fire · Lift Your Flames
The Body · All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood
Dyscarnate · Enduring the Massacre
Leichenzug · Das letzte Gebet
Painted Black · Cold Comfort
SIG:AR:TYR · Godsaga
Sorgeldom · Inner Receivings
Soulgrind · The Tuoni Pathway
Soulitude · Wonderfool World
Toundra · Toundra (II)
Toxic Bonkers · Plague
Wiht · Wiht
Wintercold · Wintercold
05-02Dr. Phibes' Burning Illusions · Visions of Yesterdoom
Imperio · Latidoamérica
Se, josta ei puhuta · Ne, joista ei puhuta
Temple Abattoir · Sacrilege & Savagery
05-01Architects of the Aftermath · Architects of the Aftermath
Black Land · Extreme Heavy Psych
Blaze of Perdition · Towards the Blaze of Perdition
Boar · Boar
Core Device · What I've Become
Damnatur · Antithesis I
Desdemonia · Existence
The Eternal Suffering · Miasma
Hereafter · Government Conspiracy
Knights of the Fallen Empire · The Awakening - Chapter One
Omega · Second Coming, Second Crucifixion
Sakrefix · Evolve
Shadowcast · Space Age Revolution
Skeletor · Skeletor
Skull and Bones · Under Cover
Spartan Warrior · Behind Closed Eyes
Stribog · U okovima vječnosti
Svartahrid · Ex Inferi
Wintarnaht · Pestilenz
Zombieslut · Braineater
Атум · Наследие чёрной вдовы
05-??4Fourty · Emotion Machine
Aegis · If Life Would Be a Canvas
Apati · Morgondagen inställd i brist på intresse
Averse · The Endesque Chants
Beissert · The Pusher
Blazing War Machine · 1st Album
Carmilla Morte · Morte di vampiria
Countess · Burning Scripture
Crusader · Hard & Heavy
Dawn of Retribution · The Plan to End Humanity
Deathcrimination · World Evilution
Downfire · Damnation
Embalming Theatre · Unamused Rancid Flesh
The Empires Dawn · The Empires Dawn
Feared · Feared
Feed Her to the Sharks · The Beauty of Falling
Flametal · Heavy Mellow
Forest Poetry · Hatespell
Good Spirit · Там наверху фильм...
Gotholocaust · Nocturnal Wrath
Grima Morstua · Magnam Mortem Transcendere
Guttural Decay · Epoch of Racial Extermination
I Exist · I: A Turn for the Worse
Incarcerate · See Yourself
Inside Me · Tools of Fear
Jute Gyte · Young Eagle
Legen Beltza · Need to Suffer
Lenhador · The Pope Smokes Dope
Logic of Denial · Necrogenesis
Man of Kin · And So It Begins
Melancholy Pessimism · End of Vermin Nations
Membro Genitali Befurcator · Human Destruction
Mercurio · Mercurio
ND · Время
Neophyte · Fictional God
Normpeterson · Crawlspace
Occultus · Inthial
Psycho Injected · Screaming Jiwa
Sloath · Sloath
Therapsida · Left to Rust
The Thorn and Tear · From Ashes
Through the Eyes of Carrion · Exoculation
Tormenticon · Tormenticon
Ulveheim · Frå ulveheimen
Undergod · Saguru Saelmu Tong Ngaganggu
Von Panzer · Von Panzer II
Warhorde · Death Rattle
Whyte Ash · I Will Remain
Д.И.В.А. · Нет пути назад
莫邪 · 莫邪
04-30Abrekadaver · Those We Don't Speak Of
Another Perfect Day · The Gothenburg Post Scriptum
Astel Oscora · Eridan
The Broken Result · Recursive
Eisregen · Schlangensonne
Emergency Gate · The Nemesis Construct
Flamethrower · A Treason or the Truth
Further Dimension · The Monolith Effect
The Green Evening Requiem · Decomposer
Helfahrt · Drifa
Hell Militia · Last Station on the Road to Death
Karma to Burn · Appalachian Incantation
Killem · Reflections of Decline
Krass Judgement · Praying for a God That Never Comes
Lacrimas Profundere · The Grandiose Nowhere
Non Serviam · Imperio tirano
Ouroboros · Spear of Destiny
Permixtio · Il canto dei sepolcri
Rhapsody of Fire · The Frozen Tears of Angels
Sancta Sanctorum · The Shining Darkness
Schwarzer Engel · Apokalypse
Shadows Ground · Black Dead Winds
Steelwing · Lord of the Wasteland
Stigma · Concerto for the Undead
Stonebride · Summon the Waves
Syn:drom · With Flesh Unbound
Thrashtorno · Asesinos del infierno
Yskelgroth · Unholy Primitive Nihilism
04-29Death I Am · Nebula
Mortuary · G.O.D. (Glorify Our Destroyers)
Riverdale · Time
04-28A.O.D. · Gallery of Pain
Asag · Feuer zieh mit mir
Chronic Decay · Justify Your Existence
Dustar-3 · Trike
Enochian Crescent · NEF.VI.LIM
Xanadoo · Black. Death. Grind. Shit!
04-27The Abominable Iron Sloth · The Id Will Overcome
Anacrusis · Hindsight: Suffering Hour & Reason Revisited
Daniel Lioneye · Vol. II
Diabole · Rites of the Ancient Satanism
Laethora · The Light in Which We All Burn
Patria · Sovereign Misanthropy
Raintime · Psychromatic
Stravaganzza · Raíces
Vangough · Game On!
Warbeast · Krush the Enemy
04-261349 · Demonoir
Across Tundras · Moonshinin'
AlNamrood · Estorat Taghoot
Avalanch · El ladrón de sueños
Eciton · A Scent of Veracity
Kivimetsän Druidi · Betrayal, Justice, Revenge
Massive Slavery · Global Enslavement
Master · The Human Machine
Ripe · A Moment of Forever
The Sequence of Prime · Virion
Stormzone · Death Dealer
Winter in Eden · Awakening
Xess · We, the Great Newrotics
Year of No Light · Ausserwelt
04-25Legacy · Across the Times
04-24A Losing Season · Delirium Provides the Safest Shelter
Attacker Bloody Axe · Antichristian Metal Axe
Bloodstained Coffin · Mind Reflection
Death Benefit · Resurrected
Devil's Advocates · Merchant of Death
Fifty Foot Woman · Fifty Foot Woman
Moonlight Sonata · The Book About Satvrnia
Mortal Terror · We Are the Damned
Spider X · Vepřový, holky a motorky
04-23Aeon Noctis · Between Thorns and Silence
Arma Gathas · Dead to This World
A Tortured Soul · Lucifer's Fate
Audiovision · Focus
Axel Rudi Pell · The Crest
Blasphemy Rites · Hideous Lord
Endovein · Waiting for Disaster
The Fifth Dawn · Awaken the Skies
Helpness · Fatal Formation
Jaldaboath · The Rise of the Heraldic Beasts
Lord Agheros · Of Beauty and Sadness
Mass · Sea of Black
Mortalicum · Progress of Doom
OverMaster · Madness of War
RagenHeart · Ragenheart
Raining · Black Essence
Remember Twilight · Musik über Niedergang & Verderben
Remembrance · Fall, Obsidian Night
Ruined Soul · My Dying Day
Schleiße Stankend Gliud · Definitiv morsch
Serpentyne · Stella Splendens
Servator · inCite the unCreation
Skadika · Winter
Snakestorm · Choose Your Finger
SpellBlast · Battlecry
Striker · Eyes in the Night
Synasthasia · Instructed by the Devil
Teratoma · All Has Fallen
Todesstoß · Abwegnis 121
04-22Briton Rites · For Mircalla
Foul Stench · Eternal Rot
Morcegos · Grandiosity
The Way of Purity · Crosscore
04-21Disiplin · Hostis Humani Generis
Megachurch · Megachurch
The Royal Arch Blaspheme · The Royal Arch Blaspheme
Secret Sphere · Archetype
Senmuth · Книги вознесения II
Six Is the God's Number · You Will Get Very Wet on This Road
Stworz · Synowie słońca
Zombiekrig · Undantagstillstånd
山田 玄紀 · Hokuto Musou Original Soundtrack
04-20Ahard · Prachy vládnou
Cuff · The Process of Decay
Danny Tanner · The Never Ending Process
Diabolic · Excisions of Exorcisms
Drama · As in Empty Grave
Fate Angel · CII966856
Gangbang Gestapo · 3rd Album
Impureza · La iglesia del odio
It · Clown Core
Legacy · Legacy
Levi / Werstler · Avalanche of Worms
Lindisfarne · Symbiosis
Nick Marino · Freedom Has No Price
Nythro · Invisible para los demás
OSV · Chapter 3
Rancor · Release the Rancor
Sarcoma · Sarcomoid - Songs of Dystopia, Depression and Evil Earth
Sound of War · Listen and You Will Know...
Thrashgrinder · Seeds of Revolution
VRSA · Old Man Gray
04-19Elimination · Destroyed by Creation
Judd Madden · Waterfall
Klone · Black Days
Olde Growth · Olde Growth
Order of Ennead · An Examination of Being
Psychosomatic · Another Disease
Puritanical Desecration · Sex Fuck Death Kill Ass
Ramesses · Take the Curse
Red Dragon Project · Dark Matter
Sick to the Back Teeth · King of Creation
Utopia · Ice and Knives
Valborg · Crown of Sorrow
Wolfthorn · Towards Ipsissimus
Zidiz · El poder brutal
04-18Azordon · The Walls ov Pandemonium
Insane Clarity · Burden
04-17Anthems of Gomorrah · Deep(pression)
Armath Sargon · Reflections from Eternity
Black Sunrise · A Perfect Sun May Never Set
Cenizas · Hacia el amanecer de nuestros sueños...
Corpus Mors · Abominables espectros del mórbido y sádico placer
Damage · Pure Alcoholic Metal
Dreyelands · Rooms of Revelation
Grönholm · Eyewitness of Life
Horncrown · Demonarxia
Kurnalcool ·
Mutilated Remains · Peace Is ... Just a Question of Bullets
Rainbows Are Free · Believers in Medicine
Sáwol · Through Soil and Skin
ValSans · Sword
04-16Azahel's Fortress · The Chaos Kingdom
Bitter Frost · Bitter Frost
Castero · Consequence of Thoughts
Defuntos · Invocação aos Mortos
Depression · Dekade(nz)
Draxsen · Chronic Pain
Hookhands · The Dead Hate the Living
Masturbathor · Czy jest tu piekło?
Mega Beardo · Mega Beardo: A Mega Man 2 Guitar Tribute
Phonomik · Soul Creeper
Revolting · The Terror Threshold
Svarti Loghin · Drifting Through the Void
Thurs · Myths and Battles from the Paths Beyond
Zora · Gore
04-15A Cosmic Trail · The Outer Planes
Begrime Exemious · Impending Funeral of Man
Inner Shrine · Mediceo
Khephra · Resurrection
Negativity · Dead Earth
Sacrament ov Impurity · A World Beheld by Damnation
Sea of Despair · Свет луны
Synarchy · Scars of Gratitude
04-14Alien Avenge · 第五太陽紀 / Tonatiuh
Chelmno · Horizon of Events
Coma Lies NC · The Great Western Basin
Crashdïet · Generation Wild
Daylight Misery · Depressive Icons
Inter Arma · Sundown
The Jasser Arafats · Condemnation
Kick-Ass · Caos total
04-13AfterDreams · AfterDreams
Bison · Dark Ages
Black Horizonz · Krura
Bleeding Through · Bleeding Through
Invdrs · Electric Church
Lair of the Minotaur · Evil Power
Nebel · To Percieve upon the Ambient Cold
The Ocean · Heliocentric
Sasquatch · III
Son of Aurelius · The Farthest Reaches
Spun in Darkness · Feast of the Undead
Vlad's Fortress · Vlad's Fortress
Woe of Tyrants · Threnody
04-12Bastard of the Skies · Ichor! Ichor!
Chivo · Swamp of Sounds
Era Nova · Children of Alcyone
Face the Unknown · At Death's Door
M.Z. · Heavenwards
Royal Jester · Night Is Young
Witchsorrow · Witchsorrow
Wuthering Heights · Salt
04-11Arbitrator · Peace by Force
Carcharoth Λ.V. · Qvantvm Mortifervs in Nvclevs Λtramentvm Vltima
Credic · Patchwork of Realities
Endsight · a Falling World
Evil Church · Subjugating the Faith's Crawlers...
Shady Glimpse · Thrash Refrain / Splash Ref:Rain
04-10Breed 13 · Soldiers of Satan
Cerebral Engorgement · Shot Bong Suicide
Dark Salvation · Bärgthron
Desert Storm · Forked Tongues
Die Entweihung · The Hallucinations
Gandhi's Gunn · Thirtyeahs
Primer Ministro · Condenados
Slunovrat · Sword & Iron Cross
Vultures of Cult · Cold Hum
Zebulon Kosted · Between This World and the Next
Zybillin Spräch · Rien à se mettre sous l'âme?
04-094Arm · The Empires of Death
Caskets Open · But You Rule
Children of Technology · It's Time to Face the Doomsday
Evig Natt · Darkland
Griffen · Life - A Way to Die
Gwydion · Horn Triskelion
Lamentations of the Ashen · In the Burden of the Heart's Plaint
Llvme · Fogeira de sueños
Solution .45 · For Aeons Past
Wicca · Bloodrush
Wrought of Obsidian · At Long Last
04-08Diaboli · Invocation
Dusteroid · TyrannoSonor
Shadowdream · De Sphaera Volvelle
Syphilic · Behind Bars
04-07Alhambra · Solitude
Darkness Ablaze · Shadowreign
End of You · Remains of the Day
Hëllvox · Increasing Hate
Kaihoro · Skyhook
Kamara · Tyrannia
04-06Adragard · Sadistic Delirium Manifest
Akitsa · Au crépuscule de l'espérance
Alchimia 2012 · Another Star Is Approaching the Sun
Arkheth · IX & I: The Quintessence of Algaresh
Celestia · Archaenae Perfectii - L'Arche arcane des parfaits
Christian Holocaust · Christian Holocaust
Jucifer · Throned in Blood
Kayo Dot · Coyote
The Morphean · Enter the Illusion
Mortualia · Blood of the Hermit
Mägo de Oz · Gaia III: Atlantia
Necropozitive · Фрагменты тела
Odinfist · We Are Gods
Ordo Templi Orientis · The Distances of Cold
Veil of Maya · [id]
04-05Coffinworm · When All Became None
Darksun · Tocar el sol
Darkthrone · Circle the Wagons
Dead Beyond Buried · Inheritors of Hell
Division by Zero · Independent Harmony
Emptiness · Rusty Mind (Cult of Emptiness)
Exhale · Blind
The Howling Wind · Into the Cryosphere
Liquorworks · Nonsense
November Dreams · November Dreams
Obscured · When Darkness Comes
Omega Crom · Blood, Steel & Fire
Panic Cell · Fire It Up
Primitive Graven Image · Celebrating Impending Chaos
Rifflord · 26 Mean and Heavy
Sardonis · Sardonis
Stairway · Interregnum
The Vision Bleak · Set Sail to Mystery
04-04Alister · Otrov
Angercure · Arguing in Dichromatic Days
Cámara Obscura · Hechizo
Hexxed · The Synapse Collision
Knights of Round · The Book of Awakening
Trastorno · Tetragramaton II
Князь Тьмы · С вечностью один на один
六弦アリス · マダム・ヴァイオレット
04-03Avantasia · Angel of Babylon
Avantasia · The Wicked Symphony
Difused · September
Frozen Mist · White Noise Paranormal
Gjenferdsel · Varde
Kosmokrater · None More Black
Salem · Playing God and Other Short Stories
Thirteen Autumn Rituals · Dominion
04-02Abysmalia · Replenish Entirety
Acherontas · Theosis
Chasse-Galerie · Ars Moriendi
The Foreshadowing · Oionos
Fosch · Raìs
Inquisitor · The Quantum Theory of Id
Materia · Dreams of Paradise
Painside · Dark World Burden
Porta Inferi · Guillotine
Strah · Ondskapens sanne ansikt
Winterblut · Von den Pflichten, Schönes zu vernichten
04-01Arcanum · No Past No Future SSDD
Benighted in Sodom · Plateau Σ: The Harrowing
Black Sin · Light of Despair
Blue Gillespie · Synesthesia
Echidna · Manifests of Human Existence
Gnosis · Awakening
KerecsenSólyom · Aquileia Ostroma
Lord · Örökké
Morcegos · Memorial
Odem Arcarum · Outrageous Reverie Above the Erosion of Barren Earth
Pertness · From the Beginning to the End
Quaedt · Plaegh
Risen Prophecy · Screaming for Death
Ritual Combat · Occultus Requiem
ØØPart · ...from Out II
Эпидемия · Дорога домой
04-??Akerbeltz · Infernuko erreka
Anabioz · Light
Animae Capronii · Lonely Steps of a Blind Guardian Angel Echo Here
Antagonized · Intense Perversion
Arcane Dimension · The Becoming
Bloody Roots · Isten kezében
Blutwurst Breath · Nuclear Winter
Broken Existence · Broken Existence
Cesare Sannino · L'anello di Isengard
Convicted · Convicted
Denial Machine · Denial Machine
Depthfrost · Depthfrost
Dethroned Christ · Roots of Ancient Evil
E.D.I.E.H. · Nothing Demystifies My Devotion
Encoffination · Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh
Endless Agony · Source of Hatred
The Enochian · Goetia
Ezayah · The Morning Star
Fate Scream · Like a Loaded Gun
God Ripper · Oregonian Black Metal
Gravdal · Torturmantra
Gravewürm · Black Fire
The Handsome Beasts · Filthy Lucre
Heavy Duty · What We've Been Through
Hell · Hell II
Howl · Far Away
Jivaro · Finos licores
Kraaker · Musikk fra vettenes dom
Les Chants de Nihil · La liberté guidant le fer
Mesrine · Obsessive Compulsive
Morior Axis · Arsenik Gift
Nalvage · Worship Dehumanization
Nervochaos · Battalions of Hate
Nierty · Fed to Rats
Nimbatus · Cyclus One
Nyseius · Militiae
Plagued Insanity · Madness Machine
Predicate Not Defined · Fear, Forgotten and Regret
Random · Reloaded
Reckoning Storm · The Storm Engine
Roswell Six · Terra Incognita: A Line in the Sand
Rozz · D'un siècle à l'autre
Saw · Bipolarity
Sieshan · Vargenthorn
Silence Oath · Beneath a Bleeding Sky
Soul Enema · Thin Ice Crawling
Spindolla · The Return of the Red Dragon
Strident · On the Aim
Terra Australis · Anthem for a Dying Angel
Thornwill · Implosion
Tierramystica · A New Horizon Comes...
Two Face Sinner · Rage Against Gods and Their Prayers
Virvel av Morkerhatet · Forsaken Hate Sickness
Winterstorm · A Coming Storm
Wschód · O dumie, sile i ogniu
Zodiac · Dwelling Spread of Darkness
Опустошённый Разум · Brave New World
03-31Against the Plagues · Decoding the Mainframe
Barren Earth · Curse of the Red River
Black Sun Aeon · Routa
Celeste · Morte(s) Nee(s)
Eloa Vadaath · A Bare Reminiscence of Infected Wonderlands
Extirpation · Tormentor Supreme Black Katharsis
Hunterwolf and Zornkind · Industrialization
Kiuas · Lustdriven
Negură Bunget · Vîrstele pămîntului
Njiqahdda · Divisionals
Puppeteer · Tucked In by Brutality
Летаргия · Бремя человеческих страстей
03-30[thedaisy]anthesis · Surface and the Sky
Cryonic · Kings of Avalon
Dead Alone · Vitium
Destruction Evolution · Relentless
Hour of Penance · Paradogma
Jekyll · Shining Heaven
Massakren · Immersed in Chaos
Means to an End · Weathered by Time
Opera Magna · Poe
Profane Grace · Nocturnal Omniscience
Rusted Dawn · The Black Tides of War
Satan's Almighty Penis · Pulsing Feral Spire
Scelus · Napalm and Pancakes
Shrine of the Monkey · Under Blackened Skies
Trelleborg · Lands of Njord
Virulent Gestation · Drenched in Sickness
Vita Imana · En otro lugar
窒息 · 纷扰世界 / World of Confusion
03-29Alcest · Écailles de lune
Consecration · .avi
Dominium · Yersinia Pestis
Elimi · Asylum
The Flight of Sleipnir · Lore
Haken · Aquarius
Hateful · Coils of a Consumed Paradise
Highgate · Shrines to the Warhead
Namaz · Manipulated Justice
Nordglanz · Von Helden und Händlern
Raven · Walk Through Fire
Red Warszawa · De 4 årstider i nordvest
Suma · Ashes
Theosophy · ...Out of Decades
03-28Evil Survives · Powerkiller
Hroptatyr · Auf zu neuen Ufern
Kolp · The Covered Pure Permanence
Llihje · Encompassing Nothing
Minhyriath · Grohnd
03-27Clandestined · Amok Saints in Sodom
Erik Norlander · The Galactic Collective
Evol · 私だけのGrindcore
Khael · Dualidad
Krepuskul · Game Over
Monarch · Sabbat Noir
Pensées Nocturnes · Grotesque
Pessimist · Call to War
Revolt · Bloodventure
Tristram · Tristram
03-26Anthenora · The Ghosts of Iwo Jima
Beast Warrior · None Shall Be Saved
Black Thoughts Bleeding · Stomachion
Cathedral · The Guessing Game
The Dead Will Tell · Rebuild the Fallen Empire
Desolated · The Birth of Corruption
Divided Multitude · Guardian Angel
Dreamtone & Iris Mavraki's Neverland · Ophidia
Empty Playground · Under Dead Skin
Ereb Altor · The End
Fortíð · Völuspá Part III: Fall of the Ages
Fuck You and Die · Veni Vici
Heidevolk · Uit oude grond
Hooded Menace · Never Cross the Dead
Kissin' Dynamite · Addicted to Metal
Methusalem · Unite and Conquer
Mörser · 1st Class Suicide
Neuromist · Move of Thought
The Rise of Defiance · Question. Reject. Defy.
Silent Call · Greed
Sinbreed · When Worlds Collide
Stigmatized · Whispers of the Dead
Thunderstorm · Nero Enigma
Trancelike Void · Silhouettes of Misery
Warfield Within · Inner Bomb Exploding
Xasthur · Portal of Sorrow
03-25Kathaarsys · Intuition
Lord Vampyr · Horror Masterpiece
Mooncry · Rivers of Heart
Nadir · Eco-Ethic
Reverend Kill · War and Conflict
Seven Stitches · When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted
03-24Area51 · Goddess
D · 7th Rose
Innersight · Quietudes
Kaiju · Total Monster Armageddon
Mokoma · Sydänjuuret
ReinXeed · Majestic
Sound of Detestation · Ge fan i våra liv
Steel Maid · Raptor
Svartsot · Mulmets viser
03-23Algea · Algea I
Hollow · Dark Thoughts
Insatanity · The Day God Died
Krigsgrav · The Leviathan Crown
Morbid Sin · Sins of the Flesh
Nominon · Monumentomb
Triptykon · Eparistera Daimones
Vomitor · Devils Poison
03-22Black Funeral · Vukolak
Enthroned · Pentagrammaton
Heldar · R.E.M
Oblivion Winters · The Lake of Widows' Tears
Ocultan · Atombe Unkuluntu
Ragnarok · Collectors of the King
The Suicider · Death Surround
Trident · World Destruction
Ulfsdalir · Bilsteinfeuer
Wan · Wolves of the North
03-21Acephala · Division by Zero
Acéldama · Melquisedec
Altar of Dagon · Scriptures for This Dead Earth
Cuntworm · The Inhuman Condition
E.D.I.E.H. · Spring Songs
Elodea · Voyager
Lanewin · Autuua
Pavidus · Masticating the Altered Illumination
Strana Officina · Rising to the Call
03-20Eardelete · Scalpelogy
Finnr's Cane · Wanderlust
Fitcage · Pigumanity
Folkstone · Damnati ad Metalla
Hatchery · Forced to Fight
Inciter · Salvation
Malchus · Didymos
Neuronia · Follow the White Mouse
Obsydian · The Grotesque Presage
Orbital Express · Orbital Express
Punished Earth · Rhapsodies of Decay
Sixth Dimension · Nikdy nevíš kdy...
Stonehelm · Stonehelm
Svart · Förlorad
Tribe of Neptune · Γνῶσις
03-19Arcosolium · Brutal Assertion of Authority
Clair Cassis · Clair Cassis
Gangrenator · Tales from a Thousand Graves
The House of Capricorn · Sign of the Cloven Hoof
Imagika · Portrait of a Hanged Man
Infamia · La cuenta atrás
In Silentio Noctis · Through Fragments of Christianity
Lars Eric Mattsson · Tango
Moredhel · Satanik Endsieg
Scorpions · Sting in the Tail
Senmuth · Deathknowledge & Lifeperception
Super Happy Story Time Land · Super Happy Story Time Land
Unleashed · As Yggdrasil Trembles
Wulfgar · Midgardian Metal
03-18Oblivion · Disgrace to the Human Race
Rapture · Infernal Manifest
Still Life Remains · Vanitas
Top Dead Celebrity · Midwestern Rube
03-17Last Rites · Dark Night of the Soul
Musta Kappeli · Ei valoa tähän kammioon
Poisonblack · Of Rust and Bones
Ted Kirkpatrick · Ode to a Roadkill
Коrsика · Альтернативы.net
03-16Armored Saint · La Raza
Ars Amandi · El rincón de los deseos
Blatant Disarray · Everyone Dies Alone
Dante · Saturnine
Dead Earth Politics · The Weight of Poseidon
Die · Rise of the Rotten
Electric Lucifer · Coming to the Mountain
Elgibbor · Soterion Apollumi Hamartia
Encore Prada · Divine Means Nothing
Fireball Ministry · Fireball Ministry
Landmine Marathon · Sovereign Descent
Omen Faculty · Omen Faculty
Outcast · Mass Murder Fantasies
03-15Abscess · Dawn of Inhumanity
Bloodshed Remains · What We Live For
Body Butcher · Suspended in Slaughter
Christopher Lee · Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross
Crow7 · Light in My Dungeon
Dark Metamorphosis · Unhealthy Opera
Disdain · Leave This World
Eating Shit · Paradox
Echovirus · Invictus
Fungoid Stream · Oceanus
Hell Trucker · City of the Living Dead
Holy Dragons · Zerstörer - The Chapters of the III World War History Ghost. Part I
Holy Pain · Rebellion
Inflammare · In Memory Of
Inter Arbores · Я.Отрешённость.Границы.Святое
Lucifer Was · The Crown of Creation
Nattsvargr · Vinterblod
Negură Bunget · Măiestrit
Nembience · Through Times of Despair
Noctiferia · Death Culture
Orcivus · Est Deus in Nobis
Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment · Murder Victim
Rinoa · An Age Among Them
Stench · Primitive, Vulgar, and Armed
Thorgen · Messager du mal
The Wakedead Gathering · Tenements of Ephemera
03-14Apocalips · Gate to Infinity
Cauldron Black Ram · Slubberdegullion
Iron Attack! · Vampire Concerto
Negativity · It's a Sad and Beautiful World
Smallman · Labyrinth of Present
黒夜葬 · 穹劫黙示録
03-13Battlefield · Take a Seat to Witness Your Death
Beneath the Flesh · Reborn into Carnage
Chryseis · Planet Dead
Claymords · Theories Written Black
Cloak of Displacement · F.D.K.L.S.O.M.F.
Corpus Diavolis · Revolucia
Darkwor · Foederati
Deep Nostalgia of Mortality · Dark Night of Monstrosity
Evilspell · Antisocial Satan
Garden of Worm · Garden of Worm
Headless Horse · United as One
Insania · Kult hyeny
Vargsheim · Weltfremd
03-12Across Tundras · Old World Wanderer
Advent Fog · The Destruction of Centuries: Old Doctrines
Anchony · In the Asylum
Arkayic Revolt · Death's River
Black Breath · Heavy Breathing
Deathloch · Black Moon Rising
Deva · Between Life and Dreams
EgoNoir · Reste... (Was vom Sturme übrig blieb)
Evernight · Desafío a la eternidad
Freitod · Nebel der Erinnerungen
Guantanamo Party Program · Guantanamo Party Program
Hell Inc. · Damnation Offering
Ondskapt · Arisen from the Ashes
Real Incident · Masakr elektrickou kytarou
Semargl · Ordo Bellictum Satanas
Simple Existenz · Das Leben vor dem Tod
Tellus Requiem · Tellus Requiem
The Unbeheld · In the Arms of Mother Chaos
Until Extinction · Lament
Wartime · Against Destiny
03-11Black Autumn · Aurora - Morgen Rothe im Auffgang
In Element · Act of Stamina: Twelve Fragments of Strength and Calm Before the Storm
Inhume · Moulding the Deformed
03-10Dread · Brace for Destruction
Eroica · Naturaleza animal
Funereal Moon · Rites of Black Putrefaction
Jabladav · Communion with Mother and Machine
Karelian Warcry · Verinen taival, päättymätön tie
Olvido · Neurosis de destino
Sarath · Siste indre
Saurom · Maryam
Scavanger · Giving Entrance
Still Square · Laissez-les rêver
Tarot · Gravity of Light
Коматоз · Two Hands
03-09Aldaaron · Nous reviendrons immortels
Arc of Ascent · Circle of the Sun
Claudio Marciello · Identificado
Corruption · Bourbon River Bank
Fleshrot · Traumatic Reconfiguration
Immolation · Majesty and Decay
Julien Damotte · Trapped
Mechanical God Creation · Cell XIII
Norselaw · Rape You like a Gentleman
Sectioned · Purulent Reality
Two Ton Anvil · Two Ton Anvil
Ziggurat · Reverse Clockwise
03-08Amystery · All Hail the Cult
Atra Hora · Lost in the Depths
Bloody Sign · Chaos Echoes
The Breathing Process · Odyssey (Un)Dead
Burzum · Belus
Dimidium Mei · Flames of Hatred
Disfigured Dead · Visions of Death
Inhein · Pestrapture
Just One Fix · Blood Horizon
Sehnsucht · Wüste
Tarantist · Distorted Brains
Tyrants Blood · Crushing Onward into Oblivion
Westering · Help a Body
Why Angels Fall · The Unveiling
身殺 · 遠ツ神 笑ミ給ヘ (Tofotukami Wemitamafe)
03-07An Infinite Dream Sequence · The Series of Reveries Subsides
Final Stage · Sân khấu cuối cùng
Rhesus · La santa muerte
03-06Bionic Hammer · Horror Grind
Cerebral Effusion · Impulsive Psychopathic Acts
Maniacal · Buried in Hell
Sunseth Sphere · Magic Journeys
Terra Impressionum · Transmitting Device
Witchaven · Terrorstorm
03-05Agate · Black Soul
Convixion · Convixion
Forever It Shall Be · Sonic Death Squad
Granted Earth · Thermal Tide
Heljareyga · Heljareyga
House of Thumbs · Crossing the Rubicon
Ikuinen Kaamos · Fall of Icons
Irreverence · Upon These Ashes
Necropsya · Made with Evil
Nemost · The Shadow's Trail
Paria · Unchain the Unclean
Timesword · Chains of Sin
ΨThatΨ · El Resurgimiento
03-04Avgvrio · Devictum
Folkodia · Battlecry
Incrypt · Masterpiece
Kcavemen · Gondwanaland
03-03Enditol · Enditol
Kalmah · 12 Gauge
Ludicra · The Tenant
Metsatöll · Äio
Nightmare · The Riot
Soreption · Deterioration of Minds
Soul Devour · Apocalyptic Anti-Human Annihilation
03-02Ahoora · Awkward Diary
Ankrismah · Dive in the Abyss
Avsky · Scorn
Bastard Saint · Homewrecker
Besatt · Demonicon
Blood Cult · We Are the Cult of the Plains
Carnyx · Leaving Reason
Derdian · New Era Pt. 3 - The Apocalypse
Kill the Stigmatic · The Thin Line Between Madness and Brilliance
Revenant Dead · Two Evils
03-01Abadden · Sentenced to Death
Abscess · Revolution 2.0
Ancestral Legacy · Nightmare Diaries
Angélida · La ciudad de los pájaros
Argile · Monumental Monolith
Astarium · Dethroned of Impostor
Black Horizon · The Choice
Circle of Chaos · Black Oblivion
Cripta · Ante mí
Death Riders · Through Centuries of Dust
Deprecation · Death and Misanthropy
Erfiq · Erfiq
Galar · Til alle heimsens endar
Habit of Force · Submission Denied
Heaven If · IntroSpectral
Idolater · Black Sexual Blasphemy
Invisius · The Spawn of Condemnation
Karmic Link · Esoterica
Medusa's Child · Damnatio Memoriae
Morcegos · Cententorial
Noisemaster · Ancient Idols Fall
Orange Diesel · Burn
Pestis · The Violet Prayer
Poenarian Mist · We Are Gods
Skitarg · Skitarg
Smouldering in Forgotten · I, Devourer
Trollech · Jasmuz
Ufych Sormeer · All Stars
Vindex · Ultima Thule
Пилигрим · 7.62
03-??Akmuveth · Crucifix in Sale
Aradia · Draconis' Eulogy
Auaesuve · Displaced and Uncharted
Barr-Nevai · Labyrintha
Bleedchain · Rise of the Godless
Blutnebel · Seelenasche
Bustum · The Return of Hate
Caitiff · Shadow Earth
Camp Jason · Epiphany
Darkend · Assassine
Demented Heart · Seeds of the Venomous
Division · Control Issues
Dragoner · Dragoner
Drunkard · Like Sin Explode
Enderrocks · El meu nom és l'oblit
Endless Gloom · Audiodead
Exhuman · Fear of Oneself
Gang · V
H-George · Slave of Society
Human Repugnance · Post Mortem Rot Pile
Imbalance · Period Three Implies Chaos
Infinite Translation · Impulsive Attack
Inglorious · Death Syndrome - The Second Step to Hell
Inner Chaos · Cenote
Jamie Saft · A Bag of Shells
Killharmonic · Human Race Disgrace
Killing Addiction · Fall of the Archetypes
Last Act of Defiance · Sadistic Blessings
Magma Rise · Lazy Stream of Steel
The Murder Industry · Death Motivation
Murmuüre · Murmuüre
Nakkiga · Belebeltzeta
Nekrasov · Cognition of Splendid Oblivion
Nocturnal Frost · Fuck Off... This Life
Nohmad · Propaganda
N.S.D.A.P. · Execution of the Weak!
Old Throne · Eu me Arrasto Para o meu Próprio Abismo
Scarvenger · Better Day to Die
Scythe · Season of the Tall Pines
Shattered Eyes · Prey of Depravity
Tarantuja · Do Not Resuscitate
Tumulus · Vедаi
Valland · Valland
Vietah · Smalisty žah
Warder · Earth Soul Devoured
We All Have Day Jobs · The Parasite Aesthetic
When the Deadbolt Breaks · The Last Day of Sun
Windrider · To New Lands...
Wolfmangler · They Call Us Naughty Wolves
Łukasz Radecki · I
Искон · Где круг вечни своj бескраj нуди
02-28Abusiveness · Trioditis
LWFDIHH · Люди из красной книги
On the Edge of the NetherRealm · Different Realms
Pletora · В поисках тишины...
Sacristy · 4444
Senmuth · Секененра
02-27Autumn Twilight · Sequel
Blood of the Black Owl · A Banishing Ritual
Celestiial · Where Life Springs Eternal
Deadmanswake · It Comes to This
Disaster's Gates · Beyond the Gates
HummingBird · HummingBird
Magion · Close to Eternity
Morphoss · The Cursed King
Pandegoreium · Wisdom of Brutality
Wedding in Hades · Elements of Disorder
ZombieShakerBox · Encrypted
02-26The Abandonment · Ephemeral
Ancient Bards · The Alliance of the Kings (The Black Crystal Sword Saga Pt.I)
Anima · Enter the Killzone
Apostle of Solitude · Last Sunrise
Battalion · Underdogs
Bejelit · You Die and I...
Boon · The Almighty Love
Butterfly Temple · Земля
Carach Angren · Death Came Through a Phantom Ship
Catamenia · Cavalcade
Concept Insomnia · Perpetuum Mobile
Darking · Sons of Steel
Derelict Earth · Sins of the Siblings
Elffor · Frostbitten Pain
Hour of Thirteen · The Ritualist
Isolysis · Condemned
Jack Slater · Extinction Aftermath
Jason Saulnier · Fighting Hard
Krokus · Hoodoo
Metalety · March to Hell
No Remorse · Sons of Rock
Overt Enemy · The Horror of Man
Pandea · Soylent Green
Powerstroke · Once We Were Kings
Punish My Heaven · First Punishment
Shylock · RockBuster
Skin Infection · Retribution
Spitfire · Time and Eternity
Synthphonia Suprema · The Future Ice-Age
Tarabas · Das neue Land
Trauma · Archetype of Chaos
Voices from Beyond · The Gates of Madness
Voices of Destiny · From the Ashes
Wheel · Wheel
02-25Circles of Mind · Revelation Insight
Ea · Au Ellai
Eclectika · Dazzling Dawn
Gorevent · Worship Paganism
Kaashnak · Sehnsucht
TOK · Империя
02-24Against Nature · Chasing Eagles
Dark Tranquillity · We Are the Void
Dawn of Silence · Wicked Saint or Righteous Sinner
Genocídio · The Clan
Lucifer's Legion · Hymns of Darkness
Mortemia · Misere Mortem
Nae'blis · Confusion & Apathy - In the Fog of a Surreal Daydream
Nosdrama · Äes
Oaks of Bethel · Plague upon Plague
Van Canto · Tribe of Force
Xspider · Warning
02-23Beast in the Field · World Ending
CosmoLoco · Sélection naturelle
Darvulia · Mysticisme macabre
Dofka · Humanity Bleak
Heretic Soul · Born into This Plague
High on Fire · Snakes for the Divine
Mutiny Within · Mutiny Within
Suffokate · No Mercy, No Forgiveness
02-22Acrybia · HUMAN B (ing)
The Argent Dawn · A Blank Eternity
Audio Blossom · Love of Malice
Borknagar · Universal
Camlann · The Oaken Hall
Destinity · XI Reasons to See
Hangatyr · Helwege
Island · Island
Lönndom · Viddernas tolv kapitel
Nekros Manteia · Deus Otiosus
Sator Marte · Za zdmi
Schizo · Hallucination Cramps
Siksakubur · Tentara Merah Darah
Utopian Trap · Fiction Fades into Reality
Whirling · Faceless Phenomena
02-21Book of Sand · How Beautiful to Walk Free
Krvnik · Initiation into the Great Art of Suffering
02-20The Decapitated Midgets · Shit Ceremony
Dirt Communion · Antique Mechanic
Scum · Painful Illusion
Suada · Time Drops
Voltax · Fugitive State of Mind
Wilds Forlorn · The Great Loss
02-19Charly Sahona · Naked Thoughts from a Silent Chaos
Daysend · Within the Eye of Chaos
Dyscord · Tirades
Eluveitie · Everything Remains as It Never Was
Eversin · Divina Distopia
Evil Breath · From Childhood to After Death
Finntroll · Nifelvind
Fuck Your Shadow from Behind · Freigeist
Gorath · MXCII
In Tenebriz · Everfrost Symphony II
Jayce Landberg · Good Sleepless Night
Jon Oliva's Pain · Festival
Laments of Silence · Restart Your Mind
Mastermind · Insomnia
The Monolith Deathcult · The White Crematorium 2.0 (The Revenge of the Failed)
Nathaniel White · Torture Tested
Throes of Dawn · The Great Fleet of Echoes
02-18Chthonian · The Preachings of Hate Are Lord
Masturbace · Nablinkáno, nakakáno, spapáno
Speedblow · Fields of Doom
02-17Demonica · Demonstrous
My Fate · Room for Regret
Reflexion · Edge
02-16Aeternam · Disciples of the Unseen
Arrayan Path · Terra Incognita
Carnifex · Hell Chose Me
Deivos · Gospel of Maggots
Enoria · Enoria
Epidemic · What If
Kollwitz · Like Iron I Rust
Moonlight · Rex Diabolos
My Darkest Fury · Return to the Real World
N.A.M.E. · Internet Killed the Audio Star
Torturer · Wind from the Darkwood
02-15Arcanum Sanctum · Fidus Achates
D.A.M.N. · Forbidden Anger
Diminished · Chainsaw Cunt
Embryo · No God Slave
Estampida · Brainwashers
Goresoerd · Tüdruk ja surm
I Am Colossus · I Am Colossus
Infest · Infest
Kaos · The Pits of Existence
Krüger · Ордамор
Overoth · Kingdom of Shadows
Rotting Christ · Aealo
Sarah Jezebel Deva · A Sign of Sublime
Shining Fear · Apocalife
Six Magics · Behind the Sorrow
Spirit Descent · Doominion
Sworn Amongst · Severance
Trágico Ballet · El néctar del deseo
Wrath and Rapture · Wrath and Rapture
02-14Deviator · Voice of the Native Blood
Dreaming Void · 11 Kurses ov Kurrent 44
Fortuna Fugaz · Talismán
Huge CCM · Inner Violence
Physiology of Darkness · Lunar Trinity
Zwartplaag · Haatstorm
02-13Aura Eterna · Incertidumbre
Damned Creation · Bleak Mental Torture
Inquisicion · Opus Dei
Lostbone · Severance
Silent Avenger · Ke hvězdám
Torment Tool · Dawn of War
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats · Volume 1
02-12Bloodshoteye · Expect the Unexpected
Chadenn · Aux portes de la mort
Hassmord · Hetzjagd Inferno
High Plains Drifter · Heaven on Your Minds
Phönix Rising · Crime Scene Cleaner
Изморозь · Происки богов
02-11Depressor · Everlasting Search
Final Assault · Final Assault
Half Angel · Through the Fire
Laberinto · Mask of a Thousand Faces
Lazarus Casket · Scarred Existance
Numbah Ten · Reborn in 3D
02-10Andrew W. Bordoni · Unfriended
Ashtorath · Litany of the Final Days
Berzeker · Penitentiary
Kruger · For Death, Glory and the End of the World
Martriden · Encounter the Monolith
Mormânt de Snagov · Rise from the Void
Nowen · Nothing but Hate
Perpetual Warfare · Justicia, libertad y decadencia
Sffera · Arrastrado por la corriente
Stam1na · Viimeinen Atlantis
Whispered · Thousand Swords
02-09Ancient Sickness · The Age of Sickness
Anima · Spasenje
Dark Fortress · Ylem
Dustynation · Echoing Lullabies
Icarus Witch · Draw Down the Moon
Lethal Saint · Lethal Saint
Pain Cylinder · 2012
Retro Grave · Again
02-08Airlines of Terror · Blood Line Express
Day of Doom · Slaves to Insanity
DoomDogs · DoomDogs
Double-Wide · 18 Wheels of Misery
Helevorn · Forthcoming Displeasures
Kings of Thunder · Holy Land
Masquerade · Cybernetic Empire
Node · In the End, Everything Is a Gag
Oizys · Hymns to the Furies
Ov Hell · The Underworld Regime
Paradigm · Symmetry (In)Sanity
Tyrantz Empire · Merauderz of the Monolith – The Omega Chapter
Umbrtka · Kovový háj
Wintergewitter · Operation Wintergewitter
02-07Morgue's Child · ...from the Cunt to the Grave
Vrani Volosa · Heresy / Ерес
02-06Avoid · Theatre of Fear
Buckethead · Shadows Between the Sky
Kratein · Trauma
Lyijykomppania · Sota nälkä rutto kuolema
Sacrament · The Sobering Cold
Under the Influence · The Brutal Harsh Honest Truth
Welkin · Traces
The Wizar'd · Pathways into Darkness
02-05Antares Predator · Twilight of the Apocalypse
Arsis · Starve for the Devil
Cruel Force · The Rise of Satanic Might
Effect Murder · Architects of Sense
Fear Factory · Mechanize
Kenòs · X-Torsion
Necrodeath · Old Skull
Pissmark · Der Frömmler
Rage · Strings to a Web
Unbelief · Dread
02-04Inner Missing · The Age of Silence
Lapis Niger · Fuckin' God Cult
Sickroom · That Killing Silence
02-03Cripta Oculta · Ecos dos Dólmens Esquecidos
Santelmo · Santelmo
02-02Anesthesia · Anesthesia
Cavalar · Recoil
Charred Walls of the Damned · Charred Walls of the Damned
Necromorten · Warfuse
Obús · Cállate!
Phantom-X · This Is War
Silent Fall · Otherwise
Spazmosity · Welcome Death
Through the Eyes of the Dead · Skepsis
What Thou Will · Diabolical Debauchery
02-01Airs · A Left Turn at Happiness
Ancient Horns · Profano
Anoxia · A Lapdance for the Devil
Asbel · The Dark... the Withered...
Barbarous Pomerania · Mysticism of Blood and Soil
Be'lakor · Stone's Reach
Blaze Bayley · Promise and Terror
De Profundis · A Bleak Reflection
The Desolate · Trapped in Twilight
Dispersed Ashes · An Arithmetic of Souls
Divine Codex · Ante Matter
Faulen · Angstzustände
Freedom Call · Legend of the Shadowking
Hyleon · Another Day in Paradise
Lechia · Akt woli
Lilyum · Fear Tension Cold
Locusta · Locusta
Necrocock · Lesní hudba
Norse · Hellstorm
Secretum · Management sKills
Stranger Aeons · eNneagon
Tairus · Tairus
True · Still Life
Wrath Prophecy · Becoming the Absolute
02-??Amorticure · A Bleeding Soul in a Dying World
Ancient Plague · Archaic Kingdoms
Ash Pool · For Which He Plies the Lash
Barshasketh · Defying the Bonds of Cosmic Thraldom
Bethrayer · Love & Hate
Blood and Disaster · Tierras de destrucción y adoración al demonio
Blood Goat · Vassagos Realm
Bog of the Infidel · Proud Descendants of Satan
Dear Sinner · Sin
Defeatist · Sixth Extinction
Delia · Спогад
Denial · Crucifixion of Humanity
Dethonator · Dethonator
Devoid of Grace · Psychotic Journey
Doodsdrek · Doodsdrek
Dracony · Entre la oscuridad
Droids Attack · Must Destroy
Eternal · La rebelión del espíritu
Evil Entourage · Desecrators
Final Axe · Beyond Hell's Gate Collector's Edition
Fright Night · The Play of Pain
Funeral Rape · Porn Afterlife
Godfather · Death Is Around
Grendel · Dragon's Awakening
Hateful Vacuum · Ride the Snake
Hebiimetaru · Legion of Metaru
Hell in Town · Hell in Town
Hellrazer · Prisoner of the Mind
Hexenwald · Descent, Rebirth and Black Light
Impaled Bitch · Primordial Blasfemus Regurgitation
Inner Terror · Behold the Inner Terror
Jute Gyte · Ghost Sickness
Kataplexie · Invisible Violation
Kim's over Silence · Carpe Diem
Labyrinthine · Evoking the Multiverse
Legion of Darkness · Meridies
Manic Depression · Impending Collapse
Man-Witch · Orkchops in Battle Sauce
Metralla · Sotanas de Satanás
Mind Whispers · A Near Death Experience
Moon · Caduceus Chalice
Moriar · Burn the Reign of Light
Morte Incandescente · ...Relembrando um Túmulo Esquecido
Necro Strike · Red Is Out
Notorest · Běda vám!
Once Beloved · Delusions of Grandeur
Pesta Porcina · Último mondo rurale
Pollution · Modern Warfare
Purpose · Dying Existence
Refugium · Unknown
Resuscitation · There Will Be Darkness
Satoria · Where Loyalties Lie
Seelenfrost · Metamorphosis
Sentimentalistic Bitches · Down Below
Shokkher · Always Hungry
Sickmath · Feasting the Dead
Tentacles · Tentacles
Torture Pulse · Plague Poetry
Tryumphall · Power of Light
Tyranath · Heathen Heart
Waking the Dead · Empire
Welter in Thy Blood · Through the Fields of Mourning
Wold · Working Together for Our Privacy
Wolfshauch · Form-Mensch
Виев Град · В сиянии звёзд
Одеон · Крізь терни
Харза · War
01-31Dirty Woman · Demon Lover
Herfst · Necrotica: VIII Hymns of Death
01-30Bloodkiller · Demons Back
Cloak of Displacement · Frusen bjork lund
Cloak of Displacement · Vernal
Desolate Sky · Between the Devil and the Darkness
Hordes of Hate · Blasphemic Invocations for Demonic Glory
The Language of Thought Hypothesis · This Endless State of Mind
Leonardo · Armageddon
Protokult · Ancestral Anthems
Shaolin Death Squad · Five Deadly Venoms
01-29Angels of Babylon · Kingdom of Evil
Anti · Anger
Astral Doors · Requiem of Time
Bastard · Aftermath
Bifröst · Heidenmetal
Blackspell · Visions of Gloom
Bran Barr · Sidh
Concrete Force · Mental Enforcers
Crematory · Infinity
Döraid · Fight Against Oneself
Excalion · High Time
Gamma Ray · To the Metal!
Howitzer · In Our Name
Keel · Streets of Rock & Roll
Mendozza · Cabra noche
Nydvind · Sworn to the Elders
Overkill · Ironbound
Profanus Nathrakh · Godless Alliance
Sado Sathanas · Opus Diaboli
Thrudvangar · Durch Blut und Eis
Troll · Neo-Satanic Supremacy
Varg · Blutaar
Vasaeleth · Crypt Born & Tethered to Ruin
Winter's Verge · Tales of Tragedy
Wintermond · Desiderium
01-28Angst Skvadron · Sweet Poison
Ekasia · Underground Ghosts
Flying · Graceful Murder
Gore Sanctum · Realms of Devastation
Laid in Stone · Before the Footsteps of Truth
The Murder of My Sweet · Divanity
01-27Beyond the Dream · While the World Sleeps
Bone 5 · Dead City Tales
Epic Fuel · Singularity
In Death I Become · Black Wings, Grey Skies
The Kandidate · Until We Are Outnumbered
Redox · Equilibrium
Scumfusion · A Lossidian Threnody
Shock Troopers · Blades and Rods
01-26Act of Creation · Secret Memoirs of a Forced Fate
Arkaik · Reflections Within Dissonance
Funerot · And Then You Fucking Die Man
Ihsahn · After
Living Sacrifice · The Infinite Order
Serial Butcher · A Crash Course in Cranium Crushing
Solisia · Ordinary Fate
Taking Dawn · Time to Burn
01-25Aspera · Ripples
Beliar · Far Beyond...
Centurions Ghost · Blessed & Cursed in Equal Measure
Deathbound · Non Compos Mentis
Demontage · The Principal Extinction
Derelict Sermon · The Murderous Altitude
Desecrated · ...Thus Begins the Suffering
Dream Evil · In the Night
Endless Dismal Moan · Curse of Underground
Heathen · The Evolution of Chaos
Himinbjorg · Chants d'hier, chants de guerre, chants de la Terre...
In Mourning · Monolith
Lykauges · Under the Veil of Depression
Mosh · Bastard
Myrath · Desert Call
No Sign of Life · Chaotic Type of Normality
Orphaned Land · The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR
Relocator · Relocator
Renegade · W:A:R
Septimo Angel · Dharma
Vindbok · Утро
Züül · Out of Time
01-24Albion · Unreality
FOE · Madness
The Last Act · Still Standing
Sorizon · Behind the Emerald Starscape
01-23Decrepitaph · Beyond the Cursed Tombs
Disfigured Corpse · Human Corrosion
Forporgent · Ropes of Mortality
ØØPart · Escoria
01-22Azure Agony · Beyond Belief
Black Wizard · Black Wizard
Bridges Left Burning · A Breath of Loss
Combat Noise · Frontline Offensive Force
Diamoth · Apocalyptic Anthems
Eufobia · Insemination
The Grotesquery · Tales of the Coffin Born
Ibridoma · Ibridoma
Orden Ogan · Easton Hope
Souldeceiver · Mankind's Mistakes
Suffer in Silence · Brutal Realities
Thirst of Revenge · The Beginning of the End
Tiago Della Vega · Hybrid
Tyrael · Der Wald ist mein Zuhause
01-21Amestigon · Sun of All Suns
Circle of Ouroborus · Hiljaiset sanat
Finisher · Socially Dead
Forgive Me · Last Drop of Life
Makhai · Surviving in Solitude
01-20Arise Within · III
Blood Pollution · Metal Zombies
Dhul-Qarnayn · Thus Death
Holdaar · Год 120-й
Kuni · Rock
Mass Murder Machine · Claws of Rage
Royal Hunt · X
Temple of the Maggot · How to Perform a Human Sacrifice (The Blood Rites)
Underdark · In the Name of Chaos
Versailles · Jubilee
01-19Bone Fragments · Dark Amusement
Dawn of Demise · A Force Unstoppable
Dragonwind · Return of the Dragon
Edge of Night · Last Artwork
Entropia · Electric Chaos
Flaming Tusk · Old, Blackened Century
Fozzy · Chasing the Grail
Freya · All Hail the End
Frost · La grande bataille de notre temps
Malpertuus · Odyssea
Onward to Olympas · This World Is Not My Home
Sarcolytic · Thee Arcane Progeny
Sigh · Scenes from Hell
Sons of Azrael · Scouting the Boneyard
01-18Abigor · Time Is the Sulphur in the Veins of the Saint - An Excursion on Satan's Fragmenting Principle
Annotations of an Autopsy · II: The Reign of Darkness
Blacklodge · T/Me (3rd Level Initiation = Chamber of Downfall)
Blasphemophagher · ...for Chaos, Obscurity and Desolation...
Cold Grave · Lycanthrope
Ekove Efrits · Hypermnesia
Gravemachine · What Lies Beneath
Imperium Dekadenz · Procella Vadens
In Vain · Mantra
Mountain Witch · Scythe & Dead Horse
Mr. Gul · Two Sides of Me
Six Feet Under · Graveyard Classics III
Svartthron · Kraujo estetika
Unholy Archangel · Obsessed by War
Wolfsmond · Wolfsmond III
Zores · Hail to Death, Satan and Violence
01-17Guerrilla · Kickstart Revolution
Inferius Torment · Your God Liar
01-16Ars Irae · Unter der Erde
Bodies in Wake · Apparitions
Etherna · Avidya
Malvoisie · Black Cult
Saint · Crime Scene Earth 2.0
Thormesis · Vergangene Asche
01-15After Therapy · Torn with the Teeth
Agrypnie · 16[485]
Anachronaeon · The Futile Quest for Immortality
Ares Kingdom · Incendiary
Balam Akab · Sacrificio
Crushing Axes · Legends
Demonic Resurrection · The Return to Darkness
Gallows Pole · Revolution
Goatpenis · Biochemterrorism
Heimdalls Wacht · Nichtorte - Oder die Geistreise des Runenschamanen
Hämatom · Stay Kränk
Inception to Embrace · Show Them the Fire
Lower Hell · Hellevator
Nerve · Hate Parade
Njiqahdda · II - A Yrg Alms Reinterpretation
Pressure Points · Remorses to Remember
Senmuth · Chambers
Sins in Vain · Enemy Within
Tronn · Diario de un pueblo
Under That Spell · Apotheosis
Undertow · Don't Pray to the Ashes...
Unholy Grave · The Grind Militia
Valkyrja · Contamination
Vulvectomy · Post-Abortion Slut Fuck
Winter Circle · Cold Desolation
Zombified · Zombified Slaughtermachine
01-14Decline · The World Should Know No Men
Фактор Страха · Мёртвые сны
01-13a.Lostfield · Internal Affairs
Decomposing Flesh · Brutal Massacre of Crowds
Koester · De innerlijke gevangenis
Others · Blame It on the Boogie
Yrsel · Requiem for the Three Kharites
Эскалада · Зачем всем врать
01-12Butchered Beyond Recognition · Beheading Good Samaritans
Sekhmet · Opus zrůdy
01-11Argema · Scházím ti já
Azrael · Dream On
Cortisol · Peace of Meat
Cosmic Church · Absoluutin lävistämä
Dreaming Void · By Fiercest Fyres Cleansed Be
Hellish Crossfire · Bloodrust Scythe
Las Cruces · Dusk
Mastabah · Quintessence of Evil
Tyhjyys · Tyhjyys
WardHill · WardHill
The Wounded Kings · The Shadow over Atlantis
01-10Alas, Tyranny · Domination Liberation Purification
Atsphear · Children of the Fields
Biorate · S.V.E.T.
Different State · Through the Falling Eyelid
Dødsengel · Mirium Occultum
Emphasis · Rock'n Roll Man
Hellbeyond · The Strongest Stand Last
Ilsa · Tutti il colori del buio
Mood · We're Not Dead
Nechochwen · Azimuths to the Otherworld
Powell Young · The Melodyism
Six Degrees of Separation · Of Us
Thrawsunblat · Canada 2010
Vihan Messu · Kaiken elämän raunioilla
Voluspaa · Åsa
01-09Benighted in Sodom · Dismal Ethereality: Stellar Celestial Void
Dragobrath · Fra myrer taake
Facínora · Hell Is Here
Force of Darkness · Darkness Revelation
Gospel of Grief · Our Symbol Is Death
Lesra · The Green Rage
Procer Veneficus · How the Heather Moonlit Shivers
Stake-Off the Witch · Medusa
They Peed on My Rug · Draculas Teabag
Uganga · Vol. 3: Caos Carma Conceito
Zubrowska · Zubrowska Are Dead
01-08Aktarum · Gang of Trolls
Eat Me Clown · The Chosen One
Lost Dreams · Wage of Disgrace
Steelgar · Xenocide
01-07Against Nature · Drawing Arrows
Epileptica · Estigia
Goat Funeral · Bastion Lucifer
Khondor · Andean Portal
Nasson · Reflejo
Ortega · 1634
01-06Corruptor · Towering Inferno
Dimension 34 · Any God Will Do
Vertebral · The Empires Fall
Vetala · Satanic Morbid Metal
Zebulon Kosted · The Thuru Project
01-05Astral Silence · Astral Journey
Marc Rizzo · Legionnaire
Noctambulath · Crónica de un vil y seductor ritual
Saving Grace · Unbreakable
01-04The Dead See · Year of the Funeral
01-03Barkron · Barkron
Black Polaris · This City Falls
Storm Legion · Desolation Angels
Темнозорь · Урочища снов
01-02Azordon · Fragments ov Sorrow
Dyinise · ...and the World Will Bleed
I'll Eat Your Face · Irritant
Japanische Kampfhörspiele · Bilder fressen Strom
Plasmoptysis · Breeds of the Malevolence
Selftorture · Tried & True
01-01Aazed · Worship Vanity... Forsake True Loyalty
Anaalia · Mind Monstrosity
Ash Slater · Colosseum
A Very Sad Story · Deep Black Thoughts
Azordon · Annihilator
Bum Sick · Smelly Noise
Cilicium · Stench of Humanity
Decayed Existence · Depopulation
Defcon One · Fuck You, and Die!
Defect Noises · Audio Depressions
Dekadent Aesthetix · Dekadent Aesthetix
Desolate · Fortitude
Disgraced · Mental Disorder
DPOS!!! · Straight Outta Handicap Shithouse
Dying · Bizarre and Bloody Tales (Director's Cut)
Eslavón · Estado: Psicótico
Evil Offering · Wake Up for Another Nightmare
Fortunate Fall · Venom Lab Split
Fracture · Dominate and Overload
Golden Bullet · Downfall of Humanity
Hauk · Baconic
Head Trauma · Advanced Darkness
Hyban Draco · Frozen Whispers
Infected · The Supreme Art of Ignorance
In the Shadows · Bleeding Tears
Krief de Soli · Procul Este, Profani...
Krig · Narcissistic Mechanism
Lacrimae Mortalium · L'ange de glace
Law of the Rope · Thee Age of Tallow
The Lust · One Life Ago
Mountain of Power · Mountain of Power Volume Two
Necropsia · Laberinto
Nepenthes · Dilemma
Oblivion Machine · Viewpoint Collector
Odyssey · Ghosts of Yesterday
Oerjgrinder · L'Ak​-​Kush​-​Tik
Orbeth · I Dream of Orbethia
Orbeth · Masters of the Multiverse
Plebeian Grandstand · How Hate Is Hard to Define
Purgatory · For the Love of Violence
Puritanical Desecration · Bloodsplattered Corpse Molesting
Soulthreat · Herz aus Gold (Heart of gold)
Statue of Demur · Slaterville
Steel Power · Derribando fortalezas
Vøid · Vøid
Walrus Resist · Staring from the Abyss
Wyqm · Portrait of Spectre
Xenos · Gravel Snatcher
01-??Abuser · Threats of Fate
Amžius · Atgimk
An Autumn for Crippled Children · Lost
Apsent · Apsent
Astarte Syriaca · Sex de humana natura
Black Boned Angel · The Witch Must Be Killed
Black Trinity · In This Black Thrashing Night of Infernal Hell
Cesare Sannino · 7th Angel's Heritage
Chainsaw Dissection · Sodomized by the Saw
The Cleaner · Would You Like to Be Blasted
Contorsion · Solace Through Lies
Crepitus · Gates to Obscurity
D.A.D. · Kompromisy
Daniel Bautista · Weirdos and Classics
Darksky · Where Angels Hide
Dirtnap Deluxe · Dirtnap Deluxe
Dröne · Bleak II
Eliminator · And the Brokenhearted Balladeers
Ephemeral Sun · Harvest Aorta
Excruciate 666 · Riding Fires of Hate
Faethon · Immortal Ancient Spirit
Farasu · Menongkah Arus
Farzad Golpayegani · Four
Germanen Blut · Die Wälder Midgards
Hejtman · Rock'n'Roll Freaks
Hills Have Eyes · Black Book
Hyperial · Sceptical Vision
Intestinal · Human Harvest
Israfel · Chainsaw Gynecology
Karpates Omos · Back to the Woods
Kvazar · Flatlined
L'Endeví · When I Desire Something, You Can't Do Anything
Leichenbrand · ESK V2
Liquid Earth · Adventurer
Mabon · Stampede of the Damned
Mental Masochist · Mandatory Morphogensis
Morgue · Flames and Blood
Northanger · Northanger
Nost · Помнит и хранит
Psychotic Despair · Personal Identity
Punished · Mad Dog Caressed - A Tribute to Our Raging Fathers
Ritual of Odds · Underverse
Salvation666 · Anima Pestifera
Shine, My Boregarden · Sunshine
Silent Birth · Echoes
Skulldriver · Facts, Fictions and Fucked Up Situations
Sorg Uten Tårer · For Eternity
Southern Front · Join or Die
The True Frost · Shadows from the Past
Vhan · Hero vs. Hero
Wanton Decay · Rise of Hate
Warlord · Land of Agony
Аэдра · Тайны зеркал
Путь Солнца · Победитель всегда остаётся один
??-??13 Lashes · 13 Lashes
2Est Voo · New Civilizations Rise
3 Mexicans from Gorma · G.O.R.M.A.
7th Sanctum · Harmony of the Spheres
Abaddon · Abaddon
Aberration · Atrophy of Sanity
Abnormality · Ablaze
Aborted Christians · Submission, Forgiveness, Death!
Above the Altar · A Still Born Heart
Abramakabra · The Imaginarium
Absum · Li onger onrevni'd
Abyss of Pain · Professing Through Terror
Acanon · The Mirror and the Angel Asleep
Acephalix · Aporia
Aclla · Landscape Revolution
A Constant Battle · A Constant Battle
Acrylate · Chemical Defection
Adamas · Evil All Its
A Dark Place · Suffering
Admonisher · One Love
Adventus · Алый рассвет
Adversus Semita · Hopeless Melancholy
Aersion · Cronos
Aftercoma · Breathless
After Dark · Letiště
Age of Aggression · World in Flames
Aggressive Tyrants · Případy plné ženské krve a mužského spermatu
Aggressor State · No Perfect World
Agonal · Nikao
Agressor · Vida Artificial
Aisthesis · The Eon of Wrath
Akashah · The Dance of Beltaine Fire
Akentra · Asleep
Akûma · Invocations on the Storm
Alas Negras · The Slasher Show
Alavena · RobaMataLiberaReduceRepite
Alcoholic Trendkill · Alcoholic Trendkill
The Alien Blakk · Bekoming
Alien Deviant Circus · Eν to παν oμεγασ
Alkonost · На крыльях зова
All Forlorn · Taking Down the Thunder
Alto Voltaje · Luchando por el rock
Amassado · Coração Enterrado
Ambivalence · Silicone Magic
A Monumental Black Statue · Aere perennius
Amplified Heat · On the Hunt
Amplitusion · Darth Brutalus
Amuk · Itu Janji
A.N.A.E.L. · Re-v3rse
Ancient Prophecy · The Fall of Lucifer
Ancient Wound · The Winterholder
Andragonia · Secrets in the Mirror
Anfel · Blind Me
Angaschmäng · Angaschmäng
Angel's Sorrow · Scarlet Tears
Angelic to Ashes · Images of Darkness and Light
Angorya · Escupiendo verdades
The Anima Process · Somewhere Low
Annihilation · Silent Hell
Anonima Sequestri · Anonima sequestri
Antartide · Land of Hope
Anubis · Legacy of Humanity
A Pale Horse Named Death · And Hell Will Follow Me
Apokalyptic Raids · Vol. 4 - Phonocopia
Apollonize · From Raging Rain to Painful Patience
APVTH · The Goetic Sessions: Gateways to the Necropolis
Aranrut · Дьявольские крылья
Arcadia · Roy Philip Nohl
Arcanjo · Evidence of Persistence
Arch of Thorns · When the Moon Turns Blood Red
Arcoisolium · Hand of Help
Arhiman · Arhiman
Arie di Mortte · Rinascere
Ariertum · Mythos of the Blood
Arisen from Nothing · Prototype
Arka · La fuerza del metal
Armaga · Dark Authority
Armath Sargon · Love Is Life and Hate Is Death
Arminius · Orison
Armonight · Suffering and Passion
Arrabio · Desde las cenizas
Art of Suffering · Leuchte auf
Art of the Flesh · Alakaa
Artok · Artok - Above Ground
Arts · Vault of Heaven
Aserrador · El alto costo de la vida
Asfixia · Out of This World
Asgard · Zlověstné časy
A Sleepless Malice · A Sleepless Malice
Aspergar · Aspergar
Asymmetry · Patter of Strenght
Atacke Nuclear · Caos Mundial
Athwart · Trademark of Hegemony
Atomic Playground · Atomic Playground
Atomixynergy · Vacuum
Atria · Sound of Atria
Aufbruch · Verlorene Welt
Aura Surreal · Sanity Awakes
Automag · Backin' It Up
Auttist · Paraíso artificial
Autumn Flowers · Of Essence and Nightmare
Auvernia · Afraid of Me
Avangard · Entry in New Reality
Avathar · Legado de sangre
Avesta · Yaa Marg Yaa Aazadegi
Avzhia · In My Domains
The Ax · Postcard from Hell
The A.X.E. Project · Stories from a Lost Realm Part One
Axis in Collapse · Exit: Sector D.V.
Azrael · Metal Arena
Baalberith · Abortion of Religious Futility
Baboon Rising · A Space Oddity
Babylon Mystery Orchestra · The Godless, the Godforsaken and the God Damned
Bajo Sueños · Tiempo
Balcanium · Covered in Darkness
Balero · After the End
Balfor · Barbaric Blood
Barefoot Barnacle · Barefoot Barnacle
Bathed in Blood · Disfigured Dementia
Battle of the War Machines · Trial and Terror
Battlestorm · Demonic Incursion
Beeravore · Kegztaump
Before the Damned · Unanimosity
Bellicus Daemoniacus · Poder Demoníaco
Beneath the Remains · Violent Elements
Betrayer F.T.M. · No Life till Fury
Beyond Perception · Blood & Whiskey
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace · Our Ashes Built Mountains
Bhopal · Age of Darkness
Biopsy · Osario terror
The Black · Gorgoni
Blackalexxx · Leave the Night Be
Black Bart · Black Bart
Black Harvest · Ingrate
Black Hill · Kakadu
Black Jesus · Black Jesus Saves
Blackness · Stimulation for the Beast
Black Rose · Cure for Your Disease
Black Rue · In the Absence of Adversity
Black Shiner · Super Nova
Blacksmith · Nightbreed
BlackSnake · Horns Up!
Blackwingedsheep · Martyr Martyrium (The Wolf and Seven Sheep)
Blackwingedsheep · Seven Steps to Apocalypse
Blade of Death · Depression, Desolation, Despair... Kill Yourself
Blade of Death · Eternal Darkness
Blade of Death · From the Freezing Veins of Night...
Blasphemous · Bearer of the Darkest Plagues
Blindado · En las calles
Blind One Came · Remnants
Blodfest · Lejres fald
Blood & Iron · Ritter der schwarzen Sonne
Blooddawn · Black Hymns from the House of God
Blood Obsession · Raped and Consumed
Blood of the Gods · The Shadow Before
Bloodstained · Saligia
Bloody Diarrhoea · Tenesmus
Bloody Lair · Total Mayhem
Blutfahne · The Circle of Eternal Return
Bog Morok · Декаданс
Boicotta Cesare · F8x1000
Bombload · Full Control / Blind Disorder
Bomb Scare Crew · Autopsy of a Monster
Bonjour Tristesse · Par un Sourire
Bowel Stew · Necrocoital Amputorgy
Boxcutter Facelift · Moustachity
Brad Kole · Hystory of Kole
Brad Kole · Thy Dead Torn Heart
Bravura · Bravura
Brazen Angel · Metal for Eternity
Briargh · Krigas
Broken Autonomy · Innocence Lost
Brotherhood · The Struggle
Brutal Murder · Death Squad
Brutish Creation · Celebration of War
Bruxa Argaica · Poder Fatal
Buffalo Grillz · Grind Canyon
Bullseye · Whatta F**k We've Done
Burial Chamber · Left to Decay
Burn Blue Sky · Celebrate the Decline
Burning Colossus · A New Horizon
Burning Flesh · Unconscious Deformity
Burning Hate · Your Time Is Running Out
Burzukh · Vision
Butronian · Itzalik gabeko zuhaitza
Cabaret Aberrante · Death Metal Show
Cadaveria · Infección cadavérica
Callibos M.S. · Nosferatu
Callus · Erase and Revert
Calvaria · Hijos del sol
Caravan of Souls · Tales of Destiny (Chapter 2 - The Darkness Grows Inside)
Carcereduro · A chaque époque ses héros
The Cardinal · Towards the Shrouded Temple
Carlos Lichman · Genocide
Cast a Fire · These Troubled Waters
Castrated Senile Bastards · Tout à l'égout
Catastrofe · Mordiendo la ciudad
Causa Mortal · Bajando a tierra
Cause of Divorce · Grindstein
The Cave Dwellers · Of What Is to Be
Celestial Decay · Contradictum
Cellmys · The Atmosfear
Cemeterium · The Fall, the End
Centaurus · Pulse
Ceremony of Darkness · 13
Chainsaw · Feed the Lie
Chantry · It's an Old Story
Chaotech · Exist
Chernolesie · Illusion of Light - Illusion of Life
Christopher Jacobson · CJJ
Chrome Rt. · A világnak szívében
Chronology · The Eye of Time
Churches Burn · Into the Briar Patch
Cimitero · Lazaret of the Abyss
Cinical · Agonía y vida
Circle · Rautatie
Citranomicon · Dawn of the Orange Hearts
The Cloven · The Impossible City
Collateral Bleeding · Third Version: Killing Years
Colossus · Fragments
Colp · Masquerade
Como Muertos · Crónica del dolor
Conscience · Aftermath of a Summer Snow
Contagium · Archaic
Contaminated · Towards Murderous Compulsion
Cool Head Klan · Pofa befogva! / Szép hazám útjain
Coprobaptized Cunthunter · Failure Prosthesis
Coral de Espíritos · Whisper of Dead Light
Corpsickle · Zombie
Creep · Struggle Within
Crimson Fire · Metal Is Back
Crionic · Hidden Inside
Cristal Negro · Cristal negro
Cromìa Oscura · Novilunium Tenebrae
Crop Circle · Bad Days
Crossfire · Tierra
CrossHead · Evil in Return
Crossholder · Az idő fogságában
Cross of Iron · Demons of War
Crowhaven Farm · Crowhaven Farm
Crucifix Nailer · Church of the Demonic Dead
Crucifyre · Infernal Earthly Divine
Cruentus · Terminal Code
Crusted · CruSted
Cruzadas · Idade das Trevas
Cryptomnesia · Primordial Oddity
Cult · As Cult Brings Death
Curse of Society · Till Death Do Us Part
Cutting Embryo · Fekal Appetite
CxFxCx · Ninguém te Controla
Dagon Storm · Darkside
Dala Sun · Sala Dun
Damir Simic Shime · tOne Addict
Damned Plan · Beyond Strength
Dana · The Ancients Return
Darchaic · Spirit Black Heretic
Darge · 憎悪
Darkarma · Darkarma
Darkat · Nuclear Holocaust - In Conspiracy with Abatu
Dark Empyre · Unite the Wicked
Dark Haven · Fallout
Dark Methodism · Uctívání noci, smrti a stinu
Dark Prophecy · Darkness Empire Prophecies
Dark Woods · Destroying the Gods Northern
Datum Point · Wake the Dead
David Galas · The Happiest Days of My Life
Dawning Decay · Swallow the Sun
DayShineRising · DayShineRising
Dead by Dawn · Living Legacy
Dead End · Treasures
Dead End Circle · Truth or Consequences
Deadly Sin Orgy · Cape Fear
DeadWorld · Смерть... ад... неизбежность...
Death Before Dying · Creatures of Opportunity
Death Immortal · Death Immortal
Deathincarnation · Deny the Lies
Death Mechanism · Mass Slavery
Deaths Head · Baldr
Deathtrack · Deathtrack
Death with a Dagger · Dark Alleys
D.E.C. · Actitud extrema
December 9th · Art Mind Destruction
Defeated · V bahnech
Defkrom · Gift in deinen Adern
Deflore · 2 Degrees of Separation
Demencia · Todos vamos a morir
Dementia · The Path to Valhalla
Demogorgoth · Behind the Line of Past
Demoniacal Genuflection · The Ministers of Lamentation
Demon Speed · Demon Speed
Demontuary · Of the Fallen Years
Denial · Ophiuchus
Denigrare · Sangre
Denver County Death March · Denver County Death March
Departing Dusk · Autumn's Cold Embrace
Derailed · Judgement Day
Desecrator · Total Devastation
Despond Womb · Dark Agonies
Destroyself · Optimistic Horror
Deterrence · Great White Depression
Deus Invictus · Staged in Awaiting
Deviltears · Night Vendetta
Devoggol · Shall We Go to the Disco?
Dhuma de Rapé · Transire
Diablo · Undefined
Diabolos Dust · Ruins of Mankind
Diabula Rasa · Diabula Rasa
Dianoya · Obscurity Divine
Dies Irae · Mil martillazos de ira
Difenacum · Alegrame el día
Dig · Everlasting Spell
Diggeth · 21st Century Nomad
Dirges · Altares de sacrificio
Disaffection · Begin the Revolution
Disaster Machine · Disaster Machine
Discharge by Death · Discharge by Death
Discordia · Flashback
Disphere · Shinra Tensei
Dissonant · Einst Mensch
Distant Past · Alpha Draconis
Distorted Cognitions · Memetics
Divine Sword · Beyond Reality
Domination Through Impurity · Masochist
Dominus Praelii · Keep the Resistance
Doomzday Jezuz · King of a Thousand Eyes
Dormitory Effect · About Time...
Downswitch · Let Clarity Descend from Blackened Skies
Draco Donnovan · Cover Up Your Roots
Dragon's Cave · Elektro Motion
(drama) · Zastor tišine
Drawkcab · Just Illusion
Dread · Cerebral Mutation
Drenched · Drenched
Dr. Faust · Old Wounds / New Scars
Dr. Heathen Scum · Top Notch Rock
Dr. Salazar · Lápis Azul
Druknroll · Броуновское движение
Dust of Shadows · Ultimate Attempt
Dustt · Testigos de dolor
DXS · Catharsys
Dyalmace · Fight the Black Sun
Eagle Claw · Poacher
Earthen · Of Thee Earth
Earth of Distrust · Proselytize
Echo's Answer · A Two Fold Fire - Myriad
Echo's Answer · A Two Fold Fire - Part 2 Opposition
Edenial · Desde el fin
Eden in Ruins · The Unknown
Effugium · Assequi Effugium Mortis
E.F.R.O. · Keepin the Kids on Dope
Egregorean · The Innocent's Eyes
Eisenwinter · Monumentales Scheitern
Ejszet Zenunim · When Lack Proper Faith
Electric Hellessence · Less Blood To Bleed
El Gran Temor · Jugando con la muerte
El Hijo de la Aurora · Wicca: Spells, Magic and Witchcraft Through the Ages
Elysium Theory · Modern Alchemy
Emanuele Perilli · E1Heaven
Emboque · Voy a por ti
Embrace Eternity · Embrace Eternity
Embrio · Corporation Is a Cancer
Eminent · Death of the Pilgrim
Empires Laid Waste · The Age of Decay
Em Ruínas · ...from the Speed Metal Graves
Enchained Souls · In Memoriam
Endangered Reign · Fractured Reality
Enddarm · Constant Durchfall
Endless Pride · Old Times... Forgotten
Ensomhet 777 · Hiems Gelida
Enthraller · The Devil King of the Sixth Heaven
Enuresis Nocturna · Zorn der Ohnmacht
Epitaph · Getting Down to Business
Eskeype · Legacy of Truth
Esquizofrenia · Esquizofrenia
Etched in Stone · Emulate the Defiler
Eternal Dawn · Dancing Shadows
Eternal Sacrifice · Iluminados por Thanatherous Aleph... Musickantiga (Macabre Operetta: the Magickal Revival of Books, Pacts and Holy Writings: Atto II)
Eternal Silence · The Arsonist
Eternia · Las noches sin fin
Eternity · Deadliness
Etánisis · Marcha entre los muertos
Everlasting Dark · Return to Darkness
Evertrapped · Tales from the Supermax
Everyone Dies Alone · The Arcane Army
Evidence · Fissure
Evil's Desire · Initium
Evil Madness · Maze of Souls
Evil Poetry · Signa Stellarum Nigrarum
Evil Seeds · At the Edge of Ruin
Evilsmith · Rot
Evil Umbrella · Best Of
Evil Whiplash · Rituals of Punishment
Exaudi · Sehnsucht
Excellence · Against the Odds
Exit Strategy · The Apostate's Creed
Exorsus · Exorsus
Explode · Labyrinth of Solitude
Exscidium · Tierra de demonios
Exsickator · Beyond This World
Eye of the Enemy · Weight of Redemption
Facada · O Joio
Face Yourself · In Front of Your Eyes
Faithless Messiah · Ghosts
Fallen Angel · Crawling Out of Hell
Fatal Injury · The Dictatorship of Blindness
Fatality · Isolate the World
Father of Sin · Melody Black
Fat Tortoise Butcher · Want a Flower with That?
Fatum · Неизбежность
Feanor · Hellas
Fear of Eternity · Light of the Night
Fear the Abyss · A Raven's Night
Felis Catus · Dirty Tricks
Fenrirs Thirst · New Form of Life
Fetid Zombie · Vomiting in the Baptismal Pool
Fields of Locust · Subtopia
FightFire · The Fundamentally Lost World
Filacteria · The Rise of Lepers
Final Thrash · Another Broken Sleep
Firecracker · Born of Fire
Fireland · God 'n' Evil
Flagrum Taxillatum · Natus Ante Luciferum
Flaskavsae · Two Pillars
Flatulated · Involuntary Passing of Gas
Flatulated · Tales of the Gruesome and Horrifying
Forces of Nature · Pagan Warrior
Forest of Doom · Ruins of the Forgotten
Forka · Enough
Formis · Perfect Excuse
Formless Creation · Illusion of Life
Fornicatus · Vive Memor Leti
Forsaken Music · Rusted Sand
Forseti · Weltenwandel
F.R.A.M. · Двери апреля
Frank Johansen · A.M.D Dimensional Distortion
FreaKozaks · Silent Murder
From Oblivion · Codified Passion
The Frost · ...of the Forest Unknown
Frostland Darkness · Sign of Inverted Cross
Frostnacht · Innere Weiten
Fulcrum · Insects Society
Fullmoon Rise · The End of Life's Ages
Funeral Art · Arcano
Funeral Class · Coffin Control
Funeral Speech · E Tenebris
Furious Zoo · A.nal O.riented R.ock - Furioso V
Furyon · Gravitas
Fyhura · Despertar
Fókusz · Mindenki vétkezhet
Gadon · Gadon
GAF · Cultivate Disdain
Gaia Metal · Armonía de fuego
Gaias Pendulum · Nebula
Gaki · Demonic Parasite
Gammadion · Wróg u bram
The Gardnerz · The System of Nature
Garrobos · Sublime tortura
Geinazaug · Force Fed Nails
Generation Welfare · Instrumentals for the Mental
Ghee-Yeh · Turn the Page
Ghost Empire · Ghost Empire
Ghosthill · Embrace of a Chasm
Ghost Warfare · Alternate Endings
Gin III · A Story of Commons and Gods
Glamdring · Till Death Do Us Part
G.L.A.S.S. · Giving Life a Secret Story
Glitch · Bringin Metal 2 the Masses
Glorious Night · Del suicidio a la razón
Goatron · Absinthe Tales
Godzilla · In Absentia
Golden Age · Ragnarok
Golthoth · Golthoth
Gorepriest · Caos cósmico
Gotttod · Das Rituale Leben
The Grasshopper Lies Heavy · Every Man for Himself and God Against All
Grave Dancers · Morbid Nation
Gravediggers Ball · Gravediggers Ball
Grave Forsaken · Fight to the Death
Gravelhead · Gravelhead
Graverape Ritual · Against the Rotten Music Industry
Grazed · Dragonsneeze
Greedy Invalid · Anna
Greg Shier · Piece by Piece
Grimness 69 · The Bridge
Grim Ritual · Apocalyptic Ruin
Grobut Neerg · Мужская гордость
Gryal · Camelot
Guardians of Andromeda · Light Years from Destiny
Guerra · Transmissions Through Oil and Blood
Guilty as Sin · III
Gusano's Hellmachine · Never Stop Fighting
Gus Drax · In Search of Perfection
Hacha · La maldición del sexto hombre
Hadean Reign · Insufferable Torment
Halun · Via Nex Via Dolere Via Tenebrae
Hamelyn · Encuentro
Hammergoat · Regeneration Through Depopulation...
Hanaken · Sin temor ni esperanza
Hanormale · Oni Monogatari
Hara Kiri · Annihilator
Harasser · Times of Agony... in the Forsaken World
Harpokrate · Dead Heroes
Harry Loisios · Mountain of the Gods
Harvestman · Trinity
Hate Made Easy · Inner Peace Through Violence
Hatred Angel · God Forsaken
Havenside · Recognition
Hawthorn · Thorns and Blood
Head Cleaner · The Protest
Heavenless · Mirrors
Hedor · Victory or Annihilation
Heirdrain · Total Annihilation of the Mind
Hekseri · Hekseri
Helker · A.D.N.
Helland · King of Clubs
Hellbeard · Scarecrow
Hell Before · Grow and Death
Hellfighter · Damnation's Wings
Hellraizer · In the Cage
Hellterror · War of Idiocracy
Heloim · Visão do Invisível
Henceforth · The Gray Album
Herrumbre · Crucifixión
Hestia · La hora del traidor
Himura · Tiempos de vida hostil
HolyForce · Si pierdo la ilusión
HomSelvareg · Catastrofe
HookahTheFuzz · HookahTheFuzz
Hordagaard · Visions from the Other Side
Hordes of the Morning Star · Consummatum Est
Horrorthrone · Отвергнуть и забыть...
Hospice Widowed · Solemn World Virtue
Hostility · Set in Stone
Howl · Cold of Heavens
The Howl · Skins of Our Backs
Howl · Void Depths of Eternity
Howl · You
Hudson Cadorini · Por que Não?
Human Cometh · Evolution
Human Shield · Human Shield
Hurd · Хайрын салхи
Hyde XXI · Hyde XXI
Hyperion DB 369 · Divine Infernal - The True Face of God
Hypnoside · 45 Minutes to Born & Die
Hypothermia · Skogens hjärta
Hysteria · Hysteria
Hysteria · Zeptal jsem se Krista
Hysterie · Diesseitswahn
Idiot · The Nature of Circumstance
Ignorance · The Ultimated Conspiracy
Ildhur · The Monarch
Illness · Planet Paranoia
Illuminandi · In Via
Imperial · The Excelsus Majesty of Blackness
Imperial Dusk · The Way of the Vicking
Imperious Rex · Metal Damage
Imperious Satan · Eternal Storm
Impetus Maleficum · Necro Culto
Impherion · Торжество без плоти
Inbred · With Tired Arms, Tired Eyes, Tired Souls
Inexist · Погружение
Inexistenz · Lebensweg
Infamy · Hatremonial
Infanticide · From Our Cold Dead Hands
Infectious Catheter Therapy · Incredible Stories from Daily Human's Life
Inferia · No Sperm Shall Be Spared
Infernal Hate · Dismembering Everlasting Pain
Inferno XIII · Магия металла
Infinitus Mortus · 2012
Inhailed · Bled to Life
Inheritor · From Dust 'n Passion
Inhuman Hate · Twilight of a Lost Soul
Inhuman Obsessed · The Criophylic Labarum
Innenkrieg · Kahlschlag
Inner Fire · Onslaught
Inner Hate · No Way Back
Inquiring Blood · Born in a Grave
inRed · It Begins and the Search Never Ends...
Insain · Spiritual Rebirth
Insecticide · ...for a Dying World
Insight After Doomsday · Aware
Intestinal Disgorge · Depravity
In the Kingdom of Nightmares · From Darkness to Despair
Into Sickness · Into Sickness
Intoxicum · Parasites
Irdorath · Dekonstrukteur des Fleisches
Istnienie · 3cie
Ivana d'Arc · S.M.Q.
Jabkowitz · Jabkowitz
Jabladav · Trostlosigkeit
Jagal · Dangerous Toys
Jagannah · Jagannah
Jehad · Jehad
Jerry Vayne · Soul Collector
Jim Allan · 2010: The Year I Make Guitar Tracks
Jinovatka · Láska