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18 March 06 from glenn mcdonald 7
I'm tempted to delete that last comment, but if I can't tell what it means, how I can be sure it doesn't mean something?
18 March 06 from elitus 6
it's my business
21 September 05 from glenn mcdonald 5
Cool, thanks for the feedback! I did update the code, so on any of the most recent sets you can look at them either way, and I don't have to guess which one you want...
21 September 05 from petrarch 4
Well, this is late, but I am just catching up on reading all the vF topics. (Ok I admit that my furia visits have been less frequent/consistent since glenn stopped regular TWAS issues. Now that I have found vF, that may change again.)  

If you are intending to present your images in photo essay format, where one image and its commentary enrich the others, I prefer the static HTML format, at least as the "default." You could also provide the option of switching to the "thumbnails/one at a time" format, for those who are viewing your images in other ways.
28 July 05 from glenn mcdonald 1
I don't know why it didn't occur to me before, but I can easily provide both views. The power of code...  

And thanks!
28 July 05 from Toner 3
The one photo at a time versus the scrolling. I like having both options available because I see the value in both, I guess. In a photo essay with your writing I like scrolling, but for shots on their own, I like the individual picture presentation. Pardon the reflexive pronoun. (whatever that is)  

While I am at it...  

The creative merits of your photography and presentation.
I would say you've missed your calling, but you continue to do them. So your calling is intact, or should that read in tact.  

The latest floor works that appear periodically on your site are unique and full of a strange hope. Looking at the world from that angle of a small domestic animal or a crawling baby allows the viewer a chance to take in a whole scene from such an interesting perspective. The sight-lines force the brain to fill in the image.  

Your photo essay of Mario's Autumn in America still brings me to tears.  

When you present your images along with your writing you often make quotes that Auden would envy, and had he a CPU and an email account, I bet he would visit Furia daily.  

He also would have bought a Nikon after seeing your creations. (But I can't say that he would be a Rick Springfield fan.)  

Thomas Toner - Toronto
28 July 05 from Steve G 2
I for one prefer the "one photo at a time" option. It's nice to have a screen full of the thumbnails to look at, as introduction perhaps (which it was too late for, in this case) and certainly as a way to recap and consider the whole "story" afterwards.
15 July 05 from glenn mcdonald 1
For previous sets of my photographs on this site I've tended to use really long static HTML pages, on the theory that at least once the whole thing loaded you could scroll through it without weird delays. The most recent sets just seemed too large for that, though, so I switched to a perhaps-overdue script-generated format with a thumbnail index and then one full-size photo at a time.  

Here, for example, is an older set in both styles:  

- Single long page
- One photo at a time  

If you have any thoughts on the relative merits of these approaches, specific ideas or complaints about either of them, or any other relevant observations about this admittedly minor topic, I'd be pleased to hear them.
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