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1 September 05 from Toner 1
I like the un-focus of vF.  

The wild cyberwest of anything goes is great, but with that laurel comes this less obvious dart, I wish you would code a darker font colour so I can focus on the topic titles at a quick glance.  

I would email you directly but this is not really a problem or a question, it's just a tweak-ish requisition.  

12 September 05 from petrarch 2
I generally like the TWAS/furia graphics a lot. But I second the idea that the fonts should be darker.
14 September 05 from glenn mcdonald 3
Thanks for the feedback! I'll revisit the color scheme as soon as I get a chance. This was my favorite of the three I tried while rebuilding, but I'm sure it can be tweaked.
14 September 05 from glenn mcdonald 3
Oh, and good to see somebody finally chose the chronological comment-order for a topic. I was thinking about taking that out, since the blog-style reverse-chron order is so pervasive at the moment, but reading anything more than a couple short comments in zig-zag up-and-down scrolling is absurdly annoying.
3 October 05 from glenn mcdonald 4
I did recently tweak the colors very slightly. The difference is pretty subtle on my Mac, and only a tiny bit more dramatic on my PC screen. But the orange color is a few microshades darker, without leaving the orange family, and the contrast between the background and text color is a little higher. So I do care!
17 November 05 from petrarch 5
glenn, I have to admit that I had been a bit mystified by the vF graphics and you may have been mystified by our mystification. It all became clear (or at least legible) to me today; I finally got around to switching to Firefox and was blown away when I visited vF. When viewing vF on Firefox, I can actually read the fonts! The difference coming from Internet Explorer is incredible.  

Now that I have made the switch, I realize that nearly everyone else, other than Toner and me, must be using Macs or Firefox. So for those of you who have not seen vF on IE, I will describe it: only the heading, "Topics" and the subheading "new topic" appear in orange. Everything else--the topics themselves and the number of comments--appears in a nearly invisible extra-light gray on white. When you open up a thread, everything reads fine. BTW, furia and TWAS have always been fine in IE.  

glenn, I'm not sure you didn't already know this, or if you particularly care, but I figured this bit of feedback couldn't hurt.
18 November 05 from glenn mcdonald 6
Eureka. All this time I genuinely thought you were complaining about the lightness of the shade of orange I'd picked, which I assumed came out differently on your screen due to color-palette issues. I should have asked more clarifying questions.  

With your additional detail I found the problem quickly: in the HTML for the Topics page I used a <span> at the top to make the "feed" and "furia" links intentionally light gray, but forgot the matching </span> for it. Every other browser I tried, including IE on the Mac, absorbs this error automatically, implicitly closing the <span> at the end of the containing <div></div> pair, so I never noticed it. IE 6 on the PC does not, and the <span> thus swallows the rest of the page and turns all the links light gray. Fixed now. Sorry for unintentionally abusing your eyes for so long!
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