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8 September 05 from petrarch 3
Well, Dana, I find it fascinating, perhaps in a guilty pleasure sort of way: Will it be good for INXS? Is it just exposing them as past-their-prime musicians desperate for new life? (The format does them no favors. Juxtaposing INXS songs with lots of great "classic rock" songs highlights their mediocrity.) Will it be good for the winner, to lead a washed-up band? Will the band pick someone who will "push" them or are they too old to want to deal with that? The irony, of course, is that they probably will only make interesting music if they pick someone with enough personal force and drive to challenge them. I'm not sure they're going to do that.  

Its amazing how the singers have so easily taken to the stereotypes of the "Rock Star." But the band is pretty good, particularly when they don't screw it up with strings and choruses etc.
7 September 05 from Ian Mathers 2
I can't watch it.  

I'm not being facetious - I literally can't make myself stay in the room when it's on. So I guess that means I don't like it.
7 September 05 from Dana 1
So, dare I ask what we all think of Rockstar? or am I just begging for a flaming? I do have an opinion, but I'd like to hear others' opinions before I bias the topic.
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