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25 October 05 from glenn mcdonald 4
Worst "music" the old-style, incautious, loyal-to-everything-I-ever-loved me would have bought this year, but the new me had the sense to sample first: Berlin, 4Play.
17 September 05 from jer fairall 3
Sufjan Stevens, Illinois.  

Usually, when an album gets this much critical acclaim despite my knowing nothing about the artist, I sample before I buy. This one had the allure of some soon-to-be-banned cover art, though, and I had to act fast. My mistake.
13 September 05 from Ian Mathers 2
I do like "The Bucket" though. As an associate of mine once posted out, it kind of sounds like the strokes fronted by a rasta-imitating Adam Duritz.  

But like I said, I enjoy it anyway.
12 September 05 from NEH 1
So far the dregs of my year has been King's of Leon's "Aha Shake Heartbreak". There may be worse out there but I haven't bought it.  

I can't even get through the CD. I've even started in the middle and I still can't make it to the end. I was raised in a bilingual home (English & Southern) and I can't decifer the lyrics. Who knows it may be a comedy CD.
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