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19 September 05 from JosefK 2
I guess I'm curious as to how people think the issue of the tape could have been handled differently, since if I've read you correctly, Andrew, you found Herzog's solution somewhat unsatisfying, or lacking in emotional impact.  

Do you think it would have been a better decision to play the tape for the audience to hear? Or can you see some other, more artful way to deal with it? I thought that scene was both artful and effective, so differing opinions are interesting.
19 September 05 from Andrew Hamlin 1
Good grief, I put two "c"s in "recommend" and then ended up leaving out the second "m."  

Up all night (not by choice),  

19 September 05 from Andrew Hamlin 1
I saw Grizzly Man and aside from the obvious--it'll make one hell of a double bill with Project Grizzly--I was most impressed by the matter-of-fact tone. glenn once mentioned a movie in passing, (wish I could pull it up from the archives but not having any luck) where the power lay in not showing the most important act in the drama.  

For Grizzly Man Herzog takes arguably the most important artifact of Timothy Treadwell's story, the audio of a man and a woman being killed and partially devoured, and describes it, photographs himself listening to it, but never plays it for the audience. This comes off, not as terrifying, but curiously artless. Although, when he advises the woman possessing the tape to destroy it, the whole thing could look like an art project.  

Herzog's voice isn't as arch as before, either. Do you suppose Harmony Korine prodded him in that direction for julien donkey-boy?  

I wouldn't mind seeing An Unfinished Life, has anyone come back from that?  


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