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15 January 19 from glenn mcdonald 2
Yes, Banding Together is great. Jennifer and I got in touch as a result of our independent work, and combined our genre ideas a panel about The Worst Song in the World at PopCon a couple years ago.  

I like the idea that this might constitute a "discipline", but most of the time it feels more like a guerrilla fight against entropy. I confess that I don't really have a reading list to recommend. I spend a lot more time reading random things on the web about individual genres or scenes than I do reading general music theory.
13 January 19 from Hunter 1
Hey there Glenn,  

Huge fan and aspiring Spotify algorithmist (via Paul's SmarterPlaylists + other tools) here.  

I'm currently reading "Banding Together: How Communities Create Genres in Popular Music" by Jennifer C. Lena," (while performing my own subjective sorting of ENaO's 2,500+ genres). I have found the book to be an unpacking of one of your own early pieces of hugely inspirational writing from "How we understand music genres":  

"Follow any path, no matter how unlikely and untrodden it appears, and youʼll find a hidden valley with a hundred bands whoʼve lived there for years, reconstructing the music world in methodically- and idiosyncratically-altered miniature, as in Australian hip-hop, Hungarian pop, microhouse or Viking metal."  

There are many, many things I'd like to discuss with you, but I presume that you have a very particular and well informed way of thinking about genre and the incredibly large music collection which is Spotify and it may be best if I do a bit more due diligence before availing myself of too much of your valuable time.  

That being the case, are there any other written works, other than your own, which you've found to be particularly useful in thinking about the work that you do or that you might consider to be required reading for this discipline?  

Thanks for you time.  

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