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20 November 19 from Dennis Hollingsworth 5
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20 November 19 from Alisa Stevenson 4
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10 November 19 from dustbowl 3
and what does it takes to get into a genre tag?
4 November 19 from glenn mcdonald 2
There's no such thing as being "locked" in anything. The genres are independent of each other, so being in one has nothing to do with whether an artist is or isn't in any others.
3 November 19 from dustbowl 1
what does it take as an artist to get out of a geo tag and get into a genre tag on everynoise?
how easy or difficult is it to get out of a tag wich does not represent your music style (espescially if your muis is in a niche and your locked in a geo tag) as an artist at all?
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