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11 September 06 from petrarch 2
Regina Spektor was born in Russia and lived there until age 9, before moving to NY.  

I admit that I am not particularly knowledgeable (or particularly interested in, really) electronica. However, somewhere in vF, Imogen Heap came up. I heard a song or two and downloaded "Speak for Yourself," her latest album. I've thoroughly enjoyed it--I find it has a stately, measured beauty, and some great hooks to boot. Not what I call new wave, but we all hear things our own way. By the way, Imogen Heap is not a band, but a British woman with a background in classical piano. She played "Goodnight and Go" on "The Tonight Show" a few months ago, alone with several keyboards and a Mac laptop. She did not disappoint.  

You might be interested in knowing about about AMG, the All Music guide (allmusic.com). It is a great source of information for all things musical, including biographical information about bands and musician, reviews, etc. The reviews can be uneven, but it is just another source of information. It is, for example, how I found out about Regina Spektor's nationality. There is much more information about her there. Like TWAS, AMG can be a huge "time-suck."  

Finally, both glenn and I spell our "names" without initial capitals (after all, I am just borrowing this name from the real Petrarch!).
10 September 06 from Whitney Diane 5
I admit to being very nocturnal these days. It's late once again and sleep should be on my to do list. Meh.  

Excellent recommendations. I was really taken by Shivaree and especially Lori Carson- especially her snow come down song (thanks michael!). Emily Bezar I'm feeling is going to become a new favorite of mine.  

You hit it right on the spot there Glen, Regina Spektorhas been a favorite of mine recently. I had seen her albums a few times in a local cd shop. It's another reason why to not always judge a book by it's cover, or a cd by it's jacket sleeve for that matter, I thought it would be some sort of overly poppy material, but curiousity got the better of me. I love what she does on the piano. Her accent reminds me of Bjork, but could I ask where is that accent from? I want to say Iceland...  

Imogen Heap seems very new waveish, I love the electric feel this band has. Good stuff, Good stuff. I have yet to check into a few a these, but all in good time.  

thanks Glen and Petrach for the helpful overview.
8 September 06 from Michael 4
Emm Gryner seems like an obvious pick, and I might also suggest checking out Emily Bezar, Shivaree, and Lori Carson. I'm a big fan of some of those artists, lesser fan of others.
8 September 06 from glenn mcdonald 3
Yes, welcome!  

vF was originally a programming experiment for me to see how streamlined and minimal a discussion system I could write, but having written the software, it seemed like we might as well use it for something. I haven't tried to promote it, or recruit participants or establish any coherent theme, so it's just whatever random people (like you!) feel like talking about, and occasionally discussion about stuff I've written on my blog.  

Anyway, from those short lists of musicians you like, I'd guess that you might also enjoy some of these, if you don't know them already:  

Regina Spektor (theatrical pianist)
Vienna Teng (jazzy, elegant pianist)
Christine Fellows (experimental indie)
Imogen Heap (synth-pop diva)
8 September 06 from petrarch 2
Welcome Whitney Diane!  

vF is an open forum of sorts, with strong emphasis on music. The site is hosted by glenn mcdonald, and is linked to glenn's "blog," furia.  

I would say that musical tastes here are quite eclectic. Even more important, this is usually a place where intelligent commentary occurs. However, I have to say we've all been pretty quiet lately.  

For many years glenn wrote the weekly on-line music column, The War Against Silence. You should check out the archives; they are all available and generally beautifully written, with glenn weaving his thoughts about the music with keen observations about life. (They are also impeccably designed and organized, as is everything glenn does). You can happily spend many, many hours reading them. To get there, from vF, click up to furia (and check it out too), then click the link to The War Against Silence.  

Cheers, petrarch.
8 September 06 from Whitney Diane 1
A misfire of a lyric search on google may have been somewhat happy. If this is what it appears to be, an open discussion area of diverse music, then I must say I am sooooo curious.  

So. I'm new. I'm not exactly sure how this post thing works, but I'm fiddling with it and I am hoping something will appear.  

I would like to say hello to everyone. I'm an incurable lover of ecletic tastes in music, who lives smack in the middle of the U.S. I am currently following music by Baxter, Sarah Slean, Carina Round, Ani DiFranco, Rose Polenzani, Daughter Darling, Kidney thieves, and Pooka.  

Old favorites of mine are Tori Amos, Heather Nova, Paula Cole, Suzanne Vega, Rachael Yamagata, Cowboy Junkies, and Everything but the Girl.  

So Hi! :) This place seems pretty awesome so far!
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