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2 April 07 from glenn mcdonald 2
Sadly, my ancestors don't appear to have been Latter enough. My father's parents are in there, and his mother's parents, but only Social Security records for the rest of his side, anybody on my mother's side, or any of B's family.  

But the beauty of the Mormon posthumous-salvation scheme is that we can lead our happy lives of debased heresy, secure in the knowledge that if the whole Moroni thing really takes off some day, one of our descendants will eventually get around to redeeming (and cataloguing) us.
2 April 07 from mlmitton 1
Anyone at all curious about your ethnic heritage should spend a few minutes at I think you can only put in dead people (relatives, or famous, you name it), but if you get a hit, it's amazing how quickly it can fill out your family tree.  

The site is run by the Mormons, who are religiously obligated to do genealogy, but they've put so many resources into this, they're effectively the clearinghouse for everyone, regardless of faith or ethnicity. I was raised Mormon, so my heritage is particularly well researched: following a pure paternal line, I can go back to about 1520.  

If you can't find one of your own ancestors, but still want to see how it works, look for Samuel Mitton, died in 1992. Then click on the ancestral file entry. On the right, you'll see one link for "family" and another "pedigree".
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