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Amazing writing  Preview
2 September 09 from Eve 4
I've spent such a long time trying to discover, for myself, what it is about Spirit of Eden that makes it the album I go to sleep to every night. I've never seen the essence of it captured so succinctly in words before. The essay described the essence of the music. Thank you.
29 July 07 from julie 3
Ha! Hollis has no excuse. What a Rimbaud-like exit.
23 July 07 from glenn mcdonald 2
Thanks! Although I haven't stopped writing, the blog over on the other part of this site is my main outlet at the moment, and "main" doesn't currently add up to much. Lyra is almost three months old, and I've been back working full-time for the last two of those, and the combination is pretty all-consuming. We're just starting to get a little more sleep, though, which is very, very nice.  

What Hollis' excuse is, I don't know...
18 July 07 from julie 1
I have just found this site via a search for Mark Hollis, and holy cow! I am stunned at what I am reading. The bit you wrote in '98 about his solo album is the single most beautiful piece of writing I've read in quite a while. Are you still writing? Where?  

And by any chance do you know anything about Hollis ever putting out any more music? Information is slim to nothing out there.  

Congratulations on the baby! Mine are both in elementary school now, but it seems like no time ago at all that I was in the sleep deprived beauty y'all are living now. Enjoy.
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