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real estate  Preview
27 May 05 from Toner 1
I am wait forced to wait a few hours to see if a sign-back has been accepted for my house sale. Having never sold a house before, I am filled with the worst anxiety. Toronto Canada's real estate market is hot right now and everything is getting gobbled up in seconds, everything but my house.  

Once my home is sold we can move to a bigger home where my kids can each have their own room. I will finally be able to set up my guitars without tripping someone and I can get back to eating healthier meals at regular times, without having to worry about keeping my place spotless for showings.  

So why does this matter?  

To overcome anxiety in this selling/buying nightmare I read old issues of TWAS. Glenn, you will never begin to know how much your columns have meant to me and my sanity this past month and these past few years.  

Now thanks to vf, I can type something this lonely afternoon while I work that relieves my stress, as my co-workers, no doubt, think I am doing something productive and in a weird way, I guess I am. As always, thanks Mr. Glen  

I am off to listen to some dann burn.  


Tongo Toner
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