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Stuart Adamson inspired girl in story!   Preview
2 February 08 from jerri willmore 1  

This is set in a post-nuclear era where aging had been abolished. Suzanne Hayes becomes the leader of The Tide, the world's only (and all girl) rock band. Then she finds out she has one little problem...
I came up with the story idea in 1991, and thought up the ending in Sept or Oct 2001 (interesting.) My heroine doesn't die, but.... I did flesh the ending out later, and while a scene is inspired by the real tragedy, it doesn't end as you'd expect. I didn't make her part Polynesian because of that either (just love that part of the world.) I used the name "The Tide" for her band; I later learned there was an 80s band called Eddie and The Tide (and another The Tide on Myspace.) What the hell, it is only a story. I am trying to write a couple songs to go with it (No Future and No Such Thing) when they are done I will share lyrics, music, etc.  

Hope you like it. :)
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