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Big Country's new Journey is underway...  Preview
30 August 13 from Chris 5
Glenn, glad you got to see them. I, unfortunately did not make it out to see a show...closest they came was about 5 hours from me. But, glad fans like yourself got to make it out.  

If you are on Facebook, be sure to check out the amazing  

The Great Divide: the Big Country podcast.  

It's Big Country fans discussing Big Country old and new and it's INTENSE. In a good way!!  

It not has over 24 hours of Big Country discussion and is run by a BC fan in the U.S. and another in Norway, I believe. It's amazing!!
25 July 13 from glenn mcdonald 4
Saw them here, just a block from my office, last night. They were very, very good. The set was about half from The Crossing and half from The Journey (plus "Look Away" and "Wonderland"), and the new songs kept fine company with the old ones. I think Mike Peters deserves a big thank-you for this. He didn't have to step in, but he did, and he's doing Stuart's legacy justice. So amazing.  

Also rather amazing: I first saw Big Country play 30 years ago.
13 May 13 from Chris 3
Here are the tour dates...although I don't see a Tempe, AZ date. Maybe you have an updated list. I think there is also a West Chester, PA date as well that isn't on here.  

Still have been playing 'The Journey' virtually non-stop since I got it!!! Album of the Year so far easily in my opinion.
7 May 13 from Eric 2
I got an email from my local city arts organization (Tempe, AZ) announcing that Big Country is playing here next month and immediately I thought of TWAS, as I remembered Glenn's columns about both bands. I had no idea Mike Peters was singing with them until today. Have only heard 'Hurt' off the new album but will have to order it.
2 May 13 from Chris 1
What do you think of the new Big Country album "The Journey" fronted by Mike Peters of The Alarm? I know you're a big fan. In a nutshell and all things considered, ie. no Stuart, I think it's BLOODY FANTASTIC and I'm not even English! It's really worth a good for song, it reminds you of how it's done and who was getting it done back in the day.  

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