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Bark Psychosis  Preview
29 July 05 from Ian Mathers 4
Definitely worth hearing - I kept three tracks, which is actually a substantial chunk of the album (nearly half), but the whole thing just didn't work for me (I think I wanted it to sound more like Pygmalion), although like glenn I wonder if I'd feel differently now. I definitely still want to track down Independancy.
29 July 05 from glenn mcdonald 3
I agree, Hex is a landmark album, worth hearing a few times even if you don't end up loving it, and most certainly recommended if there's any reason at all to believe you might like it.  

I think I eventually decided I wanted it to sound more like Talk Talk's Spirit of Eden, and it went out in the Purge, but I wonder what I'd think of it now that I have different contexts.
29 July 05 from Jay Datema 2
Yes, get Hex right away.  

I think it's by far the better album, though Codename certainly contains many pleasures.  

You may also like this one hour show, which is a retrospective from German radio.
29 July 05 from Scott Parkerson 1
Recently, I downloaded a copy of Bark Psychosis' latest album, ///CODENAME: dustsucker from Bleep*. For weeks, it didn't leave my iPod rotation; it seeped into my head and stayed there. It's expansive and dark, riddled with odd noises and textures. Favorite tracks: "Burning the City" and "Shapeshifting".  

So: has anyone else heard this album yet? Any fans out there? Should I go back an obtain a copy of Hex right now?  

* FYI: If you haven't used Bleep yet, it's great: DRM-free MP3 downloads encoded at a higher quality than the iTMS. I've used them to purchase this album and Autechre's latest.
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