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August 2005 redesign feedback  Preview
12 September 05 from glenn mcdonald 8
Oops, sorry, I had that redirect working and then I broke it with some internal reorganization and didn't notice. It's working again now.
11 September 05 from Dana 7
Could we please have a redirect from I know this makes me a stick in the mud, but when my first action every Friday morning (NZST) for four years was to type that address into my browser...old habits die hard.
13 August 05 from glenn mcdonald 6
I woke up this morning thinking of the redirection flaw that screwed up the vF link. I do some of my best debugging in my sleep, which I don't really understand. It's fixed now. Thanks!
13 August 05 from Scott Parkerson 5
The discuss link in the sidebar points to, which takes you to one of the funniest 404 messages I've read in a while.  

(Of course, nothing can touch this 404 message.)
6 August 05 from kboman 4
Well, I think it sort of lacks the charm of the current design. The high level of simplicity (i.e. lots of blank, white areas) really works for me.  

So that's about USD0.2, I guess... :)  

6 August 05 from mlmitton 3
I'd wish for a bit more contrast between text and background. It's not a big deal, but I do get a bit of that blurry-eye feeling.
6 August 05 from Ryuto 2
ok solved, clicking on the link does not work (Firefox). All I had to do is to click on the add live bookmark icon at the right botom corner.
6 August 05 from Ryuto 2
Simple, elegant, functional...  

The only problem I have is that I don't know what to do with My brower (Firefox 1.0.4) does not automatically recognise it.  

I've no problems with
5 August 05 from glenn mcdonald 1
See this note. Any feedback would be highly appreciated, either here or in email...
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