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Big Country overview  Preview
7 October 05 from petrarch 3
It is telling that the author couldn't say why he wrote a "guide" to Big Country; if you don't know why you are writing, don't bother.  

His perspective is superficial. Someone who dismisses "Steeltown" as a replica of "The Crossing" either hasn't made a serious effort or simply doesn't have the analytical tools to make the comparison.  

Don't worry glenn, I saw no resemblance to your writing!
5 October 05 from glenn mcdonald 2
Well, "enjoy" isn't quite the word for my experience of a "history" that claims nothing on what has sometimes been my vote for the greatest rock album of all time even merits repeat listening. And I hope I never wrote like that, although no doubt hoping means that I did.
4 October 05 from Joe Mallon 1
Thought you might enjoy this overview of Big Country.
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