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New Comsat Angels reissues  Preview
23 February 06 from 16rpm 3
I was lucky enough to get a copy of each of the four Comsat re-issues on renascent. ANY fan of the Comsat Angles
will be very pleased with all the bonus material.
The packaging is also stunning and reading new liner notes is also very interesting.
25 January 06 from glenn mcdonald 2
This is the second round for the first three albums, but RPM, who were responsible for the first round, collapsed a while back, and a bootlegged box-set of the three was going around a year or two ago, so it will be good to get these back into print for real. And seeing what a great job Renascent did with the Sound reissues, even better news that it's them!
25 January 06 from Bertson 1
Danm, forgot to add my name to the post.
25 January 06 from 1

All three original Comsat Angels albums are coming back into print, with about eight bonus tracks each. Great news for those of us who only have them on mp3 at this point!
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