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band and artist similarity  Preview
9 November 17 from glenn mcdonald 2
No, for logistical reasons that probably won't happen any time soon. Interesting ideas, though...
2 November 17 from Grant 1
Is there a way to arrange every noise at once to compare artists' similarity?  

I know that you can look at one genre and compare it's similar and polar opposite genres. Is there a way to search a genre and see common artists of that genre compared to polar opposite artists of that genre.  

On that matter will there eventually be a way to click on an artist and do something similar, I know on the main map page you can search an artists and see what genres they fall under. Will there ever be a comparison tool that shows similar artists and how/why they are similar (ie 7/10 matching sub-genres) and polar opposites for that artist as well?
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