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10 February 06 from glenn mcdonald 2
Thanks! Yes, this was in a way long overdue, and not at all unwelcome, so "hanging in there" isn't really an issue. Not getting so fond of lounging around with my kittens that I never want to go back to work, that's probably the real danger. Although you make a good point: if I can convince the kittens to pay me for the service, maybe I don't need to.
10 February 06 from Toner 1
Hi Glenn,  

I hope you are hanging in there after your exit from EMC. I imagine you will have little trouble moving on to something better for yourself and Belle. Good Luck.  

I think that this was a long time coming though. I re-read your review of the Weakerthans' Reconstruction Site, "...maybe this time I will, that wisdom is not the plural of data, and victory does not obviate defeat." These seeds of disenfranchisement did not blow away, a few took root and you have been ready for a change that compliments your new life for some time.  

As your life has gone through a few big changes lately, it is probably right to assume that you have gone through some door opening changes too, maybe you could think of a High Fidelity top five of what to do next? Try something really different. Open a feline daycare!  

Just take your time, enjoy your break, and whatever you decide to do next, well do it the way Glenn does it, right.
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