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Classic Rock of the 00's  Preview
26 December 06 from Placebogirl 2
One of either "Somebody Told Me" or "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers -- these guys to me are iconic of something I really like but don't have a name for yet, and something that is VERY 00s.  

Something by either My Chemical Romance or Panic! at the Disco (probably Panic!'s one about closing the g.d. door) -- even though I don't like that emo-kiddie crap, it does seem to have a distinctive 00s sound.  

"Where is the Love" by the Black Eyed Peas. "Axel F" by the Crazy Frog (and hey, I know you're not going to like it, but it IS true, and you know it. Even "Ice Ice Baby" has come back). "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" or more likely "American Idiot" by Green Day. Djs are unlikely to play her (and so am I) but Norah Jones will become a modern day classic. Probably Coldplay and James Bunt too, and I'm not fond of them either. 'S'all I can think of right now.
14 September 06 from Josh 1
What are the classic rock songs of the decade? You're a DJ in 2020: what songs from 2000-now are on your playlist? Keep within, roughly speaking, the predictable mutations of the format. For example, I think "Do You Realize?" makes the cut, but "Crazy In Love" does not. "Crazy" and "Hey Ya", however, have a good shot as category killers. Songs that will Stick Around -- not just Great Songs I Like.
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