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13 October 06 from Dolph Chaney 2
Absolutely. Back when WOXY was an FM station (in Oxford, Ohio -- between Cincinnati and Dayton), they were always ahead of the game in their selection of college/alternative/indie rock, and they have remained so in each of their incarnations. Here's hoping the Lala partnership keeps them afloat.
12 October 06 from petrarch 1
Being a Lala member, I have been only too aware of the "marriage" of Lala and internet radio station Woxy restarted a few days ago. I listened for a few hours before some other obligations pulled me away. They do a good job with "indie" music" (I hate that term). A recent playlist that I pulled up randomly on their web site included The Glad Version, A.C. Newman, Jesse Sykes/Sweet Hereafter, The Capes, Walking Bicycles, The Beta Band, The Drones, Built to Spill, Jim Noir, Massive Attack, The Hold Steady, Comets On Fire, Thom York, Beth Orton, The Big Sleep, PJ Harvey, Longwave. I hadn't heard of about half of these artists, although I freely admit I'm not as plugged in as many of you vFers. I'm sure there are other similar things out there, but I thought you might want to give it a try if you get a chance--free, no signups etc. (And no I'm not a paid endorser or anything.)
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