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Halloween  Preview
2 November 06 from glenn mcdonald 2
A lesser brand, sadly. It had been my plan to actually drink through the tubes for effect, but as I took the first sip I realized that I was allowing something into my body via a device purchased at a Spencer Gifts and not sterilized before use. I can now personally testify that Spencer Gifts is not tasteless. Ick.  

The fine print from the can, not visible in the photograph (nor in person under normal party conditions):  

3% Real Juice. Do not operate levers while under the influence of this beverage. The Surgeon Emperor has determined that suicide can be hazardous to your health. Choose beverages low in poisons as part of your non-dying diet.  

XII oz (CCCLV ml)
30 October 06 from Scott Parkerson 1
"Hemlock: The Last Drink You'll Ever Need"  

I almost did a spit take when I saw that. Ha!  

Seriously, though, are those cans of Vernors?
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