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19 August 08 from glenn mcdonald 3

I've listened to Rain a few times, and enjoyed it when I have, but I don't find myself drawn back to it with much urgency. My listening has been heavily weighted towards extremes recently, though, and Rain is very much non-extreme. We'll see if it can insinuate its way back into my attention in the fall as I start to shift into year-overview mode a little more.  

Totally agree that Joe is great in concert.
18 August 08 from Eric 2
I was listening to Night and Day II and started surfing for some info on it (though i've listened to it so many times over the years). Anyway, after getting through the numerous "lyrics" sites I ran across your review of it. One of the best one's I've read.  

I started looking for your other Joe Jackson references and didn't see any references to his last album Rain. I think you liked the regrouping of his original band album a little better than I did. But that's the last album or concert I see you referring to.

Made me curious.

I've seen Joe's last 3 or 4 concert tours, every time he came through Atlanta. All his concerts are great because everyone is totally different from the other tours.

But Rain, the album, I really like. It kind of reminds me a bit of the Summer in the City - Live in Central park album because of the 3 piece band. But the songs on Rain are just very good songs that really have grown on me. Also Joe's youtube page has a great video by some comedian asking Joe to come back from Berlin to New York City.

Guess i'm writing to say cool web site, good reviews of Joe's stuff and have you listened to Rain a couple times?

Oh and since you seem to be generally from the same time period. Did you see the Police reunion tour. Amazingly good.

17 November 06 from <a href="">Apertome</a> 1
Cool site, I stumbled across it the other day looking for reviews of Richard Buckner's "Devotion + Doubt," which I have only recently discovered. I thought your review of it was pretty much dead on, and enjoyed some of your blog entries and other music reviews. Also enjoyed your "short design fable," as a Web Developer myself. In fact, I'm also a musician and photographer, so there's a lot of relevant material on your site. I added a link to your site. Great content!
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