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This Binary Universe  Preview
14 January 07 from glenn mcdonald 2
Yes, I have This Binary Universe, and you're definitely right that :30 samples of it are pretty much useless. I haven't given it the focused attention it deserves yet, and haven't even watched the DVD (which seems to give most of my players fits). As slow atmosphere, though, for starters, it's very cool.  

When I post songs I drop them to 64k mono, which I consider high enough fidelity to let you decide what you really think of it, but low enough to not deter you from any commercial transaction that might result from your decision. There is no legal grounding for this belief, however, and my actions do not constitute advice of any sort about yours!
14 January 07 from Scott Parkerson 1

In TWAS 503, you said:  

I'll give [The Recording Industry] some [money] as soon as you help me find more records that balance Armin Van Buuren's steadily cinematic atmosphere with BT's show-off energy, and vice-versa.  

I'd like to suggest that BT's latest, This Binary Universe, manages to fill your request. It's worth picking up the actual CD (which comes with an interesting companion DVD mixed in 5.1 surround).  

Don't even bother sampling it via iTunes; all the songs average 10 minutes with multiple movements each, so the samples prove to be too short to tell you much.  

[Also: I'd like to nominate "Good Morning Kaia" (the video + song) as the best love letter from a musician to his child since Ben Folds' "Still Fighting It".]  

[Aside: periodically you put up full songs of artists you like under "listen to this" on TWAS; I would like to do the same, but am more than a bit nervous about pissing off RIAA. Is downsampling to 64 kbps (i.e. well below CD quality) enough to protect one from legal action?]  

[Unrelated: thanks for helping me discover Amon Tobin.]
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