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Congratulations glenn and B!  Preview
4 May 07 from glenn mcdonald 3
Her first official music was Cat Stevens' "Moonshadow", a song Beth also sang to her often before she was born. Followed by the rest of that disc of the Cat box set, then the Kings of Convenience's Riot on an Empty Street, and now the two of them are sleeping sweetly to Nanang Tatang.
3 May 07 from Ken Fasimpaur 7
Welcome to Lyra, and congratulations to all of you!  

I wonder, probably nosily, what the first formal music she'll hear will be. My daughter's first introduction to such wonders was Sam Cooke's NIGHT BEAT. Not a planned event, but one that just felt right in the moment....
3 May 07 from Peter Frolkovic 6
3 May 07 from Ian Mathers 5
And yet more congratulations!
3 May 07 from Gabe 4
2 May 07 from glenn mcdonald 3
On Lyra's behalf (she's busy with some flailing at the moment, and so can't take the time to type this): Thanks!  

She definitely seems happy to be here.
2 May 07 from Ian M. Ireland 2
Congratulations, all three of you ... welcome, Lyra, to the world, and glenn & B to the world of parenting. I'm sure you'll all find it to be a blast.
2 May 07 from Dana 1
Congratulations on the newest member of your family, and welcome to the world, Lyra!
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