Good, the Bad and the Queen · The Good, the Bad and the Queen   #41 · 28 votes
Idolator-Only Voters: 10   #33
Voice-Only Voters: 8   #64
Dual-Poll Voters: 10   #40
A.D. Amorosi
Aaron Sankin
Andy Greenwald
Charles A. Hohman
Christopher Smith
Clifford J. Corcoran
David Downs
Ed Masley
Emily Goldberg
Hillary Chute
Ian Mathers
J. Edward Keyes
Job de Wit
John Elsasser
Jon Young
K. Ross Hoffman
Kara Manning
Marcello Carlin
Mike Atkinson
Mike Powell
Paul Parreira
Sean Manning
Simon Reynolds
Steve Matteo
Thomas May
Tobias Rapp
Will Spitz
Zeth Lundy