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Tracker (Synergy Classic / Track Change Items script)
Like many sites, this one has an iTunes Monitor. (See the left margin of furialog.)
In my case, the monitor is maintained by an Applescript, which is itself triggered by the Track Change Items hook in the iTunes control applet Synergy Classic. The same script also updates my IM status message with the current iTunes track information, and allows iTunes to automatically resume playback if the player happens to stop in the middle of an album.
If you are using OS X (10.3.x+), iTunes (4.7.1+), iChat (2.1+) and Synergy (1.8.1+), you can use this script by downloading Tracker.app.sit, unstuffing it, moving the revealed Tracker bundle into your Library:Application Support:Synergy:Track Change Items folder, editing the script to fill in the two configuration properties at the top of it, and then stopping and restarting Synergy. There are a few more brief notes in the script's Description.
If any of that is unavailable or incomprehensible to you, then this will be of no interest.
If you have questions, feel free to email furiatech@furia.com and I'll do what I can to help.
This code was written mostly by glenn mcdonald, with a Unicode conversion function by Hiroto as noted within. You may use, modify or extend it freely, albeit at your own risk, for any purpose or profit, with the only condition being that you may not pretend to have written it yourself. You need not attribute it in otherwise anonymous work, but where authorship is stated, credit this work properly.
Version Notes
1.0.5, 28 June 05
- URL tracks can be treated the same as file tracks.
1.0.4, 20 May 05
- Apparently sometimes the time string has only one digit for the seconds. Parse it more carefully.
1.0.3, 5 May 05
- Use URL Access Scripting for uploading instead of curl.
1.0.2, 25 April 05
- Make sure the Unicode conversion routine is fed Unicode, not a plain string.
- Ignore the year if it's zero.
1.0.1, 21 April 05
- Use a filter clause instead of a search to find the next track for auto-resume.
- Do track comparisons using database ids instead of a custom function.
- Escape non-Unicode characters above ASCII 128.
1.0, 20 April 05
Site contents published by glenn mcdonald under a Creative Commons BY/NC/ND License except where otherwise noted.