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This is a simple Ruby command-line script to monitor the Klout scores of a set of people over time. To use it:
  • copy it into a directory on a machine with Ruby 1.9.x installed
  • create a text file called "userlist.txt" in that directory with one Twitter handle per line
  • get a Klout API key
  • run the script with your API key as a command-line argument, like:
    ./kloutcheck.rb 87as878as78f78a
Run it once a day. Each time, it will update the day's Klout scores for your users in a file called db.json (which you can look at if you're interested), and will print a report with each user's 5-day rolling average score, and the +/- of this score vs the 5-day average from 30 days ago (or however many days you've collected so far, if it's less than 30). The list is sorted by +/-, so the hottest Twitterers are at the top.
If you have questions, feel free to email furiatech@furia.com and I'll do what I can to help.
1.0, 17 October 11
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