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Hypocrisy Has a Blog
There Is No I in Ass
Greenwich Meal Time
Nothing Stays Fresh Forever
My Other Car Is a Christian
At Least It's Over
Opinions Are Cheaper in Bulk
Are They Here Yet?
I Love My Daughter. She's Awesome!
These Cars Don't Run
Take the Next Left
At Least It's Over Again
We Can't Eat Extinction
Land of the Freaked
Will Bleed for Oil
According to Google Maps, We're Lost
Why Aren't You Even Fatter?
I Don't Like Wednesdays
Save Room for Toast
There's No Business Like Noh Business
Noah Called: He Already Has Two of You
If You Can Read This, Why Aren't You Dead?
Shut the Fuck Up, Toto
Answer the Phone, Dammit, It's Me
Are You Avoiding Me?
You've Got Milk
Are Those Your Real Ears?
I'm Not Cranky, I'm Objection-Oriented
Red Is the New White
Ask Me About My Angina
Laughter = Death
Mileage Is a Myth
I Haven't Noticed This One Yet
A Lie Has Been Around the World Before the Truth Gets It Into Bed
When You See God, Tell that Bitch to Text Me
When We Doubt Each Other, OJ Wins
You Can't Win a War You Started
Give a Man a Fish, He'll Thank You for a Day; Teach a Man to Fish, and You'll Have to Listen to Him Talk About Fishing for the Rest of Your Life
Don't Trust Anyone Over 4'2"
Don't Trust Anyone Over 4'8"
Don't Trust Anyone Over 5'9"
Keep Your Hands Off My Page Rank
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