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Two observations after attending a (self-selected) "Web Innovators Meetup" in Cambridge last night:  

1. I need fewer, better, more-unified processes and things in my life, not yet more disconnected worlds in which one tiny aspect is better than in the others. I have too many mutually oblivious and only-semi-redundant sources, too many disjoint and inadequate pseudo-communities, too many earnest self-improvement schemes that cheerfully demand that I start at the beginning again. But most of my interesting problems exist in context, and although sometimes replacing the context is the only way out, more often it's just a panic button, and the new context only "solves" the old problems by the ancient expedient of trading them for new ones. I'm not looking for another Bazaar of the Flawed, I'm looking for a better future.  

2. The web needs women.  

The sheer congruent magnitude of the two suggests that they might be related.
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