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I'm trying to avoid falling back into thinking about everything in terms of music, but it was acknowledgement to begin with, not laziness, so I guess it's no surprise that it keeps happening. Music is a tangible manifestation of emotional resonance, and anything with no emotional resonance isn't going to hold my attention very long anyway.  

But that doesn't necessarily make it any easier to understand what the associations mean. I'm riding the train to work today, thinking about individual expression, data analysis, implicit semantic coding and XML syntax, and listening to the demo version of Jimmy Eat World's Futures, and it's clearly trying to tell me something. Something about how the physical understanding of home (in both the housing and location senses) is still so much more tenuous and artificial in information space, or how informal schema might make it possible to improvise in those spaces.  

The important thing about blogging, maybe, isn't the current content of any body of blogs, or any hypothetical change in the dynamics of news propagation or critical consensus, but only that, as with email and IM before it, it is an emerging human function for networked computers. And maybe it's more interesting than email or IM because it's something most people weren't doing before. It is a solution that may be on the way to finding its problem.
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