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It should be possible to refer explicitly to something particular on a web page. To anything, whether or not the page's author thought to assign it a (secret) labeled ahead of time.  

The most obvious way to mostly provide this, it seems to me, is for the HTTP URL syntax to include a way to specify a search string at the end, which the browser simply plugs into its own Find function after loading the page. I will randomly suggest that since we already have "#" for fragments at the end of a URL, and valid fragment IDs must begin with an alphanumeric or an underscore, "#=" could be used for passing search text. So where  


refers to this blog-entry as a whole page, you could also do  


to refer directly to this phrase.  

For extra credit we could also support "@" and a number for getting to the Nth use of that text. So  


would refer directly to this phrase, not the one above.  

Useful, semantically reasonable, eminently implementable.  

[See the discussion on vF.]
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