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1. Nightwish: "Amaranth"
2. Nightwish: "Last of the Wilds"
3. Deathspell Omega: "Bread of Bitterness"
4. Rotting Christ: "Enuma Elish"
5. In This Moment: "Beautiful Tragedy"
6. Dir en grey: "CLEVER SLEAZOID"
7. Wolves in the Throne Room: "Dea Artio"
8. Jesu: "Stanlow"
9. Jesu: "Storm Comin' On"
10. Asrai: "Sour Ground"
11. Secrets of the Moon: "Confessions"
12. Dark Tranquillity: "Misery's Crown"  

13. Tori Amos: "Bouncing Off Clouds"
14. Tori Amos: "Secret Spell"
15. Low: "Murderer"
16. Runrig: "Clash of the Ash"
17. Manic Street Preachers: "Autumnsong"
18. Jimmy Eat World: "Chase This Light"
19. Maxïmo Park: "Girls Who Play Guitars"
20. Parts & Labor: "Brighter Days"
21. Paramore: "That's What You Get"
22. Radiohead: "All I Need"
23. Amiina: "Seoul"  

24. OLIVIA: "Stars shining out"
25. Damone: "Revolution!"
26. L’Arc~en~Ciel: "Seventh Heaven"
27. FINE LINES: "Spin Into Love"
28. Manic Street Preachers: "Boxes & Lists"
29. Editors: "Bones"
30. Epica: "Fools of Damnation (The Embrace That Smothers, Part IX)"
31. Eyes of Eden: "Sleeping Minds"
32. Bat for Lashes: "Prescilla"
33. Camera Obscura: "Alaska"
34. Sigur Rós: "Hliómalind"
35. Amon Tobin: "The Killer's Vanilla"
36. Candlemass: "Clearsight"
37. Dimmu Borgir: "The Conspiracy Unfolds"
38. Diary of Dreams: "hypo)crypticK(al"
39. Ulrich Schnauss: "Medusa"
40. Samael: "Suspended Time"
41. Sirenia: "Sundown"
42. Tarja: "Die Alive"
43. Helloween: "As Long as I Fall"  

44. Life Without Buildings: "The Leanover"  


The Best of 2007 (The War Against Silence)  

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