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1. Trinacria: "Make No Mistake"  

Insanely inspired collaboration between viking-metal grind and noise-terror agit-processing, easily the most bracing thing I've heard in years.  

2. Leviathan: "Receive the World"  

Like being shredded in a slow-motion tornado filled with mid-explosion bombs and extrapolated nightmares.  

3. Ihsahn: "Emancipation"  

Progressive and necromantic at once, like court music from a Hades starting to gentrify just a little as it discovers its political strength.  

4. Moonspell: "Dreamless (Lucifer and Lilith)"  

Gothic metal's current standard-bearers.  

5. Charon: "Deep Water"  

A HIM to Moonspell's Sentenced.  

6. Morgion: "Mundane"  

A funeral march for glaciers.  

7. Dalriada: "Tavaskzköszöntõ"  

And at the end of the march, the unexpected moment when you are caught and carried off by sprint-pogoing goat-horned leprechauns and their seven-armed princess who only ever speaks backwards fast.  

(All 14 in AAC; 65MB zip file)
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