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1. Grand Magus: "Like the Oar Strikes the Water" (from Iron Will)  

Music pitched to carry across churning seas and urge on flagging longboats, and for suggesting that maybe I could have loved those thankless non-Ozzy/Dio/Gillan Sabbath voyages, too, if I could somehow separate them from where they weren't ever leaving or landing.  

2. Týr: "Fipan Fagra" (from Land)  

Maybe this should be beyond obvious, but one of the simplest ways to be bigger than the sum of your parts is to keep the parts from wasting so much of their energy differing. You can make good work out of one great idea and a few boring ones, but you can also sometimes make a great work out of one good idea and a relentless disregard for distractions.  

3. Gyöngyvér: "Halhatatlan ámok" (from Világok virága)  

And for eliminating distractions, don't underrate ignorance. You don't have to have the slightest idea what something says to have a beckoning vision of what it means. Something about the limits of anticipation, or how sometimes you honor what you allow to recede, or how chaos snarls itself around everything but starts unraveling from any end you have the patience to pull.  

4. Dark Tranquillity: "Below the Radiance" (from Fiction expanded edition)  

So stand on the nearest prow, steer into your fears, and call for speed.  

5. Everon: "South of London" (from North)  

There's always some direction for progress to take you.  

6. DragonForce: "A Flame for Freedom" (from Ultra Beatdown)  

And always some other side to come through to, out into enough sunshine to cheer and bask in for a while even if you're basically more lost than you were before.  

7. Katy Perry: "Waking Up in Vegas" (from One of the Boys)  

Because the question isn't, ultimately, if you're more or less lost. If you ask it right, it isn't even where you are. It's where next?  

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