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1. I have $1,000, you have nothing, a latte costs $4.
2. I "leverage" my $1,000 to "lend" you "$100,000".
3. You "leverage" "your" "$100,000" to "lend" Enrique "$10,000,000".
4. Enrique "leverages" "his" "$10,000,000" to "lend" me "$1,000,000,000".
5. The three of us go to the coffeeshop and stand in line talking about our "money" until they panic about "inflation" and raise the "price" of a latte to "$4,000,000". I order one, Enrique orders two.
6. When we go to pay, for some reason Visa rejects both of our cards, despite the two of us having a combined net "worth" well in excess of "$2,000,000,000".
7. Enrique calls in his "loan" to me, "forcing" me to call in my "loan" to you.
8. You have nothing to pay me, and are angry about the whole thing because you took out a "$100,000" "loan" and still couldn't buy a single lousy latte. So you declare "bankruptcy". And then so do Enrique and I, and the coffeeshop for good measure.  

Question for Study:  

In the subsequent $2,032,200,000 government bailout, after I get my $1,000,100,000, Enrique gets his $1,010,000,000, you get your measly $10,100,000, and the coffeeshop gets their $12,000,000, how much does the coffeeshop charge us to reheat $12 of cold lattes?  

Or the real question, as always:  

Who profits from your fears?
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