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After deconstructing the annual Village Voice music poll for many years, this year I actually helped construct it, doing the data-correction and tabulation myself in Needle, the new database system I work on at ITA Software. In conjunction with this, the system itself is finally making its public debut! We are still in private beta for people who want to build data-sets using our tools, but the Voice has allowed us to share the underlying data from the poll as a sample of what data-sets look like in Needle.  

I will have, probably, far too much to say about this over time, now that I can actually show people a partial glimpse of what I've been doing for a living for 3+ years. For now, here are the links:  

Pazz & Jop 2009 (official results)
Needle - Pazz & Jop 2009 (system intro and data explorer)
All-Idols 2009 (centricity, similarity, kvltosis and other assorted stats)
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