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I wrote some stuff about the music I liked best last year. It took a while, and then when I got done I realized it was almost completely incomprehensible. So I started over and wrote something that actually made sense, only when I got done with that I realized that it was easy to understand and expressed basically nothing I really cared about. Apparently I am experiencing some ambivalence about what it means (or accomplishes) to write about music.  

So I went back to the inscrutable true version, and instead of making it more scrutable, just tried to make it as true as possible. This is, in fact, kind of what my year in music was like, itself.  

Anyway: A Motive to Our Sadness (TWAS 512: Best of 2010)  

Accompanying playlists are here. Although how I think you're going to use 6.4 hours of music to "accompany" about 2 minutes of puzzled reading, I'm not really sure.
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