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All over the world, there is strange and wonderful music you would love if you only knew it existed. The people who know about it already love it, and are frantically and joyfully discovering more of it RIGHT NOW. But how do you find them and find out what they know?  

Here is one way to start. This is a playlist of this week's top 100 or so fan discoveries from the 1500+ microgenres I help track at Spotify. Some of the styles you will know, some you won't. Some you won't like. Some may make you lunge towards the Skip button after 4 seconds.  

But see if you can keep yourself from hitting it quite yet. That song may sound weird, but there's a group of people somewhere for whom it's the most exciting thing happening right now. Maybe they have a point.  

Give it a little longer.  

10 seconds? 20?  

The rest of your life?  

Songs From the Edges  

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