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  1. The technical goal is to organize music so it is explorable. Exploration rewards curiosity.

  2. The product goal is to help listeners find joy. Joy is various.

  3. The feature goal is to connect individuals to communities. Music is a social energy.

  4. The business goal is to make money for artists. Not from.

  5. There should be one reward system, consistently applied. All financial contracts should be public.

  6. Listeners are entitled to their own data. Their stories, their love.

  7. Artists are entitled to their own data. Their audiences, their work.

  8. People are collectively entitled to their collective knowledge. Coherences, congruences.

  9. Musical taste and preference are emergent transiences of humans, yearned after by empathetic systems. Not imperious instruments of control.

  10. Never refer to music as “content”, even to yourself.

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