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I hereby officially claim to have just now coined the term "klog" to describe a blog about your work activities. While there are a small number of previous uses of this word as an abbreviation of "knowledge weblog", I assert that blogs deal with knowledge almost by definition, so there's no compelling reason to have a separate word for that. Whereas the idea of blogging about your work -- and I mean as a function of your work, to your work audience -- is interesting and worth distinguishing.  

In the klog model, documenting what you have done and why and how it went becomes a visible, primary worker activity. Klogs are abstracted out of inherently constrained task-specific fora like source-code repositories and bug-tracking systems, which allows them to be more expressive and to deal more broadly with motivations and connections. They also separate the process of documenting your work from the question of whom to document it to. A klog simply klogs. Readers make their own decisions about how or whether to follow. I suspect that a collaborative corporate culture with klogging at its core would be significantly more effective and a lot more interesting to participate in.
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