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9 March 2005 to 14 February 2005
Just because I can, here's the last ten hours of music iTunes has played me.  

# Artist Song Time
1Garnet Crow 忘れ咲き 4:58
2スピッツ ほのほ 4:18
4Trans Am Outmoder 3:42
5Miller, Scott Fairest of the Seasons 3:38
6Zeppet Store エヴリィ 4:36
7Darling, Julia Blue 4:03
8Feel So Bad 今日はクリスマス 3:20
9Breeders Cannonball 3:33
10Stretch Princess Angels 5:00
11Whitley, Chris Cool Wooden Crosses 2:44
12Amos, Tori Concertina 3:56
13Amos, Tori Lust 3:53
14Feel So Bad ENDORPHINE 4:00
15My Bloody Valentine Nothing Much To Lose 3:17
16Production Club Man on the Scene (feat. the Incredible Moses Leroy) 3:30
17Runrig Day Of Days 3:37
18Fake? Drip 4:56
19Feel So Bad 愛しているのに 3:42
20HIM Love You Like I Do 5:14
21Siam Shade 1/3 の純情な感情 3:44
22Suran Song in Stag No Don't Stop 3:52
23Siam Shade アドレナリン 4:28
24Amos, Tori Cloud on My Tongue 4:43
25Field Mice Clearer 3:54
26Fredriksson, Marie Vidare igen 3:28
27Moore, Abra I Win 4:22
28Garnet Crow 夕月夜 4:15
29Sarge Stall (Live) 3:26
30New Pornographers Chump Change 4:18
31Amos, Tori Cruel 4:07
32Utada Hikaru Animato 4:31
33Fiona In My Blood 4:09
34Gackt Lust for blood 5:11
35Feel So Bad グレチャウゾ 4:56
36Radiohead A Wolf At The Door -It Girl, Rag Doll- 3:21
37HIM Rebel Yell (Live) 5:13
38元ちとせ 凛とする -strings version- 4:51
39Glay アイ 3:56
40Do As Infinity 菜ノ花畑 3:36
41Feel So Bad 今夜はおしゃれをして 3:59
42BUMP OF CHICKEN 夢の飼い主 4:49
43Douglas Fir At the Hotel 2:59
44Leo, Ted / Pharmacists The One Who Got Us Out 3:04
45Low I Started A Joke 4:28
46Twigs Slumber 2:44
47Feel So Bad Deeper 2:42
48Feel So Bad オーブントースター 3:17
49矢井田瞳 明日からの手紙 4:50
50Frames Sickbeds 4:12
51Corrs Summer Sunshine 2:53
52pillows Plastic Flower 4:11
53Big Country Perfect World 3:16
54brilliant green Wishing You 3:02
55Supercar Love Forever 4:11
56Ladysmith Black Mambazo Wangibambezela 4:59
57Martin, Charlotte Parade On 4:15
58HIM In Joy And Sorrow 3:35
59Siam Shade Love Vampire 4:39
60Sarge Detroit Star-Lite 3:33
61Feel So Bad 今日は今日、気ままに 3:00
62Mandalay You Forget 5:04
63Sarge Dear Josie, Love Robyn 3:01
64Primitons City People 3:32
65Amos, Tori Parasol 3:54
66Amos, Tori Sweet The Sting 4:16
67Amos, Tori The Power of Orange Knickers 3:36
68Amos, Tori Jamaica Inn 4:03
69Amos, Tori Barons of Suburbia 5:21
70Amos, Tori Sleeps with Butterflies 3:36
71Amos, Tori General Joy 4:13
72Amos, Tori Mother Revolution 3:58
73Amos, Tori Ribbons Undone 4:30
74Amos, Tori Cars and Guitars 3:45
75Amos, Tori Witness 6:06
76Amos, Tori Original Sinsuality 2:02
77Amos, Tori Ireland 3:49
78Amos, Tori The Beekeeper 6:50
79Amos, Tori Martha's Foolish Ginger 4:22
80Amos, Tori Hoochie Woman 2:34
81Amos, Tori Goodbye Pisces 3:36
82Amos, Tori Marys of the Sea 5:11
83Amos, Tori Toast 3:42
84New Model Army Brother 5:58
85New Model Army Higher Wall 4:22
86New Model Army Flying Through the Smoke 3:13
87New Model Army You Weren't There 3:36
88New Model Army Orange Tree Roads 3:56
89New Model Army Someone Like Jesus 6:36
90New Model Army Stranger 3:35
91New Model Army R&R 3:37
92New Model Army Snelsmore Wood 4:14
93New Model Army Paekakariki Beach 4:43
94New Model Army Christian Militia 3:25
95New Model Army Notice Me 2:38
96New Model Army Smalltown England 3:21
97New Model Army Vengeance 4:06
98Ida Laurel Blues 4:50
99Ida 599 5:29
100Ida Late Blues 5:24
101Ida Mine 5:31
102Ida What Can I Do 2:57
103Ida The Details 4:38
104Ida Sundown 6:42
105Ida Written On My Face 3:50
106Ida The Morning 7:30
107Ida Forgive 7:31
108Garnet Crow 夏の幻 3:55
109Tullycraft Wild Bikini 2:34
110Trembling Blue Stars Helen Reddy 4:25
111Springfield, Rick Hole In My Heart 3:12
112September When When I Drive 2:18
113Lucksmiths Moving 2:51
114Lucksmiths Transportine 4:11
115Frames Revelate 4:33
116Zeppet Store INNOCENCE 3:55
117HIM Wicked Game (666-Remix) 3:54
118Amos, Tori Hey Jupiter 5:11
119Manic Street Preachers Solitude Sometimes Is 3:21
120Siam Shade 素顔のままで 4:26
121mcdonald, glenn Confetti Beams 3:03
122Keene, Tommy Disarray 3:07
123Aberdeen Emma's House 3:56
124New Pornographers The Laws Have Changed 3:26
125Into Eternity Beginning Of The End 4:39
126スピッツ みそか 4:37
127Utada Hikaru Exdous '04 4:32
128Frames Fake 3:59
129Manda and the Marbles Upside Down 3:18
130Low California 3:23
131Blue Nile I Love This Life 4:04
132Manic Street Preachers No Jubilees 3:44
133Wedding Present Ringway to SEATAC 2:43
134Ida Honeyslide 3:37
135Gackt 精一杯のサヨナラ 4:44
136Gackt Tea Cup 5:28
137Gackt Etude 6:24
138Gackt ありったけの愛で〜Llv〜 5:36
139Gackt ピース 4:12
140Gackt この夜が終わる前に 4:58
141Gackt 君に逢いたくて 5:33
142Gackt Dears〜LLV〜 6:58
143Gackt サクラソウ 2:42
144Gackt Love Letter 4:55
Spitz: Misoka (3.2M mp3)  

This week this seems like the quintessential rock song to me. And it's only more quintessential if you don't speak the language.
If nothing occurs to you, open the tiniest window to somewhere else.
Stochastic in our causes, patriots in a republic of disingenuity, discarders of our angels, prophets of the silently unwound, we cede imbalance to inertia and the slow wind to the quickening hours. Give us reticence to the measure of our tolled waiting, and open ways that we may be escaped by the enchantments we helped tether. And we kneel in parted seas, shelter us with black clouds and the sinuous disenfranchisement of sand. When we stray from the islands of your tenuous grace, lead us to half-hatched disarray and limn our scars in the exhalations of convulsive repose. Give us panic for wakefulness, and tiny hatreds for eyes. Place our souls in the thick throats of lost doves, and our doubts in the deepest vaults of your sightless candor. Lead us to webs of dread and the shut exits of last year's mice, and let their thinset tremors smooth us as we diminish. We are the unmoved and the yet to know; we are the hollows of the bled and the disintegrated confidence of our practice. We are always here, and we are nowhere found.  

So we are undone.
I periodically find myself with small amounts of tabular data that I want to share, and hand-building HTML tables each time is tedious in repetition and awkward to instrument. I have finally amused myself by writing a simple server-side perl script that renders data from a csv file into an HTML table, and you are welcome to it if you have similar needs.

Dublin/Pleasanton BART platform
1. This terrible town in which my employer is sub-headquartered has the tedious contours of a Sim City game played with dogged consistency in place of any shred of imagination. Numbingly uniform tiles snap together with cultivatedly anonymous diligence. The streets have individual names, but absolute characterlessness, and preferring one over another would be like having a favorite ounce of hypoallergenic hand lotion. If the question of whether there should be a picture-framing outlet every 2.79 miles or every 2.83 fascinates you, you'd love it here.  

2. The wishful insistence that two numbers constitute a trend or an anomaly based on whether the second one is more or less desirable than the first.  

And I'm still allowed to hate a third thing today, so the service at dinner better be good.
I have decided to limit myself to disapproving of no more than three things each day. Today's are:  

1. The pointless hubris of claiming superlative excellence in activities which should not be done at all.  

2. Any article of clothing which appears to have been made from the pelts of characters in the original Planet of the Apes.  

3. Coffee which is neither palatable without sugar, nor appreciably improved by it.  

For the remainder of the day, I am at peace with all other folly.
It is impossible to feel comfortable with yourself in the wrong shoes.  

Until you feel comfortable with yourself, it is difficult to recognize the right shoes.
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