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The Coverage Lights
on the fourteenth floor of a building
like the ones before and behind
he's sitting watching the highlights
and changing them in his mind
he sees himself on the baseline
he's drifting wide for a screen
he feels the pulse of the engines
as the coverage lights turn green
he's living it all from a distance
but he is part of it all the same
and the driver in the car feels his yearning
on a park bench in Wisconsin
as fall flutters away
she pulls her coat around her
and she wonders if she will stay
she came to be with a boyfriend
who finally didn't work out
now she wonders if this is her city
or if nowhere would feel like her home
she is sitting in her apartment
she feels sick but she's not insured
and the chilly evening draws in all around her
and from one thousand and seven miles
I am feeling both of their pain
I am walking downstairs in my vision
I am putting my helmet on
and the turbines feel like commitment
as I power the hovercraft up
I am flying in out of the sunset
like an angel from ESPN
but I can't change their lives in a chorus
in a hovercraft that was never built
and this superhero helmet just looks foolish
but at least this way the darkness isn't silent
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