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The Sentinel After Hours
you were the last one out of my dream
collapsing in argents, fainting serene
the fire around you, or your eyes made of flame
escape into Springfield and take a new name
across from the Moonlight
you stole it, but you aren't part of this
a note by the telephone waiting
your rules, but I am an anarchist
this sentinel is timeless
but after hours he's an idiot plan
a note from an enemy, Heartless
inviting morning to a hopeless land
uprooted, uplifted, uncharted and fine
the few friends you left me are here now in line
I've gone through them one by one, but no sign
of anything priceless
you're careful when it suits you, Mine
I could have told you this would always happen
but it surprises me every time
and yeah maybe if you're blameless
you earn the right to a house with laws
but that wasn't why I lived here
it wasn't government I married you for
another story, either way
I'll live here alone if I can make me stay
these clocks' consolation ticks on to a new day
and wherever we would have been now
this is better and I hope you know
than our dream of a sunset landscape
where nothing caters to our weakness, Go
I didn't care where it led to, Distance
I'll never move again, I can't see why
I've disassembled your compassion, finally
and in the middle is a summer sky
so across from the Moonlight
they're still looking, they don't know you're gone
but let them scurry, they're a past-time task force
and I am trading them for moving on
and yes, the sentinel was timeless
but after hours he's a billionaire
and yes, your eyes are made of fire, Dragon
but sleep in darkness, I have bought the air
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