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(a scheduling note)
It is 4am on 30 May 02, and I am about to go to sleep. Starting in a little over 24 hours, I will abandon even this inadequate approach, and attempt to shift my entire sleep cycle for the month of June in order to watch all 64 matches of the World Cup live from the other side of the planet. The simplisitic theory is that sleeping from 7pm to 2am ought to be just as restful as sleeping from 2am to 9am, and the rest of my life can proceed unaffected.
But I expect this will be a little harder in practice than in theory. This column will appear on its regular schedule, of course, but it remains to be seen whether I'll be able to switch gears from soccer to music effectively. If so, there will be music. If not, there will be soccer. I apologize, in advance, to whomever I disappoint either way. And, if it's warm here when the US plays and you live near me, about the screaming.
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