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(a style note)
In defiance of American standard style guidelines, this column places punctuation inside or outside of quotation marks strictly according to meaning. That is, punctuation is placed inside the quotation marks if it is part of what is being quoted or demarcated, and outside of them if it is not. This will be most obvious in lists of ordinary song titles, where the commas and periods will appear outside of the quotation marks since they are not parts of the titles. Thus "'Song One', 'Song Two' and 'Song Three'.", rather than the standard "'Song One,' 'Song Two,' and 'Song Three.'", which is simply too illogical to bear. Note also that quotation marks control the scope of punctuation within them, so the surrounding sentence may continue despite terminal punctuation within the quoted material.
This column also prefers to construct simple lists without a comma before the final conjunction, but reserves the right and obligation to place commas where required for clarity.
Other apparent errors are likely to be mistakes.
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