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6 June 05 from jer fairall 3
*previews "One Word" on iTunes*  

Hoe. Lee. Shit. Is this actually acknowledged as a (quasi-) cover? If not, Visage definitely has some legal action they need to take. As her first single was a cover of Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach" and the "One Word" EP on iTunes lists a cover of Human League's "Sound of the Crowd," it looks like Ms. Osbourne is making a career off of eviscerating the 80's. Which is fine, I guess, although it essentially makes her the Tiffany (a good chunk of whose singles, as I recall, were covers of 60's bubblegum pop tunes) of right now.
4 June 05 from Ian Mathers 2
Well, maybe seek out Visage, who did "Fade To Grey", which is what "One Word" is based on? I don't know much about them, but I understand the single is almost a cover.  

And yeah, I really like it too.
27 May 05 from Daniel Jensen 1
I've been listening to and really liking the new Kelly Osbourne song "One Word", and here's the thing: It's too slow to be a decent dance song, barring some fascinating new innovations in dance that I know nothing about, which those are not completely improbable), and it's lyrics are actually worse than the vast majority of dance songs ever, which, fairly high hurdle that. And could a whole production possibly be more cynical in terms of TV personality etc. . ?  

And yet I really like it a lot. Any suggestions?
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