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4 September 05 from Nigel 8
Every time a Japanese people carrier I was in reversed, it played the beginning of XTC's Science Friction. Interestingly, the song was written before people carriers or reverse warning alarms were invented. So, a young Japanese noise designer has a good record collection.
4 August 05 from NEH 7
I check the door everytime when listening to "Get Behind Me Satan" by The White Stripes.
3 August 05 from danzp 4
Okay, well, has anyone else been annoyed by that pencil-scratching sound that goes through Eminem's "Stan?" Fine on the radio or through speakers, but when I crank that in my headphones, it's like nails on a blackboard. I always hope it'll fade out after Em starts the verse proper, but it doesn't. It makes me all shuddery--and not in a good way.
3 August 05 from Ian Mathers 6
R.E.M.'s "Binky The Doormat", from the New Adventures In Hi Fi album, has a sound in the background of the chorus that sounds _exactly_ like a ghostly chorus of voices saying "Ian!" when you listen to it on headphones. Startled the hell out of me one night.
3 August 05 from 2fs 5
Context-dependent: songs containing sirens, or sounds like mechanical breakdowns, while driving; songs with sounds like a mugger coming up behind you, while walking; songs with Kenny G., while breathing. Most telephones in songs don't fool me - but there's one in an old Laurie Anderson song (if I remember right) that sounded exactly like the phone in the apartment I was living in. Got me every damned time.
2 August 05 from danzp 4
Maybe lyrical crimes should be the basis for another thread, but I know I cringe whenever I hear "change" rhymed with "rearrange." It's not the obviousness or the over-use of the rhyme that bothers me so much as the fact that the two words are ALSO nearly synonymous. Blech.
1 August 05 from glenn mcdonald 3
I would like to deride bands who use ringing cell-phones in their songs, but since so many cell-phones now have songs for ringers, I fear all of music might implode if I did so.
31 July 05 from jer 2
Yes, especially when that band and song in question is Good Charlotte's "Girls and Boys." Feel free to conveniently misplace the key.  

On a related note, I have finally reached the point where I have listened to the Shout Out Loud's Howl Howl Gaff Gaff where the first few seconds--consisting of that beeping noise that your computer makes when its freezing and/or about to crash--no longer cause me to worry.
31 July 05 from Bertson 1
Bands who include alarm clock beeping in their songs should be in prison. Discuss.
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